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April 03, 2013


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Jo Ann

Thank you Alcoa for providing another great year of eagle watching. Which ever names win, all of us will be happy and consider ourselves to be fortunate to watch this wonderful family. Take care and happy eagle watching.

Lucille Bingham

To All Eagleholics: Please go back to the lasts posts about naming the Eaglets on "Nice Weather - NO Fooling". We need to respect each other's opinions and be grateful to Alcoa for giving us this wonderful opporunity to peek into the lives of these truly magnificent birds!!!


Mr. John...you will need to start another post in a few minutes if you think you are going to break this up!! We've been too long without a fight.

I'm laughing so hard..ok...I'm out of this discussion. How far behind are AL and Coa? Is it bad? I was just trying to stir up some votes. Gosh..with Rich's sense of humor...I hope he wasn't calling YOU stupid and petty too for encouraging us to vote.

I'm going to stop before you kick me off....but I'll be back

Judith Hart

OH NO, still behind. I'll have to just work my clicker finger a little faster, it's already cramping. I wonder if AL-COA makes a flexible aluminum finger brace.

Judith Hart

Rich, Yes you are entitled to your opinion...BONK!! I'm not trying to censor you....BONK BONK...Yes, I can ignore your comments BONK BONK BONK!!!

And that is my sense of humor.............


I am WORRIED!!! I haven't seen the other parent all morning! What's the longest one has gone away before, does anybody know?

Judith Hart

Ellen, Both parents were in the nest earlier feeding the little ones breakfast.

Brooke Morgan

flag and freedom

Freda Horne

Liberty and Justice

Lucille Bingham

Eagleholics: Please read comment # 141 on the thread entitled "Nice Weather -- No Fooling" before the discussion about names produces any more negativity!


I think sometimes everyone just enjoys a good old-fashioned discussion, don't you?

Lucille Bingham

Oftentimes ( my word ) I would agree with you Christine, but in the past sometimes these discussions have created such hard feelings that some Eagleholics were upset enough to leave this special site. I wouldn't want that to happen again. We should all be comfortable here. It really is one of the best live eagle cam sites, if not THE VERY BEST SITE, out there! Kudos again to Alcoa for this remarkable journey you take us on every day! And again, special thanks to you, Mr. John, for everything you do to keep us happy & informed!


1:05 EDT

Justice is pulling nest duties again..and the butterballs are sunbathing. A little tiny bird hopped onto the nest...Justice just eyed the little fella and decided he was too small to be worth his effort to move. That little bird needs his parents to give him another lesson in how not to be stupid!! He didn't stay long...and I'm glad!

The nest is a mess! Don't remember ever seeing it this bad. Guess the day is just too nice to do housecleaning. Gosh..I know I'm not!

The wind is mild...but I hear it. Just a nice lazy day...


....and I just dropped the FB group...enough is enough!

Annette Kryske

10:41 PDT. What anoher gorgeous day out there in Alcoa Land!! Liberty & Justice are feeding the little ones.
CAROLYN: You are back with your wonderful Videos. They are on the way to my family & friends who have been asking for them tbese past few days. Thanks again. I also want to thank Mr. John & Alcoa for doing a great job on the Cam for us. Whatever names come up, will be welcomed by all.


@1:53, two babies, two parents, everyone getting fed! In fact, the older eaglet looks like it can't hold another bite of food, it keeps turning it's head when loooong, pieces of "food" are offered! Something I have noticed this year, the older one does a constant wiggling of it's behind while being fed!! Too cute! Never noticed this before with any other babies. Kind of like a content puppy or kitten!!

E. R.

12:50pm CDT----- OH Mavis you have been sticking your finger in the light bulb socket again.lol At a girl,make some people get their pulse going. Too bad some people can't disagree with out getting personal. We still love you even when you disagree. I will be happy with what ever name is decided on, since I disagree with naming them in the first place.
E1 is a down right little bully and growing much larger than E2. Justice and Liberty are making an effort to feed E2 more these day. This last feeding I watched this morning was pretty goood for E2. He even fell over,I guess in a food coma while mister Bully(E1) was grabbing more food. I think this is going to be the pattern now with these two. Although I have noticed E2 giving E1 the evil eye more these days, like "hey that was my bite this time"
As we watch this family of eaglets,the beat goes on.


Awesome zoom!! Just in time for an up close and personal "PS"!!! LOL! They were laying side by side napping, but that little one can't keep both eyes closed for a long period of time!! Ever the inquisitive one!

Miguela, Bar Harbor, Maine

Thank you so much for this, and thank you to whomever is providing the terrific camera work! Wow, do those babies have ugly feet! Does anyone know if there are any plans to band the babies? What an opportunity to do so, though I know a private company would have to do it, perhaps a local wildlife conservatory or the Audubon people? (pssst..mom...PLEASE for the love of God clean out the "stuff" in the nest. It is hard to have my morning breakfast and see the guts and oozze :-))


@Miguela, in answer to your question about banding, no, Alcoa does not band these babies. I know some of the "stuff" in the nest is not conducive to watching while eating, it is necessary for the eagles to have a good "stockpile" of food. Some actually gets buried into the nest. As the babies get older, you will see them digging for food. I understand what you're saying, I too have what I call a "eeeuu" sensitivity, I just block it out! LOL


Holy Moly!!!, another feeding @ 2:35! The older one can barely hold it's head up!! These are well fed babies! Looking forward to the feet changing color soon into those big "clown" feet as Mindy calls them!!!


OK Colleen...don't just leave me hanging out here. What color do they change to?


@nan, they turn bright yellow!! They look like big clown feet! It's fun to watch them hobble around, they look like rubber!


Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing that.


@nan, I tried to post a good picture of last years group on NN, but I can't. It is a good picture. Boy, did the nest look allot smaller last year!!!If you are on NN, send me a friend request, I'd be glad to share with you.


Nana..the babies feet are fully developed before they fledge and copied the following info for you...

From NPS:

Taking an eaglet foot pad measurement.
Additional methods are used to determine the age and sex by measuring the eaglet's foot pad and eight primary feather (the foot pad is about 5.5 inches).

Eaglet talons can be up to 1.5 inches giving a span from talon tip to tip of almost 8 to 8.5 inches. The feet and beak of eaglets are fully developed before they fledge the nest.

Affixing a band on an eaglet.
A United States Fish and Wildlife Service band is riveted on to an eaglet's leg so the bird cannot remove it. The eaglet's leg is already fully grown, so the band will continue to fit properly.


So cool... I just turned in for a second and some deer ran under the nest. You can tell how high the nest is because the deer looked almost like ants.


Libby...you would think I would learn not to stand in water when I put my finger in the socket!! You know me...I'm so stupid, I didn't even know the electricity was turned on until someone told me.

I will tell you one thing...I ALWAYS enjoy your posts!


@ Nan, I KNEW Mavis would give you a better detail on the feet than I would!! LOL! :) To me, they're just big old clown feet! But good info Mavis, as always. ;)

E. R.

THanks Mavis, you know me, and also welcome to the club of finger in the socket. Been there done that many times and have not kissed anyone**** yet. Checking the nest and saw one eaglet sleeping beside Liberty or Justice and all at once it crawled under parents tail feather. Must be still really chilly up there.It will be hard to cover them soon, they are growing fast.
I think those birds living down below are a real aggravation to Liberty and Justice this year with all the happy chirping and flying in and out of the nest bottom. Don't remember that many last year. OF course they have had a few real screaming bouts with something coming too near and anything that moves has them on alert.
Justice just flew in with a stick and Liberty left. THank goodness not a fish, they seem to be cleaning up the nest a bit and eating the stash.Eaglets are waking up and remembering that Dad is there and he will surely feed them again. Everyone is getting in line after a couple good PS. They seem to be aiming at the camera.HAHA. Peace.---

E. R.

After getting in line for food, I believe the two eaglets remembered that their crops were stuffed and they could not eat any more so they turned around and went back to bed away from the food. Justice is enjoying some mystery food that he is cracking a few bones so that will soon disappear. They eaglets are full and sleep so, Justice is doing his best to clean up the leftover. I wonder what Liberty will return with. Hope it is some hay for the bedding,these guys are outgrowing that little nest bowl real fast.

David Evaans

why do i see three babys in the nest

Claire Johnson

Justice (I think) is in the nest right now 6:06 pm EST. What is he eating?! Unusual activity...I can't tell what it is but eaglets aren't interested. I'm worried it may not be something good for Eagles.


Watching the babies sleep convinced me to do the same. Short but refreshing!

Thanks Colleen & Mavis for all the info. The babies are growing so fast, it makes me wonder how three babies fit in that nest last year! Tight quarters...and it's looking sort of snug already.

Colleen: I think I found NN although I'm not too swift on FB. Did a friend request. PJ


Liberty? just brought in a very small fish. I've been away for most of the day, so a big thank you for all of the posts giving info on the goings on in the nest. Liberty just left and the babies are still pretty much full from their copious feedings today.


Liberty just came back - I couldn't tell if she brought anything. Justice has left.

Whoever thought they saw three babies, it is just two. They have eaten so much the last couple of days and are sooo big that it just looks like three.


@ nanapeg...friend request to NN has been confirmed....see Facebook messages for details.

John L.

Take a look at the screen on screen at Alcoa's Osprey nest. Pretty neat.



I can't believe it but they are eating again. They are so stuffed that they are eating laying down. Really,really full crops.


Feeding appears to be over and L is re-arranging the nest bowl.

Judith Hart

What is that at about 12-1:00 near the top of the nest, it looks like a flattened toad.


Thanks for the up dates Mr John. Love this time of night when everything turns blue. Have a good night everyone. Carol


Looks like dad is trying to feed them but they're zonked out!


Justice flew in with a little brown rodent looking thing and proceeded to eat it on the side of the nest at the 10:00 position. He offered a few bites to the babies, but they were too tired to eat. Liberty flew off for awhile.


Thank you Mr. John for sharing the new eaglets with us. Do you ever see the three from last year? If so, can you tell Faith, Hope and Spirit apart? The kids love looking at the dinosaur relatives.


8:55 PM EDT

Looks like Justice is pulling night duty tonight. The babies are so full they can hardly move. I'm thinking that L and J are in the hopes that if they get them full enough at night, they may settle down for a longer period of sleep and let the parents get some rest!

It looks nice on the nest weather wise.. maybe they will have a good night.

Good night everyone...


I don't remember Justice ever spending the night with the eaglets before. Have I forgotten?

Coleen Perilloux Landry

I would like to know where Justice spends the night. And, I really wish they would throw that poor rabbit over the side.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

The feet change to yellow. I'll check my photos of the fledglings, yes, they're yellow.


4:13 AM EDT April 4th

Train just went by and L or J is sleeping. All is quiet..even the wind. They should wake up to a nice day today.

EO, I don't remember any all nighters by Justice last year either. He may have pulled them, but I just don't remember any. He has certainly pulled the nest duty this year and is doing a good job of it. I really don't know which one is on the nest now.

E. R.

6:29am CDT--Good Morning world,Eaglets are waking to a sunny day, Must be chilly,because both had their head buried under I think that is Liberty. They are getting too big to fit completely under her now so there are two very fat little bottoms hanging out. Liberty was kind enough to pull the hay up around them sort of like a blanket. Still lots of food in nest so who ever had breakfast duty can do a good job of filling these two up. It is a real peaceful view of a wild bird doing what they do best,just being Eagles and taking care of business. Hope every one has a cool peaceful morning too. Peace-ER

Judith Hart

What a pathetic site at SOONER LAKE, M/D huddled over their two chicks both are drenched. Scroll down to see the pictures.


Camera doesn't seem to be working this morning.


I see Rich removed my comment on HIS FB site about "stupid and petty"...totally his right however if he wants to be so two faced about it then he should limit himself to HIS site.

Why is there always someone that feels the need to defecate where everyone wants to walk??

This will be my last comment on here! I'll watch these majestic birds of prey raise and teach these young ones but I'll let you all keep doing the stupid and petty stuff here.

Judith Hart

Dadfsr, Please don't go Doug, we need some MEN here to help with ID's, plus I enjoy your comments. Stay and put that picture back of the stone crab.


Alright kids... This place is about Eagles, not egos. In computer land things can be misunderstood very easily.
If Liberty focused her attention on the rain and hail, she and the kids would never survive. Instead, she lets the hail bounce off her back...Let's all take a lesson from this majestic bird.
Let's focus on what makes this opportunity a blessing...Not on our own issues...Newbies will be turned off immediately, and even veterans post less often.

Barbara Freiberg

I hear noise from the mic (birds chirping, etc.) but I think the picture is frozen. She,He has been in the same position for quite awhile now.




On the topic of my post # 55...Some might wonder where, and why I disappeared from this chat last year after trying to become an active valuable member...

Well it was personal issues with a few people...Rather than keeping on and saying that "one last thing" to defend myself, I just disappeared instead so that everyone else did not have to hear "My issues"...Even though in my heart I wanted to defend myself, I left.

Some people can't walk away especially if they feel offended, which I did at the time VERY STRONGLY...For this reason, I hope that the creators of this chat develop a way for people to have personal messages so that things that should be kept in private can be...This kind of thing has happened many times here, and it muddies the water for the rest of us.
Eagles can't see the fish when the water is muddy.

Judith Hart

I'm frozen also...


Yes, I have the sound, but the picture is frozen.

Rich Swanson

Dadfsr, your comment was removed because you left the group, but mostly because MANY people asked me to. But again you give another example of trying to censor someone (in thes particular case it just happens to be me.) I am not going to limit myself to any site because you say so. It's not my fault that people don't understand what I am saying. I don't understand why people here are attacking me instead of politely asking what I meant by my comment. I'd explain, people would say "Oh now I get what you meant," and life would go on. But evidently that can't happen in this tiny little part of the universe. Slightly sad.


Rich it sounds like you are in the same boat I felt I was in last year...Don't do what I did and worry about how people took your comment because only you know what was intended by it...instead just focus on the value you have attempted to add to the site...Which IMO you have....And keep on being the best you that you can be. You have added a lot here.


Doug, if you leave...we ALL lose. Period. No two ways about it. You are so well liked and your posts ...well...I for one enjoy and look forward to them. Besides..you never gave us the intake/wt gain ratio. See? You add fun and excitement to the site..and you challenge us. If you post..I bet I can get Judith to send you some of those stone crabs...(she has a source for the fresh ones)! And if you like clam chowder...maybe she will throw some in from Legal Seafood..the BEST! Take a 10 and 1/2 minute break...take some deep breaths...and come BACK!

Rjim...where have you been hiding? Good to see you again. Have you noticed all the food we have had in the nest this season? So far..no mink!

Judith, do you need Legal Seafood's phone number?


I've been here Mavis. Thank you. My last couple posts kina explain it. I'm here for the Eagles and to learn by watching. Not much for the BS part so I keep quiet.

BTW Doug, I'm not taking sides at all, and have enjoyed your posts too. I just would like to see a way for people to discuss things that offend them, or if they feel put down in a private message type of thing so that everyone doesn't need to here it.


Yes I have noticed all the food Mavis, and the interesting thing for me...The big fish days happened usually when it was windy, and there was a front approaching...Just like the "experiment" I started last year and never finished because of the personal stuff that turned me off.

I do intend to "rise above it" and post my findings from last year and this year. Coffee's food list, and Judith's and everyone else's input to her list will help me a lot.

Annette Kryske

7:01 AM PDT. What a beautiful day it is in Alcoa Land. L/J/ are in the nest with the little guys, & just as I was looking at the nest bowl one of the babies squirted PS right onto L or J! Wish someone has gotten that on tape. L?J looked surprised,& checked on what had just happened, and flew away.Funny way to start the day. Breakfast time, & then off to the Bowling Alley.


Beautiful morning at the nest. Already up to 36 degrees. On it's way to 60! Enjoying the sounds of the mourning dove and the trains. The eagles look so content. Annette, I too saw the PS. Direct hit on L or J. I think I laughed out loud at the reaction.


Oh, it was Liberty! I can see the spot on her tail feathers, now.

Rachel Gaines

Thanks Alcoa, for providing this wonderful site to observe and learn about these majestic, beautiful birds.
Just to look at these eagles and how they live and take care of their babies is an awesome experience!
It makes me proud that the bald eagle is our national bird.
The little chicks are so cute; and whatever names are chosen for this special pair will be great.
Seems like they are in no way slack in eating, perhaps to speed their growth.
Thanks, John, and everyone else for all of your updates and info.
This is a very special site; and we are blessed to have it.


Rjim, we go back a long way and I think we have enjoyed a friendship from the very beginning. I know you have much knowledge on wildlife and nature and have shared your wealth of information a number of times. That is how we learn from each other. An experience like this is just that, a lesson in nature..one that we LOVE. We learn from each other and we SHARE opinions. We usually share with respect for each other and not resort to name calling which offends everyone. I really don't consider comments made as BS..because everyone's comment is their opinion on a subject and it is not BS to them. Not just one person gets offended by name calling...many do. ALSO..it is easy to misunderstand a comment, we have all been in that soup too. When that happens, it is nice to come back and say.."that is not what I meant". Everyone on here is pretty intelligent and can reason for themselves. In all fairness, we were not called names...we were told our comments were stupid and petty. Just like you said some of our comments were BS. Some take it to mean the same. Just a little respect for each other goes a long way. IMO, Doug has always shown that respect toward all posters..and probably expected the same in return. I don't remember him ever putting someone else's opinions down...and...he has certainly contributed a lot. Both Rich and Doug have contributed and helped a lot of us. It is certainly ok to be critical. Respect for each other, or lack of, is the big game changer.

Now I did not want to put my finger BACK into the light socket...I would rather enjoy the eagles. Too early in the day...and too low on energy for hair to frizz.


Rjim..Coffee's project is awesome. I'm sure you must have checked it out. Also..Judy had an article about the shad fish dying by the hundreds due to temp change. We thought that, too, might have contributed to the 7 fish day events we have seen. Can't remember that many fish in one day last year...but you have those records. Seems like most of the days since the hatch have been windy...but we did have a few calm days.

Good you are back!

Bakers  in Texas

Another great year of watching eagles being hatched and born. omg can not believe how big the babies have become . I skipped two days of checking on them and bamn
Cant wait to hear the names and watch again next year. Thanks to Alcoa for providing this link for so many people and children and teachers.

Judith Hart

Does anyone else see something hanging in the tree branches...about 11:00, just above the nest. It looks bluish. Might be my eyes or shadow....

Ted H

I can't remember.... at what age do the young begin to feed on their own (from the food brought into the nest) instead of being fed only from L & J? All I can remember is how out of porportion those clown feet get! LOL! Oh that awkward age! LOLOL!

OT in the Ft St Vrain Colorado nest, the youngest of 3 who is half the size of it's 2 siblings gets into the bonking and gives when it receives, unlike the young one here who does a quick submissive faceplant into the nest whenever bonking starts!


Ted, this is from ccb birds:

A: Adults will continue to tear food and feed eaglets until they have acquired the ability to self-feed. Self-feeding is a developmental milestone that typically begins when the eaglets are around 40 days old.

Good to hear the 3rd baby at Ft. St. Vrain is giving back the bonks! If EO's theory holds...it MAY just be a spunky little male! Glad to hear it.

Judith Hart

Ted, I found one site that stated they fed themselves at three weeks.....I don't believe that is correct. Another site said five weeks.
If I remember from last year , they were pretty much all black, they could stand up and put their talons on the food to hold it down. Here's another site, says 6 weeks...I think that is about right.
Q) Are both parents involved in feeding the chick(s)?
A) Both parents will bring food back to the nest (mostly fish and some seabirds). At around 6 weeks of age, eaglets learn how to feed themselves.


Mavis, Did I put anyone in particular down by saying I'm not here for the BS? Did I put the whole group down? Did I say everything here is BS? My opinion is that there has been way to much stupid petty stuff here over the last two years and it sullies things for all of us. No one person in particular. You asked where I have been and was just answering.

Just because I mentioned that we should have a private way to discus our differences does not mean that I do not respect others opinion's, nor does it mean that you should equate what I said to Rich's comment. You said " In all fairness, we were not called names...we were told our comments were stupid and petty. Just like you said some of our comments were BS. Some take it to mean the same."...

Regarding his comment, He mentioned "taking it away from the adults" which insulted all the adults who thought the naming thing is a big deal...I only mentioned the BS has kept me from posting, which was not meant as an insult to anyone who has not been participating in doling it out. That is a big difference isn't it?.

You said "I really don't consider comments made as BS..because everyone's comment is their opinion on a subject and it is not BS to them."...

Unless your name is Rich and you happen to think the naming game has become petty????

The main point that people "missed" was that he was offering a way to put an end to it...Instead, some inflated egos made people feel "he just insulted me" rather than seeing he was offering a solution. Maybe he didn't say it artfully, and if possible would rewind, and reword his comment, but the forum doesn't allow it....so it ensues, and a valuable member of the site is ostracized for an untactful comment....

That is my last comment about this, for I too was looking for a solution to an issue which has plagued the site from day #1...A private message board to air disagreements so the main discussion stays on the Eagles where it should be. If you have anything else to say about this, private message me on FB and I would be glad to discuss it...But back to the Eagles.


Anybody else yelling at J/L to keep an eye on the little one to his/her left? Way too curious on edge of nest! Makes me very nervous.


Rjim..your points and opinions are well taken and I respect them. You give good argument and I appreciate that. Thank you. And YES...back to the eagles.

If I offended you or misread you, please accept my apology. I sincerely mean that. I do not think that anyone's comments are BS..but their opinions as I stated..even if your name is Rich. And you do not have to have an inflated ego to feel insulted. MY ego has been dragging the floor the last couple of weeks...and I still have feelings and can be insulted. Like you..I am out of this discussion.


NWZ my friend.

Rachel Gaines

I too noticed just a little while ago that the little chick was getting too close to the edge.
Then one of the parents flew right up to the edge and just kept sitting there like they were trying to block the way.
Good job, Justice or Liberty!
It's funny how the chicks will sit up real straight and look like they are going to topple over backwards.
I love seeing them preen themselves and rubbing their beaks over one of the sticks after eating.
Isn't that cute, even at such an early age?

Judith Hart

Is that a new coot that was brought in?


Looks pretty fresh, Judith. Didn't see it brought in however.


Do any "regulars" who were here before the eggs were laid, know when the new identifying black dot showed up on L's head ? The reason I ask, is because it looks more inflamed, and maybe larger than it did when I first checked in a couple weeks ago. I was thinking tick.


Babies are more aware of their surroundings today...looking around and noticing things about them more. Too cute!

Judith Hart

Rjim, The black spot was noticed when the camera came back on after the three last year fledged. If it's a tick then she has a tick on her tail also, that appeared the same time as the head spot. Do they have ticks in winter? I've never seen one.


No..not a tick then Judith if it was there all Winter...It just appeared more swollen then when I first saw it...Just an optical illusion, or I need to get myself to the eye Dr again...
Maybe she is a messy painter?


Hello all, I'm a super newbie here (just this year, but from the egg stage), and I have been overwhelmingly enjoying watching this and learning so much in the process. What a great way to escape stress and get a 'bird's eye view' (haha!) of these unbelievable creatures. Let me clarify: these guys are relieving my daily, regular life and work stress, but they are also stressing me out when they waddle too close to the edge or don't seem to be eating or whatever. So happy to have come across this... Did anyone recently click on the video stream and get redirected to a page that said it was now private? That just happened to me, but re-clicking was successful. I hope we get to watch these guys all the way. Awesome.


Hi jrusty...Welcome. Expect your Eagle induced stress to rise exponentially as the little ones grow...Or at least take an aspirin to prevent pitter patters of the heart...They should replace any work stress within a few weeks X 2.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Now, the babies have duck down to keep them warm. Liberty is plucking a duck and the nest is full of feathers. The wind is blowing fiercely and one of the eaglets is venturing to look over the side of the nest. Making me nervous.

Judith Hart

Justice was making Al and Coa a nice feather bed from plucking the coot, now the wind came out of nowhere...feathers flying everywhere. At least smaller birds can use it for their nests.


Where is the second eaglet??

E. R.

1:53pm CDT- Liberty really means business when she decides to remove fur on what ever that was on R side of nest. The wind is up and the eaglets want to cuddle,but she has fur flying all over the nest. One eaglet is sleeping on the food pile and the other is trying to crawl under her while she is throwing that fur every where. That is life in the big nest in the sky. Think those guy have put on another lb or two. All the feed yesterday is showing. It is amazing how they seem to grow larger right before your eyes.

Judith Hart

I can't believe this, Mts. NC sleeting earlier, now we're having a mini blizzard.

Ted H

thanks Mavis and Judith on the 'self feeding" reminder. Seems a strange question to ask when these 2 are obviously very well fed! LOL!

I did think they were pretty much to the mostly black stage when they started to self feed but really only remember those huge feet and those close encounters with the edge of the nest! YIKES! For those worry warts who were concerned with bonking and one being fed more than the other, "you ain't seen 'nuthin yet".. when they venture to the edge........

Love reading about the eagles, the subtle jabs, not so much. Everyone has an opinion, keep in mind we all value our own more than others....... but thanks to ALCOA for this site, free pictures and this forum, and now I hand the soapbox over to..... ??? JK, have a wonderful eagle watch all! AND I MEAN ALL!!!! Everyone brings something to this forum, enjoy the good, ignore what you dislike, there is way more great and good here than other.............


Lots of great stuff and great people around here Ted H. Great advice.


Oh boy, here we go!! Venturing ever closer to the edge!! In looking at my album from last year, this years nest looks far more reinforced. And with these two, that is a very good thing!


Get out the aspirin Colleen..time for the cardio workout.

Ted H

replying to post #52,,,,, all looks well now!

Thx for the link Judith


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