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November 07, 2013


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Annette Kryske

8:30 AM PDT. Mr.John,Alcoa & Cam workers. We appreciate all your efforts to make things work for us to view the coming events in the nest. Just hope the weather doesn't influence the outcome. Everything seems to be going well at present. Liberty and Justice have been entertaining the past few weeks. Thanks and good luck to you all.

sandy ross

thank you for letting us know. have enjoyed seeing liberty and justice in the nest together.

Chuch Howarth

It may be to late, but it would be nice if you couls put a little "Air conditioner filter foam" over the mike on the camera, to cut out the wind noise, it won't do anything to the other sounds.
Just my $.02

John Riches

We will not be back up around the nest at this point.


Hi, Mr. John!! (that's it...just wanted to say 'hi')

Carol C

Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see the second cam. Is it going to work like the one last year? They have been in the nest a lot & I'm loving it! Thanks for all you do! Carol

Carol C



Hi Mr John! Just wanted to let you know your hard work is very much appreciated!

I, personally, will be very glad for the second camera because I can't seem to catch Liberty and Justice at the nest like the others do...I guess my timing is off since I'm on PST. By the time I'm up in the morning, L & J have been and gone and even though I check during the daytime, several times, I seem to just miss them.

I'm hoping with the second camera giving us a broader/wider view I'll catch them flying around. In any case, I'm thrilled that there will be two cameras and I just wanted to say an extra big thank you for all your hard work and all you do so we can watch these wonderful creatures!


9:08 EST Nov 8th

Good morning everyone. Kinda cool here..actually...COLD for FL...43º. Hope everyone is warm.

Cam in down but I doubt if it will stay down long. Guess this is a good time to get a few things done...but I'm getting used to being lazy again.

Will check back later..

sandy baker

Looking forward to watching the new events in the nest this year. Glad to know your also working on another angle camera . We dont know how to thank you for all the hard work you guys put into keeping this running, but know it is appreciated by hundreds or thousands of people . Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.


Activity on the nest from the time it came back on line at about 12:15 nest. Both on nest then and did some flying in and out bringing in some new branches and finally Liberty came in with a fish and Justice arriving much later to take the few remains from her He ate a bit and she flew off. Then he flew off with the remains. She was in later but nothing left to eat. She left and came in with some twigs. This was 2 hours after the cam came back online.

Bea Griffore

Good sunny morning everyone!

Thanks for the terrific update Mr. John! Can't wait until we see how that 2nd cam works and what it will show us.

It's a cool 45° at mu house this morning but the sun is shining. Wow, lots of nesting material has been brought in since yesterday morning. Looking good! Mobody home except a sparrow once in a while.

Bea Griffore

Oh good grief....."Mobody" home? Darn fingers! They must not be awake. Where's my coffee?


mobody made me laugh a little out loud. I needed it.


Mobody made me laugh out loud, too! Laughter is the best medicine! Thanks for starting my day off right! I'm also glad to see that I'm not the only fumblefingers around here ;) I've still not been blessed to catch a glimpse yet, but it'll happen, I have no doubt!
Y'all have a wonderful weekend!


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Bea Griffore

Good Sunday morning everyone. Got here at about 6:30CDT and saw L or J on the Alcoa branch, calling out and looking around. I can hear smaller birds waking up and singing with the train whistle in the background. Beautiful! Then the one on the branch flew off and surprise...the other adult was in the nest! A minite later it took off too. Now, sparrows have moved in, picking around in the nest. They look so tiny in the big nest!

Have a great Sunday everyone.

Bea Griffore

4:40pm CDT L or J shows up with a fish and is eating.

Carol C

Liberty seems to bring in the fish & eats most of it & you here Justice on the branch & she lets him have the rest. This has happened a few times now. Come on Justice go fishing!!

Bea Griffore

Carol, I agree! Doesn't seem like the tail is enough.


Bea and Carol...the tail is enough if you're the one who does NOT have to lay the eggs!! Justice took over most of the nest duties last year...was an unusual year. Wonder how it will be this year.

Beautiful day...just right to go without air or heat. That doesn't happen very often. Hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful day too.

Bea Griffore

Good morning all and good morning to L or J on the Alcoa branch. It's 6:40am CDT and I'm just not sure who that is. Not much wind this morning so all seems very peaceful.

Mavis, you have a good point! Maybe they switch duties each year? It did seem strange that Justice was on heavy nest duty last year. I haven't paid close enough attention to other nests to see how they work things out. It's just that Liberty is so bossy at times that it seems strange she would let Justice do most of the work. She is a trooper in snow storms though!

We don't have a very good weather report for today.....wintery mix of snow later this morning and cold.

Bea Griffore

At about 6:45 the other adult came in with a stick and is busily rearranging things. I can only see a bit of the head or tail most of the time because the one on the branch is blocking the nest view. Other birds in the area are singing away.

Happy Veterans Day to all out Veterans and thank you for your service! These eagles are a great representation of all you have done to ensure our freedoms. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless America!

Bea Griffore

Ok, I am not going to try to explain my typos today. Go ahead and laugh - we can all use a good laugh, right? Darn fingers again!

It's almost 7:30. L & J have been in and out for the past hour. Such a treat to see them there so much more these days. The wind is picking up now.

Did someone on here post about the migrating whooping cranes? I can't remember where I got the link from but I have been having the best time watching them. They have a down day today because of the winds again. Such a neat bird to watch and I am impressed by the dedication of the Operation Migration group working with this group of 8 birds on their way to FL and what will be their winter home. Thanks to whoever passed that on!

And where is everyone this morning? I'm talking to myself again. bbl


I'm here, Bea...just hate to butt in ....you are so entertaining when you talk to yourself.

It is hard to imagine harsh, cold weather anywhere when the a/c is running. It is hard to believe so few miles of separation makes such a difference in tempertures.

I have been keeping up with the migration of the whooping cranes, mostly thru the reporting of you and Chuck on OT. One of the most fascinating, and awesome things to watch. They are really beautiful birds and grateful they are still around, thanks to the care of so many people.

If I didn't know the egg laying time was in February, I would think it would happen soon due to the shape L and J have their nest in. Last Thanksgiving, it was still a mess and in need of a lot of work. It looks about ready now and we still have 3 months to go!! Every year and every nest is different I guess...will just have to wait and see....which is what we seem to do best!

Mr. John, we are all anxious to see the view from the new cam. Appreciate the work you have put into giving us two views this year. We got spoiled on seeing Deadwood and other points last year. It was spectacular viewing to watch the babies fly and land at different spots in the tree. Deadwood seemed to be a family gathering area and hope the limb is still there.

Good morning to everyone..


Bea, I guess your comments are so easy and interesting to read that I don't even notice the typos :) Mavis,I, too have been following the migration of the Whooping Cranes. I go to the website everyday to see their progress and read the blogs. I guess they are standing down again today in Piatt County, IL because of the wind conditions. It makes me sad knowing they were so close to me at one point of their journey,(90 mi.?) and I wasn't able to drive there to see them in person. What a miraculous thing they are doing.
Looks like we are going to get a taste of winter here in the Quad Cities area for the next few days. Going to get down to 20 degrees tonight and 18 degrees tomorrow night, Brrrrrr. Time to think about bringing in some firewood from the old shed. I am ready for a fire.
Missed our Eagles this morning :( I will try and check in later in the day to see if I can't catch them. It seem like they show up shortly before dark quite often, doesn't it?
Blessed be our Veterans. We owe them our lives and our Freedom. Happy Veterans Day.


1:03 EST

I watched an eagle on the nest for a long time. Not sure if it was L or J OR an intruder. It just stood there in some pretty stout wind not moving anything but his/her head. It used to be easy to spot L or J at a glance but no so anymore. For some reason, I felt the eagle might have been another adult eagle instead of our L /J. When it is not windy, Liberty is a bit easier to tell by her hairline across the forehead. Just looking at the blowing feathers from the wind almost gave me chills. It just looks cold there today.

18 to 20º tonight? I would already have a fire going, Cristine!!


Howdy all, just thought I'd let you know that I'm looking in occasionally...not seeing anyone on the nest but I'm still hoping to. My hours are totally different than yours so I'm usually sleeping when you all are saying L & J are here. I'm watching other nests but haven't watched the Whooping Cranes. I check in here often but just can't seem to catch them on the nest.

UScream (my name for UStream)only allows chat/SS on 2 sites at once so I've been switching from the Ostriches to the MNB nest to Tommy's Zoo, to Africam Black Eagle and to the Kookaburra's. By then my computer is so slow it usually crashes and I have to reboot and do it all over again.

My first love and favorite, however, is L & J so when I start to see them on the nest more, and looking like they're gonna make babies, the others will probably come in after.

I hear other nests in Florida have laid, or are in the process of laying, their eggs already! No way can I watch all these nests...I'd be sitting at the computer all the time and would never even get any sleep! Heck, I barely get any now as it is!

Y'all have a great week and a big ole THANK YOU to all the VETS and our service men and women out there who are giving their everything to keep our country free...or as free as our government will allow us to be anyway.


Oh and a P.S. we've been having great day time weather! Been in the 80's! Just had to rub it in lol of course the nights are cold now, but I haven't turned my furnace on yet! The nice weather is a pleasant change from the 130 degree temps we had for the summer tho. Guess it's a trade-off.

Carol C

Good afternoon. Getting some snow showers but it's not sticking. But sure is getting colder. Darn!! Not ready for that yet. No L or J now. Mr. John would it be possible to have some man the second cam? A volunteer maybe so they could follow them around. Just an idea. Carol


Cherrycarol...I am watching the snow with you! Some of it is sticking now. Are you volunteering to Mr John to operate the panning of the second cam when it becomes functional? Way to go, girl!!

Jo, maybe you should talk with Annette or some of the posters that live on the West coast. Annette seems to see L and J every day and she lives in PT zone. You may miss the morning visits...but you shouldn't have trouble with the mid morning and afternoon visits. You just have to check in often and stay with it like most of us do. Good luck to you.

I'm back to nest watching. Good night for hot soup...or chili.

Carol C

Good morning. Really cold but it's sunny. A little snow in the nest. Well I would love to volunteer to man the camera but I still work. So that takes care of that. Have a good day ALL!! Carol


8:43 AM EST Nov 12th

Good morning Cherrycarol and all....

The nest looks cold but warming with the sun hitting it. I see "Fearless" and friends searching and finding little goodies in the nest. They are fun to watch. When we get the full nest view, we often see what seems like hundreds of these little birds that build their own nests in the lower walls of the L and J's nest. The best place to be...they have L and J's protection from intruders, like squirrels and raccoons...they have a roof over their heads...and shelter from the wind and rain. The wee ones seem to enjoy an aray of food in the way of insects that the nest attracts. If they are lucky and sneaky enough...they can even get by with a little bedding material from the straw L and J bring in. They do good hanging out with the BIG GUYS...they also know to stay out of the way when L and J are "home".

Bea Griffore

Good morning Carol, Mavis and everyone.

I had such fun catching up on the comments from yesterday! It's more fun here when I'm not talking to myself. I slept late today but I don't see that anyone said L or J was here this morning so guess I didn't miss too much. Kinda looks like they must have brought in some grass after the snow.

I was out in that "wintery mix" yesterday. What does wintery mix make you think of? I usually think "how bad can it be" but yesterday it was coming down sideways where I was. And oh my it was cold! Guess I need to get acclimated yet. I discovered I don't even have a scraper in my car! So there is some prep I need to do for sure.

Cristine, I'm ready for a fire too! Just wish I had a fireplace. It's 15° at my house right now. Jo, please send some of your heat to Iowa.

Judith Hart

I think there's something wrong with my eyes, today the nest seems to have a different shape. Instead of a rounded appearance, now the right side seems very high, almost moved to the center of the nest.

Bea Griffore

Judith, I don't think it's your eyes. I think the angle of the camera is playing tricks on us. When L & J are there together which ever one is closer to the cam looks biggest, at least that's the way I see it. And remember in the last couple years we kept saying they need to build up that left side so the eaglets don't fall out. It does look like they need to either bring in more sticks for the left or move some from the right to the left. Now, who can we get to go up there and show them what we mean?


3:46 EST

I haven't spotted L or J today...but I haven't been watching much. Don't see where anyone else did either so I guess we missed them...if they came. I don't even see Fearless and friends. I notice some snow still in the nest so the temp must still be low.

I see what you mean, Judy. There are so many sticks on the right side that the center of the nest appears to be closing in toward the left. They have some house straightening to do yet.

I heard it is suppose to get down to 39º where I live! Excitment for us. Heard people talking about it in town...that's how I found out so I picked up the makings for chili! Whoopee!!

Carol C

My customers husband sits by the river while I do her hair in Moline & when he picked her up at 11:15 he said he saw L & J. But in a different tree. And he saw the second camera in the tree. So I went to check it out & the cam is at the top of the tree left side from the IL. side. Went over to Alcoa too but didn't see L or J or any others. Got gas for $2.69. Wooo Hooo!!


That was a good report, Carol. Maybe the second cam will be online before long and we can see more than just the nest view. Last year, the second cam sure showed us a lot and the sunsets were nice to watch.

Did you notice if Deadwood was still there? That was a favorite perching area for the 'family'.

Gas for $2.69 ??? That wasn't a typo?? Wow!


5:00 P.M. CT Liberty flies into the nest. The sun has just set. Two minutes later Justice joins her and they spend a few minutes moving sticks around. Justice flies off first, while Liberty sits and stares quietly over the river, just watching. She then flies off too, at about 5:10. Glad I got to see them today! And I see what you mean about that right side of the nest. Quite the build-up!
Mavis, I took your advice about having soup last night. Our local American Legion was having a Veterans Day soup supper. Three kinds of soup including Chili, Chicken and Dumpling, and Vegetable Beef. Perfect! They are saying now that it's going to get down to 15 degrees tonight. We are having soup again. This time I am making Stuffed Green Pepper soup from the leftover peppers I harvested from my garden. That, plus cornbread should be a good supper for a very cold night.
Meet y'all at the nest tomorrow!

Carol C

Mavis I'm not sure if the camera is facing the deadwood or not. Sure hope so. It's not a type o. I filled up for $30.00. I missed them at 5. Darn!


Cristine, glad you got to see L and J. Ruth, on OT just reported the same thing a few minutes ago.

Stuffed green pepper soup??? That is a new one on me! Enjoy!!!


Eagles, food, Eagles, food, weather and chocolate LOL nest talk everywhere!

OMG Gas is $2.69! It's $3.19 here! Every place has it's trade-off's I guess! We've got the nice weather you've got the good gas prices.

Not sure which I'd rather have LOL


7:35 AM Nov 13th

Both L and J on nest NOW

Carol C

6:30 am. Both in the nest. Then Liberty sat on the branch watching the other birds. Justice flew off. Then she left about 6:55am Going to be a little warmer today. I'm going to Circa 21 to see a Christmas play this afternoon. Have a good day All!!


7:58 AM EST

That was a nice visit by L and J. Liberty was there first for a few minutes. She settled down to test out the bed area then decided to rearrange a few sticks on the right side. The sticks seem to be intertwined so were hard to move. After a while, Justice flew in and tried to help. Liberty gave up, flew to the Alcoa limb where she remained. Justice had better things to do and took off. Liberty stuck around a while before she left too. I agree with Liberty, that right side does need work.

Got up wondering what stuffed bell pepper soup taste like. Judy was talking about roasted butternut curry soup in a message she sent me. Have any of you heard about vegatable beef...or chicken noodle...or corn chowder...or just plain tomato or potatoe soup??? Just wondering....

Good morning everyone

Bea Griffore

Good morning all! I am so late today but had computer issues - ug! Made me miss L & J but I guess I'll have another chance.

Carol, it's awesome how much gas has come down! We paid the same a couple days ago.

All the talk about soups makes my mouth water!

Oh, L or J just flew in with a branch with leaves attached. YEA! And there's the other one too! Double yea! So funny to watch them both try to move the same stick around, each holding opposite ends. Very chilly day at 19°.

I think all the oak leaves in my town came down yesterday. It was raining leaves everywhere! Now if it would just warm up we could get our yard cleaned up before the next snow, whenever that will be.

Gotta go. Have great day everyone!


Good morning! Missed L&J this morning. Glad all you "early birds" got to see them! I will keep checking in from time to time, especially at nightfall.
Just checked on the Whooping Crane Migration, too. They are up and on their way this morning! Next stop, Cumberland Co., IL Thank you, Mavis and Bea for bringing this fabulous adventure to my attention. For those of you who are interested, the live cam from the air is on now. Check out: www.ustream.tv/flyingcranes. It is so amazing to see the cranes flying alongside the ultralight. Beautiful.
Supposed to warm into the 40's today. Good. It will melt off this snow and ice on the sidewalks. Too early for this! However, apparently there is another arctic front to come through at some point. After the weekend?
The pepper soup turned out good. Tastes just like stuffed peppers if you like those, with the rice, ground beef, tomatoes, onion, etc. I had only had it in restaurants before, so this was my first time making it. Supposed to taste even better the second day, like chili. We'll see, I made a big pot so there are leftovers! Mavis, did you get your chili made?
Have a great day everyone. Lots of sunshine out there today. SW winds and it will be kind of breezy.


OK --


2:14 EST

Eagle cam is down...maybe they are trying to go online with the second cam...now wouldn't that be a nice surprise?!! Just guessing...don't have a clue.

Cristine, I went to the whooping crane cam as soon as I read your post and was too late for in air flight...but....I did catch it in time to watch the caregivers "herd" the cranes into their enclosure until the next flight. That was interesting. They never spoke a word...they wore hooded, all white garmets with a "crane head" fitted on the glove of one hand. The cranes just followed them into the enclosure. I watched them provide water and feed in feeders for them. The cranes were very comfortable around their handlers. Astonishing.

Bea sent me the recipe for stuffed pepper soup...it looked good and I plan to try it. May add some okra and corn...but it looks to be a winner. Thanks!



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