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March 21, 2013


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Jane Ward

#1 is already beating up on #2. Just had a feeding and #1 pushed #2 down, sat on its head, took food from its mouth, pecked its head. Justice needs to come take over a feeding and take care of the little one!


It is soooo hard to watch the older one constantly peck or hold down the younger one when feeding. I wonder why Mom / Dad don't notice. The last feeding only 2 pieces of food got to "Little Bit"!! :(


I love this time of year watching two precious little eaglet babies grow up and be able to live free in this country! It is the most beautiful thing.

What do you think of the name Peace for one of the Eaglets? and the name Independence for the second eaglet?


YEA! Can't wait to see the list come out. So many really good names have been suggested. I wouldn't want the job of deciding what goes on the list but I'll sure be ready to vote!


Duh! I finally figured out why my viewing of the babies up close was so blurry. I have been keeping the quality on low so I don't have to refresh as often, but on the close-ups it got real blurry. Now I choose high quality for the close-ups and what a difference. Everything was sharp and so clear.

Mr. John - how far out will the zoom go? Will we be able to see them branch and fledge? I am not complaining, just asking. This is the best site, bar none for viewing the life stages of eaglets. Thanks again for everything you do to make this a fantastic experience for all.

Ruth MacLeod

Becky on last thread on getting to later posts without going through all comments

Click Next on the 1st post. Then go to the top of the screen and you will see the number 2 on the bar. Click that and it will turn blue. Click again and then you can change the number.
Hope this helps. Maybe someone can explain it better.


For those concerned about the youngest Eagle, here are the facts...Sometimes IF the food source isn't adequate, the eagle chicks will actually kill each other. This is much more common with other raptors such as the Golden Eagle.

BUTTT, in our case, L & J are excellent providers, and their nest location insures a diversity of food sources, which in turn lessons the chance of fratricide.

FYI, last year the first born often sat on the head of the others, and being the first year I watched, I too was bothered even though I understand survival of the fittest.Then I got to glimpse something absolutely remarkable a few weeks later...

After seeing the eagles literally beating the poop shoots out of each other, I saw the oldest juvie mimicking the parents one day, and it actually fed its younger sibling a tiny morsel...After that, although there was still competition, my worry about the little one dwindled as I saw the makings of a family...That is one of the coolest thing I witnessed last year...All possible because of this wonderful experience provided by Alcoa...Thank you.

Also, thank you for the welcome back my eagle addicted friends.


Becky, most of us click on the URL bar to get the post # and then write it down on a sticky note or remember it until the next time we return to read the post threads. Should you forget to do that, you can always click on the 'comment feed', then click on 'Previous' and read the posts in reverse order until you come to where you recall leaving off.


Catherine, thank you so much for the tip on quality high for screen shots! Still learning here and it's my 3rd year watching. lol :)

Annette Kryske

8:34 AM PDT. What a beautiful morning it is in Davenport!!! Sun is shining, wind is blowing gently,train whistles are tooting and Liberty is taking care of the little ones. What more can anyone ask for this morning.Oh yes, hear the geese in the background.Lib just got up to feed Molly & Stormy, & both are getting fed.I am off to the bowling Alley . Have a great morning folks.

Judith Hart

11:42 AM EDT Coa wasn't that hungry the beginning of this feeding, squirrel was served, so Al got to take in a little more. Then Coa jabbed him and he did a face plant.

fran peveler

I am also concerned about Eaglet #2. #1 is a real "bully" and I have a hard time watching. But I, too, understand survival of the fittest. Since all the eaglets in recent past have survived, I am hoping same for these two new babies. I vote for Peace and Hope. Fran Peveler


Rjim...I remember that...Faith feeding Spirit. Before they branched and fledged...Faith and Spirit often stayed side by side. Good recount of last year. I remember once last year, Spirit got clobbered so bad that he fell over and a viewer was "HOLLERING" that he was dead..murdered was the word used, I think...and was begging Mr. John to shimmy up the tree and rescue the other two!! Of course, we all know the all survived...it was US, the viewers that nearly succumbed from the cardio workouts they gave us!!
I don't think last year can be beat...with our eaglets and Harmon...and Phoenix surviving and still recovering from the wild fire...it was truly a wonderful year to "discover" our eagles!!


Someone has asked about a pattern of feeding times, and although it isn't 100%, there is a pattern.
Eagles NORMALLY don't hunt at night. Therefore providing food is a daytime thing. For this reason usually they are quite hungry in the AM and this is one of the best feedings of the day IMO. Also just prior to sunset. Midday feeding are less predictable, but in general the kids eat until full and then pass out. As they get older and require more food, the feedings become more often until they reach the big bodied stage, at which time the feedings almost stop for a short time...My guess is that it is to motivate the kids to learn to scavenge from the nest, and also to encourage them to fledge...Just my opinions.

Judith Hart

Justice just arrived on the nest....can't see if he brought any new food in... he's eating something, but he's in the shadow...it's over on the side where the coot was...Liberty just got up and took off..Justice still gnawing away on some thingy....Two little bobbleheads watching Dad.....Justice now sitting he didn't feed them.


On my local eagle nest the adults normally fly off the nest for their first hunt of the day within 1/2 hr of sunrise.


You're most welcome Beamg - I have learned so much from the great posters here over the last two seansons. Never knew that I could have more than one screen open until last year, thanks to the great instructions from Mavis. Now I sometimes have four eagle cams open at once, but my home one is always Alcoa.

Judith Hart

Just noticed that I have about a 40 second delay on my iPad compared to my computer. Wish I thought of that yesterday I could have grabbed that screen shot. Anyone else have that?


Catherine..FOUR eagle cams at one time? You got me beat. Are you watching the Sooner Lake Nest too? They have 4 eggs and 2 were hatched as of the 19th. I haven't had an update.

Just heard more geese fly over the nest. I love it when everything is calm and peaceful like it is today. Justice looks to be enjoying his time on the nest. Fighting the wind yesterday was not fun..it was really rough.

BECKY...if you are still having trouble navigating through these posts..let me know as I have more detailed instructions if you need them. The others told you right. One poster said if you click on the red underlined date/time by a poster's name at the bottom of their comment that it will take you to the last comment. I don't always get that to work for me but is worth a try.


Judith...there is a delay between computer and iPad and have done just that to grab a screen shot I missed on the computer. Also..if you view the cam on the iPad..if you double tap the screen after you enlarge it...it will go to FULL screen. You probably knew that...but I just learned that trick a few days ago.


Here is an early am feeding with the whole family. Tandem feeding by both parents!



Four eggs...WOW that must be rare. Last yr I read that only a small % even have 3 eggs. Thanks for letting us know Mavis.


Rjim..not only 4 eggs...but the tree looks to be surrounded by water! It may not be but it sure looks that way. Not any branches to branch on either. When they fledge..they better know how to swim as well as fly! That is one interesting nest. Alcoa is the only nest I watch, but I've been hearing about it on NN. There have been pictures posted and that is one fascinating nest.

Judith Hart

12:09 PM EDT Liberty flew back in the nest, she's just standing there at 12:00, I can just see her talons....she just took off, must have spotted something.

Laurie C.

I've since learned that clicking on the red underlined date line gets you to the last post IF the date in that line is today's date. Since some of these comments can span several days at times, clicking on it when yesterday's date is there doesn't work. I didn't notice if it takes you to the last posting of that day.


Oh no Mavis! Now I will have to try to fit a fifth in if I can find it. Four eggs, WOW. I also check in periodically on MN Bound, the Ozarks nest and the one in Shepardstown, WV. I was watching the Blackwater one in eastern MD, but I got discouraged because there is a constant 20 second delay - so it more like looking at still pictures than a video. OOps, I almost forgot, I also try to follow the SW FL cam too. I haven't checked in on them in a few days - they were branching, so they may have already fledged.


Someone please tell me that isn't a little black kitty in the nest. Please!


Carolyn, excellent video as always! It's so much easier to watch when both L & J are feeding - no fighting in the nest bowl that I could see.

Mavis, or anyone, have you watched to Sooner Lake nest that started with 4 eggs, two of which have now hatched? I can not get a live video no matter how many times I try. Help? Anyone? In the pictures it does look like that nest is right out over the water. I really want to see that one live!


Katie, it's a black squirrel.


Thanks beamg...


Beamg - I can't get the live feed at the Sooner nest either.

Judith Hart

12:50 Justice feeding two little ones really going at it, Al fighting back until Coa got the upper hand..Coa was getting most of the food....Liberty back now, helping with the feeding , Al's eating. Liberty flew off, came right back with a new fish that was slightly moving in the nest. Feeding over at 1:05PM EDT The new fish is on the right sitting on the squirrel.

Ruth MacLeod

Fresh fish. One feeding babes and other flew in and deposited a flopping fish on the black squirrel. Arriving parent settled down on the little ones. Forgot to check which parent was which.


Impressive, a feeding is going on with both parents and Libby thinks the black squirrel thingy is less than fresh, pops off and is back with a fresh flopping fish in less than 2 min, must be really good fishing



I think it is now Liberty on the nest.


at that last feeding I counted one eaglet get 47 bites and the other one got only 7


Laurie C: If you are trying to find the last post, click at the top of the post where it says in red "comment feed." Click on that and it should take you to the last post (on a funny looking screen), but if you click on the green arrow it will change it to a normal posting screen. Then you can back-up to find the last one you read or you can go up to the url and replace the last post # with one of your choice. I forward arrow thru the url to the end and hit enter and you should be at the post with the number you entered. Happy reading. Sound confusing? Hope your head's not hurting now!


Coffee - just found this on the Sooner Nest site. It may help with your project.

Development of Bald Eagle Young

Week One: At hatching, the young are covered with a light gray down and have limited mobility. Their eyes, dark brown in color, are closed, but open after a few hours. The female parent does the majority of the brooding while the male parent provides most of the food for the family. Aggressive antagonistic behavior can appear shortly after hatching wherein the oldest, largest eaglet tries to dominate or even kill its sibling(s).

Week Two: The second down plumage, darker in color, begins to replace the first. At the end of this period thermoregulation is attained; that is, the eaglet can maintain its own body temperature under normal weather conditions without brooding from an adult.

Week Three: Black contour feathers on back, shoulder, breast and wings begin to emerge.

Week Four: Flight feather development underway.

Week Five: Male and female parents bring relatively equal amounts of food. Parents begin spending more time away from the young and often perch in nearby trees.

Week Six: Young are able to tear pieces of food off and feed themselves, and begin to stand and walk.

Week Seven: Maximum body growth nearing completion.

Weeks Eight - Twelve: Nestlings begin "branching". They flap their wings while perched on the nest and hop onto nearby branches, practicing and building up flight muscles, coordination, and landing skills. Most of Oklahoma's Bald Eagles fledge between 11 and 12 weeks after hatching. After the first flight the eaglets may return to the nest a few times to spend the night (roosting) or to get food brought there by the adults.

After fledging the young are still dependent on the adults to feed them for a period of up to a couple of months until they gain the experience and skills to find and catch their own food. Radio-telemetry studies of a few Bald Eagles reared in Oklahoma show that they migrate north during the hottest months of the summer to cooler climates such as the Great Lakes area or Canada.

Rich Swanson

Just jumping in here to say I have a video posted on how to do screen grabs in my viewing tips group. Tonight I am going to do one on how to navigate the messages here. To see them using a Facebook account, click on my name at the end ofthis message. it is linked there.


Dear Rich - what about those of us who do not have a FB account? Yes, there are a few of us left who don't do FB. Could you also post the link to those videos here? I enjoyed the first one you did on split screens. Thanks


Hi everyone...

I missed getting around here during the hatch days (too busy with gun control issues here in Colorado - it's been a real bummer) ...

But sooooo glad to see the two fuzzballs are doing great.

I popped in just in time to see them being fed a few minutes ago.

Sally in Colorado


Hey Rich, missed you. Hope you are doing well..Your presence and info is always appreciated.

Rich Swanson

Screen Grabs


Judith Hart

Could you think of a better hunting or fishing buddy than an eagle? You'd never have to fire a shot or make the first cast. They do all the work, and you end up with a freezer full of food to last a year,in just a few days. You just sit back and enjoy the surroundings.


That was great Rich - I have been using the snipping tool since last season, but I learned so much more of its full utility in your video. Thanks so much. How about one on how to make a video like Carolyn and others have done?


Ah Judith - I would be O.K. with the fish, but I wouldn't have a clue with their other fare.

California JC

I know this had been said before, concerning #2 get beat on and not fed enough. Justice and Liberty are excellent eagle parents. Also, one could think of this way. #2 is developing survival skills when it is being "bully". Later on, #2 would have a better chance of surviving as an adult eagle and become a great eagle parent as Justice and Liberty.


My father in law graduated from Palmer College, and was a well known Chiropractor in that profession.

California JC

In China they do use birds of prey and other birds to do the hunting and fishing for the people.

Laurie C.

nanapeg, truthfully, I actually take the easiest way out. I change the page number in the address bar to "800" or some ridiculously large number and hit enter. That also takes you to the last post. There so far are three ways to do it, and I think we listed them all.


Catherine, finally I get to give you a tip and hope it helps. Sutton Lake cam - I switched to Google Chrome, clicked on Watch Now under Live Bald Eagle Nest Camera and it worked!

Rich, as always, great tips and thanks for posting :)

California JC

Was that a new fish laying across the black squirrel?


Laurie C, I love any suggestion that is easier....thank you


@beamg,I've been forgetting to tell you that I finally got around to visiting our Bald Eagles here in northeast Ohio! At last count we have 11 adults, and 7 "juvies". When the local news reported where they were, off we went!. I personally only got to see 2 adults flying, they nest in a protected area around an area called Mosquito Lake. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources are saying that our Eagle population is growing. As of last month, the county to the north of me (Trumbull) has 40 ! Very exciting! They attribute the growth in population to Lake Erie( being the main water source), cleaner than it has been in years! I think our next excursion will be to the lake shore counties where there are even more Eagles!. Trying to go this weekend before the trees get their foliage. And, if our weather is any indication, (16 degree's last night), Spring is not coming anytime soon....sadly!

Kristine Snyder

pat and lucky

Judith Hart

Yes, new fish on the black squirrel, and very fresh, still moving slightly when delivered.


Thanks Beamg - I have Google Chrome open for the SW FL cam, so I will give it a try. Beamg, you've helped many, many times in the past (you just didn't know it) Thanks again for the tip.


Looking to have video posted tonight with footage from yesterday feeding and more things that we are learning. Today we took kids down to the Lock and Dam and Credit Island. Still quite a bit of eagles around with spring being about two weeks behind schedule. Kids loved seeing all the eagles.

Doug Felix

Rich-thank you for the information again. I'm learning as much doing this site as about anything else I've tried to do on a computer....something about that AAB ;)

I had a thought while reading through the couple of hours comments (there I go working again...) Could it be possible that the food being brought in freezes before it can be fully utilized? I'm sure that these little wobbleheads would much rather be eating something still comparatively warm rather than trying to crunch frozen tidbits.

I've enough eagles around here during the winter to know that full grown ones don't care if it frozen or not but 3 to 5 day old eaglets is a completely different can of worms.


Catherine, you too are SO welcome! That nest is in the crotch of some kind of post that I haven't quite figured out yet. Two cameras aimed at it.


Doug, I have started using your way for the time when I get my screen shots. I can't put "12:30" in a description as it tells me that's invalid. So it becomes 1230 and works! Did you also mention you have bluebirds? Awwwww - I never get to see those!


Oh my, I find myself talking out loud to the computer screen, rooting for the little one who keeps getting pecked in the head by it's bigger sibling during feeding time.


Beamg - Google Chrome worked - I can see the two cameras at Sooner Lake. Don't seem to be able to go to full screen though, or I just don't know how. Thanks again for all your help. And thank you Mavis for letting us know about the Sooner nest.


Rich thanks for your info. Great stuff. Thanks for taking your time to make them.


Hi Rich... if you are at work, could you tell us what the viewer count is today?


Colleen, so glad you saw eagles in your area! Nothing more awesome than an eagle soaring overhead. I've seen a couple in my area in the last week - 1 was in a tree at a farm that I suspect has/had piglets. Don't think too hard about that part.

Jennie Boon

What is the black animal in the nest?


Black animal is a squirrel.

California JC

@Carolyn (post #21) Great video of the feeding. It show how the eagles eat the head of the fish first. The reason for so many headless fish in the nest.


@beamg, I did see my first blue bunting too!!! They sit outside my window on my holly's!! Now, if our weather would warm up a bit! I bet our hummingbirds will be late this year too...Usually the first week in May.


Is that black furry animal a cat?


I am wanting to set up a camera/video feed in my backyard just to test things out. How or what equipment do you guys use if you do indeed have a system in place.

Ruth MacLeod

terri Not a cat a black squirrel

Judith Hart

3:12 PM EDT Whoever just flew in the nest just brought a large stick back with them, maybe to smack Coa with, It was Justice....Great view of the nest now, shadows are gone, Al waiting to eat, Justice feeding Al, Coa is sleeping. PS from Al, good shot out over the nest. Feeding done Justice now sitting.

Greta in Kansas

Hi all! Lots to catch up on since my guests left -- I see now there's been lots of talk about #1 picking on #2 -- I'm surprised. I thought these two would be close enough that there wouldn't be any of that. These two are a little less than two days apart, right? Last year, wasn't Faith four (Maybe even five) days older than Spirit?

Judith -- love your idea of a peephole camera under the nest! ;-)

And Mavis, you're right -- feeding those bobbleheads must be like threading a needle in work gloves!

Annette -- I loved the idea of your dream about a wagon train to see the eagles! So funny.

Rjim -- heighdy-ho, good friend!

Coffee -- it IS addictive, isn't it? Not being a morning person, I almost never see the early feedings, but I can confirm there's usually a feeding not long before sunset. ;-)

Sam Snead



Poor dad...tuck one under and another pops out the other side. Pretty funny! Kids are restless and don't seem to want a nap. I think we are all familiar with that situation. lol


I tried to track down the NN on facebook and am having no success. Can some attach the link so I could join or possibly email it to me if you don't want it broadcast here.

Lucille Bingham

Rich, Glad to see you posted. Will check out the screen grabs. You post great stuff. Don't stop!

Greta in Kansas

Oh, thanks so much for pointing out the Sooner Lake camera again. This time I looked it up, and it's only 100 miles from me in Wichita -- might be worth a day trip!

Greta in Kansas

Well, dangit, I can't figure out how to contact you through Typepad, Coffee. Silly me. If you're on Facebook, you can "friend" me (Greta Schmidt Perleberg) and I can direct you to NN.

Tracy Vigus

I know that some are saying that the black thing in the nest is a black squirrel, but I am thinking that it is a mink. They got a few of those last year, and they do hang out around the water. And it just sort of looks like one. Either way, no matter.

Mary Dewein

What is all that furry stuff in the nest. I just click on and It seems like I have missed something!


Some learning information over feedings video from yesterday


Debbie Weaver

I noticed that the camera is so much closer to the nest then last year. I really enjoyed seeing the whole nest and all the activity that was going on in it, especially when both parents were there and the food they were bringing. Now you can't see them and I'm sure we wont be able to see the babies when they get bigger. Is there any way the camera can be moved back where it was last year? Has anyone else commented on this?

Kathryn Mellecker

to Debbie Weaver, Alcoa installed a new camera for this year. Last year's camera got fried in a thunderstorm. This new camera has a zoom feature that will return to a larger view of the nest later. I don't know exactly when, but enjoy the close-up view of the babies being fed. It is delightful. And L and J have piled prey in the close up view, so we get to see that, too.




Do the parents "clean out" the nest of the dead fish/animals?

Rich Swanson

Viewer count hovers around 800, jumps a little during feeding

Judith Hart

Sally, They usually just keep covering it up with nesting materials.


Well that was a disheartening feeding I just watched. I didn't see #2 eaglet get one bite. It kept facing the wrong way and when it was facing the parent, the parent(I came in right at the beginning of the feeding so I'm not sure who it is) made no attempt to offer it food, but instead started eating itself). Then several times both eaglets got into a boxing match with #2 eventually hitting the bottom of the nest and staying there.

I know all the spiel, but I really hope things change for #2 soon.


Thank you, Rich!


Definitely a strange feeding. One of the babies just face planted and didn't move. Now @ 5:33, one of the babies is out from under L/J, you can see it's shadow.

Jo Ann

Catherine - Great info. Thank you. It's so hard to watch the little one. It does seem he is not getting "his fair share." Last year, we were all worrying about little Spirit aka:Pee Wee not getting enough and having to contend with 2 older siblings. Does anyone remember how many days little Spirit hatched after Faith and Hope? Take care ya'll and get your stress pencils ready. Mine are ready to go during feeding time. :)

Judith Hart

Does anyone remember calling Spirit, Daddy's Boy last year? Justice always made sure the little one got fed. I noticed at an earlier feeding, smart shot Coa was asleep and Al ate.. I'm curious to see if Justice takes care of Al this year.

I wonder if a study has been done on the ratio of female to male chicks that hatch out, also if the last hatched in a clutch is the smallest and usually a male.


Jo Ann - I think Spirit hatched 5 days after Faith.

Judith - I do remember so well how Dad took such good care of Spirit. I have no doubt, in my mind anyway, that Spirit might not have made it if it weren't for Justice. But I also think Spirit was the only boy in the clutch and Dad knew this.

Judith Hart

Jo Ann, Someone correct me if I'm wrong....I have the hatch dates last year as March 19th Faith Hatched...The 21st for Hope....and Spirit the 24th.


@ 6:00, both babies seemed to get a good amount of food! Like last year, the little one looks so smaller. The older baby is very inquisitive, looking around and making allot of noise. The 5:30 feeding didn't go so well for the little one..


@ Judith, you are correct on those dates I think. Looking back at what I have...


The bigger one noticed there's another world out there. So little bit got fed pretty good. 1 is sure bigger already. Can't wait to vote! Carol


Even if you don't follow the White Rock Eagles, there is a wealth of information about eagle breeding habits in this article.


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