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April 16, 2014


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Nice names to chose from....and it is time to name the wee one! Thanks!

Judith Hart

Justice just arrived, I think he brought something with him, can't see it yet.


I think I saw what Judy is talking about. I had seen the one sitting get up and feed the little one. (By the way HAPPY 2 WEEK BIRTHDAY) I didn't think she'd ever stop but finally had to when the little one fell over on its crop. The other, Justice ? flew in during the feeding and just concentrated on what looked like eating. Later after the feeder flew away and the eater settled on the nest there was a fish where it had landed and I didn't see one there in earlier morning pictures posted by others.


Oh my, there sure is a lot of carnage in that nest. What is the latest catch of the day? Mom's standing on top of something that looks pretty big and furry.

Judith Hart

Whoa, That wind, that movement. I can't look at the TTV in full screen for two minutes without feeling queasy.


Gusts greater than 40 MPH today at the nest. It should calm down later tonight. I guess the storm system responsible for this wind is raging up north. Deluth, MN is going to get 12"-15" inches of snow with near blizzard conditions. At least we aren't getting that!
I'd better check the Mn Bound nest. Oh my, that poor mother is sitting in a nest of snow again :(

Carol C

Holly Molly look at all the food. No room for them pretty soon. LOL It would be hard to pick only 8 names from all them. I found another eagles nest today on the Rock River. I'll be watching that one too. Looks like babies in there.


Both Liberty and Justice in the nest trying to feed the "wee one" at the same time. One has fish, the other Coot.


5:17 PM EDT

Both parents on nest...and wee one is trying to keep up with all the bites from both L and J. It is like a contest of which one can feed her the most. Cute...really cute...wee one is lapping this attention up!!

That nest is so full of food!


Well, now I'm not so sure its coot. I see white feathers flying as it gets de-feathered. What is it?


Mavis, it must have been a contest to see who could feed the most, because when one flew away the other started to eating instead of feeding.

Judith Hart

I think there's another food arrival...can't see it yet...I thought it was round looking...could be a curled up fish.


MN Bound nest...Both parents on the nest trying to cover and protect the newly hatched babies and the unhatched egg. Wind and snow are terrible. One parent is pretty much on top of the other. Amazing to see.

Judith Hart

Thanks Cristine I just went to the MN Bound nest...here's the link if anyone wants to look....http://www.ustream.tv/mneaglecam


Can anyone in "the know" explain the meaning behind the two names leading so far in the voting? Rudy & Skylar are in the lead and I can't figure out the significance of either. Thanks for anyone's help.

Judith Hart

Roger, Scroll up and read under Time To Pick a Name.


Thanks Judith. Sure points out that I didn't read the whole post before I cast my vote. Now can you or someone explain "Skylar"? Thanks!

Judith Hart

Sorry Roger, I can't help with Skylar.

Jo Ann

Justice is such a good provider. I am voting for Rudy. I liked the name from the beginning.


Roger... I think Skylar is just a pretty name to reference SKY...but I'm just guessing.

Cristine, the DNR eagles do the same thing..they both protect the babies and each other. It warms my heart when I see them do that.

Carol C

I don't know what Skylar is either, but it's cute. I looked at MN & it brought tears to my eyes. O my how great that sight is! I hope someone got a picture. Still windy out here.

Judith Hart

Our little one sure is cute and she really fills up that bowl now. I wish the weather would take a break so we could see more of her.

Last night in NC the temps dropped to 20° with a wind chill of -7. This morning all the tender new growth on my Japanese Maples completely limp, looks like wilted parsley. Tonight temps 24°. Off to a great start!

Judith Hart

MN DNR....The parent there is drenched and she has a hard time covering her three. I hope the snow storm doesn't head there.

Carol C

L is giving the baby such big pieces it is having a hard time getting it down. I'd say he's full now! Lib making mean noises at justice eating a fish he brought in. I don't know about her!


Poor Justice. Seems like he is always being chastised :(

Berry College Nest.....You can see a parent on the right branch guarding the nest tonight. Makes me feel a whole lot better.


Thanks for your help folks. Seem to recall Skylar from either a Disney character or an old cartoon character. Just can't dredge it to the surface. Guess I should try a Google search.

coleen Perilloux Landry

5:00 a.m. New Orleans time. Liberty is sound asleep and the little one is roaming all around her. Brave little soul.

Carol C

Breakfast time. Justice flew in with a fish & the are all together eating. Lib was nice this morning. Going to be a decent day less wind. Have a good day all!! Carol


Roger, according to Wikipedia...Skylar is a given name for both male and female. Maybe that is all it is...a nice name. Rudy is taking off in the voting....with Skylar coming in second. Both are good names.

Liberty just got up but wee one is sleeping in right now...not interested in leaving the nest bowl. Not much room to walk around...looks like Liberty has to sleep on part of the food stock.

It is unusually cool this morning in N FL. I like the cool mornings and nights...

Good morning everyone


Good morning everyone. Finally checking in after a busy day yesterday and a busy morning today.

And there is our little one, not so little. J (?) arrived with a fish and L flew off. Not sure about the parent ID though. Little one trying to get to parent who is eating. So cute! He/she looks so big already in the TTV, sitting there looking around!

I like the names on the list but have a favorite as I'm sure most do.

Just watched parent drag bird from one side of the nest to the other right over top of the baby! He took it all in stride and ducked a bit. Sure is a chirppy little nthing! Maybe it's L on the nest???

Wow, the tree in the background on the TTV hes buds for sure! Won't be long and we'll see green leaves all around.

Judith Hart

Today, looking at the TTV, when our little one stretched her neck out tall.....she looks like ET.


The "little peeper" is definitely out and about this morning, getting some fresh air. It's so cute to see his/her little head poking up on the TTV. Bea...I noticed those buds on the trees last night at dusk. I thought they were maybe the starlings that had come back. They looked like black specks. My poor eyesight :)
The parent on the nest just wrestling with a corn husk still attached to part of the stalk. Can't decide what to do with it.

Judith Hart

Looks like L or J brought in the entire corn stalk or a type of dried out water plant. She keeps fussing with it moving it side to side....it blows in her face, she moves it again. Comical!


I saw a twitter question about the name Rudy and why a police officer's name was picked. This is an article I found. Although I don't have a twitter account it occured to me readers here might be wondering also. I did not know him but apparently lots of people did and thought a lot of him.


Judith, I did see some play with that corn stalk. Makes me wonder why it's there if it's such a pain when it blows in L's face. Too funny!

Cristine, I would imagine when the pic is black and white those red buds we see today probably look black so maybe your eyes aren't as bad as you think. Maybe?

Darn codes...my fb login is not working again.

Carol C

They are enjoying the sun this afternoon. Liberty was there then Justice flew in with a fish. They both moved those ducks around Then L flew off. Beautiful out today. 60 & sunny!


Even the baby likes playing with those corn husks.

Judith Hart

Peeper is extending those little wings out and doing some flapping today. There's also a new coot under the Alcoa branch, I think.
Everything seems to be moved up to the front of the nest, looks like a barricade of fish and fowl.


I wish they would put a little of that barricade on the left side of nest in the NV. Little peeper is getting a little close to the edge for my comfort. Maybe it's built up a little higher than what it looks.
Oh no... off-line.


That was quick! Back on-line already. Little peeper now basking in the sun, using a coot for a pillow :)

Alicia Lawrence

Rudy doesn't fit with the other eagles names! My first graders voted in our classroom and choose Patriot! They wrote cute little letters and everything! I feel like we stand no chance against Rudy, but they would be SO thrilled if PATRIOT won! :)


Bea... Thanks for the link on Mr. Rudy. It sounds like he made a positive difference in his community, and will be missed by many. Naming our eaglet in honor of Mr. Rudy would be a nice tribute. Judging by the number of votes cast for him, he was indeed well thought of.

Carol C

Still Off Line. :( I like Patriot too.


Cristine, wasn't that a sight to behold on MNBound yesterday? Such dedicated parents and it was a beautiful enough screen capture that I'm using it as my screen saver! Mom and Dad are awesome parents, just like Liberty and Justice.

I don't understand why we would want to name an eaglet after a police officer either. If he's a hero and deserves recognition as such, there are other, better and more honorable ways of doing that.

Come on, people, this is an eaglet, not a hero! On MNB they named an eagle after one of the Moderators of THAT
nest. Seems that is appropriate. But naming an eaglet after a hero? Not so much.

I'm with the 1st graders. I think it should be named Patriot and that's where I cast my vote. Just my opinion.


By the way, lol PATRIOT (I just figured I'd call him that at least for tonight ;)) is squirmy tonight. Liberty is sound asleep on the nest but PATRIOT keeps peeking out. Too cute!


Where is everyone this morning? Just got on and didn't even see anyone in the nest. The peeper was all covered in straw and corn husks and I couldn't even see him. Scared me for a second until Liberty came in and has started doing a little housekeeping.

Oh my gosh, it's going to be a beautiful Easter weekend! 65 today, 73 tomorrow and 78 on Easter Sunday! I can't even believe it.

Jo, that picture of the two parents during the snowstorm at the MN Bound nest will forever be etched in my mind as one of the most beautiful heart-wrenching sights I've ever seen. So glad you got a screen shot of it!

Judith Hart

I'm printing this article on Sgt. Kevin "RUDY" Marxen to give you some background on the name "RUDY" and the man behind it.

To his colleagues and friends on the Davenport Police Department, Sgt. Kevin Marxen always was known as “Rudy.”

The nickname came from the movie of the same name about the Notre Dame football walk-on who gave everything he had for the betterment of the team and not for personal gain, Asst. Police Chief Don Schaeffer said.

“Rudy personified the four Cs,” Schaeffer said of both the football player and Marxen. “Those are courage, character, contribution and commitment.”

Police departments throughout the Quad-Cities on Wednesday were mourning the loss of Marxen, 57, who died Tuesday from an apparent heart attack while on his his routine four-mile run.

It was Marxen’s day off, Schaeffer said. “He stuck his head into the second shift’s briefing and wished everyone a safe tour of duty and took off,” Schaeffer added.

Marxen collapsed on the Iowa-bound Centennial Bridge walkway at 3:29 p.m. and was taken to Trinity Rock Island, where he died.

Marxen was remembered by friends and colleagues, some from other police departments, as a man whose word was his bond and who always had a smile on his face.

“I knew him the whole 36 years he was here,” Schaeffer said. “He worked for me directly for over half his career. I had him in the detective bureau, in street crimes, buying dope for me during drug investigations. There’s nothing I haven’t had him doing.

“Not once in all that time have I ever seen him in a bad mood,” Schaeffer said. “He meant a lot to everybody. I don’t think I can say enough about him as a father, a husband, a great co-worker, a police officer, and as a member of the community.”

Police Chief Frank Donchez, who has been head of the department for six years, said that when he started the job, his first ride around the city was with Marxen.

“He was the first guy I got to know,” Donchez said. “He was in the Tactical Operations Bureau and he took me around the city to the places where all the action was going on. We rode on a Saturday night and you talk about a guy who knew the ends and outs of gangs and the vice and the street crimes. His knowledge of the job was phenomenal.”

Marxen was instrumental in starting the Emergency Services Team, what many people call SWAT, Schaeffer said.

Retired Davenport Police Capt. David Struckman said he was stunned by the news. To him, him Marxen was like Peter Pan, who would never get old and always be there.

“He never sought notoriety,” Struckman said. “His actions spoke for him. I watched him grow up in the police department and he gave you 125 percent of himself 125 percent of the time. He was a true professional, without a doubt. It’s going to take a while for this to sink in. We have lost a tremendous officer and a tremendous person.”

Coal Valley Police Chief Mark Poulos, a longtime Rock Island police officer, said that he often worked with Marxen and other Davenport officers as a result of the bridges that connect the two cities.

“He had integrity,” Poulos said. “If Kevin told you something, you just took it to the bank. That was it."

The Davenport City Council held a moment of silence in Marxen's honor during the Committee of the Whole meeting Wednesday.

Marxen comes from a family of police officers. His brother, Tom, retired as a captain from the Moline Police Department, while his brother, John, retired from the Scott County Sheriff’s Department.

Donchez said that Marxen was as a great mentor, teacher and coach to younger officers.

"Kevin will live on in this department for a long time to come because the knowledge that he passed on to these young officers will keep them safe for years and years to come,” Donchez said.


Oh my....it happens every year! Just when I was thinking that just maybe we could act like adults this time around.

Alicia, maybe you could let your students know that out of the two thousand names submitted...only 8 were chosen to be in the final name pool, and their suggestion of Patriot made it! One thousand, nine hundred and ninety two names did not make the cut. They should feel good about that. ALSO, this might work as a good lesson in democracy. The majority vote wins and it is important to vote if they want a say in the matter. They may not win, even if they vote...but it is important that their voice be heard. That is an important lesson to teach. If they ever want the right to speak out about their government or their class president...or even "Big Foot's" name...they have to exercise that right by voting. I just wish there was a way to teach them about clean, positive politics. I think clean politics would be to give the reasons or merits you think your candidate should win without trashing your opponent in order to win by default. That may be a lesson to teach when they are a few grades older, as it must be a hard concept to grasp. JMO.

I see the little guy is out sunning on the left deck. About the only place left to sun without laying on food!

This is Good Friday...


BTW, Alicia, you must be doing a super job with your students and I love the way you gave good, positive reasons for wanting "Patriot" to be the winning name. Good luck to you and your students...urge them to vote. If they lose, then maybe they will not feel too bad if they understand why another name was chosen.


Mavis, good comments to teacher Alicia!

Alicia, I LOVE the name your class suggested and agree that they had valid reasoning behind their choice. Could you have each of them sort of meet with you and you could cast a vote for each student? The voting says vote as many times as you want so it should be no problem and they would feel even more like they each had a voice in the matter.

I'm just glad type pad is back up so I can talk here! I see the little one is left alone and he's sitting up just as big and proud as possible and now trying to get out of the nest bowl. One of the parents must be there somewhere close.....right? We just can't see where they are. So good to see sunshine at the nest. Oh darn, offline....

Cristine, I tried to post earlier and by now you know that type pad was "down" or had some kind of problem.

Guess I better take this time to get some work done. Have a good one everyone.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

I am a retired police officer of 27 years of service. A police officer goes to work everyday and gets paid to do a job just like everyone else. If you risk your life to save another's life or if you get killed in the line of duty, you are a hero. Otherwise, you are just a police officer. Football players are not heroes in spite of what everyone might say, they are paid a fortune to play football.


Yeah, Coleen! I don't think a police officer has to get killed to be a hero. A police officer saves many lives and puts his life on the line just by doing his job.. That makes him/her a hero to me. Same can be said of our military and other people of service who dedicate their lives to protect and keep us safe. I don't know Mr. Rudy, but he must stand out as a mighty fine man to have so many people voting to honor him in this way. I live in FL, but I can say I wish there were more like him. It makes my heart feel good to see the people recognize the goodness in one of their own. Mr. Rudy must have really made a good difference.

Carol C

Mavis, you are so good with your words. I hope Alicia reads what you said. What a great beautiful day. NOTE NO WIND!! YEA! And it's going to be nice all week. Finally spring!! Carol I think wee one is loving the sun.


...............NEW THREAD.............

alicia Lawrence

There has been some references to myself and my class, therefore, I thought this would be a great opportunity to tell everyone a little more about us! We are a title I school in Norfolk, Virginia. In March we learned about the American symbols and patriotism, this is when we began watching the eagle cameras! The kiddos quickly got addicted and asked to see L&J all the time! We watched everyday up until the hatching! I kid you not, they would rather watch the livefeed instead of going outside most days. We have bonded as a class over these eagles. It is amazing to establish such an interest, and in something that we can all be excited about! No need to worry about them being upset if PATRIOT doesn't win. Most of my babies are from lower income households, so they literally appreciate EVERYTHING! They are SO proud of themselves at this point, so in any case we are already winners!

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Alicia, I vote for PATRIOT, also. I am a retired police officer with 27 years behind me. I retired as a Colonel.
Tell your students to keep voting for PATRIOT, it is not over yet. And, you continue the good work you're doing, too.

Tom Weiman

It is understood that there are many great names and the process of selection is fun. It is wonderful that this symbol of our Country has made such a come back and that technology has advanced to allow us to observe them so intimately.

Many of us are voting for "Rudy" for Sgt. Kevin Marxen of the Davenport Police Department who passed away in February 2014. Kevin was a life long resident of Davenport and spent his career serving and protecting the Citizens of Davenport Iowa - where these eagles reside.

For those of us who are voting for Rudy, the process is unique and special because of this exemplary persons passing. But in a larger sense, we are voting for Rudy because of his service to the community and quiet strength of Courage, Character, Commitment and Contribution. These are qualities that are held dear to all of us. His conduct and the way he lived his life personifies what is right and good about our country and all our people.

Thanks for reading. A vote for Rudy is a vote for the unsung-every-day men and woman who put their all into serving others.


I like the name Patriot, too, and cast my vote for that name. Although Rudy sounds like he was indeed a hero and very worthy of having the eaglet named after him, I didn't choose that name because I felt Patriot better represented and is relevant to all of the eagle watchers in America (and beyond!)

I've been away since last Thursday so I was happy to get back to viewing comments! Thanks all for the updates.


I always loved majesty and suggested it even.. however, that doesn't look like its coming even close to being first..... I do love the name Patriot too and it just fits the little eagle much better however, it looks like Pilgrim is coming in first now LOL

Hard to say what it will be.. but even though "Rudy" will be very much respected in the community and for what he did, for those of us that did not know him..doesn't hold much emotional attachment to us..I respect any one who works in the forces no matter what it is.. and he seemed like a deemed important person... I just won't choose that name, because Patriot just seems to fit much better.. even though majesty is my favorite.

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