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April 28, 2014


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Coleen Perilloux Landry



7:09 AM EDT April 28th

Just checked on our nest and Lib is still riding out bad weather...she looks tired and wet. THe wind is bad and looks to be raining. I was watching them and just wondered if she calls her wee one by a special name or call. I bet she does. It is pretty evident that we are not the only ones that can communicate with each other. I so wish the animals could talk..to tell us what we are doing wrong and how they feel. I think the author of Dr. Dolittle must have had a huge love for animals. To get past that thought...I'm glad our little family is ok this morning...wet...tired...but ok.

Good morning


7:34 AM

Liberty is trying to drain the nest bowl by digging. Every time she moves, Wee One keeps trying to get back under her. It is kinda funny if you watch how fast she moves when she wants to stay dry and warm.

Wish we had dry straw for the nest but it would not stay dry long. Probably not a dry place to lay it out for Justice to pick up...Lib just looks so wet. At least the nest is well built and riding the wind without damage.

When I visited MN Bound yesterday...before I learned of their baby...they often pan their camera. There is a body of water not far from the tree with a little island on which I saw a large duck. Might be where their duck dinner that produced the egg came from. I wanted to tell that duck to shooo! Fly away! It might have been the dad waiting on his mate. Life is hard..and life is good. I love it when the scale tips for the good!


7:57 AM

The wind is absolutely violent right now. The nest is rocking from one side of the screen to the other. Justice just flew in with a stick...didn't take Lib long to fly off. Justice is trying to place the stick on the wall and wee one is scurrying to get under his tail. I've watched the nest rock before..but this is violent. I saw Lib almost upend several times...and Justice is having to hold on too.

Carol C

Sure glad everything is ok at the nest> ALL THE TORNADOS IS AWFUL & lots of deaths. Must be why it's so windy here. Not cold tho 54 & going to 70. HOPE THE WIND DIES DOWN. I HAVE ERRRANDS TO RUN TODAY. I HATE WIND! ANXIOUS TO SEE WHAT ALCOA PICKS FOR A NAME, HAGD!! CAROL

Judith Hart

Just checked the MN Bound nest hail again!


Good morning everyone! YIKES - that wind is still bad! So glad our nest and WEE ONE are ok this morning. My whole house was rattling yesterday and the thunder just rolled and rolled across the sky. I just had to pause the TTV - too much bobbing around. I am amazed again how much WEE ONE has grown. Gosh, I sure missed a lot with being busy trying to get yardwork done. Got stopped quickly yesterday when the storm hit.

I've taken a look outside here and all looks ok in my neck of the woods. Hope everyone else is safe. Not good news to the west - Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and western Iowa. Tornados scare the daylights out of me and I feel so bad for those who went through that yesterday.

FISH DELIVERY! And now both parents trying to feed WEE ONE. (I do like that name.) I know the subject should be closed but I just have to say I'm glad that contest is over for this year. Now time will tell what Alcoa and Mr. John figure out.

Happy viewing everyone. :)

Carol C



Carol, don't blow away when you do your errands today!


I love watching the wee one...

The votes this year has really bunched my panties in a wad.. usually I don't care, but this year it was the most socialized, politically driven media crap rigged thing I have ever seen in my life.. almost as as bad a presidents voting stuff.

Shame on those who tried to cheat the system! You made it aweful!

(hoping IT IS NOT RUDY!)
But in my mind, I will have it in my own way LOL

The wee one is sooo growing and it is always a pleasure and always will be a treasure to see and watch every year... it is not the names that I come for, it is the whole nature respect of what nature can do and the joy of how hard the Alcoa has worked so that we can use and enjoy the steps and lives of these magnificent birds..I am so addicted to them and love them, I love taking pictures of them every year.. just a love of nature and its why it brings us all together!

Have a blessed week!






Judith Hart

I'm so glad to see our little eaglet dry and fluffy this morning.
L & J have been busy restocking the nest ....duckling and a coot that I can see.


Carol...that stick is funny. Justice risked his life in that wind to bring it in. While Lib flew off for a much needed break....Justice placed the stick on the wall. When Lib flew back..they both fed Wee One just like you said..then Justice flew off. NOW...before Lib would cover Wee One ...she went over to where Justice placed the stick and put it where she thought it should go!! Lib never fails to have the last say in the nest building.

Bea, missed you yesterday. Glad you are back. Hope Cristine chimes in soon. This wind will be good for your hair salon, Carol. Got to look on the good side of this.

Any name (except Gobble Gobble name) would have been fine with me. Sure, I had a pick...but all the names were good choices and would have been happy with any choice had the playing field been level. I just feel duped...not a good feeling. Just when I thought we were being so civilized this year...with fun in the pot...the game did a triple somersault and landed on its head. On the GOOD side...it is OVER! Wee One could care less...he/she answers to Mom and Dad's call..not ours. I hope the rain washed away all the anger and silliness...it is done. Would like a fresh start this morning. The tornadoes and loss of life kind of put things in perspective.


I am glad a lot of people like the name, but it wasn't my idea. someone else started wee one soon as it hatched. maybe we can find out who really coined the name. MAVIS might know.


Jassy, if there was a "like" button to click here I would use it for both of your comments this morning! I agree 100%!

Judith, any threat of the midwest storms getting to you? It IS nice to see a dry fluffy eaglet this morning. We can sure do without any more weather like yesterday!

Looks like the nest is drying out a bit and WEE ONE is under whoever is the sitting parent. Kind of chilly out there so far today. I'd like to see some sun but that looks doubtful right now.

Judith Hart

The Rose Breasted Grosbeaks have made it back to my house. I've been seeing them the last few days Mts NC they look awfully thin.


Judith - I have never seen a thin rosebreasted grosbeak! I hope you have lots of black oil sunflower seeds for them. They love that at my house. I think the ones I see, when they get here, must fatten up pretty good before they get here - they are always fat here! Now, robins do show up looking very thin.

Gregory - we could just call WEE ONE a group effort. After the last few days I can't imagine any one person wanting all the credit for that but I do love that you pointed out WEE ONE/We Won! This year sure will stick in our memory for lots of reasons.

I really have to get away from this computer and get busy. House going back on the market today after we were away for the winter. So now I have to concentrate on being ready for showings ALL the time. And I hate housework.



looks like BEA, JUDITH, MAVIS, and others were calling it little one early in april. MAYBE I put a spin on it and made wee won. but I thought someone else did. any way WEE ONE was inspired by posters. not computers and media

Judith Hart

Bea, The storms are heading my way, I think Amber is about to get them now in TN.

I think the Rose breasted Grosbeaks visited Mavis before they came up here. She feeds empty sunflower seeds.
I mix my own seed, black oil sunflower, sunflower kernels, nuts, dried fruit, nyjer, dried mealworms and safflower. Then I make my own suet cakes.


..............New Thread.............



It is US who decides and will call it that anyway, I just found it cute and I love the fact of what it stands for Weeee one LOL

That just made my day and the whole issue of this other stuff just melt away.. I am working from home and have a 4hr day of meetings urrghh, but the great thing is I have the wee one on my largest dual screen as the meeting goes on.. its going to be a great day after all, even through this mucky rain and wind..

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