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February 07, 2013


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Cara Anderson

WOOT!! I took a peek at around 1:00 PM, central, and wondered why she was sitting in the nesting position in the pouring rain. Their spring has sprung!

Ruth MacLeod

Thanks for getting the sound back on just in time for the 1st egg. I wasn't here when it arrived, but saw the egg when she stood up shortly after Justice arrives.


This is an amazing picture! I feel so sorry for Liberty. She is so wet and she is committed to sitting there without shelter.


Way to go Liberty!!! Hope we have another healthy season! Awesome! And "Hello" old and new friends....

Joyce A. Richardson

You are right on. I wondered who that was because the feathers were so scruffed. And I love the new video. Such a miracle, any birth. May they be blessed again with precious little ones.
P.S. I don't tweet, but I love to read them.


Here we go again with the nasty weather...at least we have witnessed the outstanding parenting of these two. They have gone through SO many storms..


We saw the first egg arrive around 1:26 MST.:)

Tracy Vigus

Oh this is so special. Bless them. Such amazing animals. I was able to see Justice's talons too.....Standing guard.


5:56 EST

Mr. John...I have an iPad 4 and iPhone 4...just tried the live stream on both using Google as my browser and they worked GREAT!! That is so neat not to have to go thru the app that I downloaded. Let us know if there is a browser that you like best. What works for you should work for us too!



THANKS to all involved for making this such an amazing..educational & exciting experience..

And..of course..THANKS as well to Liberty and Justice :)

Elizabeth Rieder

I am so excited to get the camera working just in time for the first egg. Now we have to have someone checking for any more eggs,so we know when the eaglets will hatch. Liberty has a rough 6 weeks ahead of her,hope old Justice comes through with the food and giving her a good break. Just saw her adjusting the hay around the egg. Good luck to our favorite Eagle couple.

Carol C

What a great thing to come home too!! AWSOME!! Love the new look of the cam & sound. U can hear other eagles around. There has been a lot there this winter. But Monday I only saw a couple. The less the better for them. Ice is melted on the river & now we can see it in the cam too. Thank You Alcoa & Mr. John!! Now I know I'll see them when I go there. :) Hi Colleen!! Glad to see your back. Carol

Annette Kryske

MR> JOHN:: I bet you knew all along that Liberty was going to drop her egg into that hole in her nest.....YOU PLANNED TO HAVE THE CAM & SOUND GOING AT THE EXACT TIME.JUST TO MAKE ALL OF US HAPPY!!!! (Not really, but that does sound nice, and I could almost believe it) Thanks again to Alcoa & you , Mr. John!!!!


Congrats! Does anyone have a video of the event?

As for the new live stream, this is great. However, on my iPad it requires a password to access. Can you share the password? Thanks.


I am so worried because it looks like there are cracked little pieces of shell strewn about


And we have sound! How wonderful to hear them!!!! Thank you, Mr. John and all the folks at Alcoa for giving us this!


Kathy, not sure what you're seeing but Liberty has gotten up and rolled her egg several times, looks fine


it was about an hour or so ago when she was up a little that I saw a small piece of white shell and at first I thought maybe it was another egg...she moved and re-adjusted herself a little and that's when I saw a few little pieces of white...maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me


well Kathy, my feed is refreshing itself and doing alot of "spinning refreshing thingy" The nest always looks so different when its wet, was probably (hopefully) just a spec of something. I watched her rol the egg earlier while Justice was there and it looked fine.. we'll all be waiting patiently for her to get up :)


Kathy, she was just up and rolling the egg again, in between the "spinny thing" the egg looked fine, some grass on it but looked fine, getting too dark to see much detail today

Mindy Gibson Frey

Well hello everyone! Here we go again! Just saw Liberty get up and reposition herself and got a glimpse of the egg. I am already imagining a cute fuzzy bobble head! Poor Lib is gonna need a spa day after today's rain ruining her "eagle do"! Glad to be back watching this miracle of nature unfold once again!


I couldn't believe my eyes this afternoon seeing that new little egg! How exciting!!


thanks KC...missed her last getting up and rolling...am just going to keep thinking positive and hoping all is well


7:02 EST

Kathy, you may not have been watching a week or so ago when something..I think LaDean said was a gull..anyway..it was brought to the nest and a LOT of white feathers were left behind...a good many of them were used in the bowl of the nest. I don't know what you could have seen, but I just wondered if the feathers may have been part of the visual you had.

ALSO...DOES ANYONE KNOW A GOOD APP to use to split screen an iPad? There are many out there..anyone have one they have tried and like? WOULD BE A BIG HELP...needs to be real user friendly!


where are you?


We have sound...thanks so much...I saw the egg at around 3:34 EST. I had noticed a young Eagle hanging around for a good part of the day. All of a sudden, Liberty was in the nest and I caught a brief view of the egg and thought I was seeing things. Later, I saw Liberty gently move it around. How cool....


She is sitting on 2 eggs now, prior to it starting to get dark.

Annette Kryske

I am here Gregory!!! I commented two times this morning & once this afternoon. Then the feed was changed. I went bowling this AM, my last game was 172. The other were in in 140;s, but I beat the Pro 2 times. Tomorrow is another day for good bowling too. What do you think about the new cam & of course the beautiful egg in the nest? Am happy, I just checked on Liberty, in the dark nest.All seems quiet. Good Night All.




Laurel Shepard

So eggcited to hear the news!!


amazing timing! i checked earlier and saw what looked like she had dug deep into the bedding of the nest, i thought hmmmm! thanks for the new camera and the sound!!!! I heard them both vocalizing earlier, awesome. thank you!!!


elfruler, are you trying to access the cam by using Google or Safari? I have not had that problem with google. Do you think it is requesting your APPLE password that you set up with your iPad? Sorry...I wasn't trying to butt in but just trying to help troubleshoot. If an Alcoa password is needed, then Mr. John is certainly the one who will help you.

I THINK Chuck has a video of the event. If he does, he should post it sometime tonight. Keep checking back.


Just THE best news for us loyal Alcoa watchers. With the best view because of the new camera , it will be an exciting next couple of days,then a small lull before our lives change and we watch the family grow and go. It feels good.


Colleen..YOU ARE BACK!!! Been a long summer without you! I thought someone mentioned your name so I went back to find your post. I guess switching back and forth from the iPad to laptop, I missed you! Saw Mindy's post too! Hope the rest of the 'gang' shows up! Exciting days ahead !! I already marked my calendar as March 14th for first hatch day!


She was really talking alot today.. all excited about the 1st egg :)


Hi Mavis and all!!! Good to be back on the nest!! Good to see allot of the same great people...like you!!!

Jo Ann

She is very restless tonight. I can't remember from previous years, is this normal? Does anybody know?


Liberty departed nest at 11:14 pm est...one egg visible in nest bowl...flashing lights on ground visible at 11:18 pm...not sure if related to her leaving nest

Jo Ann

No eagle, just an egg. Hurry back.


at 10:46 there was an exchange of parents, 1 beautiful egg seen. Think it was Justice who was restless.

Annette Kryske

9:50 PM PST. Just a last look before I turn in for the night. Liberty changes her position quite a bit. She seems restless. I guess it's like being pregnant to us humans. Can't seem to be to find a comfortable position. Goodnight little ones. Will check in on you tomorrow.


5:33 AM EST

Must still be bad weather on the nest as Liberty looks really wet. You can HEAR (thanks again, Alcoa)...you can hear the wind blowing..and some other bird sound I'm not sure of...actually sounded like Canadian geese but I doubt it I know what they really sound like! ANY sound..just sounds good!

The 5:45 train is going by..the whistle is loud enough to wake everyone up!!

Lucille Bingham

Mr. John, What a wonderful way to begin this frightening day. We here in Jersey are awaiting another treacherous storm that Mother Nature has sent our way. With all that is happening here, it was so great to open up the computer and be surprised by the new video stream and the long awaited sound of Liberty chirping as she sits on her first egg --- The beautiful wonders of Mother Nature and the great experience we are all in for, thanks to you and the other staff members at Alcoa who are responsible for this awesome opportunity!!!!

Lucille Bingham

Welcome back Colleen! You are just in time for the beginning of Our New Eagle Adventure!

Elizabeth Rieder

CST 8am--Liberty is calling out and turning around in the nest. Still only one egg. Every thing looks like it is drying out some. Liberty trying to fluff the hay while she waits. What else to do? Fluff the nest, turn around , roll the egg gently over,and cover to keep it warm. She and Justice have at least 35-40 days of this. Of course we pray that the weather will not be too bad,remembering lasts years storms and wind, good luck eagle. You will need it.
Morning everyone, I see from the time that I am not the only one that checks on the egg and Liberty before I check my mail and drink my morning coffee. We have to set our proprietaries here.HaHA

Kathryn Mellecker

Well, well, an EGG way earlier than I thought! But the eagles do what the eagles do! Had to sign up with google to get back in to the picture, what's that all about?


Kathryn, someone else mentioned last night that a password was requested. I wonder if that was the same obstacle they were talking about. Geez...I probably will have trouble remembering my password and ID for that account...hope it was just you they singled out and not me too!

Good morning to ya!

Judith Hart

Justice has been sitting on the egg...calling out to Liberty, (love to watch them throw their heads back as they call out) Liberty arrived, they are still squawking at each other....very vocal...both off the egg, Justice flew off...Liberty flew off...egg sitting there alone.
Liberty back...positioning herself over the egg....Now sitting.

Annette Kryske

6:45 AM PST Justice was sitting on the egg. (I didn't know that)until I heard Liberty come on the crib. They were greeting each other, & it sounded so beautiful to hear the greeting. It sounded so emotional. You can't see anything but their lower bodies, I guess they are giving the egg a litle air. They both flew away. I don't like that , but I am sure they know what they are doing. Liberty is back on the nest. Time for breakfast now. What a nice way to start my day,Loved your comment Libby. She is saying "Bowl well today to me" Haha.

Jim Kindsey

Thank you looks awesome.


It's so good to hear their calls again, so I just wanted to say Thank You for the new feed. I watched yesterday and just missed Liberty laying her first egg. I kept a journal last year, and she laid her eggs on Feb. 11, 14 and 17, so she is 4 days early this time around. Very Egg-citing!

Judith Hart

Aaron Maurer, who is doing the class project under the Alcoa tweets, missed the egg lay, you may want to tweet him. Didn't you get it?



shes not pregnant-- she is eggnant.

and i hope she is eggspecting another.


Lucille, hang tight up there, we will certainly be praying for your safety and well being.

Ruth MacLeod

Just came on and saw Liberty on the nest and she left and Justice came in. At first he looked like he really didn't want to do this, but settled down, rearranged the egg and did what he was supposed to.


Can someone tell me how to tell the difference between Liberty and Justice? Thanks

Annette Kryske


Carol Halsey

Sure wish the view could be expanded for a better look...


Kim Baker

Thank you, Alcoa for the Eagle Cam. My 11 year old daughter and 2 year old son love watching Liberty and Justice...what amazing birds! I have even gotten my mother and her friends at work hooked! We are all looking forward to following these majestic birds through the upcoming months and hopefully in the years to come!


So he (Justice) is on the egg now?

Judith Hart

Both Eagles out of the nest.

Judith Hart

Justice back on the egg at 11:24....Off egg time 6 minutes.

harold brooker

so glad to see the first egg

Annette Kryske

8:45 PST. Liberty is back on the nest now. I see the spot over her right eye. Just hear the train whistle, but it really wasn't too clear.Hope it is just their problem, not ours.That train is really making loud sounds. Got to go bowling now.I am not too sure if that sound I hear is the train whistle now.!!!!Will check, in a few hours.

Judith Hart

Liberty and Justice flew off the nest at 12:15..EST...Liberty just arrived, back on the egg at 12:25...off egg time 10 minutes.

Sandi Moore

Hello, everyone! Nice to see you back again! Missed the laying of the egg yet happy to know she has one..at least right now! Weather is good today but looks like more rain this weekend..Spring is springing!

Bakers in Texas

Been watching and waiting such a joy to watch them everyday . Such beautiful birds .Thanks for working and keeping camera up for all of us.


Judith, this just does not seem like the Liberty we know. That is 10 minutes off the egg and away from the nest and it is 28º there now. Last night she stood over the egg (not nesting on the egg) for 20 minutes. One of the NN members saw and noted that. She also left the nest for 9 minutes last night. I guess time will tell. I do know that last year we could identify Liberty by her beak, the "dirty" looking forehead, and her size as she did not have the identifying spot on the right side of her head or her tail. We can't seem to identify her now at all without the spots. I certainly can't. I assume these differences are attributed to her moulting this summer. Mr. John knows these eagles better than anyone ...SO...that being said....this must be our Liberty...and the great MOM that we know her to be. As much as we worry about them...and we are getting an early start it seems with the worrying...our Liberty knows what she is doing. Thank goodness I don't have acrylic nails...they are harder to bite!

I'm looking for the second egg to deliver late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.


Thanks again Alcoa for the BEST reality TV out there!!! The quality on the camera is awesome....I will be at the ready to look away during those "eeeuuu" moments! Hi to All! Glad to see everyone back at the nest...


It's 2:25PM...anyone here who can tell me if it's Liberty or Justice on the nest now?

I still have a difficult time telling them apart...

Thx for any help..

kc/arizdead1/Kim Curtis

Mavis, I thought I was totally losing it. I started at this nest last year just before the first egg hatched. I could NEVER tell L/J apart or any of the babies for that matter (after they were about a month old anyway)luckily argueing about who is who just isnt that important to me anyway (thank goodness, since I never have a clue) This year everyone keeps talking about L's spot which is clearly visible (I thought she'd had it all along and I some how missed it!) From your note earlier today Liberty was observed going thru a molt? Thats when she got her spot?

I'm so used to mama being the primary egg sitter etc, (on the other nests) that seeing Justice on the nest all the time is freaking me out,(just a little) nor have I seen Justice bring her a fish or enything to eat on the nest which seems common to the other nests... k I'm done now, am sure all is well, (will go back to my perch)


I just happened to be tuned in on Thursday for the big event. How exciting.


Liberty just came to the nest at 2:36 pm cst and is now covering the egg

Mary Pat

I have a Motorola Razor Max (Android) and a Samsung Galaxy 4G Tablet (Android) and I can not get the feed on either device. :(
Any ideas?
Mary Pat


How long does it take for Liberty to lay another egg? That is if she is going to lay another egg.


Several sources say that it's usually 2 or 3 days between eggs (think that was true last year between her eggs).

Annette Kryske

1:15 PST. SHER & LISA::::Liberty is in the nest right now. On the top of her head IS A DARK SPoT. QUITE VISABLE AT PRESNT, LOOK AT THE MIDDLE OF HER WHITETAIL. THERE IS A DARK BLACK SPOT. That is the way, I have been identifying her whe she is togther with Justice. Goood Luck !!!he has been squawking a bit. We love the sound . e were without it for so long.

Carol C

I was worrried when they both left the egg for sooo long. I don't remember them doing tht last year. Come on guys lets keep ythat egg warm. Ab out 34 now @ 4 central time. Carol


Mr John do you have the stream of Liberty laying her first egg? Or does anybody else have it that they can share with all of us that missed the big event.


Liberty departed nest at 3:47 pm cst...Justice arrived at 3:50 and is sitting on egg


After all rain yesterday,today is a lot more pleasant even if its not sunny. It still seems bright and beautiful! Now, we must wait and watch for egg #2& #3 if there is to be multiples this season.(Talons crossed, of course)Then 35 days or so for hatch. Patience has again become the word of the day!
I have two links to videos today. First is Justice on duty.



Second video is the great close of our new egg and Liberty returning to incubate.


Carol C

Something new I saw today was zooming in on the egg. How great is that!! All kinds of new things this year.


Cherrycarol referencing your post number 83 are you saying their is a control to zoom in while watching the feed or the fact that the video on you tube had a zoom in on the egg. If it is the ability to zoom in on the live feed might you share the method? The only control I find is the quality of the feed

thank you



@ S.D. Apparently this new camera has a zoom feature contolled by Alcoa (although it hasn't been made public yet).I have seen it zoom on a couple of different occasions during the past few weeks.


@Annette...thx for your reply..

I think I finally saw the "dark/black spot" on Liberty's head...it's very small and I was looking for a larger spot..

I guess it's no biggie to know which is which but kinda makes it more interesting if one knows :)

Thx again...

Kathryn Mellecker

After watching this nest last year and other nests the year before, I have learned the eagles will spend a bit more time off the egg for the first two, and then if and when there is a 3rd egg they begin non-stop incubation. This is to slow development of the first eggs and allow hatching a little closer together. If these eagles were in an area that did not have ample food sources the delay would give the babies a more even chance at the food. Here there is lots of food and L and J keep the babies stuffed. The take a random peck at each other but that is as far as it goes. So, relax and enjoy the ride. Can't wait, Thanks Alcoa!

Annette Kryske

3:05 PST. Liberty is in the nest now. Justice was in the nest before, for some time.He was complaining, & then left for about 5 minutes, & that is when Liberty showed up... just a little squawking going on.I too have noticed a change in the cam., just a slight zoom once in a while. Wonderful to have it all back together again.
CAROYN:thanks again for the videos. Have a good Weekend folks. Maybe we might be lucky to have another egg soon.

Cheryl Bartlett

I have been having difficulty posting. This is the first day this year so I may need to change some things. Hopefully this will go through. One of the things I am really interested in is finding out why Libby has been sitting on the nest this afternoon with her wings somewhat extended. I was wondering if this is a pre-laying posture. Does anyone know? I am wondering also with that behavior and all of the fluffing and rearranging of the nest that increased since about 2 pm cst today if this means we might have a second egg by about noon tomorrow (I don't know why but that is just the gut feeling I get.....maybe a grandmother's intuition? ;-)


5:54 est

kc..you come off that perch more often! I like it when you post!

Last year I didn't know L from J and when I posted and I usually got my guess wrong...well...I soon learned I couldn't get by with that! SO...I started studying L and J and got pretty good at figuring out which was which..and there were no easy SPOTS to go by. Annette says she can't tell if it is L or J unless she sees the spots....well last year, she would have been in trouble because there were no spots. When the cam came back on this year after of few months of being out...we all noticed the spots!! Couldn't help but notice! Someone finally said the reason for the spots was probably due to the moulting the eagles go thru each year. I don't think ANYONE saw them moult because the cam was out of commission.

Last year Justice did bring Liberty fish to the nest...guess he was willing to do what it took to keep from having to sit on the eggs!

BTW...one of the posters that could identify the eagles the best...and taught me a lot on how to tell L from J last year was Judith.

Cheryl Bartlett

I also learned that Liberty is the largest of the two and can be identified by the scruffier head (bad hair day effect) in addition to the spots...I do remember all of that being there last year. I do not know if all female eagles have those spots -I just know Libby does. Meanwhile,
Justice is suave and debonair and never seems to have a hair out of place.

They both are great parents. I noticed the difference when watching some other eagle cams last year that Libby and Justice are noticably superior parents.


Thank you Alcoa and Mr. John!!!! I love to be able to hear them again!! What an exciting start to our adventure!


Sher..the spot on Liberty's head is just above and almost centered over her right eye. It's fairly obvious unless her head is wet or her feathers are ruffled. There are a couple of black spots on her white tail feathers...one of them is triangular shaped - on the left side up under her wing tip - and fairly large. These spots are usually not visible unless she has her wings spread while on the nest. They can also be seen during her takeoffs and landings if you have a "quick" eye and know where to look. Hope this helps. It is helpful to know which is which.



Thx for the information...last year I faithfully watched the nest and never could tell Liberty from Justice...so this year I wanted to learn more and be able to tell the difference between the parents..

Appreciate everyone's help & info...

Exciting times ahead :)


4:33 AM EST Feb 9th

Just checked in on nest and found 1 egg in nest but no eagle around...don't know how long the egg has been sitting there alone.


4:51 EST

27° and the egg still sits alone in the nest...I hear an eagle calling nearby...but one is not on the nest


4:54 AM EST

Eagle landed on nest at 4:54 and sat on frozen egg at 4:56. 23 minutes THAT I OBSERVED..in 27° weather..that egg sat alone in the nest. I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG IT SAT BEFORE I TUNED IN AT 4:33 !!!

I am learning something new about all this. If that egg is still viable..then this is a good lesson for me.

Mr. John...I did not watch the first egg laid last year. Did Liberty and Justice do this..leave the egg for this length of time (longer..because I only witnessed 23 minutes unattended) in freezing weather? I have to ask because I am so surprised.


5:04 AM EST

Actually, I am truly surprised because I think it is JUSTICE on the nest and not Liberty. I hear Liberty close by.


6:04 AM EST

Liberty finally showed up and changed places with Justice..

Kathryn Mellecker

Mavis, hang on remember last year, the egg is fine if left out to "cool" that slows the chick's development so the hatchings will be closer together. The egg is sheltered even if they are not brooding it. There should be another egg about tomorrow (just my guess) then 3 or 4 days for the 3rd egg. That's how it was last year. And that is what the Decorah eagles have done.

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