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August 06, 2013


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Thanks for the update Mr John! The pics of Parents were great! Nice seeing Liberty and Justice again.

Sue Waters

Thank you so much for the update, looking forward to watching again when the camera is repaired, missing Liberty, Justice, Honor and Glory, happy they're all still around and safe :-)


Hey, Mr. John...good to hear from you!

The pictures are great, as always. You have really gotten good at this and appreciate the pictures.

I have a feeling H and G may still be around but know it is about time for them to leave. It is always hard to say 'goodbye' .

Excited about you getting the cam(s) going again. If we get the sound back...it will be awesome. Always enjoy the sounds around the nest.

Hoping you enjoy the summer too. Oh...next year should be a piece of cake after what you went through this year!

Carol C

Great pictures Mr. John. I've been over there & did see both H & G. I know they r around but hard to find them. Thanks a lot.I can't wait for the new cam either.


Great to see the pictures of the first eagle family. That look like Liberty sitting in the tree. Thanks again for the pictures. Hope everything goes well with the new camera mounting. It has been a rough year, but I know the effort is there and we all appreciate every thing. Lots are logged into the facebook site and I know when the new camera is a go,everyone will be back on here in a heart beat plus many more. Yes we are getting tired of looking at the ads on the other site, we are hungry to see the never ending saga of Liberty bossing Justice around and deciding where to put the sticks on the nest. We love our Justice though, he is the best dude of the eagles and always so devoted to Liberty, even on her bad hair days. We will always check in to see if anything is going, have a great summer, what's left of it. "Onward through the Fog"


Thanks John for all that you do. I miss the baby eagles! Cant wait until the camera is back up and running! Take care!

Annette Kryske

3:43 PM PDT. Mr. John, I don't want to get out of the habit, of putting CA. time like I have been doing
for the past 2 years on this site! I do miss the chatter and the posting from you all. Can't wait until we get back to discussing our little family. Thanks for the pictures. I wish I could see the black dot on Liberty's tail. That would have made my day. Stay well, and Please keep us posted.


Thank you! Glad to hear the up-dates.



For those of you who might enjoy seeing something different...watch the video above....short and absolutely fascinating.

Annette Kryske

Mavis: How in blazes did I miss this video?? We all have been viewing many videos these days, and for some reason I missed this one. The Birds of Paradise was spectacular. My viewers on e mail are getting all of them , and loved the videos I sent them today. Thanks.

Annette Kryske

3:51 PM PDT. Do I see a black spot on Liberty's tail on the left side ??? Upon looking at the pictures again today, I noticed a dark spot or a shadow on her tail. I even commented a few days ago," It would be nice if I could see a black spot on Liberty's tail, it would make my day",and lo & behold when I looked just now there WAS a spot.I guess I hadn't enlarged the pic, and it was there all the time. Happy, me.


What a treat to check in and see an update! Great pictures! Thanks Mr. John! And so nice to be reminded that the plans for repair are being worked on. Can't wait until we can view it all again.

Thanks to Mavis too for the video. I've already shared it and will go back and watch again - it's that great!

Everyone enjoy the rest of the summer! See you all at the nest, hopefully soon.


Just checking to see if I can post a comment. I try when I check to see if there is a new update and it tells me it has been posted, but doesn't show up.

Am missing seeing the eagles although I do get more things done when it is offline.

Hope your repairs are being done.


Hi Everyone! I, like most of you, check in almost every day to see if the camera is up and going, or to see if anyone has left a new comment. I miss everything about this website. Summer now is almost over again for another year, and I am beginning to feel a little sad and nostalgic. I know in my heart that our little eagle family is doing well. I also know they haven't had any bad storms to deal with, because we haven't had any rain for well over a month. Things are starting to get very dry with cracks in the earth, and no rain is projected for at least another week to 10 days. Next week is supposed to be the hottest week we have so far with temps in the 90's. Remember the Spring when we had all of that rain and all of the flooding? Hope everyone has had a good summer. I don't know about you but it sure seems like it has gone fast. Not possible the kids are back in school and football season is about to start. Looking forward to updates about the camera and to communications with y'all! Take care.


Hi all,

Don't know if any of you have been watching Pip's site...the Baby Ostrich that was hatched by Daddy Dash and Family? Sad to say that Pip died yesterday. Daddy Dash said he would get it checked out why she died.

I, too, miss our Peace and Harmony, but am hopeful they're surviving their first year and will grow into mature and strong Eagles.

Also, an update on the Sea Eagle's nest I'd also sent a link for. They've given up hope that the eggs will hatch and are claiming the eggs aren't viable. My understanding is they're seeking permission to retrieve the eggs and find out what happened.

Been a sad past couple days all around. In any case, I thought I'd update everyone because I know I'd sent out the sites to others and wanted to update them.

Hope all are doing well and we'll meet again when our Liberty and Justice start their new family. Take care until then!

Carol C

Hi, Jo I did here about pip but not the sea eagles. sad! I'm in Rhode Island this week, a well deserved vacation. No sun tho. boo hoo. Martha's Vineyard tomorrow. Can't wait for our camera to be up & running.


Have a wonderful vacation, Carol! Hope things change and the sun shines for you while you're there! In any case, enjoy yourself! You deserve the rest!

Darlene Nichols

Greetings, all.....just checking in to see what updates Mr. John might have posted. I would be happy to see the empty nest, even, rather than the "offline" rainbow , but I know.....patience. QUESTION Mr. John.....do any of the eagles use the nest at all ? or is it abandoned for the season ? I forget if L and J stay thru the winter or migrate (getting them confused with ospreys).....its been so long since last seeing them !


would love an update

Carol C

Hi Jo Finally got some sun. Went to Cape Cod & Plymouth today. A lot of driving. Highways here are something else. Stoplights on some of them. Darlene. L & J stay in the area & do go to the nest once in awhile. November they start working on the nest. Can't wait for the cam to come on.


8:21 AM EDT 2 Sept 2013

Happy Labor Day to all of you. Hope everyone enjoys their day and stays safe.

Was checking in also to see if there was an update on the camera(s).

Been a slow hot summer in my neck of the woods. I am looking forward to Fall with the cooler temps and pretty colors of the season. I also enjoy sneaking a look at the nest from time to time (yep..still the rainbow bars).

Cherrycarol, thanks for telling us that you see L and J from time to time. It is nice to have a connection to the nest with your reports.

Mr. John, it has been almost a month since we heard from you. I know this in your down time but you would be surprised how many of us check by to see if you posted anything about L and J or the progress being made concerning the cams.

Hope everyone at Alcoa enjoy Labor Day...a picnic under the eagle tree would be nice!!

Scheryl Grant

Thanks for the update. Can't wait for spring!


LOL Mavis, a picnic under the nest tree? Well, I guess now would be a safe time for that wouldn't it ;) you wouldn't need an bumbershoot for PS protection anyway :P

Glad you finally got some sun, Carol. Please, have a great rest of your vacation and be safe coming "home."

BTW, HOWDY to y'all! ;)

Judith Hart

Cherrycarol, Just tell me if you ate one of those scrumptious lobster rolls, with the buttery juices just oozing out of the grilled bun.

Mr. John, How did you ever get the last pictures posted? It appears as if they were taken from a tree top.



Good morning everyone! Just checking in like everyone else to see if there has been any progress/update on our cam. Maybe it won't be long now that it has cooled off a bit and it might be easier to work outside.

Judith, good observation on the pics. I wondered the same thing myself. Amazing photos!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Carol C

Judith I don't like lobster so I never tried those rolls. They were everywhere. I should have at least tried one. I didn't know it had butter. Hoping to see the cam soon. Carol


Today is 9-11-13. 12 years ago today is a day none of us will ever forget. I'm sharing this link in honor of that day and ALL the heroes who stepped up to help.


God bless the USA!

PS....hope the cam is back soon.

Judith Hart

Anyone here??? HELLO.....HELLO....NOPE, NOTHING.

Beamg, Thank you for the link to "BOATLIFT" it was quite a stirring video.


Just checking.....


Bea, that was AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing that with all of us!

Annette Kryske

6:54 PM PDT Sept. 17 What is happening in Alcoa Land??? Please hurry, we are all anxiously waiting for some news. It has been a bit boring, and I am running out of humorous Maxine's, and other things to keep our eagle lovers entertained. I believe the big attraction should be soon( I hope). We would love to hear how things are going Mr. John!!! Thanks.


11:46 PM EDT Sept 18th..

Ruth posted this on OT a day or two ago. I thought many of you might enjoy this. It is a slide show of our nest time with Faith, Hope, and little Spirit. I can't remember who made this slide booklet, but sure glad Ruth saved it and shared it again with us.

Hope the link posts...sometimes this gets tricky..if it does...enjoy!


Carol C

I was down by the river Monday morning & I saw 2 juvie eagles flying or soaring from IL. to Iowa. Just soaring over the river to Iowa til I couldn't see them anymore. I'm thinking it was Honor & Glory, since I was right across from Alcoa.


Thanks for sharing Mavis! That was a neat photobook memory!


Ok...another share I think everyone should watch. This was on my FB page from Utah Wildlife:



21 Sept 2013

Good morning, Mr. John. Many of us have asked, and it has been almost 2 months.....won't you just give us a hint of whats to come and when?

MN Bound tested their cam this week and several viewers got a glimpse of Mom and Dad meeting at the nest. We are anxious to see our nest...even if it is empty. And...OMG!...to hear the sounds again that surround the nest! If you have a minute, will you tell us what is going on and what to expect?


<><> ><> ><> ><> ><>


Well...that didn't turn out!!!


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