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April 19, 2013


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Thank you for the much appreciated update and photos. Wishing you blue skies and water that soon subsides!


Thank you for the update. We appreciate all your efforts. From what we can tell from the one photo, our family has survived. We are thankful for that.


Thanks you so very much for update and especially photo of a parent int he nest since the most recent several inches of rain.

Helen Stahlhut

Thanks for keeping up updated with the latest on the eagles. Just after I discovered your site, the storm entered the picture. I am enjoying the osprey camera also.

Annette Kryske

1:42 PM PDT. We really appreciate you efforts to get things rolling in Alcoa Land, but the rain is keeping you away from it.Most of us understand your dilemma.We have no choice but to cheer you on, being you care as much as we do about our little family up in that tree. We are anxiously waiting to see them soon.Thanks for you efforts.


Thanks for the update. Meanwhile, the MNbound eagle cam is showing their two little eaglets. We can watch them for an eagle fix. They look so tiny after seeing the Alcoa eaglets. A lot of the snow that was in the nest yesterday has melted. It looks a little bit more comfortable now.


thank you so much for the update and pictures. reminds me of the johnny cash song, how high is the river momma, 4 ft. high and rising. thank you for being concerned for the fans of your eagle cam. we have gotten spoiled with being able to view the eaglets. know you are doing your best. look forward to the temporary camera being able to be installed.


Thanks for the update and pics. Looks like we'll have to wait for the new camera. Mind you, I'm not saying we'll wait patiently...but we will be back 'cause we're missing "our" Eagle family.

Safety first so you all be safe! Sorry you're getting all the flooding. Look at things this way; crops'll be good this year!

Carol C

Thanks for the updates. I can't believe all this rain & flooding. So many people got wet basements. Looking forward to when u can get up the new camera. Thanks Alcoa & Mr. John. Carol


Be safe.Stay dry.

Jo Ann

Thanks, Mr. John for alleviating our eagle worries. I know Liberty and Justice are the best parents ever, but, it's good to know everything is OK there. I'm happy for the farmers and their families. They will have a better year than last year. I miss all of the Alcoa posters and our worry sessions. I always check in and will continue to do so. Take care, all.

Bakers in texas

Thanks for posting what you did we are all having withdrawals from watching them . We will survive just disapointed . Will keep checking back

Ted H

Maybe I missed it, and not wanting to seem pushy, but what can you tell us about the temp camera plans? Mount on one of the security light poles nearby? Any idea how much of the nest will be visible? Again safety first for workers and the eagle family, just curious about what the plans are if you are able to share, THX!


8:52 PM EDT

Mr. John...you did good..again! Thank you for the after storm report. Hope you enjoy a nice, quiet weekend.


@ TED H... and others.....In case you missed it,this information was posted by Alcoa on the heading of the threads titled "Update on Camera" and "Flood Delays Our Fix" which can be located on the right side of this page. I will copy and paste again here. This is all we know from Alcoa and all we need to know from Alcoa until such time as they tell us more. I don't feel it is their responsibility or obligation to describe their every move or divulge their plans since I'm sure many things are subject to change.In the meantime,all we can do it wait and be assured that Mr. John will keep us informed as he feels necessary. I'm sure Alcoa appreciates our understanding and patience as these problems were beyond their control.....................

April 15,2013...."We have come up with a plan to install a camera from a temporary location a distance from the nest. We are hoping to get that done in the next few days. Complicating that is the fact the Mississippi River is rising and the property with the nest is low-lying and will have some water rising over the next few days. We will post another update as soon as we have more information".

April 19,2013...."We have about a foot or so of water in the parking lot below the nest here at Alcoa.What this does mean is we will not be able to install our other camera in an alternate location until the water goes back down. Right now that looks like it will be at least late next week. I will try to provide some updates over the next few days as the river forecast changes"....{above quotes from Mr. John - Alcoa}


In the QC for the weekend. Anyone know if you can still get to Ben B Park, or is it closed because of flooding? Would like to try to find the nest without all the leaves to block the view.


Thanks WillieWilson for the re-post. Some don't go to the main page and read it...they just go to the comments section.

It helps to go to http://www.alcoa.com/locations/usa_davenport/en/info_page/eaglecam.asp first and read the updates Mr. John puts out before going to the comments.

Judith Hart

This National Weather Service site might help you with the flooded areas. Scroll down to flood impacts and photos.



The update that you are posting under is always at the top of this comments page...just scroll up from this and you will see it.

In this update..two pictures are posted that were taken this (Friday) morning. If you will click on the second picture that Mr. John posted...you can see both Liberty and Justice. One is sitting in the nest and the other is flying toward the nest, (on the right in the photo). Mr. John did real good to post a picture with both eagles in it.

Good night all!


Thanks Ms. Mavis!

Barbara Lester

Thanks for your comments and update. Sure miss seeing our birds!!!! Glad the Mississippi is getting replenished with all the rain after being so dangerously low. Bless you all for giving us the opportunity to watch these magnificent birds and their little ones. Can't wait til you get the new camera up and running! Barbara in Marietta, GA.


Good Morning All!

Thanks Mr. John for the update and pics. Did you take these from a boat? I'm just trying to figure out how you got the one that shows all the water. This should relieve everyone's concerns about the eagles, eaglets and nest. Hoping the water goes down fast enough to allow you to carry out your alternate camera plan, which we also all appreciate hearing about.

The weather looks like it will be better today. The sun is shining although it's a cold 28° right now.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)

Ted H

Willie Wilson and others, I only asked if I had missed info being posted about the possible location or views from the replacement camera, I sure never meant it to sound like a demand for detailed info! Weather and other things out of Alcoa's control make any questions about timing pointless, so I sure wasn't asking that either. My question for Mr John is can you share any info about possible locations for the new camera and possible views? If you don't wish to share any of that info no problem, I don't even need to know why. I fully appreciate everything you have done and continue to do, and I really didn't mean to sound pushy. It was only a question, just making conversation. SO SORRY if I offended anyone..... yikes!


Thanks for the map location, Judith. Doesn't look like it will be worth driving down to the park.


What a beautiful bright, sunny morning. High of 50. And no wind! Maybe we will start drying out from all of this rain. I do look at it as a blessing however, after the drought we have been having. My farmer husband is "chomping at the bit" to get into the fields. I would like to think that Liberty and Justice and the babies will be basking in the sun today. Perfect weather for "our" eagles!


Lisa, you might be able to view the nest from the Davenport side if Cherrycarol is able to post detailed directions on this site. If not, you might want to try to approach the river and the nest from the east through Silvis IL as I know that the land is built up a bit higher in that area due to the RR yards there. However, I have no idea how far you'll be able to then head west along the IL shoreline before you encounter flooding.

I left the area back in 1969, occasionally returning to visit relatives, but have never tried to navigate this area while under a flood watch. I'd try to keep parallel to the railroad tracks and see how far that takes you...


Hey Mavis, take another look at the most recent photos Mr. John took in the past 24 hours and then give me your estimate of how close you believe that the nest tree is to the river these days.... ;D


Y'all, show a little kindness towards one another! It is natural to have questions!

Ted H, I don't think you sounded pushy nor do I think you offended anyone...least of all me! I think you were just asking the questions we're all wondering but were afraid to ask for fear we'd get the kind of response you did!

Questions are normal...and we're all "champing at the bit" to see "our little family" again. However, I think Mr. John will do the best he can to give us the best possible view of our Eagle family. I'm sure even he doesn't know how he's going to do it yet and is still working out the logistics.

So, we must wait and see what happens. I think it's wonderful that we get to view these wonderful creatures in their natural state...and so close up and personal, too!

Carol C

Lisa, The best place to see the nest now is in Bettendorf. State street to Brenny's motorcycle shop & Alcoa truck entrance at stop light. Turn right at light & go to the last parking lot before the tracks. U can see the nest from there or walk down the path to get a better view. Better to go before the leaves come out. Carol


Pumpkin...as you know..I am not good at dept perception in pictures...but it looks like it is pretty close! I will stick my neck out and say the nest is at least 80 ft from the water.

There have been many pictures posted of the rising waters...I hate to see anyone suffer hard damage. Hope everyone stays safe and dry.


Depth...not dept...geez!

Lynn Ziegler

About how old are our little eaglets now and what size would they be? this is my first year watching and sure do miss them growing up. THANKS


Lynn, Glory was 5 weeks old yesterday so Honor will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I'm not sure about the size at this stage.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed that things around the nest tree dry out by the end of the week and maybe the 2nd camera will go up soon! We're getting wind today so that might help dry things out. It's currently 48° here and overcast. 30% chance of rain today with a high of 59°.

Lynn Ziegler

Thanks so much for the update. Really do miss them. Check in every day for updates tho/ Watching the MN nest and they are getting big also, but these little guys were the first I watched to hatch so I sure do miss them

Carol C

If u want to see eaglets the same age as ours. Go to Lake of the Ozarks eagle cam. They r real close to ours age wise. Carol


Here is the link to Lake of the Ozarks nest:


Carol, thanks for the tip!


1:29 EDT April 21st

Lynn..Since I enjoy sticking my neck out, I am going to guess the eaglets probably weight about 6 and 1/2 lbs by now. I read where they gain from 3 to 6 ounces a day...depending on which article you read. The following is from the CCB :

The eaglets gain weight rapidly, but not at the same rate every day. When first hatched the nestlings have a very small capacity for food in their crops and are fed tiny bits of food. Feedings are very short – 5 to 10 minutes. As the chicks gain strength and become larger they can eat more at a time. Feedings take longer and each bite becomes bigger and they gain weight faster. On March 31, 2010, the 3 NBG chicks (all males) were 18 to 21 days old and weighed 1 3/4 to 2 3/4 pounds. By April 22 when NC was fitted with a satellite transmitter the 3 chicks weighed 7 1/4 to 8 pounds. It is an estimate, but the 3 chicks probably weighed about 10 pounds or more when they fledged about 5 weeks later at the end of May. The last three weeks their weight gain slowed because they were much more active and flapping their wings often, thus using and burning energy in preparation for leaving the nest.


Good job Mavis! I was hoping someone would answer the size question since I had no clue!

Those eaglets at Lake of the Ozarks look HUGE!


Here is a link showing the Mississippi River flooding around the baseball park in Davenport:


It's amazing what they have done to prevent flooding inside the ballpark. Hope the link works.


Well, forget my previous post. Not sure what happened with the whole link but this one should work better:



Well, I'm having a devil of a time getting this right! Let's try this link:


Judith Hart

Bea, You got it right! What a disaster that is. Do you know if there's a strong current in the flood waters?


Judith, I'm really not sure about the current right now since I haven't been near the river in the last few days. I know that floods in the past have changed the river banks and altered the course of the river. I saw the Miss. flood waters so many times in years past when we lived in Davenport that now we just stay away when it happens and I can't give a 1st hand account. CAROL might be able to answer that....:)


This link shows some current in the water in a street.



beamg...that is a lot of water..thank you for the link

Judith Hart

NWS Forecast for: 3 Miles SSE Davenport IA
Issued by: National Weather Service Quad Cities, IA/IL
Last Update: 6:30 pm CDT Apr 21, 2013

Flood Warning
Hazardous Weather Outlook

Tonight: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 44. South wind 10 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph.

Monday: Partly sunny, with a high near 66. South wind 10 to 15 mph.

Monday Night: Showers, mainly after 1am. Low around 45. Southeast wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New precipitation amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch possible.

Tuesday: Rain and possibly a thunderstorm before 1pm, then rain likely. High near 50. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New rainfall amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible.

Tuesday Night: A chance of rain and snow before 1am, then a slight chance of snow. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 33. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 51.





Judith Hart

beamg, Thanks for the information. Sure doesn't look like it's getting any better with more rain on the way.


CherryCarol, Thanks for the hint on where to see the nest. Went down today and found the tree easily. One of the parents was on an upper branch. We were able to watch him (or her) fly in and out a couple of times.


Thanks to all for all the wonderful info on our Eagle family.

Prayers are being said for those in the flood's path. Be safe y'all!

Carol C

Lisa our welcome. I took some pictures yesterday & posted them on OT> So u can see the water. I was there at 2 & saw a parent in the nest. River is suppose to crest today. We needed rain but not this much. 60 today. Carol

Carol C

beamg The river is moving pretty fast. But should start to fall but it will take a long time. :(


7:56 AM EDT April 22nd

Good morning everyone. Mr. John..that means you too. Hope you have a good day.

Cherrycarol, according to the weather alert Judith posted...you probably crested last night at around 4.2 ft above flood stage. That is a significant amount of water. Hopefully it is easing down some now and the new rains won't bring too much more water. All the flooding looks extensive. Hope you can get back to normal soon.

Judith Hart


29 Water reaches the top of the flood walls and levees in Bettendorf...Rock Island and East Moline.

27.5 Water affects Molines water treatment plant.

27 Water reaches the bottom of the Arsenal Bridge deck.

26 Water reaches the top of the lowest section of the flood wall at Leach Park in Bettendorf.

25.7 Water affects many residences and businesses in the vicinity of State Street and 8th Street in Bettendorf.

25 Water reaches the top of the lowest section of Rock Islands flood wall in the District.

24 Water affects the main concourse of the Quad City Sports Center. In Riverdale...water is at floor level in the ALCOA plant.

23.6 Water affects ramps at the bus station in Davenport.

23 Water is over Davenports River Drive from South Concord to Tremont. In Moline...water affects The Mark parking lot. Water also affects Rock Islands Centennial Expressway in unprotected areas.

22.7 Water is at the base of the south employee entrance of the Quad City Times building.

22.5 Water affects Davenports Rockingham Road and 2nd Street from Division to Gaines...from Pershing to Le Claire and 3rd Street from Fillmore to Warren.

22 Water affects River Drive at the Village of East Davenport. Water is over the seawall at Lindsay Park and Lake Davenport Marinas. Water affects the Davenport approach for the Centennial Bridge. Water affects 3rd Avenue at the John Deere Commons in Moline.

21.5 Water affects the Rock Island Arsenal bridge. Bettendorfs Leach Park is underwater.

21 Water affects the street at Davenports 2nd Street Post Office main entrance and Marquis Harbor Marina in Moline. In Bettendorf...water affects River Drive between 6th and 8th Streets.

20.5 Water is at the foundations of Davenports Union Station and the freight house building.

20 Water affects the Quad Cities Sports Center parking lot. Water is over the top of the jetty at Lindsay Park Yacht Club. Water affects buildings at Sunset Marina in Rock Island and Molines River Drive from the 2300 to 5500 block.

19.5 Water is at field level at Modern Woodmen Park. Water affects the Quad City Times parking lot and Bettendorfs River Drive between 6th and 8th Streets.

19 Water affects Rock Islands Sunset Marina parking lot and River Drive in Moline from the 2700 to 4800 block. Davenports Le Claire Park is entirely underwater. Water affects most of River Drive from Division to Federal. Water is also at the base of the loading docks of the 2nd Street Post Office.

18.5 Water surrounds Modern Woodmen Park.

18 Water affects sections of River Drive in downtown Davenport from Gaines Street to 4th Street. Water affects 2nd Street at Iowa. Most of Le Claire Park is under water. Water affects Credit Island.

17.5 Water affects the railroad tracks in downtown Davenport and River Drive...Pershing Avenue and Federal Street. Water affects Bettendorfs Leach Park.

17 Water is over most of Davenports Le Claire Park and lower parking lots.

16.5 Water affects Credit Island Lane in Davenport and the 4700 block of River Drive in Moline. Water is at the base of the flood wall gates at the downtown Rock Island riverfront.

16 Water affects sidewalks along the river at Le Claire Park. Water also affects Credit Island Lane and Molines River Drive in the 4700 block.

15.5 Water affects Le Claire Park.

15 Water affects several sections of South Concord Street south of River Drive in Davenport and is at the foundations of several homes on Enchanted Island. Water also affects industries along the river at the south end of Davenport.

14 Water affects a few sections of South Concord Street south of River Drive in Davenport and affects yards and outbuildings on Enchanted Island. Water is also in some houses along South Concord Street south of River Drive.

13.5 Water affects the lowest section of South Concord Street south of River Drive in Davenport and affects other sections in the same area. Water affects the lowest sections of the Enchanted Island causeway.

13 Water affects the lowest sections of both South Concord Street south of River Drive and onto the Enchanted Island causeway in Davenport. Water also surrounds some houses along South Concord Street south of River Drive.


Good morning all!

Carol, thanks for the info on the fast moving river water. I figured it was moving pretty fast but like I said have not been close in recent days.

Judith, wow! That is quite a list for flood impacts. I know where all of this is and that explains why I stay away - Just too hard to get around some of those places!

Now I'm wondering how the recent snows in MN will affect us here down south. The melt from MN can mean more water running into the Mississippi and slow down the receeding flood waters here. What a spring!

I currently have 53°, still a bit too chilly for me to go out with my cup of coffee first thing in the morning. But it's so nice to have sunshine again! I was looking for the nest a year ago yesterday and couldn't see it because of all the leaves already out. Quite different this year when the buds are there but the leaves haven't popped out yet! Like CAROL said, better hurry if you want to go see the nest before the leaves are out!


+++++++++++ NEW THREAD++++++++++++++++++

Scheryl Grant

Great Job Alcoa! Congrates!!!!


Thanks for the photos. Congrats on the award too! You have done a fabulous job in teaching people like me who loves the wild life so much about this incredible bird. At least their nest is high enough so they will stay dry. Stay safe... hopefully dry and happy spring!


Hopefully the fix is in the mix for today !
Been so long.

Veronica Primrose

We are flooding in some areas here in Indiana. Sure miss watching the family. I bet Peace and Harmony are getting big!

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