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March 17, 2013


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Ruth MacLeod

Thanks Mr. John for such a great view of the little one to wake up to this morning.
Also thanks to you and Alcoa for all you do for us.

Carol C

Good Morning everyone. What a great capture!! Awsome!! I'm doing book work & watching at the same time. Thanks for everything u do!Carol

Sandi Moore

what a cutie! been silently (!) in the background watching, but my eggar (like radar) is off a bit. thanks for all the good people involved in bringing us delightful scenes such as this!


Great shot Mr. John!

I "think" we have a pip on egg 2! Look closely at Mr. John's photo - right hand side of egg!


Thank you for the great picture! It is so exciting to see this process begin anew. Such a cute baby!!:)


Our granddaughter is watching for the second year. What a great experience for her to see.She suggests the names: Junior and Lil. Thanks so much for your dedication to the education of our children and us adults as well!

linda cates

Yep...I think our Pip is definitely Irish....so, is a natural with the camera...."Kiss Me, I'm Irish"....:)

Kathryn Mellecker

Just tuned in, great picture Mr John, thanks for all you do.

Has the new one been fed yet? I remember from last year that they wait for a while to feed a hatchling. The baby has the yolk sac left inside it. It lives on that long enough to hold its head up to be fed.


Thank you Alcoa, I love watching the eagle family, thank you for providing and maintaining the web cam. I don't know how to vote, but I want to suggest 'Patrick' as a good name for the eaglet that was born yesterday in honor of St. Patrick's Day.


I love your photo Mr. John for it reminded me of the days when I would hatch chicken eggs. We'd always place an X on one side of the egg so that we'd have a point of reference when turning and the grass in the nest has created an X on the second egg for all to view.


You're right Pumpkin! Perfect X on that egg!

Rich Swanson

Pumpkin....Are you suggesting Mr. John get out the cherry picker and and put an X on the second egg? I wonder how L & J would react to that. He should probably wear body armor when trying though! :)


I wish we had a "like" button here so I don't have to type!


Actually Rich, if Mr. John should 'volunteer' to go up to the nest, I'd prefer that he'd circle that spot we're watching on FB.


RIch...L and J are smarter than we are...they don't need an "X" to know what to do. It is just us dummies!

You were up late last night...glad to see you back and ready for today! Now...to wake Doug and Rodj up!


So happy to see the little one up and alert today!!


Molly, are you here today getting screen shots for your class? They are going to just love you tomorrow!

Rich Swanson

I can see it now....."Raising Eaglets for Dummies". A book that would never be bought by an eagle, but a bestseller in the NY Times.


I finally was able to connect with the live feed this morning after my third try. So happy! What a beautiful shot of the baby I woke up to. Thank you, Mr.John. Beamg, my robins were really late this year, too. They just came home on Friday, along with my Grackles. They always come home together to our farm. :)

Rich Swanson

Mmmmmmm...Fresh Meat!


Justice just carefully brought in another small fish and it looked like Lib thanked him for it.

Great picture of the little one this morning, Mr. John. I've got to look closer for that pip others are wondering about.

Bea - Robins arrived at my house on 3/14 this year! Tons of them! I always look forward to that day of spring when I start seeing them.

Mavis - Have you tried resetting your router? I think Rich suggested checking your flash drive to see if it's the latest update, after that I would reset everything and see what you've got.

We are due for some wintry mix/snow here during the night tonight and tomorrow. I hope it bypasses the nest.

Back to watching ....

Carol C

Looks like Justice on the nest. Mom flew in & wanted to take over but he didn't move. So Liberty flew away but did bring a fish. I might have them backwards. Carol


Oops..sorry I just assumed it was Libby on the nest, didn't really check her out.


I think it's Justice on the nest. What a handsome dude!


More fish!!! That makes 3!

Rich Swanson

Humans will spend all day on the riverbank and MAYBE catch a fish or two...Lib leaves for a moment and comes back with another one. HUMANS SUCK AT FISHING!!!!


Rich, I just did a screen shot of the last egg roll and the spot you, Oma, and Bea were talking about on your page was not in the screen capture. It must have been on the "other" unseen side. I think you all are right...it is worth watching. Maybe the next egg roll will show the spot in question.

Carolyn Groves

Wonderful shot! Happy St. Pat's little one! What a beautiful sight!

Judith Hart

The fish at 11:30 looks like a floater!


Thanks, EO...router is working fine...that's how I pick up on iPad. I did reboot it though. I'm picking up fine on computer too. I ususally don't have a problem. Computer went out the the rest of the masses last night...but running the cam fine now. It is just too slow to use to post on. Thank you for your help.

I see two fish in the nest...they always keep more than enough on hand for their wee ones. AL will certainly not go hungry.


Yes I am Beamg. I can't wait to show them.


Hi Molly!


Yes Rich, but humans don't have the ability to capture stunned fish in a dam spillway as we'd drown! Don't know if you saw the links I posted on the advantages locating near Lock & Dam #15 earlier, but L&J have prime a real-estate location on the Alcoa property!

Deb Spencer

I am so speechless to watch Liberty & Justice, to have such sharp claws/talons and beaks they use for hunting/survival,yet they can be so delicate with their new baby & their other egg. It is truly amazing! They are such dedicated parents. Oh, what humans could learn by taking the time to observe nature--then apply the lessons learned. This is my 2nd year eagle watching, thank you Alcoa & Mr. John.
Deb--Holden Beach,NC

Rich Swanson

Molly, feel free to download and show any of the videos I have on the FB group (if you have a FB account.)

Pumpkin, I was just being me again when saying that. I spent many winters behind the old Dock Restaurant watching eagles go fishin. It was very cool to watch.

Louise Hemphill

Love being able to watch the Eagles. Thank you so much. This picture is just darling of the little one. Can't wait to watch them grow up.


Rich, I was never a Quad City girl, so I'm not familiar with the Dock Restaurant. However if you want to give me the coordinates, I'll google it!


The posters that live around the QC say the same thing...that the lock and dams are so popular with the eagles as they become their their life lines, especially in the winter. When the Mississippi freezes over, the lock and dams stay "unfrozen" due the the currents that flow through the locks. It is nice that the nest tree is not that far from one of the locks...makes it convenient when in a hurry for lunch.

I missed the 3rd fish arriving...L and J have are proven providers for sure!

Rich Swanson


Plug that into Google MAPS. The building to the left is the old Dock Restaurant. I don't know what it is now. But I am totally surprised to see that they have built a viewing ampitheater there. I got to get back there in the wihter sometime and check that out!


Would that be the same restaurant, the Captains Table, that Oma took the pictures of the nest tree that pumpkin referred you to? Sounds like it from Cherrycarols description of it.

I'm definitely going to put the QC as a place to visit...and the Captains Table! Heard the view and food was great!

Camilla Collins

Good morning all!!

I didn't know about the 'stunned' fish at the dam. ty


Camilla...good morning. This site proves to be a good learning experience every day.

I hear L and J "talking" to each other. I figure their will be a shift change soon.

I'm outta here for a while...keep those pictures coming, Camilla...you and Carolyn, Rich...so many of you take awesome pictures to share. Thanks!

Rich Swanson

Mavis, not the same. The Captains Table is on the Illinois side of the river. I know the old Dock had awesome windows viewing out to the river. Again, I have not been back in the QC area for about 15 years. So I know lots has changed.


Thanks for the coordinates, Rich! So the old Dock Restaurant is across from the dam's spillway and near the bridge that takes one over to Arsenal Island, which I have visited on occasion.

Mavis, I believe that the Captain's Table is located further to the east, although you'd have to check with "Oma" on that to be certain.

Judith Hart

I didn't notice if the shell from AL was still in the nest. Just wondered if M/D ate the shell for the minerals. I know some birds do.


Mavis-I've been up for quite awhile this morning ;) Just been watching and not doing any typing. Really glad to have the feed back. Even though I've managed to miss about everything this morning that everyone is taking screen shots of :( Sure seems to be windy though.

Judith Hart

I can hear AL squealing, he's getting hungry! wee weee weeweeee....Hunger cries

Camilla Collins

tee hee hee!

Little one was making its way out from Justice at the breast area. Justice stood up and pushed him back under the tummy area. <3

Greta in Kansas

Good morning & Happy St. Pat's Day, all! It sure is good to be among eagleholic friends again! I didn't check in often over the winter.

I do wish there was a "like" button!

Gotta say, Mindy, I LOVE Al/Ally and Coa-Coa/Cocoa for names!

And thanks so much, Bea, for keeping us posted on the nest goings-on.

I can't stay glued to the screen today -- I have guests coming for a few days -- sure hope I don't miss the next hatch!!

Love you all,


Peace and Harmony are my name choices for the 2013 Eaglets.


Got ya "pumpkin".

Judith...I'm hungry too..Ruben sandwich coming up

Doug...glad you still breathing after yesterday...it was exciting!!

Hi and bye, Greta!

Adele Cox

Absolutely LOVE this screen shot! I crack up every time I look at it! Thank you, thank you!! Makes my day!

Judith Hart

Mavis, Thanks for reminding me, forgot to take corned beef out of the freezer!

Rich Swanson


Judith Hart

YUM ! First bite of food 11:26PM EDT

Judith Hart

Correction ....first food...12:26PM EDT

Colleen M

Awe!! First feeding I've seen, yup, little bobblehead did well! Than, did a face plant!! TOO CUTE!


Oh my gosh! I don't think I've ever seen anything so cute! So excited to see the first feeding.


12:30 EDT

AL's first feeding......PRICELESS! Swing and miss for a few attempts...then the homerun! Have a great screen shot of the homerun on Nesters Nest.

That was AWESOME!!

Rich Swanson

AAARRRRGGGHHHHH! I had the video but it didn't save properly and I lost it!

DANG IT!!!!!


I saw it feeding a little while ago,, Looks healthy

Sally Glowicki

How adorable! Daddy is sure patient when feeding the baby. It seemed when the wind really was picking up and howling, he thought he'd better put the little one down to sleep. Then when he got up to adjust a little shortly after, the little one popped up and started chirping. I have dinner to fix and don't want to leave but must. Kudos to all that are responsible for our seeing this wonderful site. ENJOY EVERYONE!

Lucille Bingham

To all my eagleholic friends:
In celebration of St. Patrick's Day and the hatching of our newest eaglet enjoy this uplifting video.



Rich, maybe Carolyn or Camilla got the video.

Camilla...be sure and post your video on Nesters Nest and Eagle Cam if you will. There were some terrific screen shots taken...everyone must have been on the READY!

Rich, I still haven't seen the area in question concerning a pip on the second egg. Maybe it hasen't rolled right yet. Let me know if you see it.

Mindy Gibson Frey

GRRRRRRRRRRR!! I missed the first feeding! Boo-hiss! Just when I think it's safe to go check out something else for a few minutes the good stuff happens.....

Rich Swanson

The egg did appear to be devoid of a pip in the most current views.


I really like AL for ALcoa and Legacy...for what Alcoa built..to be two good names to celebrate Aloca's 125th anniversary! AL really fits this spunky and priceless little buddy. Just my opinion!


Congrats on the new baby Liberty and Justice!!!

Greta in Kansas

I missed it, too, Mindy! Ditto arrgh!

Mindy Gibson Frey

I missed the first feeding, but got the second! Is that a pip in the second egg.... little black spot to the left.... I got the screen shot but of course cant remember how to link it here. It's on my FB page if anyone wants to look. I don't have a private page so anyone can check it out.


I saw Mom get up to feed the eaglet, but just as she started the wind picked up and sounded pretty bad so she stopped after just a couple of bites and quickly hunched down again! Amazing to see that.


Pipping of 2nd egg has started!

Mindy Gibson Frey

3-17-13 baby eating 2nd feeding. Is that a pip in the 2nd egg???

Mindy Gibson Frey

crap.... it didn't work. No picture. I give up

Sharon Bailey

What a little darling !!! This will
be a fun spring and summer.
Thanks for the great pictures

E. R.

GM everyone, What a great picture of the 1st eaglet looking straight at the cam. He is greeting the world and saying "here I am " That is cute beyond words. So great to be able to welcome him into the world and watch him and that late blooming egg sib grow. Liberty and Justice are such great parents and seem to know just what to do with these two babes. I hope the teacher will have all these shots to show the kids on Monday.


http://youtu.be/c96MEnQJkVk Link for video of egg hatching 3/16/2013

Judith Hart

Thank You Lucille, that was an uplifting video, handsome group of men with gentle faces. Truly enjoyed that!

Judith Hart


Rich Swanson


Judith Hart

This little fellows going to break out quick....He smells food!!! WOW


Awwww...just saw the baby being fed fish. Just amazing!!!!! You can see the hole in the egg where the other little one is trying to make its way into the world!!!!!


Huge hole in the second egg! A St. Patrick's Day baby!

Greta in Kansas

No missing THAT huge pip! One day apart is probably going to mean less picking on each other -- yay!


fstsport1- thank you so much for the great video of the hatching. It was wonderful to watch.


WOW Another hatch starting? Yes, huge pip, hole or whatever! YEA!!! Just had my own lunch and nothing is going to pry me away from here until we have eaglet #2!


I think their names should be Pat and Rick! Perfect for St. Patrick's Day!


it would be great if your cam was posted on the upper left side of your webpage. Then I could shrink down to a square and keep it up on my computer desktop. not that you asked my opinion : )

Rich Swanson

You can do that anyway, Kate. Webcam doesn't nee to be in the upper left.


Ohhhh my... I just checked and saw my first feeding. I feel so blessed to have seen this miracle.

Wilma Cole

Second egg has a hole in it.

Rich Swanson

That was awesome. Hopefully the video will be posted shortly on the FB group

Judith Hart

Now it's going to be hard to tell them apart, being so close together. We'll have to watch closely, maybe ones a female and she'll be bigger ¿¿

Judith Hart

This was copied from the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

How do eaglet brothers and sisters compare to each other? How large do eagles grow?

Eaglets can vary in size and age. Eggs are laid a few days apart and consequently hatch in the order they were laid. Female eaglets tend to be larger than their male counterparts. Like most birds of prey, the female adult is also larger than the male. Adult eagles range from 33-35 inches long for males and 35-37 inches for females. The average wingspan is about 7 feet!


Coa is on the way! She will not take a back seat to AL...no sir...she is going to be an equal partner...I love it! One day apart...we need some markers like Judith said...or we will have them mixed up...CoaAL won't work..got to keep it ALCoa...need those markers and I bet there won't be any.

This is great!! RIch...you ready to video and SAVE?

Rich Swanson

I'm on it doggone it

Jo Ann

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. What an exciting day we had yesterday and it looks like we might have another one today! Let's hope!!


I think it's safe to say we are going to have some 2nd hatch prediction winners today!

Rich Swanson

Mavis, I have about 2.5 hours before I have to leave to retrieve my wife from the airport in Tucson. That will take me away for about four hours.


So excited as I missed yesterday's hatch, but won't make that mistake again....

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