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April 02, 2014


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Thanks for the quick up date Mr. John. I saw the half empty shell off to the side when I looked so knew it had happened.


Yes...I had a feeling you would say Happy Birthday! April 2nd...no fool'in!!

Stressful but fun morning. Thank you, Mr. John and Alcoa. Happy day for Liberty and Justice....and all their fans!

Bea Griffore

Happy Birthday to our newest family member! Congrats L & J and all viewers! What a happy day!

Bea Griffore

Liberty calling out. I think she want Justice to come look! Maybe we'll get a good look too.


Im so happy! Congratulations Liberty and Justice!

Judith Hart

GREAT! Now we get to pick the name!
HAHAHAHA.... I don't know why I'm laughing-


I still think she got instruction on how to hide the baby from the eagles at MN DNR


At least dad will let you see it


Just saw the new one....Justice just left (yes, he is the one with the wild feather), and Liberty just took over the nesting. 12:29

Judith Hart

Yes, It's Justice with the wild feather. He was sitting now Liberty is sitting, I saw the tail spot.


So that's mon on the nest now


I saw the baby! Congrats to Liberty and Justice!


"The eagle has landed". A double martini is in order. It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Now feed that kid.


Liberty gave us a great view of the little one. Congratulations Mom and Dad!

John L.

Happy BIRTH Day!!!!!!

Betty  Boudinot

I have been watching LIberty and Justice
from Greeley, CO on inernet. What a great
event. Happy Birthday little ones.

Jen Smith

Happy Birthday, Baby Birdie!!! Lots of Love and many Blessings to you and your mommy and daddy!!! :)


1:56 EDT

Just curious...what kind of fish is that in the nest...silver and black stripes? Looks like a pet rock!

Lori Arrowsmith

Just Amazing!

Lu Bowers

When will baby start getting fed?

Heather Fuller

That's beautiful. I think Freedom would be a nice name. Fits with Liberty and Justice. Just a thought.

Elizabeth RIeder

Good morning or afternoon, April 2: Nothing says "I am here" louder that half a shell on the edge of the nest. Wind is really blowing so I guess they are sitting on him for protection. That little thing would fly like a powder puff if they did not anchor him. Eaglets are not too interested in food at this point, got to rest a bit after fighting with that hard shell all night. When he starts squeaking, they will feed him, boy will they ever feed him. One little eaglet and two very dotting parents equal lots of fish for that little crop.

Bea Griffore

Well shoot, I had to leave for a while and now I can only get that spinning circle for both views. Earlier with over 600 viewers I was doing fine. Moral of the story: Don't leave!

Heather, Freedom is a great name but we already had Freedom the first year the cam was up.

That is a strange looking fish!




What just happened? Little eaglet got bonked with a branch! OMG!


Okay Mr. John, start the naming vote. I like Solo, Skywalker, Peace,all could be male or female names. Keeping the baby warm and cozy.

Judith Hart

Good ole Dad Justice was on the egg when it hatched!

Jackie Scott

yay, a 'bobblehead' on my birthday :)
Jackie Scott Cape Coral, FL (formerly of Hamburg, NY)


Awwww Poor daddy is sleepy, cant even keep his head up!


A great name for the little one would be Honesty. Who agrees with me?


My Facebook news feed got me interested shortly before L 1st. egg.
Now there is a cute little grey fuzzy Eaglet.

Thanks to all of you that use Twitter to keep
us informed of changes.

Coleen Perillooux Landry

I like the name Freedom. I also like the name "America" since it is the American eagle.
The wind is blowing so hard, Liberty doesn't take a chance of getting up. So happy the little one is here.

Alicia Lawrence

So excited! I am a teacher of first grade students in Norfolk, Virginia. My students and I have religiously been watching the webcam for the last month or so! They are obsesssssed (in the best way possible). They were REALLY hoping that the eaglet could be named Patriot! They studied the bald eagle when we learned about the American symbols, so they thought that name would be suiting! That would make them the happiest students EVER! ;)

Judith Hart

Okay, here are my picks for our eaglets name.
COMMANDER- for the flight leader
SOLO- for the lead "SOLO" position in flight
( I swiped SOLO from Joyce)


Congrats to Liberty and Justice and Happy Birthday Little Bobblehead! It is so windy with chances of rain the next 3 days. Keep lil one covered up and anchored down. I haven't got to see it yet but that's ok. I don't want it to fly away! From just across the river in East Moline, IL

Rachel Gaines

Thanks, Alcoa, for giving us another wonderful view of this beautiful bald eagle family.
It's a blessing to share in the life of this precious little eaglet.
Happy Birthday again, little babe; and hang on, Liberty and Justice!
It's a windy ride!

Judith Hart

little eaglet starting to hold it's head up...little wobbly, but trying.

Alicia Lawrence

Liberty, Justice, and PATRIOT!?!

Make my first graders happy! They love the little guy already :)


Poor guys always have to deal with non stop wind

Carol C

Happy Birthday little one. I will be so happy to see you grow & I will be over there getting pictures of you too!! Now I hope I get to see it. Carol


Congrats Liberty and Justice.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Amazing how one little baby bird can make so many people so happy, including me.

Carol C

Justice was trying to feed the baby. Still pretty weak but I think it got a bit or two. AWWWW!! Too cute.

Judith Hart

Liberty fed our little one a morsel of food....then he fell backward, he was stuck on his back like a little turtle.


My name ideas are:
Pls select one of these!

Bea Griffore

Finally I am able to view the NV! And just barely saw and heard our new eaglet! It's so darn windy I' sure he/she isn't going to get much camera exposure. We sure don't want him blowing out of the nest. Hope that wind calms down so we can get a few looks before dark.

Judith Hart

I think I hear the Starlings in the background. Just about the same time every night.

Carol C

Could hear the little cutie squeeeking. & got fed a little more this time. Looking stronger already!

Darlene Smith

just watch the baby being fed-so cute and so tiny. lets see what interesting items come to the nest in the next few weeks.

Bea Griffore

Sandy Scott, I remember you posted a while bck that you were moving to Florida. I'm so glad you could tune in today!


Maybe we should name the baby after someone famous from the Quad-Cities? How about Bix or Julie. Yeah, Julie.....what a pretty name.


I just heard an eagle screeching in the background. Hope it's Justice ot Liberty and not another eagle. These two have been attacked enough for one year.(hint- look at Egg Number Two to see what I mean.)


Oh my. Do the eaglets make a sort of scree-hoo noise? If not what bird does?

Bea Griffore

I think what we are hearing is the other parent off the nest. The eaglet doesn't make that kind of noise yet. Can't think of another bird that sounds like that.


I love Honesty as a name. I also like Solo.


I also like Patience, because we have all had to have a lot of it in the wait for this day! Or Perseverance? The little family certainly has done that!


Thank you amberdawn. First name I thought of. Would have chose Kindness but did Honesty instead.

Bea Griffore

Watching a feeding. Yup, he's going to be spoiled - both L & J trying to feed him!

Judith Hart

Fish delivery....everybody squealing for food! L & J both trying to feed the baby...oh boy, both have their beaks in it's mouth at the same time giving it food.
Great parents!

Carol C

L & J both feeding it. Liberty acted mad because Justice wanted to feed it too. She kept taking the fish from J to give the baby. Yes Bea it will be spoiled for sure.

Carol C

Sweet Eagle Dreams little family!


Lol anyone else notice that that God bedamed wire was removed? I'm glad I don't have to hear that offending Mexican screeching anymore.


Camryn, I heard the geese and L/J and even the little one. I also thought at one point, Liberty was almost cooing for Justice to come...and he did!

I see both L and J are on nest trying to feed her...she (or he) keeps falling backwards, but she is trying...and crying out. Such a loving scene. They have to work fast before she gets cold. Wish they could fill the crop so she can stay tucked in tonight. The wind is still bad. So is my feed. I almost have to give up at night...it freezes up on me after just a few seconds. So frustrating because I wait so long to see her.

Now don't anyone get out of shape...don't know if it is a he or a her..."her" is just easier than saying "him or her". So overlook this please.

I don't think I saw the predicted rain today...that is GOOD! But I feel it is coming. They will keep her warm and dry...that straw is a blessing. I noticed fresh straw was put out for them this morning. Thank you, whoever you are, for that. I also noticed no music...and that was real nice. I don't think I've heard it for a while. I do keep my sound down...and the wind has been horrid, so maybe that is why. Whatever...it was nice not to hear it.

The pride and excitement after the birth of a child is something special. You can almost see those feelings with this new family. I am so happy we can share those feelings with them. Alcoa has my gratitude for the care and sharing of this nest with us.


Dear Mavis, you are so wonderful with your thoughts. Were you a school teacher? I'm sure you have a Boston or Bostons. Love those gentlemen.
Haven't seen the fuzz ball yet. Parents are shielding the babe from this wind from the river.
Good night from Callyfornia(Arnold speak).

John L.

I find nothing wrong with, and embrace all the names that emulate such great qualities. I would like to offer a name that showcases the day of the hatch.....WINDY!


The eagles always hatch on my dad's birthday. Both the eagles in Decorah and the eagles in Davenport had an egg hatch today. My dad died last year, so I would like to name this eaglet Ray after my dad. :)


Joyce, you made my day end with such a nice note. Thank you. No, I would never make a good school teacher. And my grammar has it's own rules! Thank you, though. I do have Boston Terriers. I lost my 12 year old last year and still miss him terribly. I have three that keep me warm at night...and my heart full of joy during the day. They have so much love to give....and I take it!!

I like so many names given. Every year, it seems like we forget we are adults and the name game gets rather nasty. I kinda wish Alcoa would name this sweetie this year...or the students...or the QC residents...I just hate a repeat on here like there has been in years past. I like cute, original names...Solo, Windy, Skywalker, Winter, Peace, BIX, Julie, Ray, gosh...can't remember all that I've heard so far..maybe I'll just call him/her "_____" until y'all decide. Just glad he/she made it...


11:02 PM EDT

Doing one last check...that wind is wicked and mean...gosh...I can just feel the cold. Hope the little one stays tucked in tonight so Momma can keep it toasty warm. Hate the little tyke has to spend his/her first week with such awful wind and rain predicted. I see the parent is sleeping with little one snuggled up under...which is my clue to get some rest too. Goodnight, all.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Just checked on Liberty. The sound of the wind wears me out, I wonder what it does to Liberty. Surely the wind has to calmn down as some point. Could call the little one Mariah. "they call the wind Mariah".


So who is the bozo out in this weather shining a spotlight up into the tree and blaring Latino music you can clearly hear thru the live feed? I guess I didn't realize the nest was located so close to parking access. Poor mama and poor babies.


7:06 AM EDT April 3rd

Just checked on the nest. Liberty (?) is sleeping with one wing slightly stretched out to give "Mariah" a little more room and protection from that horrid IA wind. Mariah, meaning wind....that is good, Coleen! And no, folks, I'm not going to start calling the wee one "Mariah" Was just feeling out the name...I like it....among others.

Think I will go back and wait on the little family to wake up. Good morning everyone...and you Bea...I know you are up and looking around.

Elizabeth RIeder

Good morning all.Nest is quiet,Liberty is sleeping with her head tucked in and I am sure the little one is just as tucked in too.No music or lights this am(6am CDT) must have been one of the guards that checks the building just below the tree where the nest is. He might have wanted to see if Justice is protecting the nest. Justice sometimes is sitting in the tree on a limb above the nest.This nest is in a fenced protected area and only Alcoa personal can get access to this area. I am sure they all have very protected feeling about this nest and want to know everything is ok at the nest area. Everyone will be waking soon and wanting a cup of joe and the baby will need a little bite or two or three or how ever many it takes to fill him up. I am sure Justice is cruising the river looking for a nice tender fish for his baby. And if he plays his card right maybe Liberty will let him feed the little one this AM. Peace to all and remember to pray for the families of the soldiers at Ft. Hood.

Anne Armstrong

Just had changing of guard and saw the baby really well! What a cutie!

Carol C

Mombrella coving the baby. We had thunderstorms last night, but slowing down now & it's almost done. Kept me awake ugg. Both parents in the nest. David Nelson a tv anchor posted a pic on twitter under neith. Channel 6 shows the nest every morning. So everybody that lives here knows about them. HAGD!! Carol


Poor Liberty. Justice just stepped on her tail feathers.


Happy Birthday little one!


Dadfsr....haven't seen you in a while...good morning to you.

I saw the first feeding early this morning. The little tyke was up and ready...don't think he/she liked the rain so much. After the feeding, she was tucked under again for snuggle up time. When the parent moved a bit to get more comfortable, I got a peek at her and she was all balled up...I can't remember seeing them sleep like that before. This is a good pair of parents and will do all that is possible to keep the wee one safe.

Oma K

Well, it doesn't appear to me as though we'll be seeing much of our little 'Patriot' today as it's certainly not the kind of weather that lends itself to a newborn photo shoot. Poor L & J! To my fellow posters, thanks for updating me on happenings at the nest yesterday and to Mr. John, a special thank you for providing us with the best view possible of the hatch...

Judith Hart

Did someone make a rabbit delivery? I think I see one.


Good morning everyone! And thanks from me too for all the postings so I could catch up after my computer or the feed or the gremlins were all giving me fits yesterday trying to stay connected and tuned in! Love everyone's comments.

Mr. John and Alcoa, once again, a special Thank You for this site, the cams and the best Bald Eagle viewing ever!

Mavis, yes I have been up and looking around! Computer trouble again this morning that I still haven't figured out so decided to give up and just deal with how it's working for now. I'm just so happy to be able to view both cams this morning and I'm still waiting for a daylight view of our eaglet! That feeding last night was a thrill and I think helped me sleep like a log for the 1st time in many nights.

The birds all sound happy this morning even though it's soggy out. And that wind is way less than yesterday! Just look at all that food! Can't ask for a better stocked pantry. Looks like the lights are still on below the nest, or at least 1 is. I do think that helps with better night time viewing.

My FB login is giving me fits so guess I'll have to deal with those horrid codes. :(

Cristine, I don't remember any recent posts from you in my catch up reading. Hope you're ok - did you get those storms last night? Are you under the stairs with your cats?

Well, time for me to get busy again. I hope all of you continue to post especially those who mostly lurk. lol - lurking is fun too!
HAGD and happy viewing!


Our Eaglet Has Arrived! Let the Journey Begin! http://wp.me/p2Fm3i-5B


Good morning all! And a soggy morning at the nest, at my house also. Baby will be warm and cozy under Mom or Dad.

Mavis, Mariah was my grandmother's name. I love that name. Doesn't fit the profile of names Alcoa usually puts up for voting, but if they did I'd vote for it. :)

Another day away from home, but I'll be checking on the family when I get in later. Enjoy the day!

alicia Lawrence

My first grade students in Norfolk, Virginia have been watching the bald eagles for weeks now. They would rather stay in for recess and check on Liberty and Justice than go play on the playground! We took a vote yesterday and the kiddos were really hpoing it could be named Patriot!

Liberty, Justice, and PATRIOT! :)


I've seen lots of awesome name suggestions the last couple of days! I can't remember exactly when Alcoa starts asking for name ideas and then puts up a list for us to vote but I'm sure it will be soon. Be sure to watch for that so you can all put in your suggestions. I do like Patriot and many of the others.

Ok, I still have not seen our eaglet in daylight. :( and I getting antsy. Guess I'm just not looking at the right time.

Coffee....I still need to read your link so I'm going there now.

Judith Hart

-------------NEW THREAD-------------

Sue Pagels

I love how they fluff the nest!

Lacey W

I just found out that the wee one was born yesterday! I am sooooo excited! The sweet baby was born on my 28th birthday :)


What is going on right now? Liberty is crying and crying, and Justice is nowhere to be seen? Where is he?


Still crying , Probably sick of the wind ..


wow did i see another eagle come in for an attack? No wonder she really loud..

Jamie Keenan

I love reading everyone's post! I feel even though I can't watch every minute I am kept up to speed on J,L and the wee one!!! Thanks everyone!!


That's Justice on the nest. Liberty has the blackish feathers and Justice has the chocolaty ones.


Another eagle dropping straw in the nest and it isn't Justice. Maybe it is trying to trick L into thinking it's her mate? Not sure but I will keep an eye on the nest with TTV.

Amber Gavin

Going to bed--praying that when I check in the morning Justice and Liberty are both in the nest feeding that baby. Groceries are getting scarce at this point and I'm really scared about what will happen to our little fuzzball if he doesn't come back with food soon. This was supposed to be relaxing and I'm just a nervous wreck.


Happy Birthday, little one! My 3 grandchildren have loved waiting for you and watching you hatch!


April 04, 2014 at 12:46 PM Mama got up to feed the baby. What a cute eaglet and seems to be moving very well.


happy birthday littel egglet it is so cute

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