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November 13, 2013


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work work work!
I love it and it always turns out better than befor.-- you go john- we luv ya!


2:26 EST

Eagle cam is down...maybe they are trying to go online with the second cam...now wouldn't that be a nice surprise?!! Just guessing...don't have a clue.

Cristine, I went to the whooping crane cam as soon as I read your post and was too late for in air flight...but....I did catch it in time to watch the caregivers "herd" the cranes into their enclosure until the next flight. That was interesting. They never spoke a word...they wore hooded, all white garmets with a "crane head" fitted on the glove of one hand. The cranes just followed them into the enclosure. I watched them provide water and feed in feeders for them. The cranes were very comfortable around their handlers. Astonishing.

Bea sent me the recipe for stuffed pepper soup...it looked good and I plan to try it. May add some okra and corn...but it looks to be a winner. Thanks!

(I posted this on the previous thread before I realized we have a new thread)


THE very worst soup I ever had was still very good. no such thing as bad soup!
broth is good too. maybe i'm simple. I have entertained the idea of chopping up these peppers and throwing them into my chowder


2:43...ON LINE AGAIN....


Thanks Mavis--

I might have missed it!


I agree with you Gregory. I love soup, too! I could eat it every day :) I especially like to make split pea, or bean soup with ham in the wintertime, or turkey noodle with the leftover Thanksgiving turkey carcass. Mavis, I'm excited you're going to try the stuffed pepper soup. Try sprinkling a little shredded Parmesan cheese on the top. Awesome.
Glad to see the camera is back online now. Maybe Liberty and Justice will show up in a little over an hour (5:00?)for their nightly ritual. I will check back.


Cristine...turkey carcass?? Now, girl...you are talking my language!! I love turkey bone soup (my redneck name for it).

Been looking for L and J...no sign of them yet. They always come toward dusk so I'm looking...

Bea Griffore

4:58pm CDT Justice is in the nest! I got a good look at the tail - no black spot.

Bea Griffore

5:00 and Justice flew out as Liberty flew in.

Bea Griffore

And now they are both there! Right on time.

Carol C

5 seems to be the magic time now. Liberty stayed til about 5:15. Saw a Christmas Story today & it was great!!

Bea Griffore

Hi Carol! I lost track again of who is who but both were there again just a minute ago and now down to one again. Sounds like you had a great day!


What a show we got tonight! Both Liberty and Justice flying in and out of the nest from around 5:00 until well after dark at 5:35. Spent most of their time wrestling with sticks, although Liberty was doing a little of that "kicking with her talons thing" again in the bottom of the nest. She even laid down a couple of times, as if she was trying it out for size :)
Have a wonderful evening everyone.


6:46 EST

Well...they are both gone now!! Missed it...

Carol...glad you had a good time. Love Christmas plays and movies...Hallmark is rerunning them every day now until Christmas. When I get enough of the senate hearings...I go to fanasty land at Hallmark. Getting hard to tell which one is fanasty!! Think I will stick to making soup!!

Bea Griffore

Good morning all. At 6:50am CDT looks like Liberty in the nest - at least I think I saw a faint black spot on the tail. Kind of breezy this morning and all the littler birds are happily singing.

Better go check to see if the WCs are flying this morning.


Bea Griffore

It's a down day for the WCs. They'll do good to make it to FL by Christmas at this rate!

The first rays of the sun are hitting the nest and Liberty with a pick glow. So pretty, if I turn the sound down a bit. Amazing how the sound of the wind makes me feel colder but we've all noticed that I think. Oh, and off she goes at 6:57.

Carol C

Good Morning Liberty was laying in the nest a long time this morning. Then when she left I could still hear her. Have to get ready for work now.

Judith Hart

3:28 PM Justice landed in the nest rearranging some sticks.


3:20 P.M. CT - Liberty flies in and uses her beak to dig around in the bottom of the nest for a while. After surveying the river, she then flies out at 3:27. Maybe she will be back with Justice at dusk, around 5:00. I will check back.
P.S. I am not making soup tonight :)









Annette Kryske

2:36 PST What do I see?? An eagle in he nest from the new cam, L or J look like a toy, as it is far away. I am waiting for some action from the cam.I gather you are still working on it Mr. John. Keep up the good work fellas. I am laughing so hard, that I can hardly type. The nest is really blowing also. 10 minutes since I started. No change or color color, but that's ok for now.L or J just flew out.

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