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April 29, 2013


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Thanks Alcoa. Just saw both eaglets looking over their domain. It is amazing how much they have grown.


Thanks for your update. I see a head pop up now and then. (Smile)

Jackie S. Hamburg NY

I love seeing the little heads pop up and look around :)


You did it ! Little Bobbleheaded birds moving around. Thanks so much for your constant work for us EagleWatchers. Cant' wait to see them get ready to sail.
Joyce from Pinecrest, Ca.


I am amazed at how the nest stays together when the wind blows. It seems as the nest twists and bends with the tree.

Carol C

Thanks Alcoa & Mr John. I was there yesterday & one was standing up & looked almost as big as dad. YAY!!

Greta in Kansas

Alcoa, you didn't have to do this, but you did. You are simply the best!!

Carol C

I don't see how to do a full screen. Osprey has a baby or maybe 2 can't tell.


This is terrible it is 6;52 pm and all you see is the glare from the sun you could not even see the eagle

Carol C

It's working now. Looks like mom is feeding the kids. Look how small mom looks compared to the nest.

Elaine Holland

Thanks Alcoa and Mr John. This time of day may be difficult for a short time each day but won't it be fun to watch the babies when they start branching. We have missed them a lot and any thing we can get is so much better than nothing.

Carol C

When the sun goes down it will be a better picture.

Darlene Nichols

Cherrycarol...........when you pull up the osprey cam there is a little symbol under the picture (on the right hand side) that is an open, double square.......if you click on that symbol you will open the picture to full screen

Tracy Vigus

I absolutely adore this camera view!! It's true that we cannot see directly inside the nest, but OMG... Watching mom and dad fly in and feed from a distance is fabulous! Seeing their little heads pop up and getting "too close" to the edge is sweet. The sun tonite is just wonderful too. Thank you SO MUCH Mr John and Alcoa!! Really This will be a great view for taking flight too. So happy.


Yeah, thanks!

Carol C

Fish was brought in awhile ago. Looks like doing some nesterising now.


Barb, I believe that if you take a look at the photo that Mr. John posted which shows the flooding near the nest site in the Flood Delays Our Fix heading, you would realize that they likely had limited options as to where they could install the camera when they needed distance from the nest as to not disturb L & J , height adequate to view the nest, and soil dry enough to support the installation equipment. I for one am very happy to have a camera, any camera back...

Thank you Alcoa for going to the additional effort and expense involved in installing another cam!

Carol C

I agree with Tracy. It's neat to see a different view & cool to really see them fly in & out especially with a fish. Thanks again!! Carol

Darlene Nichols

Cherrycarol.....let me describe the symbol more accurately....the square is to the left of the microphone symbol and the square has a dot in the middle.......sorry, memory was faulty first comment


WOW! Thought I'd check one more time today and I SEE THE NEST! What a neat surprise! I don't see any action right now but I think we are all ging to like this view with as much surrounding area we can see. I can hardly wait for tomorrow morning but I'm hoping to see something yet tonight.

Thanks Alcoa and Mr. John!


Do I have a frozen picture? It shows it's still light out but I know it isn't. I'll check back in the AM.


I just "tuned in" too and it looks like the picture is frozen, no action. Sighhhhhh was soooo looking forward to seeing them again! I'll check back in the morning.


BTW GREAT JOB Mr. John! Thanks!

John riches

One of the bugs we need to fix is the camera seems to lock-up after a certain amount of time. We will try to solve that tomorrow.


Oh, ok, thanks for the explanation! I was worried...especially after I'd sent the link out to others and they were asking me all sorts of questions I couldn't answer LOL Thanks again Mr. John! It'll be great seeing our little family again!

Lucille Bingham

Mr. John, Thanks for the update & post here. Read that the cam was working again and tried to catch a glimpse, but still got the colorful bars. Thought it was just me having trouble getting the video, but just read your post that there still is a problem that needs to be fixed. Thank you again for keeping us so well-informed about what is happening. You still are the very BEST!!! Can't wait to see the new camera angle. Been misssing "Our Alcoa Eaglets" so very much.


thank you alcoa and Mr. John. so anxious to see the new camera angle, but camera is off line right now. thank you so much for the work involved in getting the temporary camera up and working. I have missed our little ones so much. the other eagle cams are just not the same as watching davenport eagles. look forward to the kinks being out of the camera.


How do U get to the new camera


6:21 AM EDT April 30th

Mr. John...you were able to pull it off! You did good. We will be able to see things from this angle that we have never seen before with the nest cam. Let the fun begin! Just a side note: instead of the morning vitamin, you might want to conside a morning Valium. I'm sure we will be trying your patience in no time! It's good to be back, ain't it?!

Good morning everyone!


Sylvia, the new camera shows up at the same place the old camera showed up. The new cam is down right now so you are seeing the color bars right now. It should come back up soon....I'm guessing after the work day begins.
Anyway, you access the new cam the same way you accessed the old cam.

Good morning to you!

Carol C

Good Morning. O NO!! First thing I did today. I wanted to see what it looks like in the morning. I hope I get to see it before I go to work. Mavis I;m sure they will fix it when they get to work. Going to really warm today 85. Have a good eagle watching day everyone. Carol


Good morning everyone!

Well, what a bummer! Thanks for the update again Mr. John. Seems things just can't go smoothly but we know you will not give up - at least not yet - so we will be patient some more. What a year this has been!

Over the weekend we got to see some places where it had flooded but the water had gone back down. The fence lines really tell the story - full of dead grasses, corn stalks, limbs and all kinds of other debris. On a good note, we also saw some farmers out in the fields so at least they are getting started.

It is currently 66° at my house, just the kind of morning weather I have been waiting for and I need to open some windows. A high of 84° is predicted for today with isolated thunderstorms.

Ok, time for more coffee. bbl


Still off-line here.


I still see an offline screen ;-( how do you turn this new angle on???

Kathy Thornton

The only thing I see is "Off Line".

Judith Hart



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I missed seeing our eaglets. You guys are awesome!

Judith Hart

Mom or Dad just flew out of the nest, one of the eaglets was standing up, now below the nest wall. A little bird, could be a Chickadee, must be living in the outer part of the nest....it's just to the right of center screen or right of the little red dot in the center screen.

Darlene Nichols

What a magnificent picture......you found a perfect alternate location for the camera ! Looks like it should be hanging on a wall in a gallery

Kathryn Mellecker

I am pleased to see the Eagles again. Now that the view is zoomed in we get a very good picture, not what we were enjoying before nature zapped the camera. It is a good view, should calm our eagle-starved nerves! Spring is really here, blooms are starting. The babies have Grown so much!


Beautiful picture of the nest this morning with the blue sky background and leaves coming out on the tree. No eagles in sight, but I'll keep watching. Saw them all last evening, but with the sun position at that time the picture wasn't the best. Thanks for all your efforts to satisfy eagleholics.


Is the camera frozen again? No activity in quite a long time

kathy Littlefield

Thanks Alcoa, you people are awesome!!!

Carol Issem

It was so great seeing it live earlier - got to see one parent and one young one. But now at 11am edt, 4-30-13, the picture is frozen - nothing moving on the nest.

Laura Mikel

I only see a black screen with an occasional orange circle. I miss my eaglets! Thanks for all you do. Please help me.

Laura Mikel

Just reloaded and the picture came up. I guess my connection is bogged down. Thanks!

Coleen Perilloux Landry near New Orleans

So good to see them. They've lost their little white heads and are now almost teenagers. Good to see the tree sprouting leaves, too. This is the view I have for my eagles' nests in Louisiana. But, I thank you for the weeks that I got to see inside the nest and the delicate feeding rituals of the parents. Such glorious creatures.

Margaret M. Callahan

Thank you soooooo much!!

Bakers In Texas

WEll love the fact we have a camera but of course not the same will have to depend on photos you guys take of the babys . But we still have next year to get er all done by then.
Thanks for all you so Alcoca


Just got on to check and I got about 3 seconds of movement with either J or L in the nest before the camera froze up again. Not sure what's happening with the camera but it was good to see J or L again. LOL the "look-up" was so swift I couldn't tell which parent it was. But, now the screen is frozen, even after trying to reload.

Life goes on, but I guess it'll have to go on without seeing the babies right now. Thanks for all your hard work Mr. John, I know you're trying to fix the problems the best you can and as quickly as you can, too.


Just wondering, and it might be a stupid question, but, does the number of viewers have something to do with the camera freezing? Just wondered

Susan McLaughlin

Thank you so much for doing the best that can be done. Our family really appreciates it.


I really like this picture today, with the tree buds, blue sky and eagles. What could be better!!


Just got to see 3 of them rockin an rollin in the nest. One young one kept sticking its head up with occasional wingersizing. Then an adult came in and was there the rest of the time I was on. Other youngster's head showed up behind the front one with some wingersizing. They better watch that with the wind.


FINALLY I'm getting a live look and it's awesome!!! The frozen view I had last evening didn't show any leaves popping out and look at them now. I noticed the same thing with a tree at my house. Seemed like all of a sudden it had leaves on after dark and I didn't see that before dark.

I see 1 adult and 1 eaglet. Actually, now that I look closer it looks like 1 eaglet behind the parent since I can see very dark feathers blowing in the wind. THANK
YOU ALCOA for all your work just to make us all happy again!


Oh how nice to see our babies once again! This angle really shows how much that tree and nest sway in the wind. They sure have grown in a couple of weeks. This should be exciting as they learn to fly.
Thanks for the update and the new camera!

Donna F

I just checked in at the nest and it looks like the cam is frozen ??


Not just you Donna, it's frozen for me too. Seems when I get here, I get about a second of movement and then it freezes. Oh well, life goes on.


I'm just getting a still picture.

Tracy Vigus

I'm just getting a still picture too. I guess we shall see. I have tried every way to get a live thing going here. I was able to get it yesterday.

Nanette Schuur

I pulled up the Alcoa nest for my 2nd graders this morning and they CHEERED! They were so happy to see "our" eaglets. I know the camera froze again later, but it was great to be able to see them, even for a few minutes. Thanks Mr. John and Alcoa for all you've been doing to keep us hooked up and up to date. You're awesome. It is an experience my students will never forget.

Carol C

JuSt got home. Frozen picture I see. But the color is good. Looks like it will be a good view. Sorry Alcoa is having so much trouble. :(


for some reason it is not live, maybe it is my computer.

A Iacono

It's great to have cam up & running again, but I'm having trouble viewing it in live mode...bummer! Any comments on what the
problem could be??

Carol C


Carol C


Carol C

Just saw the wings of the other one. Wheuuu!! Wonder it's not standing like the other one? Carol


I've been lucky and the live picture has been on when I came on today. It sometimes freezes before I leave. Mr. John said last night that it seemed to be freezing about every 30 minutes.


Just saw one bouncing along in the bow of the nest/boat. That breeze is pretty stiff and tossing the tree and nest. It is hot but breezy. Same here, we may even get some of that stuff call rain. Hope Liberty will baby sit the little ones if it gets rough up there. They are getting to the stage of trying out those great wings, hope they stay low when it is windy. Thank Alcoa for the view. It gives a whole new twist to seeing them fly when that time comes. I know lots are picking out their favorite limb for Glory and Honor to do their first fledged flight.

Sandy Stricklin

Thank you Alcoa and Mr. John for all you have done to get this 2nd camera up and going. I have only positive thoughts for you. It's amazing to me that you have been able to do anything with the eagle family so close. You are truly appreciated. I am so looking forward to watching
L & J with their babies. Thank you.
Sandy in Omaha


You probably are aware that the fed is still.

Chuck Champagne

Technology is terrific, isn't it? That is until something goes wrong with it. Thank you for the wonderful and educational footage you've given this in the past. My grandaughters especially enjoyed the view. Unfortunately, I predict you will loose about 98% of the viewers. I know Alcoa will have it back the next year. Until then, good by.


Bummer I'm still offline..

Judith Hart


Carol C

Good Morning What a pretty picture at 6 am. Glory is up & looking around, for breakfast I'm sure. I wish Honor would stand up so we could see him. Another hot day 80's. Leaves r just starting to come out. so won't be any shade yet. Looks GREAT Alcoa!! Thanks Carol

Carol C

Justice flew in with breakfast. It's amazing to see the nest close up. Awsome!!

Carol C

I finally saw both babies standing up with dad in the nest. :) Carol

Carol C

Breakfast time. Where is everyone at?


Dont like this vantage point. Hope the first cam gets back in service.

Carol C



Good morning Alcoa Eagleholics! It's another absolutely gorgeous day and I see both eaglets right now - one in the forefront and the other in the background. Makes me realize even more just how big that nest is and it's even more shocking how big Glory and Honor are already. This is an amazing view!


well done Alcoa, beautiful, clear picture, love the new camera and really look forward to watching the family grow from this angle


Looks like one of the eaglets is feeding itself!

Scheryl Grant

Tanks for all your hard work to allow us to see them!


Glad to see blue sky and the green leaves which really opened up since yesterday. Here in NW Iowa we had an inch of snow by 8 and it has been snowing hard ever since. The MN Bound nest had a bit of snow on it, but more is headed their way. Temp here is 32.


R L ML, you must live too close to the Dakotas! Here just west of the QCA it's 74° so I'm glad I don't live where you are! Been waiting for this weather for a very long time!

I swear the leaves are popping so fast you can almost see it happening. Ok, back to yard work - finally.

Happy viewing everyone!


Beamg We had your kind of weather the last 5 days so a great contrast today.

Am having a hard time getting a picture now, the circle keeps going. It is a live picture though as the eagle's head keeps changing position at certain intervals.

Lynn Gipson

I have only seen one of the eaglets in the last two days. Did only one survive? I remember how mean the oldest one was to the little one.

Francine Proffitt

How do the Eaglets get water if they cannot fly down yet?


Lynn, nah I saw both eaglets this morning both appear just fine (huge, but fine) and Francine, when eaglets are young they get all the water they need from the food they eat :)


Yes, Lynn both are fine. One adult in the nest everytime I came on today and just now the adult and 2 eaglets lined up looking off to the right of the nest. Earlier I could see just the adult most of the time but occasional wingersizing by both of the youngsters.


such a beautiful picture, I hope all the regulars are enjoying this as much as I am M or D and both babies clearly visible just checking out the world, someone mentioned self feeding earlier today, it appeared that was what I was seeing too

jane cave

please, please, can't see the eaglets. change the angle of the camera if at all possible. thanks


Oh my gosh! Is that Glory and Honor?! They're HUGE! Finally getting to see the babes...that aren't babes any more! WOW


BTW Thanks Mr. John! I forgot to give you thanks for getting it done! <3 (y)

Kathryn Mellecker

Thanks Mr John and Alcoa for getting us a view of the eagles. We are all spoiled by the good close up view we had, but Federal Regulations forbid disturbing a working nest. We understand that, and hope when the time is right, that the camera can be fixed and the old view comes back.


****** NEW THREAD****** (sound tomorrow?)

Sue Mathis

7 May 2013. Looks like Glory has "flew the coop". Now Honor has to build up his courage and SOAR.

K P Simpson

It's too bad we can't see down into the nest. While, I like millions of other viewers around the world,really appreciate what everyone involved as done in bringing the viewing of the raising of eaglets to a new level, it was interesting to see the amount and variety of food the parents brought to the nest. What happened to the overhead camera angle?? I won't be "tuning in" much anymore with this camera angle.

Melinda Baumghardner

I missed the beginning of this set of eaglets,trying to catch up with their developing into majestic Eagles.

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