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February 13, 2013


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Tracy Vigus

I just need to remember how to follow these comments. It's been a while. I have to forward or backward through each one. Kind of the slow way when activity level is high.


I also have been having trouble with the link, it takes multiple times to get onto website since the change. Last year, no problem.

Jo Ann

Dear Alcoa, I'm still hearing Mexican music at night. Could it be wires crossed or somebody is down there playing music. Please let me know; just curious.

Carol C

Liberty in the nest. Thanks Mr John. Thank goodness I'm not having any trouble..


That may be Mexican music you here at night. We in the Sierra hear it also, streaming in from Fresno, Ca.

Elizabeth Rieder

Not having trouble,except when I click on the cam, I get this page from Live Stream that tell me this is a private web site. I just exit that page and I am back to the cam. Noticed Liberty has a red beak, did she have a nice dinner of steak Tartar this evening? Glad the Juvies and the wind are gone for a while. She look all comfy in the nest,except when she is almost standing on her head to roll and check the eggs. they have that nest bowl really deep this year, will there be a third egg tonight? the mystery thicken. JC are you going to watch? I will be bowing to the VA tomorrow, for talon clipping and a pretty picture of my lungs. That is just about the limit on my beauty routine.HAHA since you can't improve on perfection.


can hear music and person talking, sounds like a radio


Another eagle site I follow on Facebook recently posted that he thinks the reason the eagles built a nest on his property is because during that particular summer they were having a lot of outdoor parties with music. He believes the eagles love listening to his music. So, hopefully Liberty is enjoying her evenings on the nest with music in the background. I've heard it several nights, but it's not loud or overbearing.

Ewen McDonald

Hi again Folks. I think I have found a solution to my feed problems. By sheer accident I discovered that by clicking on "See Suggested Sites" at the bottom of my "Favourites" up would come a page "Discover More of the Web" then I hit the backspace button and the Alcoa feed comes up for me. We don't have Eagles down here in New Zealand; the closest thing is our Hawks of which we have two varieties but they are nowhere near the size of your beautiful Eagle. Best wishes to everyone.
Ewen, Dunedin NZ.



Tracy..this was just posted on the 11th..I copied and pasted for you. The examples given were for Feb 11th comment #27...so just treat them for what they are..EXAMPLES.

Tracy..this method is for using the RSS COMMENT FEED FEATURE. The easiest method for many, which I will post in a minute, is using the url bar above to change the comment page to the latest post..both methods work...This is the first of two methods:

I DO KNOW HOW TO ACCESS LAST COMMENT using the comment feed. It is fast and works 97% of the time.

1. On the UPDATE (Then There Were Two) ..at the bottom of Mr. John's comments will appear a line like this:

Posted at 9:37:39 AM | Permalink | Comments(27) | Trackback

2. Click on the red comments (27)

This will take you to the first comment. Look above the first comment and click on the underlined red "comment feed" This will take you to something that looks like this:

"Ruth MacLeod commented on 'Then There Were Two'Monday, February 11, 2013 3:51 PMJudith, I'm not sure how the fish got there. I am getting a sporadic picture, but I did see one..."

The part above that says:
"Ruth MacLeod commented on 'Then There Were Two' will be typed in BLUE and underlined..

Click on the underlined Ruth...in blue and it will take you to the LAST post.

Posted by: Mavis | February 11, 2013 at 04:21 PM
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HOW TO GET TO THE LAST POST USING THE URL BAR ABOVE...always works...is fast.. (recopied from Oct 2012)

1. Look at the url heading at the top of this page..it should look like this:

It says page/11/ that means this is the 11th comment

2. You can double click the URL AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, and it will first highlight then go back to the original color. Put your cursor on the number and back it out...then replace with the comment # you want to go to.

Lets start at the beginning...you are on the Alcoa site and just below Mr. Johns update you will see :

Posted at 4:35:36 PM | Permalink | Comments(11) | Trackback..see the (11)? That tells you how many comments have been posted.

Now..click comments and it will take you to the first comment made after Mr. John's update. Now...hit next. NOW you will see a page number at the top of the page in the URL bar...double click the URL and back out the page number and put the new page number you want to go to. If you make a note of the last post # that you read last...it is easy to go straight to where you left off.

Type pad...I have never used it except for this site. If you register with Type Pad...you do not have to put in the security code in order to post. You can also sign in to Type Pad using your twitter, Google, Yahoo, or several other accounts. Just click on type pad and click on the drop down arrow if you want to sign in using another account...or click register or sign in with Type Pad if you do not want to use an existing account. It works as a way to bypass the security code. I don't know what else Type Pad does...

Posted by: Mavis | October 19, 2012 at 12:53 PM


Well, no comments to indicate a 3rd egg so I guess the wait continues. I looked up last years notes and found the second egg was laid on the 3rd day after the first and the 3rd egg came on the 3rd day after the 2nd egg. If the same schedule goes for this year, the 3rd egg should come tonight yet. If that's Liberty in the nest, she looks pretty comfy but that could change at any time. One thing I figured out is that if we think we have this whole thing figured out, it will be different than we think! Kind of like human births maybe?

Tatum, welcome to the Alcoa Eagle Watching family! We love hearing about students watching so please stay in touch and especially come back and watch often.

JACK, good to "see" you back!

Hmmmmm, Liberty looks awake. I'm going to make some hot chocolate and watch for a while, just in case. I would be happy with 2 healthy eaglets and watching them grow and scare the daylights out of us! BBL


Got my hot chocolate! Ready for the 3rd egg, if there is one. Mavis, do you have ESP? Gut feeling? You said you think there will be 2. I'm beginning to think the same. Liberty still looks all comfy.

Sure are a lot of people hearing music at night! I don't hear it. Am I going deaf? There's the train loud and clear! I just don't hear the music.


beamg...Lib is a little restless tonight but I don't look for an egg...could be wrong.

Someone on NN went to the site today and watched some playing around by J and L then they mated on a limb close to the nest.


Mavis, thanks for the info on NN. Ah-ha! So maybe...maybe...maybe. Maybe there will be a Valentine's Day egg. Last year's valentine's day egg turned out to be Hope.

Gotta move around a bit. Leberty looks to be sleeping, head tucked under wing.

kc/arizdead1/Kim Curtis

yep, am probably technically challenged but the camera only even shows itself about 50% of the time. I pull up the Alcoa website and half the time there is just a blank white area where the web cam should be.. got the camera 2 minutes ago but have now tried a half a dozen times after visiting the comment area and all I get is a a blank spot where the camera is supposed to be !! Will talk with most of you of FB so let me know if we get a 3rd egg


Ok, I give up for tonight. All quiet at the nest for now. See you all in the morning.

Judith Hart

11:41 PM EST....Liberty got up and rolled her eggs.....at a very quick glance could only spot two......train going by.....I thought I heard sounds of a pack of coyotes nearby yelping with the trains horn.


Judith..if those weren't coyotes they must have been Iowa dogs that looked and sounded like coyotes...I heard one howl at first and then several more at the same time.


I've been watching since before midnight...Liberty has moved around and repositioned several times. I saw only two eggs at 2:08 am and 2:49 am est while she was up. At 3:58 am , she raised up,stretched her wings,walked backwards and stood on the nest rail and stretched her wings two more times. Then she walked forward over the nest bowl and layed down with head at 12 oclock position and made a few chirping or squeaking sounds at 4 am.As of 4:15 am est , she has not raised back up and I didn't see any positve signs of her laying another egg. The video quality is very poor and grainy tonight and the inside of the nest is not visible at this time.


About, to quote Mavis post #11 "...It works as a way to bypass the security code. I don't know what else Type Pad does..."

Will add that type pad allowed the inclusion of a "photo Avatar" rather than the anonymous square box on some posts, at least that is how it came to be in my case, discovered while trying to get the comment feed to work as I think it should rather than the way it does, still no joy.

At 04:00 CST the nest is quite, no music, dogs, trains just a black grainy blob, thinking the moon is 4 days past new and set last eve at 23:00. Speculation on my part that it may or may not have an impact on what the camera sees as other times I have gotten a better image than what I am getting now.



7:16 AM EST 14 February


L is moving around but I did not get to see the eggs. Looks like two of our posters were up all night and kept an eye out on Liberty. Thank you Sptzdadd and JC for your reports. I appreciated reading what you observed during the night!

Good morning everyone!


S.D., I see that you were or are in the service. I want to thank you for what you have done to keep me and our country safe. There are MANY on this site that have served our country and I appreciate all of you!


8:22 AM EST

Lib is excited...she got up flapping her wings..hollering..2 EGGS...back on nest but still excited!


Hi Mavis. I saw that too! It's so windy I thought she was going to get blown off that left side of the nest! Yup, still 2 eggs. That's ok.

Happy Velentine's Day everyone.


9:08 EST

Change of shift..Justice now sitting on the two eggs!


Was there another changing of the guard? Looks like Liberty there now.

Judith Hart


Today: A chance of rain and snow after noon. Cloudy, with a high near 42. Breezy, with a west wind 15 to 20 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Tonight: Snow likely, mainly before midnight. Cloudy, with a low around 20. Northwest wind 10 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New snow accumulation of less than one inch possible.

Friday: Scattered flurries. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 27. Northwest wind around 15 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph.

Friday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 12. Wind chill values as low as zero.


My students are having a blast watching the nest again this year! They loved participating in the voting for names last year! Its so exciting for them to see each day what is going to happen.....love the learning! We journal as much as possible about the changes happening in the nest!!


beamg...just got out of shower and noticed the same thing. There must have been a change BEFORE the change I posted because that is definitely Liberty on the nest. Thank you for the correction...thank goodness for the spot!


Gidge...its a learning experience for all of us! so glad you posted. What grade are your students? We had a 6th grader who posted last night.


GIDGE, welcome to you and your class! This is an awesome learning experience, like Mavis said, and I LOVE that students are able to participate.

Judith, BRRRRR! What a forecast! No wonder my feet are cold.

Both L & J here now, keeping an eye on the surroundings and L keeping the eggs warm.


Amen to that Mavis! That spot better stay or we'll be lost again!

Annette Kryske

6:45 AM PST. LIberty is in the nest. Quite windy. Here is Justice!! flew in with some branches and is doing crib work. They greeted each other with a little "love tap & a chirp" What a nice way to start the day. Breakfast time in LA , for me.Am waiting a few minutes to see if there is another egg or not.2 Eggs only. Easier that way!

Kathryn Mellecker

At Last, I got the picture, wonderful. Now I just wish I knew why it wasn't working and why it started working again. Since I'm predicting an egg today, glad I can watch!


Kathryn, sure wish you knew what you did to get your picture back. Ruth is having a time. Some days she is ok but others are nerve wrecking for her. Whatever..I'm glad you are up and running! Maybe the others will have the same success. I hope so.


Kathryn, OH HAPPY DAY! Maybe you finally getting a picture is an omen for egg #3! That would be so sweet! It's my 43rd anniversary and my grandson's 1st birthday...can't think of another thing that would make the day better than for another egg to be added on Valentine's Day. I hope others have the same luck.


How do you tell them apart? I haven't been able to see any difference.

Ruth MacLeod

Came on at 10:30 EST. Saw Liberty get up and check on the eggs twice. Before long she started calling out and looking upward. Then she flew of and very shortly Justice flew in to take over sitting duties.

I am definitely one of the people in the latest Alcoa post TECHNICALLY CHALLENGED.
Have no problems getting full time viewing and sound when there are the 3 quality choices and then the low works great for me. My computer is slow but usually I'm in no hurry.


Mr John, how do I get the video to play on a tablet?,

Sally Glowicki

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to the eagle family and all the nest watchers! See only two eggs as of 11:18 am EST.


Diannwilliams94, it's easy to tell them apart when they are both in the nest. Liberty is bigger than Justice. If they aren't both there, Liberty has a black dot over her right eye. If you can see her white tail feathers, there is a black triangle on the left feathers and another black spot on the right. The wind can make those spots hard to find since it ruffles the feathers too much to see clearly. Hope this helps.


I did notice the dot above the eye, but thought it was dirt! Thank you. Watched late in the cycle last year, they were almost ready to fledge when I found them.


Thank you Alcoa for maintaining this eagle viewing site. It brings the world together in a loving positive way.



thanks to JUDITH and her daily or semi daily weather report. i no longer have to look it up.

i am so happy to hear that young children are interested in our countries heritage, symbolism, and future. very reassuring. i believe this new young generation are the ones who will make a difference in our planet's renewell.

good morning to ANNETTE.

thanks SPOTZ for the info.

BEAMG-- congratulations! 43 years. isay the first five are hard and the rest gets easier. if more people tried to work through their stuff, there would be more happy people.

DIANE-- stick with it. after a while you just know which is which.

i am sorry some are having difficulties with the new system. i try to keep my computer defragmented, cleaned and scanned regularly and i have no problems but my own. i love the new stuff so far. KNOCK ON WOOD!



try not to to look for marks on the bird.

instead --try to feel the size of the bird in the nest. one bird (female) is much larger.

as another poster commented, they are easier to tell apart when both are presant.

so if tou ck often enough-- you will get a feel for it.



Lucille Bingham

12:47pm est and the wind is so terribly strong I worry about our L/J and those eggs!

Kathryn Mellecker

Just a reminder for those not used to Iowa winter weather. L is sitting there with her wings spaced away from her body. She is doing this to cool herself. Her black feathers are absorbing lots of warm sunlight, and she is very comfortable down in the bowl of the nest, with just a swirl of wind every now and then. Yes, we might think she is cold, believe me, she isn't.

And the computer issues, I mostly just took the advice to be persistant, it seemed to work twice today.



i like abe or abraham. the one man who had the most to do with real freedom! abraham might ght be politicaly incorrect since he is a religious name. but it is nice. abe is less controversiel i guess. LINCON is good too. just thought of it.. i like LINCON

Lucille Bingham

Judith, I was just reading the recent past posts and see you lost your buddy, Luke. So sorry for you. You have my most sincere sympathy & empathy at this terribly sad time. I admire you so much for all of the good you do for those you have rescued. I am sure they all have had & continue to have a much better life because of you. Please keep that thought in mind when sadness takes over. I remember so well all that you did last year to keep one of them eating & taking meds. You truly have the patience of a saint & a heart of gold. The world needs more caring people like you!

Lucille Bingham

Judith, you should join us on Facebook. The most caring Eagle Fans are there and they all have posted such beautiful messages of sympathy & comfort to Mavis & La Dean on the loss of their beloved pets. Some of their messages may give you some comfort as well.

Sally Glowicki

Oh, O, the eggs are all alone in that terrible wind!

Sally Glowicki

Not for long, she's back.

Sally Glowicki

I'm going to get a sweater on. Watching the nest with the wind and feathers blowing, makes me shiver.

Judith Hart

It sure looks like that's going to be it, the two eggs. I've been way off on all my predictions so far, so I've said it....Don't think we'll have three.
Now she'll probably drop one any minute!


I love the new stream and I am so thankful for you Alcoa for this time with the eagles again. thanks again Paula

Ruth MacLeod

At about 3:15 EST time Liberty started calling out and looking around and up. She left the nest and Justice flew in to take over. She called out a couple time so must have had some advice for him before leaving.


What are the wind speeds at nest height, or estimated wind speeds. Thank You

Tracy Vigus

To Dianne as it relates to telling L & J apart.
Liberty almost always looks like she is having a bad hair day. (a real mom) Justice looks like he came from the barber... handsome and sleek.



Funny you should ask, I often check this site to get a feel for the wind, as wind and riding motorcycles are a source of irritation, right up their with texting while driving, zooming into my area of interest. It is pretty intense on the computer but works well for me. At nest height can't say, but for something that makes it living with the wind I am sure it concerns me more than her.

Using the ridge line on the roof in the background as pointer, pointing sorta southwest (top most,right most) fits in well with wind direction




i cant help but wish for one egg!

the fight for food works my nerves!!

Annette Kryske

Hi Gregory:: I hope Liberty & Justice just have the two eggs. Three little ones last year,was too much for a few of us. Little Spirit had to work so hard to put up with Faith, & Hope, grabbing his food, & knocking him down,just like human bullies do. Though he Did survive!!! Over in S.Fl. Ozzie & Harriet's little guys started out fighting , but did get over it quicker, than F




Annette Kryske

3:05 PM PST Justice flew out of the nest, after calling Liberty with his little chirps. He had to go potty, I guess. He wasn't gone but a minute. Liberty is sitting on her eggs now. The wind is really howling. Liberty's black spot on her head seems a little darker right now.Those of you who can't tell them apart, should look. Good night All.

Kathryn Mellecker

Annette, although the wind "sounds" terrible, the temp is just below 40 and things aren't really that bad. Right now, 50 miles west of the nest we are having big fluffy snow flake snow flurries. But it is still 35 and not sticking.


What is the "timeline" on the eggs?..is it pretty evident that there will only be 2 this year?

Thought I read where if there was not another egg by Thursday then there would only be 2?

But perhaps I misread or misunderstood a previous post...been trying to keep up..lool..

Did notice that the MN Bound cam is now up & running but only snow in the nest at this time..

Sally Glowicki

In Saginaw Michigan it is a mild 36 degrees with rain!


Today Feb. 14th.
I have been watching the nest most of the day and have not seen Justice at all. Has anyone seen him?

Kathryn Mellecker

Yes, he's been in and out several times. Once L called and left, he was on call other times.


Thank you Kathryn, I was getting worried.

Kathryn Mellecker

L seems to be very restless!

Annette Kryske

Thank you Kathryn for your weather report. I know the winds do sound bad & the howling seems o bother me. I realize it isn't that cold at Davenport, ( but to me in Calif.brr) Actually when I went to pick up the LA Times on my front porch this AM, the temp. was 48 degrees,but by noon it was around 64 in the shade, in the 70's, in the sun. Have a nice evening!!!


10:44 EST

Liberty seems settled in for the night. I'm heading there too. Goodnight everyone!


7:27 AM EST 15 Feb

Finally daylight enough to see ...not sure if they had a change of shift while I was out with the pups because it looks like Justice is on the nest. Very windy still.


Did she ever lay a third egg?

Lucille Bingham

Judith, were you able too rad my posts to you from yesterday afternoon around 1:20 PM EST. I think about you & your rescues so often. I was so sorry to see that you lost Luke on Feb. 12th. My thoughts & prayers go out to you at this time. I'm sure you did all that you could for your beloved Luke. You certainly have given all of your rescues a much better life!

Lucille Bingham

8:00am est and Mom or Dad on the nest. A visitor tried to land and M/D started to rise and flap wings and the visitor flew off. I thought M/D was sleeping comfortably, but glad when I saw the protective mode kick in! Can't really tell right now who it is Liberty or Justice.


8:47 am EST

Looks like we are offline. I did see Justice lift up enough to count 2 eggs...did not see a third egg.


Offline here, too, in case anyone is wondering. Mavis, glad you could see enough to report seeing 2 eggs. Guess I'll check back later to see if we're back online. I must have overslept this AM.


9:31 EST..

Looks like the cam is back up!! Thanks, Mr. John

Annette Kryske

6:35AM ee you later. PST.Another beautiful sunny day at Alcoa.At first the screen showed OFF Line, & then there was Liberty?I only detected 2 eggs , as she was shuffling around Breakfast time. The sound & picture are clear.

Ruth MacLeod

Came on and decided it was Justice on the nest. Left for a bit, but heard some chattering and came back to an empty nest just as Liberty flew in and settled down.


YEA! Cam's back up! Looks like it's going to be 2 eggs this year. Should be easier for L & J that way, maybe for us too.

To pass the time, I watched the YouTube video of Harmon's return to the nest last year. That "Hey Buddy" and "you call real loud, momma will come" just tugged at my heartstrings....again!

26° at my house today, with sunshine and some "breeze". Time to get groceries. BBL

Lucille Bingham

11:15 am est Mom or Dad on the eggs. A call came from above, Mom or Dad left the nest to join the caller, I think. Looks like we still have only two eggs. Sure hope they both are viable. Two will be easier on Liberty & Justice, but I believe we all were hoping for three!


Thank you everyone for your help and encouragement.

Lucille Bingham

11:20am est Looks like it might have been the changing of the guard! Eagle back, not sure if it's the same one or the one that was watching from up above where the call came from. Even with the full screen I can't seem to tell which is which. Looking for the dark spots, but not always able to see them clearly. Also trying to check how far the beak goes back because that helps in identifying male & female. Sometimes the view of head isn't always one where you can see if the beak goes to the end of the eye or stops about half-way.

Annette Kryske

8:35AM PST..I agree with you,Lucille I can't tell whether it is Liberty or not,as the wind is blowing the feathers on the top of its head, & I too can't see the black spot. Hurry up, & show us the white tail with the black spot,Liberty!!
Or are you Justice??Have to get ready for bowling.I hear other bird sounds from below.


This is the one of the highlights of my day. Thanks for making a mundane day at work so enjoyable watching these magnificent birds!


Looks like cam is off line.


It was kinda strange, while I was on FB because the cam was off line, then hear the wind blowing. When I switch back to the cam, it work for a little while, and then it show a screen shot of the "window" like when you first start up the computer.


Almost 3PM eastern time & cam shows OFFLINE for me :(


Just checked the MN eagle cam & it's OFFLINE too...

Guess not our day for watching the eagles...

John Hazlett

What happened to eagle cam today? I noticed that it went offline last night and thought it would reappear again this morning. But no. It's still offline. Can Alcoa post an explanation and tell us when it'll be returned?


John H.....Cam's been on and off a few times today.....they might be doing maint. or having a streaming problem.Just keep checking in later.


3:21 EST

THE CAM IT UP and running

Jo Ann

I'm happy there might be 2 eggs this year. I was so worried about little Pee Wee last year. Are we guessing dates for hatching?


Gosh it could be a pretty long weekend if the cam is down

Annette Kryske

3:30 PM PST. Normally at this hour I would be looking into the nest & saying Nitey Nite to Liberty & Justice, as I have been doing for the past few months.Unfortunately, the cam is down. This morning it was off for exactly one minute. Maybe I might have the magic touch after I finish this comment. still Offline :( No Magic touch for me!!!!

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