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March 23, 2013


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Amy murphy

:-( hope they make it through the night without me. Sniff sniff


Interesting Kathryn as you introduce a possibility that I had not considered previously. However to the best of my knowledge, the area which I was driving through was primarily a crop area with corn and soybeans as its main crops. I'll have to revisit this theory on my next trip across state when the leaves are again off the trees so that I'll be able to spot the nests. Note to self: Record the mile markers next trip!

Jo Ann

What's the weather in Davenport? Is it snowing?

Amy murphy

:-( I hope they make it through the night without me.


Thanks, Mr. John...we will survive it now that we know little AL is eating and growing strong...Good night

Greta Perleberg

Yes, with no video, we need a weather report from you Iowans! ;-)

E. R.

We do not know for sure, but I am betting that Mama Liberty has the two little fuzzy heads tucked in and hunkered down for the night. They know best what is going on with the weather and as always prepare for it better than we humans do. So everyone sleep well in the knowledge that Liberty is covering her babies and Justice is standing guard near by. This knowledge is a given.

Judith Hart

I can't find the web cams Rich put up, don't know if these are the same. They have snow on the ground. Here are some Scott County Webcams.



The camera is a shade too close!


8:31 AM EDT March 24th

Thanks, Judith for the web cams...good thinking...especially for you this early in the morning!!

Looks like they need to refill the bird seeder in one of the cams. There was enough snow for another winter picture. They just need the red cardinals and robins on the ground to give it some color.

We have a storm front just beginning to hit me now. Had a terrible one come through last night. Lightning got two huge pine trees less than 30 feet from the house. Scared the daylights out of me when it hit.

Mr. John will probably have the cam on any time now....if he can. This has been the year for unusual or bad weather all over the country.

Judith...I read your fact finding on AL and Coa last night. Good find.



Irene, I just read your post and thought you could see the nest. I still have no feed....

THis is the first year we have been able to see the babies close up. I don't know about you, but I love the detail we miss when it is zoomed out. Most of the time the cam is zoomed out so the whole nest is visible...but for right now...the close up detail is certainly worth the sacrifice ...at least for me.

Carol C

They r lite flurries hewre. Melting on the streets. So it;s not bad.

Carol C

Good Morning ev eryone. Hope the cam gets fixed soon. I love the close ups too Mavis. Yesterday they zoomed out when mom & dad where inthe nest together. What a perfect picture. Carol

Judith Hart

Mavis, I see you have severe thunderstorms around you in FL....Mountains NC...heavy rain, now see ice forming on surfaces, wish it would change over to snow quick.


Good morning everyone! Yes, I'm late but what's the rush - cam offline :(

Irene - I took your "camera a shade too close" as hysterical! I hope that's how you meant it given the fact it's offline and the differing opinions on whether it should be zoomed in or zoomed out. I got a real laugh out of it!

Ok, 1/2 hour west of the nest, snow is gently falling, my yard is all white and it's beginning to stick to the sidewalks. The temp at my house is 29°. Carol is right it's not too bad. BUT, not something I want to see on March 24 when it's suppose to be spring.

I imagine the eaglets have had at least 2 feedings already this morning and are doing just fine.

Pumpkin, that must have been one awesome drive with seeing both nests and eagles!


Greta, hope you aren't buried under snow in Kansas!

Mavis, is your bad weather over? 2 pines hit by lightening would scare the you know what out of me!

If anyone else had bad weather, hope you're all safe and waiting with us to see those cute little eaglets this morning.

Kathryn Mellecker

Good Morning all, one hour west of the nest, the snow is still coming down, the yard is covered in white, temperature is almost 33. All this is moving to the nest area. I imagine the babies are all snug under L or J. They have enough food to last a week, can't wait to see them again.


Looks like the light snow we are getting is letting up. Less then an inch right now in Davenport.


Just checked for the umphteenth time...no cam.

Weather still holding in wet pattern here...no complaints as the ground needs a good soaking.

Feels like an oatmeal, with raisins and cinnamon, kind of morning...yep...think that is what I'll do while I'm waiting.

Maribeth Jennings

To pass the time while the eagle cam is down, you might try Alcoa's osprey cam in North Carolina.

Doug Felix

Another weekend sleep in...Good Morning all! First thing I checked was the cam and saw we still had the color bars. This is a weekend and I would imagine if personnel are getting paid to work on this then they would be on OT-even Alcoa would try to keep that to minimum me thinks.

We've got a good coating of snow now with the major portion of it coming in later this afternoon-probably about the same stuff that would be hitting the Quad cities about now.

Hope everyone has a good day-sounds/feels like a good day to get a pot of chili started...who'd'o'thunkthat at the end of March!!

Judith Hart

Thank You Mr. John

Rich Swanson

Live traffic webcams two miles west of the nest....


See the weather!

Annette Kryske

7:09 AM PD Liberty found some food on the side under the grass,& is feeding Molly & Stormy.I noticed that yesterday too. It seems that they have buried bodies & keeps them right under the sides of the nest. It is really something to view. I love it. We know it is freezing out there, but the litle ones are warmed by the "pip pouches" under L & J.Am I right about that??? Time to have some grits for breakfast.


Are both eaglets OK?

Judith Hart

Just got in at the end of feeding time. Liberty was feeding them both squirrel for breakfast. Light snow on the nest, she's sitting now.

Judith Hart

Justice just landed in the nest and is standing on the back of Liberty, she doesn't seem to mind. He brought something with him at 7:00, I think more nesting materials. He just flew off, geese honking close to the nest. I wonder if they've ever caught a goose?


YEA! We're back online...Don't like that snow and wind but it can't last forever, right?

Rich, thanks for posting the link for the cams again. I love checking those.

Judith, a fullgrown goose? That would be huge for them but I guess I'm thinking of the Canada geese that love that area. I guess eagles could probably catch whatever they want. I remember goslings from last year. :( Didn't really like seeing that.


10:43 AM EDT

The nest has a nice dusting of snow with more falling. At least the 4 and 5 day old food is being kept frozen...that is good. L and J can eat some pretty raunchy food. Hear the geese overhead and Liberty is calling out. Everything looks good with the nest.

Judith...on the live video cam feeds you gave us the link to for Scott county (Alcoa nest area) I noticed one of an owl room. Didn't quite understand that one. Looks like a live owl being keep in a room. Gotta find out more.

Jo Ann

Thanks all for the weather reports, including Mr. John. Rich, that is a great webcam site. Definitely great for travelers. Mavis, what happened to the 2 trees. Were they destroyed? Blessings to all on this Palm Sunday. Special Blessings to all of God's little creatures. Thank you to Alcoa, and to all of their devoted employees, who understand how we feel about our eagle family. Have a peaceful Palm Sunday, everyone! :)


Judith, I highly doubt if an eagle would take on a Canada goose unless it was DESPERATE for food. Having been around domestic geese that my G-Ma raised when I was little, I can tell you that those ganders are fighters. They use their wings to fend you off and their beaks to strike and bite. Yes, I'd imagine that an eagle could take them down with their talons, but after they killed it they would have to eat it in place. W-A-Y too heavy to fly back to the nest. Young goslings are another matter, however, as we saw last year.


Bruce, THANK YOU for giving up part of your Sunday to work your magic and bring the Alcoa site back up online!

Judith Hart

11:05 AM EDT Nice quiet feeding, more squirrel...both ate well, Coa sat quietly and watched as Al eat, didn't see any fighting. Al looks so tiny next to her.

Judith Hart

correction, watched as Al ate.

Greta Perleberg

Good morning from Kansas with 5 inches of new snow -- hope we took the "punch" out of the storm before it gets to the nest!

I did notice, last night, Mavis, that severe weather was headed your way -- glad all you got so far was some scary lightning. Keep those tornadoes away!

Greta Perleberg

BTW, thanks, everybody in IA, for the weather updates while the cam was out.


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