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March 24, 2013


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Thank you, Bruce! I was having withdrawals!

Camilla Collins

Thank you Bruce!! :D


thank you so much Bruce. I know all the eagle watchers are very happy to have the picture back. now, if we only could have all this snow end, and spring start for good.


Thank-you Bruces!!! So glad you were able to get it up & running I love watching the eaglets.

Carol Alamo

Thank-you Bruce! I also was having withdrawals. I am so hooked on these eaglets.First time ever seeing Eagles so close. Thank-you Alcoa.

Carol C

Thank You Bruce. We love u!!

Lucille Bingham

Thank you Bruce from Engineering for making our day! At this point in time we all are still concerned about the little one. It seems as if both eaglets are feeding well now, but we anxiously await each feeding episode to be sure all is okay and both eaglets are eating well and behaving! So great to be able to see the nest this morning. So great to watch Justice being the good father now as he keeps those little ones nice & warm & protected from the snow.
Mr. John, we thank you also for continuing to do what you do for Alcoa, the nest, the video cam & us eagleholics. You are the Best!!!


Thanks to Bruce for taking time out on Sunday. We check on the Eagles to see what our weather will be like in 24 hours in Indiana. Love to watch them feed.

Camilla Collins

Both babes ate well and seemed to be happy when it was time for Lib to warm them back up. :)

Kathryn Mellecker

Thank you Bruce, Mr John, and Alcoa. Love this close view of the nest!


Bruce... You are my hero! Thanks


Thank you Bruce. Coming in on a sunday was a great kindness to all of us who look in everyday.


Thanks from me too Bruce! Now we can all get our eagle fix again - WoooHooo!

Greta Perleberg

Oh, y'all at Alcoa are positively THE BEST!! Going in on Sunday just for all of us eagle-watchers. Thanks again, to Bruce and all the Alcoa people!

Barbara Parket

Was introduced to this yesterday and already hooked. Thank you for providing this to everyone.


Three Eagle Facts for today...

A: Pellets are bones, feathers, hair, scales and other materials that are not easily digested. These materials are not moved through the digestive system but held in the crop and regurgitated as boluses or pellets. Casting is the regurgitation of a pellet.

A: The hole in the tongue is an opening to the respiratory system.

A: The ridges or arrow-shaped structures on the tongue aid in keeping the food moving backward toward the esophagus.

Lu Williams

Thanks Bruce!! You are the BEST!!

Greta Perleberg

A brief feeding at 10:50 central time, then Liberty snuggled back down onto the eaglets. The wind has picked up, so they must get cold pretty fast. She's a great mom.

Greta Perleberg

Re: Pumpkin's drive across IL and seeing lots of eagles' nests and eagles and wondering about their food source. The Rock River is only a couple of miles from I-88 from about Dixon west to Iowa. I wonder if that isn't close enough to serve as a food source, along with the road kill. Also, farm fields have a lot of rodents.

Greta Perleberg

You can see light snow falling on the nest, and Liberty has her wings slightly spread. I bet that's to help shield the babies from the wind.

Greta Perleberg

Mavis -- a hole in their tongues?! Now, that's an eagle fact I didn't know!

Darlene Nichols

tHANK you Bruce.......Mr. John........really appreciate you getting us a picture back !!!

Jo Ann

Looks like it is really snowing now. It seems like Liberty knew the snow was going to come down hard so she fed the babies, first. It's amazing how she has them covered up so perfectly.


Thank you, Bruce!!! Don't know what I'd do without the eaglecam!


11:30 AM CDT The snow is picking up again at my house and I see Liberty has a light dusting of snow on her. I still have not seen the eaglets today since I've been "gone" at the wrong times. Good thing they just ate so they can stay under mom a little longer, hopefully until the snow stops!

Kathryn Mellecker

Great big snowflakes here, the temp. is 34, snow isn't staying on patio, but is on roofs, lawn and trees. All this will be at the nest in the next hour or so.

Judith Hart

National Weather Service
Here's the Radar Loop for the area.....

Leanna, Chicago

Thaks Bruce! You da man :)


Hello from Texas. I have been watching for about 10 days and have enjoyed it greatly. My niece in Clinton told me about this site. I have told several of my neighbors and they have watched also. I was also anxious about little bit, but he seems ok now. I will continue to watch. Thanks for this opportunity to see nature happening in real time.

E. R.

CDT 12pm , Not happy with the snow covered Liberty,but she is such a trouper and seem to weather the storms well. She has the eaglets tucked in well and there is food in the nest so I guess we humans are the ones not always ready for all this snow and weather. Thanks Judith for the weather report,look like Q-cities will get some snow for a while today.
Bonnie from Texas ,welcome ,I am in Lubbock. We had our own spring weather , wind and dust,no snow.LOL This is a great site to watch an eagle family,these are very experienced eagles and seem to do all the right things with their young and are devoted to each other.I know you will grow to love them as much as the rest of us do. Please ask questions if you are wondering about anything. There are many people on this site that are experts in answering questions and in directing you to site where you can find answers to your questions.I know they are happy to help. This is all part of the education of Americans about our National Bird.


Judith - Thank you for the radar.

Bruce - Thank you for going in on a Sunday so we can see the eagles.

Bonnie - welcome. I hope you stay and enjoy them as much as we do.

First feeding I've gotten to see in two days and it went very well. Mom seemed to move her beak in with a piece of food when twice it looked like #1 was thinking about bonking Little Bit. A very calm feeding and now they all are tucked back in against the snow.

We had a light dusting of snow here(2 hours east of the nest) this morning, which has since melted. The radar shows more coming this afternoon, but maybe, just maybe it won't make it to the ground. :::fingers crossed:::

John Hazlett

One of the parents just landed with a big heap of new grass for the nest and they are currently spreading it around. New comforts on a cold day. 12:40pm 3/24.


Thanks Bruce. You rock!!

John Hazlett

Someone mentioned "road-kill" as eagle food in an earlier post, and, of course, the fish, rabbits, and squirrels that litter the nest might as well be road kill, since they aren't consumed on the spot. Can someone tell us if bald eagles are carrion eaters? I've never seen one swooping down to pick up an armadillo on the side of the highway.

tony weber

How about sending Bruce back up the pole and back off the camera too close of a shot !!!!!!!!

Kathryn Mellecker

To John Hazlett, Yes, eagles are carrion eaters, each year when we cut up deer, we put the ribs and bones out in the field beside the house, as soon as the crows gather the eagles see there is a free meal. We have seen as many as 25 enjoying the feast. We have also seen the eagles cleaning up pigs from confinement. Eagles like a free lunch.

Margaret M. Callahan

Thank you Bruce - you have no idea how many people need their daily "eagle" fix to refresh their soul!!! Bless you!!


Awwww, I'm hearing little peeps. Sounds like more than snow hitting in the nest area but it's building up too bad. Could get 1 to 3 inches of snow here.

To myself: NWZ! L & J know how to protect!


Post 38 - I meant to say "NOT building up too bad" - darn fingers!

Annette Kryske

11:31AM PDT> Looks pretty nasty out there this AM. The wind is howling again, Liberty even looks cold.I am sure with thousands of feathers that she has, she really isn't that cold.JUDITH: MAVIS: I remember reading a commennt a while back as to how many feathers Eagles have., was 7,000, or 70,000????Does the Brood Patch still work even after incubation? I usually copy the details of some of the comments, but I missed those.


Annette...7,000 feathers...


Annette...I had to research this...but from what I read...the brood patch remains after the hatching for a while so the parents can keep the eaglets warm. Their feathers are grown back over the brood patch area by the time the eaglets are ready to fledge.

Judith Hart

I think that's Liberty, she just got up to feed. She was standing at 9:00, the wind blew and she went straight up in the air...

Kathryn Mellecker

The prey pile seems diminished. Or is it just snow covered. I think I can still spot one fish at 2 o'clock position. And one black thing at 11. They need to get some fresh fish!

Sally Glowicki

Thanks Bruce!


I have been super busy since yesterday morning. I backread all comments and just double checking once again that I did not miss any food items. http://eagleeyecamera.wikispaces.com/2013+Eaglet+Food+Chart

Joyce Zaagman

Thank you, Bruce. Thankful that L&J are back with two new little ones to watch.

Annette Kryske

2:25 PM PDT. It is really blowing out there.Liberty's hairdo, is really messing her crown a bit. Just saw one of the little guy's poke his head out from under. Looked around & said, "too cold out there for little me"and went back to the heating pouch. Thanks Mavis, for giving me the info I asked for. I luv to hear the tooting of the trains, as they go by.

Janice in western PA

Thank you Bruce. I check in on the little fellas several times a day. They are real cuties. I have told so many people about this site and they are now hooked. The storm is suppose to arrive here about 11pm.

Mindy Gibson Frey

Is it just me or are those sweet babies shivering while eating? Awwww, maybe thems needs blankies!

jillian poll

how can you tell the male from the female


Bruce , you are a life saver. I'm addicted to watching the family. I worry that they are so cold, I wish it would warm up.

Judith Hart

Justice just landed in the nest, with I think more nesting materials at 2:00, took off again.


...@ jillian poll - When you see them together in the nest, Liberty (female) is the larger of the two .Although you can't really see it when her feathers are ruffled by the wind , she has a dark spot on her head in her feathers over her right eye.She also has a few black spots in her white tail feathers that are only visible when her wings are raised or uplifted a little.
Justice (male) has sleeker looking white head feathers that usually seem groomed compared to Liberty's.We haven't noticed any other distinct identifying marks on him.It just takes a while to be able to recognize the difference.


@ Mindy, blankets would be nice! Hard to see them so cold even though we know they are bred to sustain this weather. Remember the opposite last year when it was crazy hot, and the bugs were horrible?. They sure go through extremes, but seem to do Ok!

Roger Nelson

Really looks cold in the nest! :(


Anyone else having problems right now viewing? Mine keeps giving me a blank screen and says flash player v 10 or above needed to view this video. I have the latest version so idk what the problem is.


i thought someone said the snow was going to stop

Ruth MacLeod

bette NOt sure I have the same problem you do. When I try to get the picture, I get the spinning circle for quite a while and then when the spinning stops there is a black screen with just the words that appear on the screen. I notic that there are only the 2 quality settings again low and high. With the black sceen I do get the sound for the 5 seconds or so a couple of times every minute.


We have a 100% chance of snow showers until 11pm CDT, then it goes down to 80% and slowly tapering off until tomorrow about 3pm. I didn't think we were going to have this all day either. Poor Liberty getting a heavier coat on her wings again. And that fresh nesting material getting covered up.

My video feed has been good the last few hours.

Annette Kryske

4:14 PM PDT BETTE: I had a simlar problem a few weeks ago. I thought I had the flash player installed, as I didn't have any trouble before.For some reason , I guess I needed to install the newer updated model & I did, now, I have no problems.It shouldn't cost anything to do it.I presume Liberty is in nest now. Though I can see a slight dark spot over her right eye. She looks cold, but with about 7,000 feathers, & her brood patch attached to her body, she & Molly & Stormy are well protected.Justice will be along soon.

Jane Ward

Sorry to see Liberty encrusted with snow. All nesting material around her covered too. I do know from last year that she is bred to weather these storms and keep her babes safe. I'm in lower AL and it's almost 80 here today. No sleet, rain, nor snow. I remember Iowa was hot last summer so our eagles will weather this too!


Ruth, when you describe what you get with the two quality settings, I feel so bad for you. I know how much you enjoy these eagles. Have you tried a different browser? Sometimes, it does make a difference. I use Firefox most of the time. I have also used Chrome with success. If you have any other cams going at the same time...you should close or stop all of them except the one you want to watch.

Bette, you might do the same as some browsers use different media players...I THINK...anyway..give it a try.

Thoma Lile

Thank you, Bruce, for working on Sunday!
Gosh, I have sympathy chills from the snow piling up on who I think is Liberty. (I'm still not sure who is who among the adults. I've seen them together one time, I think.)


Thanks to all of you who responded to my dilemma :) After trying lots of different things I finally went to google and typed in Alcoa eagles cam .. I looked at the list and decided to try the earth cam link.. http://search.earthcam.com/search/ft_search.php?term=%22Alcoa+Eagle+Cam%22
and it worked! :D


Feeding and bonking going on! Everybody got some food. Not sure what they are eating.

Judith Hart

Bea....Did you say you had a fish tail swatter? We could use it in the nest...Coa is up to bonking Al again.

Bakers in Mesquite

The babies are very adventurous this time full time job keeping them fed. Also can sure tell one is bigger than the other. Really enjoy following them every day


8:00 EDT

Liberty is feed the babies and you almost have to laugh. Coa and both are being fed...but Coa gets her peck in on little AL every time the little tyke gets a bite. They aren't hard pecks, but Coa wants to eat her fill before AL can have any.

It was a fast feeding as the temp is too cold for them to be exposed for too long. They are definitely getting stronger and both are growing.


Judith, I saw that! I don't have one of those swatters - I think I suggested someone could go up there and make one. But everyone could make thier own and then not have to poke the screen. At least both got to eat and I think I could see their crops from behind so I think they're full! :)

I think I want better weather for the eagles as much as I want it for me. I don't see anything higher than low 40's for a few days.

Jo Ann

Liberty is really hunkered down. The wind is terrible. I sure hope this wind dies down. I don't see Liberty eating as much these days. Her only concern right now are her two little ones. Hold on, little ones. Better and warmer day are coming.

Annette Kryske

6:31 PM PDT. Since before Liberty & Justice laid their eggs, I have been saying Nitey Nite to them, each night. Being the weather is sooo bad out there in the nest with the little ones, I just wanted them to know that we all are praying that they will be ok. when they get up in the morning to a sunshining day.I Hope. Good Night All.


New Learning Video #3 will be uploaded tomorrow morning. Finally got it done tonight. It is loading up to YouTube, but I am heading to bed. Will share tomorrow. Thanks to all of you amazing people for information, I used mostly info from my students this time, but the next episode is all comment sharing knowledge. This is like an eagle database right here!



Great news on this phase of your project. I am already amazed at what you and your students have put together. Look forward to seeing your video in the morning.

Think I will turn in too...Liberty is sleeping with the little ones tucked under her...good night all

Greta in Kansas

Just checked in on the nest at 10 pm central time. Poor Liberty has snow all over her back and wings, and the wind is howling. Sure wish I could cover her with a blanket.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

I am going to stay up all night praying Liberty on. Breaks my heart.

Sally Glowicki

Oh, how I wish the snow would stop falling on the Alcoa nest. Our Eagle is covered with it. Hope mom and dad are able to keep the little ones underneath them where it's so nice and warm. When I checked just now, Liberty was looking around. Didn't see the babes so I'm sure they are tucked in.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

I am following two pairs of eagles in southeast Louisiana, each with two "almost fledglings". I worried about them in our winter storms but nothing like I am worrying about Liberty and her babies tonight.

Mary Ricard

Love you Eagle Cam. It is so clear. This eagle family is beautiful. Thanks for making it available to us.


One last check before heading to bed. Liberty is looking around, wings spread out a bit to make room under her, light dusting of snow on her and it's still snowing. Pretty easy to see into the nest with lots of white around. What a trooper she is!

Good night all. See you back at the nest in the morning. Temp is 29°, feels like temp is 17°. Not my idea of spring! SED


I feel so bad for poor mama eagle sitting with snow on her back. It's frigid here in northern Indiana so I imagine it's cold there too. We need some spring! We're totally enjoying watching these birds. What an opportunity! Thanks!


why have we not seen dad much today?


I have been watching and checking in for the first time this year and i am amazed by this. What an amazing thing our God designs in nature. Thank you Alcoa! It is a rare occasion that we can see God's amazing handywork.


Oh yeah and thank you Bruce for keeping the camera going.


@ illinieagle...Dad (Justice) has been in and out of the nest several times today. He even brought fresh dry straw in one time for Mom (Liberty). The female Eagle usually sits on the nest most of the time during bad weather because her larger size gives more protection to the eggs and now Eaglets.

Sally Glowicki

Liberty must have shaken the snow off. It's off her back now. She is awake and looking around. The little ones are nice and cozy, I'm sure. Hope she goes to sleep soon. And me, too. Nite....


4:35 AM EDT March 25th

Just checking on the nest and Liberty (?) is sleeping with head tucked between her back wings. She has no snow on her back so either it stopped snowing or she just brushed off. I know she looks terribly cold laying in that bed of snow, but in fact she, and the babies, are toasty warm.

joefromnc, always good to see your posts. Hope your weather is not too bad in your part of NC and you are staying warm.


Here is the latest learning video #3 http://coffeeforthebrain.blogspot.com/2013/03/liberty-and-justice-bald-eagles.html

Doug Felix

Good Morning All! Just took a peek at the cam-Justice looks nice and comfy with her head tucked in. Looks like it may still be snowing some?? Radar isn't showing anything there though.

Got up at 0500 and measured 8 1/2" of snow on the picnic on my back deck and it's still coming down! We seem to be one of those areas that just keeps getting hit.

Another wondrous day of watching the wobbleheads!!

Judith Hart

National Weather Service Forecast
Quad Cities, IA
Overcast 30°

Today: Scattered flurries, mainly after 1pm. Cloudy, with a high near 35. North wind around 15 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph.

Tonight: Scattered flurries before 1am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 25. Northwest wind 10 to 15 mph.

Tuesday: Partly sunny, with a high near 36. Northwest wind around 10 mph.

Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 21.

Doug Felix

Just do a quick search on TWC for zip code 47906 to see what we're still getting.

Hopefully J&L didn't get this much overnight?

Camilla Collins

Illini, I've saw dad around quite a bit yesterday. But I agree mom has been sitting on the nest more than she has been for this batch. Wonder if she is warmer or if it is because she is bigger?

or maybe dad is a push over to the babes and lets them out too much for moms liking :)

Judith Hart

Doug, Do you have 10" of snow in Indiana?

Doug Felix

Judith-I measured 8.5" on my picnic table about 20 hours ago and it's still coming down. We were getting an inch an hour last night for the first 5 hours.

About every school is closed, fortunately a couple of the major school districts are on spring break right now.

Doug Felix

...make that 2 hours ago NOT 20 hours ago!!!!

Doug Felix

Kids are getting fed!!!


Good Morning! We have a allot of snow here in Ohio! Hope this is the last of it! The weather service is saying Spring is on it's way in about a week and a half, things are going to moderate, finally! Good to see a feeding this morning. Although the snow is pretty, always sad to see what they have to endure. Hope things improve for our little Eagle family today.


Good morning everyone! Saw the 6:30 feeding and it didn't look like the eaglets were all that hungry, at least at first. But they ate and little AL (#2) bonked big Coa (#1) a good one. Not sure what they were fed but it looked like dark meat. Justice came in for a couple minutes after Liberty got settled back on the eaglets.

Whoa! Doug you got a ton of snow!

Colleen, how much snow did you get?
We didn't get nearly as much as some of you did. I'd say at my house about 3 inches. That groundhog and his early spring prediction...well, it's a bunch of balogna! At least the wind isn't as bad as it was last night. 28° at my house right now.

Judith Hart

My place NW NC only 1" of snow, found out quickly taking my garbage out, black ice on the pavement. Whoops!


Oh Judith, be careful out there! Hope you didn't fall. An inch of snow is just as dangerous as a foot if there's ice too.

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