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March 18, 2013


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California JC, I got over quickly with your "New Threat" post on the previous thread. LOL

Mr. John, great shots! And thanks for the zoom view we are enjoying today. Just love seeing so little fuzzballs so upclose and personal!

California JC

When does young eaglets start to answer the calls from nature? You know the "poopy" thing.

California JC

@beamg Who gets the prize for making 2 correct predictions?


Looks like I need to learn to use Jo Ann's preview trick before I post. My 1st post I meant to say "seeing those little fuzzballs so upclose and personal" My duh!

Judith Hart

To those looking for more information on Phoenix, he was taken to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah.
Here is their page on facebook, I don't belong so I can't find out anything.



those little little chicks will do shoots tomorrow--

ALSO-- shhh- annete is napping!

Mindy Gibson Frey


Family portrait!! 3-18-13


yup they will point their litt poop shoots like bullets out of the the nest without any education!! nature will keep that nest nest clean as a whistle. IF you can whistle fro the back.


California JC, I will re-post the list for yesterday and today predictions. I'm still not clear on when the 2nd hatch happened for sure but I'm thinking it was after midnight making it TODAY.

2nd Hatch Prediction list for 3-17-13:
Ruth MacLeod

2nd Hatch Prediction list for 3-18-13:
Dadfsr @ 1515

See the dilemma? There were reports of 2 peeps heard before midnight and then Granny1 reported at about 2:44 CDT that she saw a piece of the shell being moved and was sure the hatch had happened. But that still doesn't confirm which day the hatch happened.


Oh my, it's windy out here! We live on a farm approx. 40 miles SE of the nest on the Illinois side of the river, and it feels like we are blowing away out here in the "open country". The temp. is dropping as we speak and it looks like, according to the radar, that a few more snow flurries may be making their way through the Quad Cities.


Oh, I forgot to add that you, California JC, won in the "Smarty Pants" division! You got them both right;)

If today is the official hatch day, then the winners for 2 correct predictions are:

Dadfsr and beamg, both having guessed 3-16 for the 1st hatch and the 3-18 for the 2nd hatch!

I can almost be sure to get some feedback now! :)



a SHOOT occurs when any eagle young or old has to expell waste. from young to old- you will only see this when it is neccessARY.-- SUCH AS a parent cannot leave the nest for one reason or another.-- or very young eaglets instinctivly keeping a tidy nest!!!

the term " shoot" is scientificallly correct.-- it is a shoot and when you see it you will have no doubt.

California JC

Thank you Beamg, I am going to donate my prize to Mr. John and they can auction it off to support the con't learning of Bald Eagles.


HOLLER when you see your first SHOOT!!

sort of funny the first one or two..

Carol C

It is so great what Alcoa does for educating kids. 30 mph winds all night I just heard!! Wonder when they will post the names to votwe on? Carol


used to indescrection


Judith - Here is the update on their Facebook page:

Do you have anymore updates on Phoenix since the January one? Thank you very much!
Like · · March 12 at 11:13pm
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Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah: Phoenix moulted one flight feather shaft late last year--kind of odd for a first year bird, but this week he moulted what looked like his first right wing flight feather of 2013. Now we wait and see if a new feather will appear--this'll take a few weeks, but we are on pins and needles as you can expect. All else is unchanged.

Judith Hart

Thanks EaglesOnly


for the children---

HOW do you explain a SHOOT????


Thanks from me too EaglesOnly. That was one that brought tears to many eyes. It's a long road for that eagle before they know for sure on many things.

California JC, what was that prize again? LOL You're donating to a good cause!

Molly, and other teachers whose names I have forgetten, I am anxious to hear about the exitement your classes had today. What a great way to teach about eagles!

On that note, Congrats from me also to the students making their presentations at Bettendorf Middle School tonight. I hope I can find out something about those presentations. It should be big news in the area.

JO ANN, I used your preview trick here and was able to make changes! YEA and THANKS!


EaglesOnly, earlier this afternoon you inquired about problems we might be experiencing with our internet connections. I have had no problem either today or this past weekend with my MacBook Air on this site.

Rich, Judith, and others regarding the dark colored food source that was brought in to the nest earlier in the day. Although some of you believe that you saw some feathers being plucked, I propose that it might have been fur instead. I believe that catch is a black squirrel which used to be unique to Arsenal Island as it appears to be lying on its back at 10 o'clock facing the center of the nest. I believe that if you look closely, you will be able to view its front legs hanging off to either side of the carcus.


EaglesOnly.. Am at work.. Caught your update on Phoenix .. Thank u.. Excited about the flight feather ... Bless his heart.. That baby has been through it

John Hazlett

We love the close-ups for the new chicks, but can we zoom out to see the whole nest from time to time. Both parents are sharing duties and deliveries and we're missing half the action--nothing on the edges of the nest is visible. Otherwise: what a terrific privilege to be able to watch this unfold!

Judith Hart

Here comes the snow again! GEEZ!!

California JC

How big are those black squirrels?


You're all welcome..Judith found the link on FB, I hadn't looked that far yet, but I am glad to know he's doing well, too. I'm hoping those feathers come in perfect! If I see any updates on him I will post here.

Pumpkin - thanks for the info on your Mac. I hope when Alcoa figures it out John might educate us on what causes the problems for different systems.

The black squirrels around me, and there are quite a few, seem smaller and sleeker than the gray and especially smaller than the brown.

Doug Felix

I'm gonna have to do some reading up on Phenoix-hadn't known anything about it before it was mentioned on here and sounds like an incredible story so far.

Did I read right? Did I actually win something here?? ;) I'll take it out in trade for knowledge from the team that installed this cam for when we look again at putting one up on our state park eagle nest :) If there are some local experts that might willing to give us some pointers it would sure be appreciated!!

Don't remember if I said something before but being an arborist I've been up in some trees in some nasty winds/weather HOWEVER I sure wouldn't want to trade places with Liberty or Justice along with their young 'uns right now!!! No siree!!


To those wanting the camera pulled back from the current zoom: I love the zoom. This is the time to see those babies up close. Time will fly as they grow and the cam will have to pull back 'cause it will look like there isn't enough room in the nest for them. If you were watching in previous years, you may remember we could not seem to see the details of these little fuzzballs like we wanted to. This year is so special with the zoom.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is cam is provided by Alcoa at it's own expense, without commercials, and the people like Mr. John who keep an eye on it also have fulltime jobs at the Alcoa plant. They do not have moderators and read all the posts themselves, on top of doing their manufacturing jobs at the plant.

Please don't let me upset you. I just want to express how much I appreciate the new camera with all of it's capabilities this year. Of course, this is just my opinion and I'm sure Alcoa appreciates all opinions expressed here.


Doug, aka Dadfsr, come to think of it, no actual prize was mentioned. Hmmmm. No prize committee came forward that I know of. LOL I think the prize is you know the dates you picked and you get to watch these adorable little things eat and grow and flourish and then leave the nest - all of it so exciting at times that you will gasp and laugh and hang on to your seat!

I have black squirrells in my yard. Good description, was it EO? All I can add is that they are MEAN.

Doug Felix

Yeah I was being somewhat on the leg-pulling side about the prize however I was serious about getting in touch with people that have actually done this-you know....the real nuts n bolts personnel responsible for actually getting this cam in the air and all the background information for how the decision was made to put what where. In short we want to tap into some expertise for putting one up over here! I know I said before that we have an Alcoa plant here in Lafayette so maybe we could approach it from that angle too??


What a nice view watching a evening feeding. That stick is causing Mom problems with sitting in the nest. It keeps blowing around and Mom has to keep moving it over. Oh, what cute babies.


is this where you chat?


I love the up close and personal video feeds that we are able to watch! This is the 1st year to watch and I really appreciate all of the efforts that both John and Alcoa people are doing so that we have the opportunity to see this beautiful miracle unfold! Keep up the good work! I have shared the address with my daughter and grand baby down by Indianapolis to watch.


I cannot see eagles and read chat at same time, what am I doing wrong?

Judith Hart

The more I look at that black thing in the back there, I do believe it's changing into something else. I no longer think it's a bird or a squirrel, it looks like the black things you see on the highway...retread truck tires, also known as "Gators"....

E. R.

THanks beamg for pointing that out about the camera. It is sure an improvement over last year. Just getting a close up of the egg was a treat for me, being able to see the second egg with the little window. This site, I am comparing it to others, has a much better educational environment. We are thankful to Alcoa and Mr John for all the effort with this project. It has been an action packed year so far and beside the entertainment part we know that thousands of kids have learned something about eagle and nature. Adults should stop and realize that we are guest of Alcoa. Snarking at your host and their efforts is not nice,unless you have a very good reason. They have the close angle so we can inspect the eaglets up close in the first days. I am sure as the eaglets grow, they will give us a wider angle on the nest.

Kathryn Mellecker

I know I've not said it today, Thanks Alcoa, for this wonderful view of wild eagles doing what they do to survive. I, too, appreciate the close view for now to see the little eaglets take their first bites of food. Before we know it they will be too big for both to fit in this center of nest view. When the time comes, the view will enlarge, and so will these little fluff balls.


There is a terrible noise as I view the eaglecam, etc., 7:48 P.M. 3/18

I also want to say thank you for the great views of this amazing bird.
D. Schrock

Rich Swanson

Mavis.....Are you around this evening?

Tracy Vigus

Doug, aka Dadfsr, Don't spend all your prize winnings in one place! lol
(I am from the Lafayette area too...Small world)


Debra... I hear that noise, too. Have heard it before. Has something to do with the horrible wind. Sounds like an airplane getting ready to take off! Must be a vibration of wind agaist the microphone? Doesn't seem to be bothering Liberty, thank goodness.


What a fabulous day! Not only do we have two beautiful little ones, but I have spread the word about the eagles. Today I shared the slide show with 5 classrooms. At least 50+ kids wrote down the web link. The goal is to get as many kids as possible geeked about science. We are well on our way!


I missed the second hatching. My tablet would not load the video. I know Mr. Riches, you refer us to that link, but I can't figure out why it is hit and miss. I'll keep working on it so I can enjoy the new eagle family any time of the day.


Thank you EaglesOnly for the wonderful update on Phoenix.

Rich Swanson

Hey all,

Night has fallen, so I thought I would take a little time to cover a subject that has come up a lot lately. Some of you have wondered how to accomplish the "split screen" where you watch the eagle live feed in one window and type in the comment board in another. There have been ways described here that work just fine. But I have discovered a simplified way of accomplishing the same thing. I don't mean to step on anyones toes by presenting this. So if I offend you by doing this, sorry:

1. Open a browser (it doesn't matter which one you use as long as your operating system is Windows 7 or better) and go to the Alcoa Live Eagle Feed page.

2. While pressing and holding the "Windows" key (it's the one between the CTRL and ALT key at the bottom left of your keyboard), press either the right or left arrow key.

3. Repeat step 1.

4. Repeat step 2, but use the opposite arror than you did in step 2.


You should now have two equal browser windows open. Use one to watch the video and one to monitor comments. By the way, this works with ANY two windows you may have open under Windows 7. For earlier versions of Windows, please refer to the instructions that were posted before.

Enjoy and happy eagle viewing.

Rich Swanson

Sherri, which link are you talking about?


10:00 PM EDT

Lucille, just got home from work and caught up on the posts. Yes, I saw the link to Phoenix..hope I have a chance to read up on him tomorrow. Thank you and Eagles Only. Doug, you need to read Phoenix's story...amazing how that baby survived and what he has had to go through. Absolutely amazing.

RIch, I am home now...

Beaming, I am so with you about the zoom. It is such a treat and we have looked forward to it for so long. I enjoy seeing the babies close up so much, and the food sources are so much clearer. What is going on in the middle of the nest is what is grabbing our attention and our ooohs and awhhhs.

Pumpkin, I hope spring comes soon to you and our nest.

Just checked on the nest. That wind it still brisk. Liberty is sleeping with her head tucked in her back wings. She has her little family safely tucked under her, and ready for a good night.

Rich Swanson

Mavis, I was only asking so you'd know I was going to give those "split screen" steps.


Rich..you could have given them days ago when people were asking...I think it is great! Two ways to get to the same end. Someone on this page taught me how to do that last year and I was just paying it foreward. I love neat tricks...the more the better!

Now..what would be really neat..would be an Update page, archived...that had nothing but instructions on how to do things so it would not have to be copied/pasted so often.
Page 1: How to navigate from one post to the other
Page 2: How to split screen
Page 3: How to capture screen shots via snipping tool or fn key
Page 4: How to by pass Security Code
Page 5: Links to F&Q about eagles

THen we could tell posters to go to the HOW TO update and read page 3 in the Archives. Now that would be so helpful.

You did good Rich. Now if I could just figure out why my computer is so slow after those updates this week...ARRGH!!!


Whew - Dark and windy at the nest! That wind is crazy but the weather report says it should die down about 3 tomrrow afternoon. My flag went flying off the pole this afternoon - broke a hook and the rope. I bet they stay low all night!

Molly, that's awesome news! Sounds like this was a fun day for you as well as your students. What an honor for the Alcoa eagles to be the star of the day!

Time to sign off for the day. Can't wait for morning to get another look! SED to all.

Rich Swanson

Mavis, Can you do me a favor and try this video out? Thanks


Rich Swanson

Mavis, I would be happy to do the list you suggested. But where would we put them? I have space on the FB page, but not everyone has FB. Suggestions?


Information on the Down and Thermal System of eaglets.

Rich Swanson

One last check of the nest. BLUSTERY!!!! The eagle on call appears to have it's head up and awake. I could be wrong. Only guessing in the dark. I'm sure they will weather this just fine.


Thanks Rich Swanson for the tech advice. I was able to open both windows as you said but I needed to drag one of them to the side. Worked like a charm, though.


@Rich Swanson: Sometime ago, John Riches was referring us tablet challenged folks to a link with instructions to getting the video working for the new video cam. Unfortunately, I don't remember the link.

During the day, I am on my tablet and at night, I am on a regular laptop which works just fine.

Lucille Bingham

Rebecca, thank you for the link about the Down & Thermal System.
So many of us have been so worried about the newbies keeping warm even though Mom & Pop are working very hard protecting them from the elements.
The info in the link may help us worry a little less about their body temperature.
Although hearing that wind and seeing the feathers on Mom & Pop so ruffled isn't very reassuring.

Doug Felix

Just checking in. Sure looks like they are still getting rocked around


6:45 AM EDT March 19th

Just checked the nest again..Liberty is still sleeping and the wind is still wicked. She appears comfortable and I am sure she is happy with her darlings.

Rebecca, I am so happy you posted that video. I am going to write that post number down so when a viewer asks about Al and Coa staying warm,..well..you made the answer easy! THank you.

Rich, I tried the video link but it said video not available. Would love to watch it. That may be the answer to our HOW TO questions. The Archive Update is something only Mr. John could set up. See how his updates are archived on the right? If we had one archived folder for HOW TO by him..it would be so easy to direct viewers to it. Each comment page would be a "how to" page on a specific topic. It would have to be locked from entries..only for viewing. It takes a while to learn the ins and outs of navigating the comments pages. And once learned...this site becomes like a second home to those that love it. AND...most want to learn how to capture pictures and split screen. Many of us are seniors and need step by step instructions on how to do things that are simple for you young folks. BTW, if you are under 60...you are considered young. On the F&Q page...Rebecca's link to how baby eaglets stay warm would be a perfect link. See what I mean? All this would be archived in one folder and a place where new viewers can learn the ropes to make this Alcoa experience the best. It is just an idea I had on HOW TO solve this problem of helping the viewer.

Would like to see your video...please repost the link.


7:06 AM EDT


Sherri, I was about to post to you when I checked the iPad and discovered it is now working. The problem was not your tablet...it was an universal problem for, I think, all of the IOS systems to recieve the video. Whatever the problem, Mr. John has it back up and running now.

Doug Felix

Rich and Mavis-I did try to play the video...I'm assuming you have voice to go along with the moves that I seeing on the screen but my sound board on my desk computer is having fits so I wasn't able to listen to it but I was getting the video of the screen shots as you moved through the steps.

Good morning to all also!!!


Good morning everyone!

Finally getting light enough to see and that wind just doesn't stop. We just might see the sun later today.

Both on the nest - I better watch!


7:35 EDT

Shift change and Justice is now on the nest. AL and Coa are doing great! Makes you want to just pick them up and nestle these soft downy balls of cuteness against your cheek. They are so cute. The wind is still awful but they are doing great!

Camilla, did you see the links the moderators posted on Nesters Nest about the story of Phoenix? That story has grabbed the hearts of eagle lovers all over the world. An amazing story that you will not forget. Maybe the moderators will post the links to Phoenix's story here for those interested.

Lucille Bingham

Good Morning Eagle Fans: Sounds like it is going to be another windy day at the nest. It is so hard to watch Mom & Pop try feeding those little ones with those strong winds. So worried about the safety of those newbies. However, Liberty & Justice are such protective parents that I'm sure they will keep those babies protected from that wind.
They did such a fine job protecting F/H/S last year!


Doug and beang...GOOD MORNING to you and EVERYONE!

Wonder where Judith is with her daily weather report. Pumpkin and Kathryn are usually up too . I think Camilla stays up half the night unless she is on PDT.


That last change over didn't let me catch one glimpce of the babies! They were too quick and protective. Liberty is not sitting and rocking. Stay warm up there! I have 15° at my house - brrrrr!


Gotta tell myself to do "preview" and "edit" to catch my typos! Might need more coffee. I meant "Liberty is now..." Come fingers, behave today.

Mavis, Doug, Lucille, are we the only ones here yet? Good Morning!


Good Morning! Looks like another rock and roll morning on the nest. Thank you to ALL that have shared more efficient ways to view/comment on the site. I have tried several of the tips, but, I guess I'm on my own figuring it out, this Windows 8 is giving me fits. But, I will eventually figure it out. Until than, I'll be fine the "old"way...@ beamg, Mavis, Doug, Lucille, Rich and ALL, have a great day!

Judith Hart

National Weather Service
Quad Cities, IA
Current temperature 17°

Today: Sunny, with a high near 34. Wind chill values as low as zero. Breezy, with a west wind around 20 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph.

Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low around 12. Wind chill values as low as zero. Northwest wind 10 to 15 mph.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 27. Wind chill values as low as -5. Blustery, with a northwest wind 15 to 20 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph.

Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 11. Wind chill values as low as zero.

Thursday: Sunny, with a high near 34.

Doug Felix

I think all that us early birds are getting this morning is just a bunch of wind noise, a real rocking cam shot and no worms(shots of the kids ;) ).

Better days ahead though....


Hey Lucille...I didn't see you when I posted. I would NEVER leave you out on purpose. I saw your post around 1:30 this morning and figured you would be sleeping late. Of course, our dogs tend to get up early every morning and sleeping in is not an option. ANYWAY...good morning, Lucille.

Judith Hart

Coa is going to have a bald spot on the back of her head if little Al keeps it up!
Wasn't that Al on the right?


Judith...about time you woke up! Those wind chills just wipe out that high of 34º real fast! Looks like another windy and cold day and night on the nest. L and J will do just fine but they will keep AL and Coa tucked away most of the day.

Colleen...good morning to you!

Doug, I tried to view Rich's video with no luck. Maybe he pulled it to tweak it? Hope he will repost the link.


@ Lucille, don't worry , I get left out on the good mornings, but that's ok!!! LOL Just kidding...anyway, @ 8:45 just got to see both babies being fed, what a beautiful sight! The sunshine on the nest is encouraging that maybe there will be sunshine today for our little family. Both babies look strong and healthy!

Doug Felix

Justice back on the nest after Liberty did a little bit of feeding. J came in and I thought was going to help but didn't do much other than block the cam shot and love on the kids :)


Mavis, I had to kid you, we go WAYYYYY back! You are always the consummate "hostess" to the site. ;) It's hard for me to remember who's "on" and who isn't, my feeble attempt at humor!!!

Judith Hart

Here's Rich's video link, It worked fine for me. Thanks Rich.


Good morning Colleen and everybody else finally waking up ;)

I caught that last feeding but I'm sure having to refresh a lot this morning. Too cute!

Judith's weather report: BRRRRR! My temp is 15°, feels like -4° and I'm staying in. Where is that early spring anyway? The weatherman on TV last night said, "Winter is back and people are sick of it." Well, duh!


Colleen, you know how these comment pages work. You post then hit previous and see where others have posted while you were posting and you missed them. That's what happened with you, Lucille, and Doug. I didn't know you were up until after I posted. SO...by the time I correct things...my correction shows up way down the line. Sorry...would never leave you out either..ever!!


Rich, awesome tutorial on split screen! I PM'd you on FB regarding Windows 8. So many great teachers on this site, much appreciated. It makes our experience so good...and Mavis, I had to tease you. We had too much fun last year ....LOL


Thanks Mavis. I will try out the video feed on my tablet when I get to work. Right now, I thought I'd catch a glimpse of Liberty before work. My black and white tuxedo cat is sitting right along side me.

Rich Swanson

Well, I was going to post the link to the video again, but it turns out that it does work. Was the sound available to you all that it does work for? I get the sound here just fine.


@Rich, sound is fine

Rich Swanson

Thanks Colleen!

Joanne, Louisiana

I have been watching for only a few weeks now and am truly enjoying the site. I too love the zoom, but would like to be able to see the entire family especially during those feeding times. Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment with the world.

Kathryn Mellecker

Tried to read thru everything, c-c-cold this morning. Been out to feed the dog and give her some thawed water. First things first. The eagle view is just showing the way things are, COLD! Senior moment, I already said that! Glad to hear the eaglets have been fed and tucked back in. L and J are expert at this and know what to do and when to do it. I feel so happy just to see this! Thanks Alcoa. And Good Morning ALL.

Sandy Wallace

Thank you so much for the pictures. Last year I was able to watch all day in school, but now that I'm retired I don't have the capability to keep it on all day so I miss so much. I am taking pictures so I can keep a log and create a book for my grandchildren. Thanks again and keep up the great work at Alcoa Sandy


8:20 AM CDT - watching another feeding! Darn wind! STOP! Who's got it figured out which is which with these little cuties? Not me!

A couple of times that I've had to refresh this morning I got a diagnosis message that there is a firewall preventing me from getting the video feed. It tells me my firewall is configured correctly but the firewall at the provider end is stopping it. Then as soon as I click that message off, I get the feed just fine. HUH? Talk about confusing!


Here is a video of that awesome family breakfast this morning!I love this family. The little ones are already growing like little weeds.



Hail, hail, the gang's all here. Can't sleep in without getting a lot of 'homework' reading thru the posts I've missed.

Rich, your video is GREAT and the I'm picking up the sound too on my MacBook Air. The only thing I spotted was that there is a pause at the 1:51 second mark before it started up again!?! You have a great radio voice BTW. :)

It's certainly bright and sunny at the nest today and far more windy than further to the NE in my neck of the woods.

Judith, that black piece of 'lunch' in the nest bothers me too. I've decided that it can't be a squirrel or I'd be able to see the tail move in this wind...likewise feathers if it were a bird. So, what's small, dark, and furry and available to eagles this time of year? I'm clueless.


RICH-- very well done. no one could have done better. you covered a lot of ground.

Kathryn Mellecker

Pumpkin, the answer to what it is: FOOD !!!
Most likely a coot, I was sure I saw a feather, but.....I think last year we had an "unidentified" listing for things like this. Could even be road-kill! I'm just glad it's in the nest, and they have food available for the eaglets at the first hunger peep!


Rich.. I got the link to work.. Looks and sounds great! I only got to watch part of it... on the way out of town.. Will finish watching when I get home. Thanks

Annette Kryske

6:46 AM PDT Good Morning and it looks cold out there, but the sunshine is shining brightly. I just finished viewing Catolyn's video. All is going well in the nest.Lib or Justice is just relaxing after feeding the litle ones. MOLLY & STORMY are so cute.Time for breakfast & puzzle work. I print a copy of the puzzle page, and Leon & I do the 2 sudokus,2ken kens & the jumble,every day while eating. That is the way we start each day, for many years now.
See y'all later.

Doug Felix

Something with hair/fur was just brought in to the nest???

Doug Felix

Looks like rabbit remains...


I am trying to go back and read all the comments. I am the teacher in charge of the school bald eagle project and we are trying to keep records of events and more importantly their food supply. Can any of you help us update our chart because we missed some items during the school day and night - http://eagleeyecamera.wikispaces.com/2013+Eaglet+Food+Chart


10:30 a.m.EST saw a morning feeding in the sunshine. AWESOME!!! :) Alcoa, you rock!


Many of you are quite the experts one eagles. I am trying to keep updates about facts and information for my students and our global project. You can see everything on our project page here - http://eagleeyecamera.wikispaces.com/home

If any of you have any thing to add, contribute, perhaps write up a guest blog post, etc. I would love it!

Send me an email at aarmau@gmail.com

I am learning more and more everyday as well as the kids.

Judith Hart

Doug, I have to agree, that looks like a rabbit.

Coffeechugbooks..so far the food supply has been fish, probably a coot, a most recent a rabbit.

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