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April 07, 2014


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Posting a name for the new one.

Eagle Fan

name suggestion: Patriot



Adel Esposito

Can you please advise us of the last 5 names I believe we selected were Faith, Hope, Spirit, Honor, and Glory.
Is that correct?

Thank you.


What kind of food is in th nest now?

Eagle Fan

A several days old rabbit and a newer black squirrel.

Eagle Fan

Adel is correct. Before that was Freedom (2 eggs, one hatch) and the year before that, without a camera, there were 2 chicks.

Eagle Fan

Plus the fish and coot remains, too.


I suggest Fortitude, based on the fact that he/she was born on 4-2

Coleen Perilloux Landry

I suggest the name America.


Name suggestion: Solo




Suggested names for the ONLY eaglet:


(both mean "Only One"..


Democracy or Freedom


Hi,Love the Uno, but we should stick to English. Solo !


Actually, Solo is Italian.


Dont know if this will work here but heres a link off facebook,, https://www.facebook.com/mike.mahoney.50/posts/647492295319972?notif_t=share_wall_create


Name suggestion; Freedom


Solo works for me...From the Latin word....Solus...also the Italian used it in litature to mean "alone".

I thought I learned that most of our "English" words had a Latin root. This may be true for other languages too, I don't know. Any name that one wouldn't mind tagging their OWN child with will work for me. Lets have fun this time...lets keep the joy and the peace that has finally hit the nest.

Both parents on the nest now...a big fish was just brought in. The pantry is well stocked. One reason we see such a variety of food...the parents will teach the babies all the food sources that are acceptable to eat. Fish is their favorite diet but there are times when it is not available. There may be other reasons, but I haven't found them yet. Does anyone else know?

Back to the nest...

Josie Bush

How about Freedom or Happy....as in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness :)

Carol C

Name suggestion: Independence (Indy) for short. Kennedy after our one president. Freedom Was the first eaglets name Mavis good question. As they have plenty of fish here.

Carol C

Mom was sitting off the baby awhile ago for quite awhile. Love to hear it's squeeeing!!




I think it's about time some homage be given to the company who has bent over back words IMHO to spend time and money providing all of us incredibly beautiful pictures of this process. Especially now with "Sound" & "Night Vision" so my suggestion would be "Alcoa".




Another name suggestion:



I have a few.
All these are things we hope for or need in life. And Soldier is for all the soldiers out there.


Oh and Eternity for the hope that the eagle will exist for all Eternity.


I like the name Miracle


Or Missile


There's a storm coming. Settle down on that little fluffball and do the mombrella routine. Keep the chick dry and in the nest.


8:14 PM EDT

Both L and J are on the nest enjoying a beautiful evening. L has settled back down on the wee one whild J defeathers a bird. I think they enjoyed their day...no hassles. I hear the geese returning and the train went by a few minutes ago. Nature's music is really beautiful.


Suggested Name: Stanzi


9:44 PM EDT

Thought I would check in again and parent is sitting up and I think everyone must be sleeping around the nest. Not much sound and the wind is calm. Been a good day. The little one is 5 days old today...in another week, it should be able to thermoregulate. We will see more of her/him as she will be able to keep herself warm when out from under the parent for longer periods of time. I think every stage of an eaglet's growth is fascinating and amazing. They only weigh a little over 3 ounces on the average when they hatch. They don't do much but eat the first 4 weeks and gain about 3 to 4 ounces of weight per day during that period. They lose their egg tooth the first week. They are almost adult size by 6 to 7 weeks and fledge by usually 12 weeks. They really do grow fast...and those wings...oh my...they just get sooooo big real fast! So sit back...buckle up...we are on a fast and amazing ride now....watching this little sweetheart grow!!

It still looks dry on the nest...hard to tell at night but parents "hair" looks dry.

Goodnight everyone...



Carol C

What a beautiful sunrise. Another good day for our family & all week too. Have a good day Carol


I am here for the sunrise this morning, too! That hardly ever happens. Looks to be a beautiful Spring day at the nest with a high of 58. I am headed to the hospital as my sister is having surgery. I will check in later today and want to discuss the food fight I witnessed last night between Liberty and Justice :)

I have missed you all these last few days.

Carol C

missed u too Christine. hop all goes well with your sister. Alcoa is gping to have fun picking out 4 names for us to choose from. lots of names


I like Solo and Alcoa!


Cristine...your family has had a full plate. Hope all goes well for your sister. Tell her the 'eagle clan' will hold her in our thoughts and prayers.

Missed you too.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Liberty is feeding the eaglet (America) out of the well and it is too close to the edge for comfort. So cute, though.

Liz Barrett

Glory and Freedom have been used already...just a reminder

Liz Barrett

also Spirit was the name of the smallest eaglet ( last hatched...also nicknamed Peewee ) from last year

Judith Hart

I'll pick three names for this year......


I don't think this was already mentioned, but how about Providence as the name for the new eaglet?


Ross (Betsy Ross)
Sam (Uncle Sam)
Parks (Rosa Parks)
Lincoln (President)

Carol C

or Kennedy for our other president. Independence or Indy for short. Looked like another rabbit earlier. Dad was defurring it & the baby got in the way. Way out of the bowl.


How about Gwaihir, after the greatest of the Lord of the Ring eagles?

Anne Armstrong

Liberty and Justice are just amazing with their little one! They are so gentle, I love to watch the feedings! I like Star or Banner for names.

Judith Hart

Does anyone know their Iowa fish? Is the new fish in the nest with the red tail a Shorthead Redhorse?

Carol C

I have no idea what that new fish is but it sure is a strange looking one.


I would like to submit the name Survivor

Annette Kryske

2:30 PM PDT. Judith:The life history of the shorthead redhorse, Moxostoma ... - Ideals
University of Illinois at Urbana‑Champaign
by MJ Sule - ‎1985 - ‎Cited by 13 - ‎Related articles
stomach contents revealed that the shorthead redhorse con- ... fishermen in the lower Kankakee River; however, short- ...... in the Des Moines River, Iowa.

Judith Hart

Liberty was just feeding the little one some of the red-tailed fish. Justice just flew in, he's sitting now. WINDY!

Judith Hart

Thanks Annette....The link you gave doesn't go anywhere.

Judith Hart

Annette, I found it....looks like about 18 pages to read...That should keep me out of trouble. Thanks

odessa carpinetti

I kinda like -Wind Dancer-Eagels seem to dance when soaring.

Mikey Chamra

I think a good name for the eaglet would be "Jubalee (jew bah lee)...

sue becker

So happy for the whole eagle family. I have a few names I would like to suggest:
Good luck to all and thank you Alcoa!


Maybe Shayla or Ki vi? No space. Shayla means snow and Ki vi means Kindness


And I'm also sick. Tight chest. Shaky. Coughing. Headache. Low fever. Anyone know what that is? Oh and wheezing.

Judith Hart

Camryn, Just don't sneeze into the computer or on the nest. We'll all be sick!


11:13 pm EDT

Looks like L and J enjoyed another nice day at the nest. The little one got more sun this morning...and got close to the wall. I can see some cardio workouts coming!

Was staying up in hopes of hearing from Cristine. Hope everything went ok with her sister's surgery.

Judy, wipe your computer screen down with disinfectant...and get your flu shot. I worked tonight and I didn't see much evidence of the flu or cold going around in my area. A lot allergies from all the pollen is the rage right now.

Liberty is smart...she goes to bed early...think I'll head there, too. Goodnight everyone

Carol C

Good morning. Another great day for our family. 66 & sunny. Little one will like that. They ate most of that funny fish. We r in a drought. Brother! No burning. Have a good day all. Carol Carym sounds like broncitus to me . Get better soon..

Carol C

Dad was feeding wee one then mom flew back in & Justice left. A girl that has been missing from here since Dec. was just found in MN. They haven't said how or why yet. Some closure for the family any. Prayers for her family.

George Rashid

Aloca and Ford History In The Making

I've read that the 2015 Ford (F) F150 will be built largely of aluminum for the first time in its history.

So, my name suggestions are ...

1) F-150 After all, one of the most loved characters in motion picture history, C-3PO, had a name composed of only three letters and a numeral. Why not a name with three numerals and one letter?

2) Henry 3)

Bob Motz

I suggest "Sunshine" for the baby. It is the sunshine for its parent and for all of us who watch. Also, Liberty and Justice bring "Sunshine" into our lives. "Sunshine" would apply to either a male or female.


Beautiful morning at the nest! I was able to see another sunrise, and the morning feeding of the "wee one". Things are calm now, but the wind is supposed to pick up this afternoon with gusts out of the SW of up to 25 MPH. Have enjoyed the nice reprieve we've had the last few days. It was beautiful and calm on Monday morning for my Dad's burial on Arsenal Island, Rock Island. The sun was shining and the birds were all happily singing because it's Spring. A very moving memorial by the American Legion that will forever be etched in my memory. Just want you all to know how touched I have been by all of the thoughts, prayers and expressions of sympathy. Thank you.

Mavis... I checked it late last night after you had already gone to bed. Spent the day with my Mom after leaving the hospital. Can't believe you were waiting up for me :) You are amazing. My sister's surgery went well and she was able to home afterwards. So grateful.

Sounds like a lot of wonderful names being suggested for our new little eaglet!
I have had a name in my head for weeks. I love the name "Lonestar". It just seems very appropriate for our only little survivor.


I love Lonestar. We all send our love to you Cristine and your family. Hold your family close. We are probably finished with our winter here in the Sierras. Passes will open early this year. I am close to Yosemite and the wildflowers are in full bloom. My turkeys are still lurking here. Funny looking birds. Again, wonderful name suggestion.

George Rashid

Aloca and Ford History In The Making

I've read that the 2015 Ford (F) F150 will be built largely of aluminum for the first time in its history.

So, my name suggestions are ...

1) F-150 After all, one of the most loved characters in motion picture history, C-3PO, had a name composed of only three letters and a numeral. Why not a name with three numerals and one letter?

2) Henry

I forgot to mention the third name I wanted to submit!

3) Alford (get it?)

Bea Griffore

Good morning all.

Once again, caught up on all the posts and loved them. Didn't read about any more disturbances so I'm hoping that is a thing of the past for this season. Having that little eaglet too close to the edge is enough excitemet!

The ealget is getting some sun right now and looks way down in the nest bowl. He looks nice and warm surrounded by grass/straw. I can't believe how much he/she has grown and how well he can sit up and stretch to be taller! I'd say it's a very strong, healthy eaglet we have here.

Cristine, so good to hear things went well for your sister. And I love your name suggestion - Lonestar, sounds good. Lots of good ones have been mentioned. I've tried to come up with something and I guess my head just doesn't want to go there. So, I'm going to wait until the voting starts.

I'm hearing a woodpecker close by, little birds chirping and geese honking in the background. And here comes the train. It all looks and sounds so normal at the nest. Hope it stays that way!

Jo Ann

Good morning! I read about the Davenport police officer who died in February, I believe. My suggestion, therefore, is Rudy for the police officer. Please tell me if I have the info. right. Also, Iowa is my second suggestion. Isn't this an Indian name? However, if the story is right, I suggest Rudy.


Oh my gosh Joyce, I'll bet it is incredibly beautiful out there right now! Looking forward to something blooming around here, hopefully by Easter. It doesn't look like any time soon, though. Still looking for some buds on our trees and bushes. I am glad you like my name suggestion, and thank you for your kind words.

Bea...good morning! Hope you got home safe and sound. Been thinking about you. I was thinking that same thing this morning...how fast the eaglet is growing and how strong she is, and what wonderful doting parents she has. It is a miracle to watch.

Jo Ann

Faith, Hope, Spirit, Honor, Glory and Freedom are names already chosen for past eagle babies at Alcoa. Thanks, guys.

Ford Tolar

Baby Freedom

Ford Tolar

Or Baby Bravery.

Bea Griffore

Cristine, got home yesterday afternoon! You mentioned looking forward to something blooming here by Easter. I came home to my crocuses blooming! I was afraid I had missed them.

For those who don't know, I spent the last 3 months in FL and it was such a treat! I actually got there in time to see the Whooping Crane Class of 2013 arrive at St Marks Wildlife Refuge. That was pretty special after watching their migration online from Wisconsin. 8 WC chicks flew right over all of us gathered at a designated fly-over spot with the 2 ultra-lights that had traveled the whole way with them. The trip took them over 3 months after being stranded by weather in some cases for days. What a thrill! I also read that they took off from St Marks on their northern migration before I left FL! It's amazing to me that once they are shown the way down there they can find their way back all on their own. Operation Migration has done an awesome job trying to make sure these magnificent birds do not go extinct.

Speaking of things blooming...I read an article about the Polar Vortex being over but now we have to watch for the Pollen Vortex. I said "What?" It seems with the extreme cold winter and the delayed, cold start of spring, the budding of many trees has also been delayed so we will now have many more trees budding/blossoming all at the same time causing a pollen overload! Not good news for allergy sufferers - yes, I am one and just felt I had to share this news if you didn't already know.

So nice to see the sun still shining on the nest with just a slight breeze. Saw our little one again just enjoying the time in the sun.

Bea Griffore

Jo Ann, thanks for the reminder to folks about the names used in the past for eaglets at this nest. :)

Judith Hart

Am I seeing things? It looks like the little one tripled in size overnight.


Geez, his crop is so full he can hardly hold it up!

Judith Hart

The "little one" is one week old today.


The little one isn't really so little anymore. It should weigh about 1 and 1/4 to 1 and 1/2 pounds by now. A lot of weight added since it hatched a week ago today. At that time, it weighed between 3 or 4 ounces. He should easily weight 2 and 1/2 pounds a week from now. He is in a constant growing spurt and requires a lot of food. He will be eating larger meals as the days go by. Looks like L and J are well prepared for his/her needs.

Cristine, good to see you back. I know the time spent with your mom was good for her. After someone loses a spouse, the adjustment is hard and difficult. Words cannot explain the huge loss that is and how the life of the one left behind is affected. Your mom's support system is just that...the support she really needs now to begin to make a life of her own. I'm so sorry she has to go through this process...but her loved ones help, by letting her know she is not alone.

I saw a hummingbird at my seed feeder the other day. I hurried and made my hummingbird nectar and hung my feeder. I no sooner got into the house and looked out the window as saw TWO of them feeding! Made my day. I bought a new feeder last night with a bee guard, and put it out this morning. Took the little hummers a while to take to it but it is attracting regular customers now.

I see a lot of great names being offered. Some I like. I really did like Al and Coa that we suggested last year after Alcoa...but it didn't fly. I still like Allie...but I like a lot of others too. Hope everyone enjoys their afternoon.

Ray'shawn Boulware


Ray'shawn Boulware



Maybe we all should consider a more common name like Bubba or Baldy. Maybe Fuzzball or Cueball? Just kidding. I love the name of that weird fish. Shorthead Redhorse. Now who got to name that fish? Crazy Horse?
I've had too many turkeys! Joyce in Pinecrest.


How about the name Peace


I love the names Survivor, Sunshine and Alcoa. I've been so unlucky on seeing our little guy. I've been busy, and every time I check in he is covered by momma. At night, when I catch up on comments, I can't see anything!

I'm feeling lucky, though! Going to try now!


Oh well, no such luck on the baby viewing. Will try back later!

By the way, my class got to see the babies in the DNR nest in MN standing up like little soldiers in the nest. They were thrilled!!!!!

Carol C

Both mom & dad having dinner in the nest. amber u must have just missed because mom was off baby quite awhile eating. I like PEACE too!

Alicia Lawrence

So excited! I am a teacher of first grade students in Norfolk, Virginia. My students and I have religiously been watching the webcam for the last month or so! They are obsesssssed (in the best way possible). They were REALLY hoping that the eaglet could be named Patriot! They studied the bald eagle when we learned about the American symbols, so they thought that name would be suiting! That would make them the happiest students EVER! ;)


For the precious eaglet, I agree with the first grade students, PATRIOT would be a fitting name.


Looks very windy at the nest and Liberty seems very "fidgety" Too dark to see much but sure is good to see that everything is ok.


Haven't been to the nest lately, got to see the little tyke the day it was hatched but have been busy helping my daughter move into her new apartment for the past 4 days, watching and moderating at times at the OKC owl nest where the owls were at the fledge stage and at the MNBound nest waiting for our three to hatch. Sooo many nests, only one of me and sooo little time ;) Sure is great seeing the new batch of eaglets though!

Cristine, I'm sorry about your Mom's loss...which, I assume is your loss, too! My prayers will be with your family for comfort and peace.

Hope all other "regulars" are doing well! And I hope all the newbies and school kidlets are enjoying watching these wonderful eagles! Justice and Liberty are fine parents and will take good care of their little one no matter what "we" name it!


7:00 AM EDT April 10th

Just looked in on the nest. The baby wants to come out and play...and doesn't want to go back 'under'. It is nice at the nest...55º, although a little windy. The NOAA forecast today

Today A chance of showers between 10am and 1pm. Partly sunny, with a high near 65. Southwest wind 10 to 15 mph becoming northwest in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

I am watching the hummingbirds at the feeders this morning...I just love watching them.

Good morning everyone

Carol C

Good morning Jut missed the feeding. O well I'll have in on at work today so I'll catch them. Have a good day all!

Oma K

Eagle watchers, it appears that we're in for a windy day at the nest, currently with fair skies and a chance of showers later in the day.

Time to contemplate a name for this year's eaglet. Truth be told, the retired teacher in me would like to see 'Patriot' listed as a option in the voting as that's the only suggestion posted thus far from a classroom that I'm aware of. I also like 'Survivor', although that name m-i-g-h-t cause legal problems for Alcoa if the TV show by the same name should choose to contest it…. Then again, Mel Gibson starred in a movie called "The Patriot" a few years back!?! Wow, this naming business could prove to be more difficult than it first appears… I'll put off submitting my own personal favorites, 'Armstrong' & 'Arsenal' after two local area sites until we have twin eaglets again.

Before signing off, let me again remind viewers new to this site that the following names are already taken by members of our eagle family: Liberty, Justice, Freedom, Faith, Hope, Spirit, Honor, and Glory…


Happy Thursday! Just saw the "wee one" get his/her breakfast. Probably not the first feeding of the day. Maybe more like brunch:) Cloudy and overcast right now, but they say the sun may come out later in the day. Hope so! Sunsets at the nest are so beautiful.

Continued warm-up for the rest of the week with a high in the 70's for the weekend. Wow! But then a major storm system slams into the Midwest Sunday night and Monday bringing much cooler temps, significant rainfall and possible SNOW! Well, just Yikes! No matter what, this will be the wettest storm in nearly 10 months. Much needed as many area are still considered in a drought like Cherrycarol said in an earlier post. Hard to believe with the record snowfall we had this winter, isn't it?

Carol C

Baby was trying to get out of the bowl but mom didn't let her.



Have a question for any/all of you "eagle experts"..

I watch several Eagle Nests and the Minnesota DNR nest has 3 adorable eaglets..

Why is it that the parents tend to feed the "first born" the MOST food & the MOST often?

It's no wonder that too many times the "last born-youngest" never survive..would seem that eaglet would be the one getting fed the most..

But..what do I know..lol

Thx in advance for any replies...

Carol C

Justice brought in a fish & Liberty was going crazy & grabed it away from him. She doesn't want Justice feeding the baby is what I gather. SHER__ I think it's because they know it's the strongest one & they want to keep it that way. Carol

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