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January 20, 2014


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joyce Carter

can't get either view. Clicked on both and nothing comes up

Chuck Howarth

Works great from my PC, thank you very much.


The first to say, Wowie!!. Can't wait for the new nester's. Looking in from Pinecrest, Ca.

Laura Paintner

Is it my imagination or is there now a mobile home below the nesting tree?


YOU DID IT!! OMG!! We all have both views now!! Hallelujah!!

Mr. John, you rock! Thank you! Both views work great on my iPad!

Bessie Ann Allison

Thanks, for the dual cams...enjoy this a lot!



sorry I don't post much anymore but I watch and read everyday. hey everyone.


I was afraid of this.

I don't think the nest is ready. it should have a very nice lining by now with a neat little bowl in the middle.

am I right?

Judith Hart

Yippee! Now I can check out the eagle legs myself. Thanks Mr. John.

Bea Griffore

Congratulations Mr. John and Alcoa - You did it! Best nest ever to watch and it just got better! I have both cams running and working perfectly. WooooHoooo Thank you so much! So excited right now and your title for this new thread is so fitting - the view DID just get better than ever.

Jo Ann

Thank you, Mr. John and Alcoa. Both views are looking great. We all appreciate your efforts. Looking forward to seeing the little ones.

Bea Griffore

NWZ - plenty of time left to get the nest ready.

Sherri S

Two cameras!! That's awesome. Thanks Alcoa!


Two cameras, AWESOME. Mr John you really talented!

Sam Barcus

We are so excited for all the events to come, we are first-timers and couldn't be happier with Alcoa's attention to details. Thank-you!

Laura Tafelsky

Thank you Alcoa. The two views are great. I can now see the water & it puts it all in perspective. Great job. Now all we need are eggs. This will definitely help to bring on spring. From Lansing, MI


Thank you and hooray !!! Hard to believe the bealst could get better but it did ! Now its time for Liberty and Justice to get down to business with their nestorations.......and i'm viewing this on my smartphone.....mobile works fine !


Great now to see both views,big thanks Mr.John and crew that did all this work.We saw Liberty and Justice in the nest last night for a while discussing nest repairs and maybe three eggs this season? This month will pass quickly and soon we will be watching Liberty wiggling onto the eggs in the middle of a late spring snow storm.Get your calendars out and mark it.Be patient and let nature take its time.



I found some comfort in your post and I hope you are right.

last years first egg was on feb 7. they seem to be so tolerant of the juvies and I wonder if this winter has moved back the critical date. I have no doubt nature knows best.

still- 17 days sounds so short.


Thank you Alcoa!


Oh, this is fabulous! Love being able too see both views at once. Thank you Mr. John and Alcoa for all of your hard work. This is definitely worth the wait :)


Last year I think I remember someone saying that the eggs could be earlier because the winter had been warmer than normal. Maybe this year because of all the cold weather they might be later.

Great views. Thank you Alcoa.

Sandy Stricklin

Thanks, Alcoa! It's great to have 2 cams this year. Looking forward to some chicks now.


Sandy R

Wow! How exciting. Thanks Alcoa! Exciting times to come.


All I know is that I am so proud of both views. Nice part is that there is no reason for squabbles now as to focusing the camera in or out...you can now choose your view. Just love it! The eggs will come on their own schedule. We've been watching since the camera came back on line months ago...a few days either way won't hurt a thing. I am sure not going to tell Liberty how to lay an egg cuz I don't know how to lay one myself. Of course, some smarty will tell me that I lay eggs all the time...watch and see.

Nice to see new names posting... Sam, Kathy, Laura P, Laura T, Classymomma, joyce C, Bessie Ann and others. Hope you will join in more.

I bet Coffeechug, (Aaron), and his class will love the two views.

Annette Kryske

11:05 AM PST. Mr. John, You did it!!!Both cameras are wonderful to look at. I just tuned in,no L or J yet, but I know they will be around today. I noticed yesterday they spent quite a bit of time in the nest sprucing it up for the big day. I have that inner feeling telling me it will be soon.(I hope) Thanks for all your efforts to keep us happy. Of course we thank you at Alcoa Land too. This did not show up on Post a comment, and I wonder why????


Thank you so much for the 2 cameras. The views are spectacular and there has been so much activity. I've even seen deer on the ground.


Geotgia's only eaglecam is online at berry.edu/eaglecam with two eggs already for anyone that is interested..

Thanks Mr. John for all the hard work..

tonya sanders

oh yes my grandkids and I thank you for all your work this has been a real learning experience. thank again from Halfway, Mo


Denny, I went to the Berry.edu/eaglecam site. That is a beautiful nest. Reminds me something of MN Bound nest. The eagle that is sitting now is also a beautiful eagle. The write up said one egg was laid on Jan 14th. No mention of any other egg. It also said the couple fledged a couple of eaglets last year and that they are still hanging around. Thank you for the link. I usually don't follow other nests as Alcoa is my favorite...but I do think the Berry nest is nice and big...and the camera is a good one to view. Thanks again.

Carol C

WOW! I came home to find the 2 cameras. HORRAY!! We knew it was out there!! I saw a LOT of eagles on the river this morning. I bet almost 100. All up & down river drive & East Moline. Thanks Mr. John & Alcoa.

Diane Southard

I'm so excited! Love both the views. I watch with my 4th graders in Missouri every year. I can't wait to introduce this years class to your cam!



The second egg was laid Friday


Waiting around... hoping Liberty and Justice show up at the nest like they do sometimes at dusk. Nothing so far, but those geese sure are noisy! They must be on the move as they know that more snow and cold are moving into the Q.C. tonight. Below zero again by tomorrow night.

John L.

What a great treat. This will enhance the viewing experience greatly. Thanks Mr. John

Carol C



Denny, that means your first hatch should be around Feb 18th, give or take a couple of days. Berry College is near Rome, GA so the eagles will enjoy the cooler weather for a while.

I just checked the cam and it is offline. I did read where some testing may be going on. I wanted to see if they had night vision. I did notice that they have upgraded the viewing for this year. It has been a nice concerted effort with GA Power donating truck and man power to install the camera, Sony donating the camera, and the wireless transmission and equipment provided by Fluid Mesh Networks. I don't know all the companies involved, but the point is....it is nice and heart warming to know that so many are willing to donate to give people the chance to see what Alcoa gives us. I understand they are trying to make it IOS accessible. Nice. Reading all that...it gives me a bigger appreciation of the money Alcoa lays out to provide us with a front row seat into the lives of Liberty and Justice, Alcoa's resident bald eagles. The icing on the cake...Mr. John, and the whole Davenport Alcoa community. The Berry College eagle cam looks good, Denny. Thank you again for sharing the link. I will also share it with my OT friends.


8:03 PM EST

Snow has hit the nest again...the nest view shows that it is covered with it. Another nice thing about the nest view...you can see it at night!


they have night vision and 2 cameras like Alcoa I like this because it is closer to home for me, but Alcoa is my favorite


10:47 PM EST

Did anyone notice that you can see the nest at night with BOTH the cams??
I know it is not just me. It is like someone turned the light on. Before, with the tree cam...it was total darkness at night, even when it snowed. Now you can see the nest very clearly at night. I like that...yep...like it alot!


I noticed it last night on the close-up view and tonight I can also see the other one quite clearly. That wasn't true last night.

Bea Griffore

Good morning everyone. Still dark at the nest but I'm hoping to see it get light and maybe see some action today. I had to leave yesterday and missed any action - except for viewing both cams for a bit.

It's so good to see so many posters as thrilled as I am!

joyce carter, I hope you have better luck with the cams today.

Denny, thanks for sharing the Berry College cam with us. I'm going to check it out today. Alcoa is still my favorite and it's in my neck of the woods. I have seen it in person and it's a real thrill! I also saw 100s of eagles in the area which is hard to put into words how exciting that is. The Quad City area is so fortunate to have so many eagles come for the winter to "fish" in the Mississippi River!


Bea, a lot of people on Alcoa also followed the Whooping Cranes migration to St. Marks. That was such an inspiring trip to witness the care and love the handlers shared with these birds that are so close to extinction. If you can, will you give the link to the latest write up on their final journey to freedom? The whole process is nothing short of amazing.

Just checked the nest using BOTH views....nothing going on but I got up late and may have missed the action.

Looking for up to 2 inches of snow here (NC), so I've been told to bring in the firewood!

Bea Griffore

Happy to oblige Mavis! Here's the link to read about recent happening with the Whooping Cranes that Operation Migration led to their wintering grounds at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in Florida:


With more snow on the ground at Alcoa I've been watching for deer running through but haven't spotted any yet today. But I've been trying to keep up with the laundry and may have missed something or everything. I did see a quick flyby really early. The snow in the nest looks undisturbed so I don't think we missed anything IN the nest.


Woke up this morning to a white world again! We got 2-3 inches in the night here in the Q.C., but he wind was horrendous so it drifted. It's 2 degrees right now. Here we go again with another blast from the North Pole!

Quiet at the nest this A.M. I was so glad to see Liberty and Justice last night in the nest right before dark. How amazing to see them both at the same time from both cameras! This nesting season is going to be the best ever.... and it's almost here! We have all been waiting through this horrible winter for whats to come. It has very been enjoyable to watch them work on the nest, and to watch the antics of the visiting juvies however!

Mavis and Bea.... just wanted to thank you for the kind words and well wishes about my Dad last week. Words cannot express how much that means to me :)

Happy eagle watching everyone! How wonderful that so many people posted yesterday. Hope you all continue to "chime in"!


update on berry.edu/eaglecam as of 11:45 am et there are 2 eggs in the nest..


Cristine, I was just wondering last night if your dad made it home yet...and you were keeping him happy with all your comfort food. I hope he is better and makes it home soon if he is not already.

Denny, I saw the change out between Mom and Dad a little while ago...and the two eggs. Nice nest. Beautiful eagles.

I have been watching our nest...hear a lot of calling out but no sighting on the nest. With everything covered white with snow...I saw the shadow on the ground of a flying eagle. That was neat. I'm also excited about seeing the nest at night with both cams. That sure is important to some of us late owls..especially during the night storms.

Bea Griffore

I just checked on the Berry eagle cam and it's very windy there! No snow there just like the Florida cams.

Still no action at Alcoa. Very cold so maybe they are once again conserving energy and staying low.

Cristine I also hope more people chime in here.

Lunch time, back late.

Bea Griffore

oops, I meant "later"


great- I can hardly wait to see what we see! thanks so much!


the only trouble with the berry cam is no sound, but it is a great view at night, before the first egg there was a flying squirel running around in the nest after dark and you could see it all


Denny.... I went to the Berry College Eagle Webcam. What a beautiful clear picture! One of the adults sitting on the eggs. Do you know of any way to tell them apart? The flying squirrel sounds very entertaining :)
Still no action at the Alcoa nest today. As Bea said, they are just probably trying to conserve energy at this point. Only 6 degrees right now and with the wind factored in, the wind chill is not very nice. Think Spring :)


I can't see the eggs at the Alcoa Eagle Web Cam. Just snow. Are the eggs under the snow?


No eggs yet. They aren't expected until early to mid February.

Carol C

4:30 Liberty flew in with a fish. Then a juvie followed her & she didn't like it at all. It finally left & Liberty ate her dinner. I saw 6 other eagles in this tree yesterday.


Just saw Liberty or Justice in the nest eating something. After he/she flew away, a spotted juvie landed in the nest and immediately flew out as Liberty or Justice did a fly-by :)


Carol.... You and I must have been commenting at the same time. Good to know that was Liberty. I thought maybe it was, just wasn't for sure :) Were those 6 other eagles you saw yesterday all juvies?


This is incredible! My students will check in with me to watch daily. Learned about this last year just before they fledged. Thank you for two cams!

Carol C

Christine. I couldn't tell for sure but there r a LOT of juvies here. OFF LINE :(


9:45 CT I can hear an eagle close by, but can't see anything. A little light snow is moving through the Q.C. Winds are going to pick up horribly again, and we are going down to at least -6 tonight with extremely dangerous wind chills. Sounds like a repeat doesn't it?
Got to see a a "shift change" at the Berry College nest yesterday. That was wonderful. Was able to see those 2 eggs and it got me very excited for our own nest! Hopefully in a few short weeks! Just praying this weather moderates by February.
Have a great day :)




12:22 PM EST Jan 22

Cristine...2 more months and Spring will be here! I'm like you...sure hope the weather level out to milder temps before the eggs come. With this winter, who knows how long it will last.

Berry College nest is beautiful. You miss a lot without the sound. Maybe they will have it later. Seems like we had no sound more than we had sound last year. Last season, Mr. John had so many obstacles thrown in his way with the storms. He sure pulled out all the stops to keep a cam going for us. Hoping this will be an easier year for Alcoa cams.

Been checking the nest off and on all morning. If there has been activity, I missed it. The river looks half frozen again. The eagles may be at one of the lock and dams fishing for lunch.

Darlene Nichols

Same here Mavis......I've been humming "where have all the birdies gone".....it sure has been quiet at the nest this am.......must be related to the FRIGID cold temps ! I can't wait for spring !!!!!


Good afternoon everyone. Sounds like we're all awaiting spring and I don't think we've had a year for a while when spring will be so welcome. Even people I know who usually enjoy, yes enjoy, winter are just plain sick of it already.

I tuned in earlier today to see the tree top view was offline and I couldn't login with my fb account. Still can't but at least both cams are on. That's a relief! Sure don't want trouble already after all Alcoa has gone through to make us happy. So I missed any action so far today if there was any. So windy I had to turn down the sound, way down. Wow that nest is bobbing! Guess I'll check back later.


Checked in at 3:55 nest time and one sitting comfortably on the nest. Later up eating and then flew off at 4:08. There is a picture of both of them in the nest on OT which was taken before I checked in.


I saw Liberty/Justice eating too, R L ML. What exactly was that? I swear I saw a bird foot.


Mavis have you checked out the berry.edu/eaglecam after dark yet?
It looks like daylight


Denny, I checked it out last night and could see into the nest without trouble. It is like a light is on but I know it must be night vision. Nice. I just looked in again and I have to admit...that is a nice nest. Question, Denny...someone mentioned that the female parent had trouble with one of her legs. Is everything ok now? It seems to be fine, but was just wondering.

Mr. John...that brings me to a question for you. Last night, both nest views were easy to watch at night. It was like they both had night vision. We even commented about it on OT. Tonight, the nest view is great but the top of the tree view is back to like it was...dark. So dark we cannot even see the outline of the nest. Why is that? It was so clear last night. I was excited...thought we now had night vision on both cams and watching during night storms would be easy this year. Were lights left on the buildings last night? Is that why we could see the nest with the top of the tree cam? Can they be left on at night if that is the reason we were able to see so well last night? I don't know why it is dark tonight...I'm just hoping you will tell us. I keep telling you I am not complaining...and I am certainly not doing that now...I'm just curious. Thank you.

Cristine...was too cold to go out today so stayed in and made some orange marmalade. If I ever make it there...will bring you a jar in exchange for that slice of apple pie!! Prayers still going out for your dad and family.

I notice Liberty sat in the nest bowl for a long time this afternoon. She finally got up and ate at something, like R L said. Don't know what it was but if anyone has an idea, shout out. Coffeechug will be organizing his classroom projects soon, and may want us to identify food brought to the nest again this year. Might as well get in the practice now. It was not a fish...looked too red and bones were different. I don't have a clue.


Cool!! Come in to find two views! Great. Can't wait to see them in the daytime! And can't wait...even more...to see them with eggies in that nest! Great Job Mr. John! Thanks

John Riches

Mavis and others have asked about night vision. The camera providing the tree-top view does not have night vision but our nest cam does. On nights when we have a fairly low and heavy cloud cover there seems to be enough reflected light from the city to let you see from the tree-top camera.
The brightness of the night cams you see in Georgia and Decorah are because they have installed an infrared light. The eagles don't see the light, but we have not installed one in the nest at Alcoa Eaglecam.
I hope this answers your questions.


Mr. John...thank you. Just couldn't figure it out. The only important camera for night vision is the nest camera! Could not get over how bright the tree top camera was night before last. Thought maybe it was due to ground lights....but I noticed ground lights with the nest cam last night. Sure appreciate you answering. JMO, but the nest cam seems bright enough without infrared....and so happy we can see the nest cam at night.

Carol C

Thanks Mr John. Good to know. All the eagles are at the lock & dam. I did see a couple flying around the nest yesterday about 4:45.


Good morning all. "Chilly" start to our Thursday. Temp right now is -7 with a windchill of -26. Most schools in the Quad Cities area are closed. Last night we had to travel a bit to our grandson's basketball game, and the roads were getting drifted over with snow because of the strong winds. We have an old Surburban we have kept for weather conditions like that. Living in the country, we use it a lot!
I imagine we won't see a whole lot of action at the nest today with the cold temps, although there is supposed to be a lot of sunshine.
Mavis...I'm pretty sure that was some type of small bird that Liberty was munching on yesterday. I didn't see it when she first brought it into the nest, but I did see a leg and a foot. I'm sure if Judith could comment, she would say it was a Coot:) I remember all of those great conversations last year about the eagles choice of food brought into the nest :)
Interesting about the lighting of the nest at night from the two different cams. Thank you for answering Mr. John, and thank you for asking, Mavis!
My Dad is home from the hospital and is resting comfortably. My step-mom is taking good care of him. He has Congestive Heart Failure so he is not ever going to get 100% well. It is so sad to watch him slowly fade away. Every day is a gift. I truly appreciate your prayers and concern.
The just had a story on the news about all of the eagles in the Q.C. this winter. They have been doing a eagle count and they said there were at least 1200 eagles at one lock and dam on one day. Amazing! That's the only good thing I can see about this horribly cold winter we have been having this year.
Have a great day, everyone.

Darlene Nichols

Good morning everyone ! Its so nice to have someone who cares enough about us to answer our questions (and sometimes concerns)........thank you, Mr. John ! I was also going to comment that we had a full moon this week and that it was reflected off the snow BUT cloud cover would have blocked that light...it was really bright on nights when it wasn't cloudy. Take care in this brutal cold everyone......stay inside if possible.


1:40 CT Liberty of Justice landed in the nest, took few bites out of whatever that "thing" is leftover from yesterday, and took off.


Oh boy... I meant Liberty OR Justice.


I tried to post this earlier with type pad but I haven't seen my post yet, so I will try again to post the video without using typepad. I hope this works!


Annette Kryske

2:08 PST. Carolyn,You are back!We missed you after your last video around the holidays. I have been taking some videos of Alcoa,but not as good as yours.I am so glad to hear from you. Would you object if I share this video with OT?We have been taking many eagle pictures, in SE Florida,& SW Florida. Watching the Eaglets grow bigger each day.I hope you have been watching too. Welcome back. Thanks again to Mr. John and Alcoa for the wonderful Cams.

Carol C

Thanks Carolyn. Lots of eagles here & they sure try to steal. But not from Liberty!


Annette,Thanks for the warm welcome back! Of course you may share my videos. I have certainly missed getting videos from this nest! I have been trying since the holidays to get my computers ready for the upcoming season, but have encountered many glitches and difficulties with some new software. Hopefully I have the kinks ironed out now! I have watched NE Florida and a little of the SW Florida Eagles, I haven't done many videos at those two this season, but I do enjoy watching the eaglets grow toward fledging!


6:35 EST

No one on the nest. I think I would look for a heat vent somewhere to nest!

Tonight Mostly clear, with a temperature falling to near -9 by 11pm, then rising to around -2 during the remainder of the night. Wind chill values as low as -25. Northwest wind 5 to 15 mph becoming southwest after midnight.

Friday A 50 percent chance of snow after 3pm. Increasing clouds, with a high near 27. Wind chill values as low as -20. Breezy, with a southwest wind 15 to 25 mph, with gusts as high as 35 mph. Little or no snow accumulation expected.

Friday Night Snow with areas of blowing snow before midnight, then areas of blowing snow and a chance of snow between midnight and 3am, then areas of blowing snow after 3am. Low around 21. Blustery, with a southwest wind 15 to 20 mph becoming northwest after midnight. Winds could gust as high as 30 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New snow accumulation of around an inch possible.

It just doesn't look like the QC area is going to catch a break! I worry about the juvies and am glad the fish is plentiful there.

Carolyn, your videos are always enjoyable to watch. Thank you.


Hey, anyone else not liking this running post thing? Before, all I had to do was click on the last page/post number at the top I'd seen the day before and the latest posts would come up. Now I have to scroll forever to find the last one I read LOL What happened and when did things change? Oh well, I'll learn to deal with it...eventually ;)

BRRRR those temperatures sure are hard to take. I'm gonna make a lot of people mad when I say this but...well, it's been in the mid 60's to high 80's here for the past week or so! ::: rubbing it in :P ::: Y'all keep your snow and cold there please! Be careful and stay someplace warm and cozy!


By the way, beautiful job on the video Carolyn! Thanks! I believe that was Liberty and she's looking mighty fine, too! Thanks for sharing it!


Jo, when you refresh your page...it takes you back to where you were when you refreshed. If you are at the top...it takes you to the top, etc. At least, for me, it works that way. Most everyone sees this new format as an improvement.

The nest is empty right now and even the nest hotel birds are not moving about. That wind makes everything look even colder. In NC, the winds are calm...the sun is out, and we just hit 0º. I can't even imagine what it feels like in the QC area. Someone on OT mentioned the extrordinary work some organizations have been doing to protect the homeless people from this horrible freeze. Our country has been going through some really hard times for a lot of people and it has truly become a "but for the Grace of God" stituation. This is not the place to rant...but dang it...sometimes we know when to do the right thing without the gov't telling us we have to. God bless our compassionate people.


Jo, I really like the new posting system. My computer was often slow and it took forever to go from one to another. Now they are all on the same page. One thing you do need to know is that when there get to be a certain number of posts (100 I believe) Next will appear behind the date and time and you have to click that to get to the next page of comments.


7:21 PM EST

Well, if there was any activity on the nest today...I missed it. Where is everyone? Bea? Cristine? Cherrycarol? Denny? Judith? Darlene?

Cherrycarol said there are eagles all over the QC area...and there was even a local TV spot about all the eagles in the area with Mr. John speaking about our own Liberty and Justice. Would love to see it. If anyone knows if there is a link to that clip, please share it with us.


7:31 PM EST

Well blow me over....after I posted the above comment, one of our OT members, Nancy P., had this posted. THANK YOU, NANCY!



Mavis you did miss it. After I watched the above link, I went to Alcoa at 5:05 and there was one on the nest eating. It played a bit with the twigs before leaving about 20 minutes later. When I went back to the Alcoa site a little later both L and J were there for several minutes.


R L, I am glad you saw both L and J today. Thank you for telling us. I did miss them and no one else reported seeing them but you. I am glad you did.

I hauled in firewood this morning when it was 0º and did not get very cold. I just opened the door to let the dogs out...it is 12º, and I got chilled to the bone. I don't think I would do good in Iowa weather.


10:57 AM EST Jan 25th

I checked on the nest several times this morning. The wind is blowing so hard that it pains me to watch. I don't see any activity. If I was an eagle...and I'm not...I would just stay where I could find food (the lock and dams). I wouldn't fly back to the nest area unless I needed to, That way, I would save my energy for doing what I had to do...like fishing. Maybe that is what L and J are doing...staying put where the food is to conserve energy. It has to be darn tooting cold in Davenport. On the good side...today is Saturday, most people might be able to stay in and stay warm at least for the weekend.

Good morning every one

Lin Pascarella

Thank you, thank you! This is so great! Can't wait until Liberty and Justice start on the next family. This will be my third, and best year of watching!


at 5:00 nest time 2 birds flew in, but not L and J, two little black birds were there for about a minute. Went back to Alcoa at 5:30, just in time to see either L or J fly off.

Bea Griffore

Good morning everyone. Looks like another windy day and the nest is bobbing around. I haven't seen any action - no eagles, no smaller birds and no deer.

Wow, I didn't realize I missed so many days here until I had to catch up on the posts. Just had some busy days with other stuff going on. So good to read the posts and find out what I missed.

Carolyn, thanks for the video. You do such a great job and this year is even better with both cam views in your video.

Mavis, thanks for the link to the report and Mr. John on the news.

Jo, I too like the new way typepad is working this year. I only have to remember the last day I was here and love that we only have to scroll to get there. I have to admit it was an adjustment at first but it only took a day. I do have trouble once in a while signing in with my fb ID but that's not a problem because everything else works great.

Ok, been here a while and still no action. Just too cold to be way up in the air! I have a feeling egg laying will be later this year than last year because of the cold. But what do I know....I'm not an eagle. Just a hunch. And I'm taking a guess that there will be 2 eggs again this year. There, now it's in writing and I won't even care if I'm wrong. Just looking forward to another year of excitement watching it all unfold. Oh, just saw an adult fly-by above the nest but it didn't land. Beautiful coloring now with the sun getting higher. Coffee time....bbl

Carol C

Good Morning. Got a little snow last night. But this afternoon is suppose to get really bad! Uggg!! From 3 pm to 3 pm Monday -30 with the wind chill factor. This is getting old! I haven't been to the river since Wed. & someone said it is frozen by the nest. It's usually open on the Iowa side more than Il. for some reason. More current I guess. Have a good Sunday everyone. Carol

Laurie Jensen

GM I love having the 2nd cam up looking at the nest. Looks like a cold one there today with the new snow BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! TY for the new Cameras!!! :)


Looks like she's huddled down in the nest pretty good. Maybe she should strap on her seat belt (or would that be a nest belt) and hang on.


10:28 AM Jan 26th

Nagab, you are right. For a moment, the nest shook so violently that I wondered if it was going flying out of the tree! Liberty huddled down pretty good. When she stood up, I thought at one time she was going to topple over. About as rough as I have ever seen the tree shake. Didn't take her long to fly off. She is back...landed with a big snow covered stick!

Bea Griffore

So glad I'm not sitting here by myself thinking I have only me to talk to! Hi everyone and I agree that this is L, judging by her beak and eyes. Hoping to see some sign of nesting material being brought in but seriously wondering just wondering where she's going to find it in that snow covered frozen area. Even more amazing is that she doesn't seem too bothered by the nasty weather. And off she goes!

Bea Griffore

Great nestorations going on new but I missed L/J coming back in. Who is it? Anyone have a guess? I'm just not as good as some of you are at figuring that out.

Judith Hart

Bea, I thought it was Justice bringing in the branches....just caught a glimpse of the tail spot....it's Liberty.

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