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April 22, 2013


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Marcella Rich

CONGRATULATIONS Alcoa...a much deserved award

kathy Littlefield

Congratulations, Aloca is very deserving!


To Mr. John and Alcoa...You earned it!! Happy you were recognized for your sponsorship of better education. The Alcoa Eagles are a fun way to learn too!


Way to go Alcoa! We all knew the cam was an award winner even before the award was granted! CONGRATULATIONS! The educational aspect is awesome and not just for school kids - everyone at this site has learned so much and become so much more aware of what our great Bald Eagles have gone through in the past to survive.


Almost forgot - HAPPY EARTH DAY!

AND Honor is 5 weeks old today!



well deserved and none too soon.

Ted H

Congratulations Alcoa!

Thanks for all you do, we can't put into words the joy you've brought and the caring you've shown to youth, education, and helping fill a lot of eagle watcher's passion!

***Special thanks to John Riches***

fran peveler

congratulations!! u deserve it!!!


Congratulations! Very well deserved recognition for all your hard work and service to the community (which is every increasing thanks to the internet and this website!)

Lynn Ziegler

Congratulation to all involved with the eagle cam and to Alcoa and Mr John for all his hard work. Well deserved. Can't wait for the fix on cam. Even tho farther away we can still see the eaglets grow and thrive. GL on the fix with the new cam. Hope the weather breaks for you


Congrats go out to Mr. John and all involved in this wonderful endeavor! It's nice to have your achievement recognized...and it's not just the schools that benefit from all this, too!

Joan Gray

Hi all! Congratulations for a job well done. Just wondering if the eagles have been practing flying yet?


What a wonderful honor! Congratulations to Alcoa and especially Mr. John. Well deserved. You have made us all winners with this educational experience.


Congrats to Alcoa you've done suc a great job

Annette Kryske

We are all proud of Alcoa and Mr. John. Without them, we wouldn't have gotten involved with our Eagle Family. We understand the predicament you are in regarding the weather,in which you have no control of. Hopefully all will be fixed soon.

Catherine Warner

You certainly deserve the recognition.....It's comforting to know that manufacturing is recognizing the need to take care of our world...thank youand congratulations.

Carol C

Congratulations Mr. John & Alcoa. Everything you have done has benefited all of us. Joan Gray The babies won't start to fly until June. They should be getting there feathers about now. Flood water is starting to recede now. But it's a slow process. Carol

Jo Ann

Congratulations to Alcoa and Mr. John. You brought so much enjoyment to so many. We will never forget, Faith, Hope and little Spirit and all of our "oh my gosh" moments. Thank you for all you do.

Richard Rogers

Very good is in order for the recent award.It sounds very wet in that part of the country.It's either to wet or to dry. I hope the birds are okay and the people who have to get the camera remain safe to. It is enjoyable to watch nature live. Thank-You.




Alcoa...well deserved recognition...congratulations! Thanks for all you do for education..the economy...and Planet Earth.

Lucille Bingham


Well deserved award & recognition for the wonderful educational opportunity you have provided for so many across the globe!


congratulations to alcoa and mr. john. so nice to see your work is rewarded. thank you for all alcoa and personnel have done to provide us with such a great learning experience. hope your facility has not been too damaged by the flood waters. we all look forward to the temporary camera being able to be installed. thank you again.

Vicky Pierson



Hi Eagleholics!

You won't believe this....IT'S RAINING! Like we need that! Temp is currently 37°. I'm SO ready to do yardwork and want to sit outside with my coffee. Maybe one of these days, hopefully soon.

Guess I'll check back in tomorrow and wish for sunshine again.


Congratulations, Alcoa.

It is raining here again today. Hopefully it won't impede the slow progress we've had with the waters receding. I've never seen such flooding as our whole area has had this last week. Just devastating to so many. My prayers go out to all who've been affected.

I check in with the Ozark eaglets and always compare them to Honor and Glory because they were laid on the same days and hatched a few days later than ours. One was trying to self feed the other day and they are just getting so big. It makes me miss these that much more. I hope Liberty, Justice and family are all doing well and that we'll be able to see them all shortly.

Take care everyone.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Congratulations. I am happy that I got to see Glory and Honor as wee babes, and to help name them, too. Only voted about 400 times.


Hi Eagle Lovers,
I hope the babies have been fitted with floaties, and the tree stands strong. I really miss our little Honor and Glory. It is so comforting, after this past weeks ordeal, to just think about our little Eagle family.
Keep dry back there !
Joyce from Pinecrest, Ca.


7:14 AM EDT April 24TH

If the cam stays down, we are going to run out of things to talk about. Guess we could start a "lively" conversation with some OT stuff. Tell you the truth...I don't feel up to another one of those right now. I've been looking at the pictures of the flooding some have posted on their FB pages. That is an awful lot of water and I am sure damage. My thoughts are with all of you affected by this. I am so sorry.

Not being able to sit for hours watching Honor and Glory has made room for some much needed house cleaning. I would really rather watch the babies! Anyway, today is wash day...gotta change my linens...WHOOPEE! ; )

Mr. John, I know you miss watching the cam more than we do. You just do what you can do and don't worry about what you cannot do. The fans of Alcoa eagles are sticking by ya. That flooding has to be a big problem right now. Try to have a good day.

Lin P.

Congratulations! You deserve it.


Good morning Mavis and everyone!

The sun is shining today!!! YEA! Temp is only 34° and should get up to 50 today.

Mavis, when you get your cleaning done you could come and help me! Just kidding. I've done some of that too and really want to have clean windows again. But the cold and rainy weather hasn't allowed for that yet. Have been having work done on my bathroom which has not made the rest of the house look any better!

Anyway, today is gorcery shopping day and I don't like that any better than cleaning! At least I'll get out of Durant for a while and will see what the rest of the world looks like, what's still flooded and what isn't. Talked to a couple farmers yesterday who are really anxious to get into the fields but of course can't. Things will be late this year but hopefully the yields will be much better than last year.

Time to get ready for the day. Everyone have a good one and take care. Hope those flood waters go down quickly and the ground dries out enough to allow people to do what they have to do.

Sally Glowicki

Thanks for sharing the picture of John Riches & Rob Woodall receiving the "Eddy" award. Alcoa, you deserve it! The Alcoa Eagle Cam is a world-wide gift to we viewers. Thank you so much.




My heart goes out to those in the flooded areas. We're praying for you all!

Hey, could you send some of that moisture our way? LOL Always confused me as to why, if we can send man to the moon, why can't we figure a way to get water to those having droughts and keep those who flood from flooding! Guess putting a man on the moon is more important to some. Go figure!

Anyway, Y'all keep safe!

Sandy Madison

Wonderful recognition of a great educational experience.


-----------------New Thread------------------------

Annmarie Wright

Great site! I'm new here and would only like to add that you should be careful near the nest, Eagles will attack you if you are too close. End of season is best time to install anything new at the nest site. Meantime, I look forward to visiting now and then.

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