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March 16, 2014


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Bea Griffore

Ok, staying positive. or trying. Thank you Mr. John.


So happy others are on, now. I normally am a very positive person, and try to make my comments that way. However, when I saw that broken egg stuck to Liberty's chest when she stood up to leave around 9:30, and heard the soft pathetic sound she made to Justice, I knew something wasn't right.

Bea Griffore

Yes, Cristine, we have more company now. Fingers crossed that it was something stuck to the egg. I'm going to have to leave shortly, no choice.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Very evident just now that the egg is no longer good. So sad.

Judith Hart

HOW SAD...It looks like it was developed too.

Bea Griffore

I saw that last roll. Raw nature is not pretty. And it's sad.


I'm here off and on, I usually don't post, just check out nest. I did see just see what everyone else did just now. It's sad, but unfortunately it happens.


Feel like crying...they are such good parents...and they had a real hard tine of it this year with the intruders and weather....

Bea Griffore

Staying positive for the other egg.


I know, Mavis... that's what makes me the most sad. And I know we all were looking forward to watching the two little "bobble-heads" bonk each other. I have shed my tears.


I like the others have already shed a tear. Bless their hearts. They have given everything they could with their fight with Mother Nature.
I just happened to put on my 2013 tee shirt with the babies names on it, looked at the web site and felt deeply saddened.They have all given us Faith, Spirit, and Hope in our quest to see our beautiful birds. Love to all of you who post. Joyce in Pinecrest

Darlene Nichols

.....such sadness to lose this baby.....


10:10 nest time: Changing of the guard. So sad to see that broken, empty eggshell.


............New Thread..........


My heart is breaking. I completely missed it yesterday. Poor baby! Never got the chance to be born....

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