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April 10, 2013


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Mr. John...the important thing is knowing the nest is ok. Thank you for that info


Can you see the eaglets from where you are as in do we also know that they are fine?

Laurie C.

If any of you would like to see Wray feeding her triplets on West End (going on right now) here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yYSG3eAKXik

Laurie C.

Superman is there too. Wray's on the right, Superman is on the left.

Laurie C.

Oh, they moved. :-p

Laurie C.

Last post on West End: Looks like the triplets are full and are sleeping now. When Superman gets out of the way, you can see a dead red meat thing on the right. Some people think it's a baby seal carcass. But it's only a guess.


Good morning all. The wind and the lightening was wicked early this morning. Woke me up around 5:00. I pray that everything is fine in the nest. Liberty and Justice are amazing parents, so I know everything is good, but I am going through withdrawal not being able to see them this A.M.


Laurie C, How dare they move after you so carefully pointed out who was who? I'll have to keep checking them. I love the scene there - so different from Iowa! Thanks for the very interesting tidbit about Mom at Two Harbors being Wray's daughter!

Mr. John, thanks for the assurance that the nest is ok. AND for doing your best to get us reconnected.

Mavis, the loons lay their eggs the end of April or the first week of May. Larry there says the Loons return as soon as the ice is out of the lake and it doesn't sound like that has happened just yet.

nanapeg, so interesting that you posted the wqad falcon cam - I had just checked it! I didn't think the cam was live when I looked but after a couple minutes the falcon moved it's head - YEA, that cam is live!

Cristine, that storm must have woke up the whole QCA this morning! We might all need a nap this afternoon. Just so glad we didn't wake up to snow!

Ted H

Thankfully all 3 being fed at this time in the Ft St Vrain Colorado nest! What tough birds! :)


bea, what did you think of the falcon babies? They just crack me up. Look like Hostess Snowballs with beaks! We are so fortunate to have such a great camera placement so we can really see all of our Eagles nest. Thank you Alcoa, John, Bruce and the electricians working to get "us" back online.


Thanks for the pictures from yesterday to keep us entertained while there is no picture. The clown feet show real well in one and I am amazed at the size of their beaks.


nanapeg, falcon babies are SO cute! Do they have babies already this year? I think the pics are of the 3 from last year? Just adorable and good description Hostess Snowballs with beaks! I want to touch their white fluffiness - that's probably not a word.

I think I better take the time to try to get something done around here, all the while hoping the cam will come back so we can see Glory and Honor and the nest for ourselves. Seeing is believing!

Rich Swanson

47 viewers watching a test pattern......Dedication or boredom, you decide.


....one of those is probably mine from the minimized window I usually keep open in the corner of the computer screen with cam going.


RIch...neither...the window is open but I'm not watching..


LOL, Rich. Those are dedicated viewers! Just wondering Dadfsr, can you keep the cam screen going without refreshing all of the time? I would like to be able to do that.


Sorry Cristine-if there's a way to do that I haven't figured it out. Just check every once in awhile...

Laurie C.

While we are waiting, here's a video for you all. It's of the female on Two Harbors last year. In this video K82 was sitting on the nest about 2 am on April 2 in a violent windstorm. The chick was only about 3 days old or so. A large branch broke loose and came right at her. She stayed on her chick to keep it safe and wrestled with the branch until she got it off her back.



Wow, that video is quite a tribute to that mama eagle's dedication! Thanks for sharing, Laurie...


Great video Laura C - for those who watch it, there is a part 2 on the side.


ooops, sorry - LaurieC.

Rachel Gaines

I knew the weather had gotten rough.
I hope everything is alright with our eagle family.
Thanks, Alcoa, for your continued work to keep this wonderful website going for us.


thanks, Laurie. That was a good size limb.

Judith Hart

Laurie C, I was just looking at the video you posted when the mom got hit with the branch.
Do you know what color the tag is on her?


There is a falcon nest 50 stories up on the Sun Trust Building in Atlanta, GA. they are on 4 eggs should hatch any day now.

The web address is www.georgiawildlife.com/node/615

I miss seeing Honor and Glory

Laurie C.

Judith: It's an orange tag. The eagles on Catalina get orange tags. The ones on Santa Cruz Island get light blue tags, and their letter is "A". As you can see, Catalina eagles get "K".

Judith Hart

Thanks Laurie

Judith Hart

-----------NEW THREAD------------

Sue Pagels

They are getting so big! Thanks for the update and hope the camera is up and running soon. Thank you for your hard work and dedication towards the eagles!

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