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February 11, 2013


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Sally Glowicki

Well, we have two eggs now. Will there be three?


Mr. John, I think we are all wondering if there will be three! So far, they seem to be brooding the eggs constantly now. The weather may be playing a factor in that. Like you, I think Wednesday will be the day for egg #3 IF THERE IS ONE!

I love the clarity of the new cam. I don't know what you did but the view cleaned up real nice after your adjustments. All this wind and NO CANDY WRAPPERS from Judith! WHOOPEE!!


Wow! The new video (and sound) is SO much better! Thanks for the option of choosing the quality as well; it's helpful to pick the "low" option when it's windy, like right now!


From this "comment" page is there a link I can click to get directly back to the video feed? I don't know if this is the same for everyone but I see only one comment at a time and the way I get back to the video feed is by googling "alcoa eaglecam" since I can't figure out how to do it THROUGH the site.

Rich Swanson

I think you have the same page here as everyone else. Although a "Back to The Eaglecam" button would be nice, until that time save the webcam page as a favorite.

Tk Jurkouich

Hopefully we will not have scrambled eggs.
What are the chances of 4?

Annette Kryske

When I got at 7:00 AM, the first thing I did was check the nest, & there was a beautiful picture of the 2 eggs side by side!!Thank you Alcoa, & Mr. John. The wind is pretty bad, hopefully, all will go well. Our Liberty & Justice have been through that before Liberty was on the job,then, but now at 7:55,I don't know who is on the eggs, as the wind is blowing so hard,that I can't see the mark on Liberty.Have a nice morning everyone!!

Jo Ann

Kr, Another way to do it is to Bookmark Alcoa eagle cam at Davenport Works. Once it is book-marked it opens up right to it. My husband gave me this info.


How lovely to hear the bird vocalizations again. I missed that when either the camera wasn't working or the sound wasn't working last year. This is going to be a good year just like last year with Liberty and Justice.


Yea, I am happy to see the pair back and starting again. So beautiful!




KR and Rich...most of us use the split screen...we can watch the cam AND post at the same time.

There are short cuts to get to the latest posts without having to punch "NEXT" from the start to get to the last post.

Let me go back where I already posted the instructions for these two tips and I will post them in just a few minutes.

The split screen...we LOVE it! You can tweak the cam and enlarge it to take up almost the whole half screen. After you get your split screen, if you have trouble tweaking it...we'll help you with that it needed.

Judith Hart

Goodness, getting motion sickness glancing off the right edge of the nest!!!...Just noticed, they have gusts up to 44MPH until 1:00, then SLOWLY dropping off.

Judith Hart

Justice just took a break, Liberty just landed to resume duties.




...I assume you are reading this and this is the only browser you have open. Good..go to the square button between the minimizer and the X and click the square button.

Now...move and hover your cursor on the left or right edge of the page until you see the ↔ and bring "in" the sides of your page until it takes up about 1/2 of the screen.

IF YOU PUT YOUR CURSOR at the top of the page..I usually put it anywhere in a "free Space" area above the URL bar..if you put your cursor there and hold down the right click on the browser...you can position the page where you want it...I put my comments page on the right side of the screen as it is MY preference.

NOW...forget about the page you just reduced and open another browser and go the the alcoa site. Repeat the above step but after you reduce the second page...move the page to the left of the first reduced page. Now you have 2 reduced pages on your screen. You can work with the sides to get the width of each page where you want it. My comment page is slightly narrower than my cam page.

I ALSO ENLARGE my video screen to 200% and it takes up most of the left hand side of my screen.

Note: you have a left/right scroll bar at the bottom of the page..you may have to use it to set the cam..just play around with it and you will be a pro in no time. You sure want to master this before the eggs are laid.

To bring it back full screen...hit the square button between the minimizer and the X !

Wish someone could give you better instructions!
I'm just not that good at it.

Posted by: Mavis | November 01, 2012 at 07:11 PM
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KR and anyone else interested

....last year you would have been standing in line behind me! I wanted to post and didn't know what to do. This is ONE way to fast forward to the more recent posts:

1. Look at the url heading at the top of this page..it should look like this:

It says page/16/ that means this is the 16th comment

2. You can double click the URL AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, and it will first highlight then go back to the original color. Put your cursor on the number and back it out...then replace with the comment # you want to go to.

Lets start at the beginning...you are on the Alcoa site and just below Mr. Johns update you will see : Posted at 9:37:39 AM | Permalink | Comments(15) | Trackback...see the 15? That tells you how many comments have been posted.

Now..click comments and it will take you to the first comment made after Mr. John's update. Now...hit next. NOW you will see a page number at the top of the page in the URL bar...double click the URL and back out the page number and put the new page number you want to go to. If you make a note of the last post # that you read last...it is easy to go straight to where you left off.

NOTE: be sure to left click the URL bar TWICE. The first click will turn the bar BLUE..the second click will turn it back white and it is THEN that you can change the page number to the post you want to go to.

Type pad...I have never used it except for this site. If you register with Type Pad...you do not have to put in the security code in order to post. You can also sign in to Type Pad using your twitter, Google, Yahoo, or several other accounts. Just click on type pad and click on the drop down arrow if you want to sign in using another account...or click register or sign in with Type Pad if you do not want to use an existing account. It works as a way to bypass the security code. I don't know what else Type Pad does...I'm not very computer smart.

Posted by: Mavis | October 19, 2012 at 12:53 PM
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Welcome back everyone!! Glad to see most of us from last year are back again. I hope all of you had a great season. I can't seem to "print screen" this camera like I did last year. I would like to take "still" images from the camera for another scrapbook. Also, last year's eaglets...are they near with their own family or did they move on to parts unknown?

Kathryn Mellecker

lat year's babies MAY still be in the area, some sub-adult eagles were seen messing about in the nest. Since none were fitted with tags or transmitters there is no way to tell for sure. Remember, D1 the 2 year old Decorah eagle has been to Hudson's bay and them came back to Decorah for Christmas. She has been quite the traveler.

Bakers in Texas

My goodness the wind is terrible this nests just keeps moving . But beautiful to be able to follow these great Eagles


While on the subject of "How to" posts 15 16...
anyone figured out how to implement the statement under the "Comments" bullet I quote : You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post."

I am thinking a RSS feed should update all comments into a RSS reader pretty much real time but all methods I have tried using different readers is pretty much hit or miss.

Clicking on the "Comments feed" link gets me a bunch html that means something to someone but not me.

any insight anybody about how to accomplish this?


Carol C

KR Put Alcoa on your favorites. It's a lot easier. YEA!! For egg # 2!!

Annette Kryske

MAVIS:: If it wasn't for your great instructions, I would never have done the split screen or comment feed, which I use daily, since you told me how to do it. The instructions you have given today were just perfect. How could you say, you aren't computer savy???Thanks again for your help.
I wish the wind wasn't blowing so hard on our nest out there.I am a bit nervous.I am usually calm about things,but this is getting to me.

Judith Hart

Irene, I haven't had a problem with the print screen for single shots....I open paint, have it on my task bar....tap print screen for your shot....open paint....click paste, and there it is...then save it where you want to, and in what format.

We saw many juvies in the nest, and we hope we saw ours. There were quite a few in the nest the day the first egg was laid.

Judith Hart

First fishie in the nest....Did it blow in?

Judith Hart

Could that be a flying fish and the wind tossed it into the nest?


Hi All!!! Yay TWO eggs!!! Mavis, you are steadfast in helping all of us! I knew you were the "go to" person to help everyone with the split screen issue....I had to laugh, remember how that gave us ALL fits last year!! Good to see "old" friends", and all the new viewers. And THANK YOU Alcoa for this awesome experience once again! @ 3:41, Liberty is eating, an "eeeuuu" moment for me. But so good to see those 2 little eggs. Hoping for a third like last year...rooting for triplet "bobbleheads"..

Ruth MacLeod

Judith, I'm not sure how the fish got there. I am getting a sporadic picture, but I did see one on the side of the nest with the 2 beautiful eggs visible. Only as the adult was settling on the eggs did I notice the fish so possibly there was a changing of the guard or one brought the fish to the other. Hope one of video or picture takers got some shots of what happened.

Ruth MacLeod

Judith someone on Other Talk said that Justice brought the fish for Liberty. I have a hard time telling them apart today as the wind hides Liberty's dark spot at times.


4:08 EST

S.D. I do not understand RSS feed. I never have and is on my to ask list when I am around someone who can help me.

I DO KNOW HOW TO ACCESS LAST COMMENT using the comment feed. It is fast and works 97% of the time.

1. On the UPDATE (Then There Were Two) ..at the bottom of Mr. John's comments will appear a line like this:

Posted at 9:37:39 AM | Permalink | Comments(27) | Trackback

2. Click on the red comments (27)

This will take you to the first comment. Look above the first comment and click on the underlined red "comment feed" This will take you to something that looks like this:

"Ruth MacLeod commented on 'Then There Were Two'Monday, February 11, 2013 3:51 PMJudith, I'm not sure how the fish got there. I am getting a sporadic picture, but I did see one..."

The part above that says:
"Ruth MacLeod commented on 'Then There Were Two' will be typed in BLUE and underlined..

Click on the underlined Ruth...in blue and it will take you to the LAST post.


Yes I saw the second egg Saturday afternoon. She was moving the nest al morning then Saturday afternoone there was egg number 2. WTG girl

Jo Ann

My guess will be Thursday, Feb. 14 (Valentines Day) for the third and final egg.


Liberty and Justice are exemplary eagle parents! Such a team!


Awsome is the word hope the weather clears a bitfor all of them

Jo Ann

Is anyone worried about Liberty in the nest. Check out the nest, Liberty doesn't look right. Anyone, else?

Annette Kryske



This is the female in the nest incubating the eggs. She is sleeping. Her white tail is at the 11 o'clock position, her beak is tucked under her wing so that her white head is turned toward her tail so that we are looking at the back of her head. Her feathers are getting blown in the wind. This is a comfortable position that puts less stress on the neck muscles (believe it or not), and it is a normal sleeping posture for birds.


And now she has shifted -- she rolled the eggs and now her head is at 10 o'clock and tail at 4 o'clock. She has tucked her beak back under her wing.

Annette Kryske

elfruler thanks for answering our what we thought was an SOS. & now we are relieved.Whew!!!!Have to go and have a nice glass of wine to bring us back to life..Haha


Enjoy your wine! The eagles are fine! :)

Jack Chao

Sweet eagle dreams! All.


Our friend Judith H. lost another one of her Puppies last night due to illness.
Our sympathy and thoughts are with you Judith.


Just checking in. Liberty on the eggs, head tucked under her wing and all is quiet. The wind has died down finally. Guess I'll try to get some more sleep.
Sorry for your loss Judith.


7:26 AM EST 12 Feb

Liberty flew off at 7:18 and Justice flew in and the change of shift is complete! Got a good screen shot of his entry and the two eggs.

Judith...I know the loss of your "buddy" that you rescued, constantly nurtured, and loved for over 14 years is a tremendous loss for you. I honestly believe that YOU were God's gift to your precious dog, Luke. Without you, Luke would have most certainly died all those years ago. Instead, you gave Luke so much in the way of a safe and loving home. You gave your buddy years of happiness he would have never known without you..AND HE KNEW IT. He loved you back so much for all you had become to him. I applaud what you have done for all your rescued companions, and for what you continue to do. You don't just give them a home..you give them YOUR home that you all share as the family you truly are. I declare this your official day to be GRUMPY all you want. BRING IT ON, you soft hearted, Judith!!

Paul Johnson

I have a good pic of two eggs and Liberty or Justis from your webcam. How do
i share it with you?

Carol C

Going to be a much nicer day in the nest today!! Love hearing the birds sining. Paul I don't know how to share pic. on here. We have a page on facebook that we do that on. CAROL

Carol C



Paul, I hope Chuck or Carolyn will see your post and share with you how they do it. They use Photo Bucket somehow and link it to the posts.

Come join us on Nester's Nest if you are on Facebook! We share a LOT of pictures there and a great place to chat about our interests. If interested, just "friend request" Nesters Nest on FB.

Keep reading the posts today as I am sure Chuck, Carolyn, elfruler, or one of the ones that are able to post their links here will help you (and maybe me!) with instructions.

Wish there was a way to "rewind" a few seconds so we can capture the screen shots that we miss!


Well, she is pulling up nesting material again this morning. When she did it Saturday,she had the second egg. Wonder if this means here comes number 3. Woohooo can't wait.

Karen Savela

It looks like water in the upper left side of the screen. Is that the Mississippi River? Also, is that a highway to the left of the nest?



there was a big discussion on that line you see. actually it was nearly an argument.

i was wrong as i believed it was a road. it is actually the ridge line of an out building. you cansee this more clearly at GOOGLE EARTH.

however-- your guess about the river is correct and can be seen more clearly o a sunshiny day as the light flickers and glistens.


i have never had children but ive always had a pet dog and a pet cat. loosing one is gut wrenching. empathy to you. you will never forget theat pet but another one will find you.



our most beloved pets seem to show up someway. the come to us in one fashion or another.

if one wants a pet- then be patient and wait! it will come to you. everytime without fail.

AGAIN- i am sooo sorry about your loss. grief and recovery are part of the love.

Sally Glowicki

My thought are with you, Judith.



have I been brash?

Judith Hart

I want to Thank everyone for your sincere thoughts on the loss of my Black Labrador, Luke last night. Luke just had his kidney removed two months ago, and was transfused by my large Great Pyrenees. He was doing great after the surgery.
Last night he hemorrhaged, and was gone in 25 minutes. I had the Vet Tech on the phone with me, I tried to make him comfortable.It's hard to watch something like that.
I know we're all pet lovers here, and I appreciate your comforting words.


The other day I was thinking today would be the day for egg #3. I'm going to stay with that guess, especially since both L&J have been almost non-stop on the eggs since the 2nd came along. Just my guess! I just hope there is a third since last year was so fun with 3. So glad it seems to be quieter at the nest today. That wind was bone chilling! We even have sunshine today although it doesn't look like it at the nest. Have a great day everyone!

Bob Payne

I was watching Sunday eve. and thought the way she was moving around that she may be trying lay an egg. But I couldn't see due to the fog in the center of the nest.
Bob P. westover, WV

Judith Hart

Beaming, I'm going with late this afternoon or early evening also. I'd like to see the third closer to the second.

Ruth MacLeod

What has been happening to the quality control on the lower left of the picture? When the new feed came on last week I was getting about a 30 second cycle with about 1/4 of it in live action with sound and the rest of the time a still silent picture.Mavis advised someone else to look at the quality control. It always came on at medium and could be set to high or low.Setting it to low gave me constant action and sound. Today the quality comes on as low and the only other option is high.
On this low setting I have the same cycle of a very short time of sound and action and the res of the time still and silent.

Annette Kryske

Gregory: NOT at all,as far as I am concerned.I guess one has to be careful when he or she comments on things. Personally, I don't give a darn what anyone thinks. Most of us speak from our hearts and if some people object, just ignore their comments, and get on with whatever.
makes you happy. When do you think the next egg will appear? I honestly wish it were just the 2.It was nerve racking last year with Spirit thinking he might not survive.But, he did.

Annette Kryske

Judith: You have my deepest sympathy for your loss of Luke. Time will heal your wounds. Luke is probably bouncing with all his friends in a far better place. Probably with some of my darling animals. Take care ....


Sally Glowicki

Have three windows open. playing a game while watching and reading the posts. Watching for the third egg.
Had two psczki for breakfast and not feeling well. So, I'm going to take it easy and watch the nest!


Donuts for Fat Tuesday! Sally...you should have called us over..OMG..that sounds so good. You sure it is not just an excuse to watch the nest all day?!

Ruth, I hate that you are having such a time watching the nest. I know how much you enjoy it,,,and it is aggravating that you can only see it in spurts. That will definitely put your nerves on edge. I don't know it there is another way to adjust the resolution or not. I know someone in New Zealand could not even get the "spurts".

MR. JOHN, do you have any suggestions for RUTH on lowering the resolution so she can view with a steady stream? I think someone else on NN had the same complaint...even when the setting was on LOW. My stream works fine but I have heard of others that were not so lucky.



annette is THE REAL DEAL!!



Am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved "fur angel"...

Our "fur babies" are family members and they always give us what most humans can not...UNCONDITIONAL LOVE...

May your memories bring you some comfort...



to throw a wrench into it all--

my pets sleep in my FACE!

call it disgusting-- i call it love!!

Jo Ann

Take care, Judith. Yes, you are right. We for the most part I believe are pet lovers, so we all sympathize with you. One day you will smile at the wonderful memories of Luke.

Judith Hart

5:30 PM EST.....Liberty just took over egg sitting.

Annette Kryske

2:30 PM PST. Justice just left the nest & a few minutes later Liberty flew in;she is working on the brush in the nest. The eggs are pretty well protected.Hear the train whistle going by?


Mavis I put up a question and you responded to it about Rss feeds, Thank you for the time to respond. Still trying to get it all to work the way I think it should (which might be wrong). In that regard I put this 2 min vid up on Youtube with an explanation of what I get when Try to follow the instructions, Being you tube and a screen capture it could be better but at full screen you might be able to see what I am trying to explain




First, I would like to pass along to Judith, a beautiful thought that our vet shared with us that brought great comfort to us after the loss of our beloved Cocker Spaniel who was with us for 14 years.
"Everyone Is Born So They May Learn How To Live A Good Life, And Love Others.
Animals Already Know How To Do That, So They Don't Have To Stay As Long."
Second, I have a video made today at 1:15 pm CST. Justice Was Alerting about something too near the nes! Liberty arrived soon after and Justice left quickly.


Carol C

Went over behind Alcoa & saw Justice sitting in the top of the tree. He sits there a lot!! Keeping an eagle eye on his love!! Aww So Sweet!!



you hit the nail right square on the head. just no way to say it better!!


I hear you loud and clear!!! i never miss your post'S.!!! PURE WISDOM and i get it!


Judith,I am so sorry for the loss of your fur baby Luke.Its been almost a year since I lost my black lab Daisy.I still miss her so very much. They are part of our families.


@Carolyn...thx for sharing that beautiful quote...my little Pom is 13 years old so I know his years are numbered and as much as we try to "prepare" we're never ready to let go..

in another thought...I know we are all "Eagle Lovers" or we wouldn't be here so am trusting it's okay to ask a question about another Eagle Webcam...

does anyone here follow the Minnesota Bound Eagle Cam (where eaglet Harmon had quite a journey last year)..and if so..do you know when their cam will go "live" this year?

Thx in advance for any help...

Jo Ann

Carolyn, I'm going to save that quote. I love that. I have 3 dogs now, and I know at some point, again, I may need to read that. Thank you.


Sher, Someone on NN said they thought MN would go up today. If it didn't then it should be any day according to the info she shared with us. You can rest assured that we filled the Alcoa comment pages full of Harmon info during his ordeal last year. We still talk of it. I was watching when Harmon's mom returned to the nest and I couldn't help but cry. We will probably talk about that ordeal for a long time to come.

Many of the posters find some interesting happenings on other web cams and share with us. This is the site most of us invest the most time in but a lot of us love to hear when something exciting happens at other sites too. I remember last year we got an "alert" that the eaglets at Decorah (I think) were doing a rain dance during a rain/hail storm. Many of us 'ran' to check it out and it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen.

If I hear of anything else about MN Bound..I'll be sure and post it!


Mavis...THX so much for all the info..

I'm just a huge "animal lover" in general and love to watch live cams and I also worried & cried a lot of tears during Harmon's ordeal last year..

I think we can learn so many "life lessons" from animals..



I watched your video...it was quite good BTW...and I could not figure out how you came up with something different than me. SOOOO I think I figured it out.

I use FIREFOX for my browser. And everything works as I stated.

I opened to Alcoa using EXPLORER and I got what I THINK YOU got. It was hard to read. I copied and pasted what I saw below. HOWEVER...it still works. The page is different but if you click on the BLUE UNDERLINED NAME...in this case MY NAME.."Mavis commented on Then There Were Two"..it will take you to the last post.
This is what it looked like with Explorer:

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Comments on Then There Were Two
Yesterday, February 11, 2013, 9:37:39 AM

**S.D.****the line below is what you click on

Mavis commented on 'Then There Were Two'
Today, February 12, 2013, 9 minutes ago | Mavis
Sher, Someone on NN said they thought MN would go up today. If it didn't then it should be any day according to the info she shared with us. You can rest assured that we filled the Alcoa comment pages full of Harmon info during his ordeal last year. We still talk of it. I was watching when Harmon's mom returned to the nest and I couldn't help but cry. We will probably talk about that ordeal for a long time to come.

Many of the posters find some interesting happenings on other web cams and share with us. This is the site most of us invest the most time in but a lot of us love to hear when something exciting happens at other sites too. I remember last year we got an "alert" that the eaglets at Decorah (I think) were doing a rain dance during a rain/hail storm. Many of us 'ran' to check it out and it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen.

If I hear of anything else about MN Bound..I'll be sure and post it!

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Sher, if you are not on NN..then you should be. There is always a new cam or new pictures to see. I think everyone on there are nature and pet lovers. Right now, someone is posting a lot about an owl who is laying her eggs. We are all Aloca fans..that was how the FB site got started...

One of the posters has been following the live cam on wolves..we cover it all on Nesters Nest..but ALCOA is the glue that binds us all!
The members are Alcoa followers and a place where we can freely talk about anything that interests us.

If you are a FB member..just friend request Nester's Nest and JC, our moderator and founder of the site, will get you started!

S.D. If you join NN, we can post screen shots to better SHOW what is hard sometimes to describe in words.


Carolyn, S.D., Chuck, elfruler, or anyone else that posts links here to pictures you have for us to view...PLEASE tell Paul Johnson how to share his pictures with us. He asked this morning and I don't know how to tell him to link his pictures to Alcoa comments.





Nancy..are you accessing Alcoa Eagle Cam by using a short cut or a bookmark?

Do you get the video screen with the arrow to start the stream? If you do, what happens when you click on the arrow?

If you will...let us know a little more about your problem..like answering the above questions and maybe someone can get you going. At least we will try.


6:40 am EST 13 Feb

Just checking in on the nest and L or J is sound asleep. Everything looks quiet and can't tell yet if we have another egg or not.

Good morning everyone!


8AM Eastern Time and I'm pretty sure it's Justice on the nest..or..at least I think I'm getting better distinguishing between the 2..

Interesting to see all the different bird varieties who've decided to make the lower part of the nest their own "hotel"...

Mavis...the for the info but I'm not on Facebook...

Carol C

Good Morning everyone. Going to be 45 or so today. & sunny. Perfect for them I bet. I'm going to Sunset Marina this morning. I hear there r quit a few eagles there now!! Bible study then work. Have a good day.

Peggy wilson

Can anyone tell me how you tell the differnce between Justice and Liberty. is there a markin on them that you can see to know who is who. Thankyou

Peggy wilson

? Is it possible on this site to watch cam and read /post comments at the same time..
I couldnt figure it out last year when watching an was just curious so I dont have to go back n forth..Thank you


Hey, Peggy...good to see you again! This season, Liberty is now sporting two spots when identify her. A black triangle shaped spot on the left side of her tail which is seen only when she spreads her tail out. Left side means looking at her from the back side. She also has a black spot on the side of her white head..located on the right side if you are looking at her from the backside. The small black spot is above the back of the eye about 1/4 way up toward the center of the head.

Justice does not have any telling marks that I can find. He is smaller than Lib but can be difficult so see that difference. His head "seems" more sharply defined by well groomed overhang of the eyes. I think we usually identify him by the absence of markigs.


Peggy, you can watch the cam on 1/2 of your screen and post on the other half of your screen at the same time. This is called split screens and easy to set up for your computer. The instructions were reposted on POST #15 of THIS thread...so just go back to post #15 and get started. You will not believe how nice the split screen works...and so EASY to set up.

Peggy wilson

Mavis, I remember your name from last year..Great new season already here. Thank you so much for the info on markings. Always nice to be able to know who is on the nest .

Peggy wilson

Thank you Mavis


9:09 EST

Just saw 2 eggs in nest...will there be 3 today? We are all waiting...

Judith Hart

9:08 AM EST Liberty back sitting on the TWO eggs.


I just said that Judith!!! TWO EGGS!! Good morning to you...hope you are feeling a little better.

Peggy...glad to help. If you have any problems setting up your split screen...just give a holler!


Good morning everyone. Looks like sunshine at the nest today and still 2 eggs. Judith, guess we missed with our prediction. Someone predicted today so we shall see.

Mavis, good thing you are here early to help out and answer questions. Great job on that, btw!

I'm so sorry to read about those who are having problems seeing the cam feed. I don't have a clue how to help and mine seems to be working fine. I just love hearing the sounds (TRAIN!) all around!

I'm seeing more and more names from last year as well as names I don't remember so maybe new viewers are joining. Oh, I have to check MN (Harmon's nest). What a memory that is! Happy viewing everyone!!!

Peggy wilson

Thank you Mavis :)

Judith Hart

Does the first egg appear to be very white, and the second egg more of a beige tint?
Maybe it's a shadow or staining from nest material, anyone else notice this‽


I noticed that too Judith. Thanks for confirming 'cause I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Hmmmm. Interesting.


Im so excited for the hatchings this year! I love your webcam! Thanks for all that you do!


Love watching this video; Justice and Liberty are great parents; wondering if the young ones raised last year are still in the area.

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