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May 15, 2014


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Coleen Perilloux Landry

Miss Rudy is enjoying the quietness of the day. No wind. Here in Louisiana the wind has not let up and I have a windburned face from it.

Mary Davidsaver

Thanks for the close-up image before the camera went offline again. Being a wet baby eagle doesn't look like much fun.

Judith Hart

TTV ..I can't believe there was a close up of Baby Face, then it went offline. It's back now! I got a great screen shot! Went to take more and ended up shutting off my iPad. What a dope!


I like the nest view anyway LOL Thanks Mr. John! Howdy all, just popped in to say HOWDY to everyone!

Carol C

That was a surprise rain storm. I thought there would have been a rainbow but no. Rudy is trying to dry off now. Very cool out there too.

Judith Hart

Rudy looks like she needs a nice warm towel over her shoulders.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Sounds like the Taliban but as long as I can see Rudy, I don't care.


Just got home and checking in on Rudy. I am surprised to see Liberty sleeping in the nest with her. She has her head all tucked into her wings. They both look very peaceful.


I think I know now why Liberty is still on the nest. It's raining again. Goodnight.

Judith Hart

I just read that the Jordan Lake eagles nest gave way last night, the two eaglets slid out of the nest. One passed away the other is being treated. I believe the nest is near Raleigh, NC.
We had a tremendous amount of rain in NC, it rained all Wednesday night and all day Thursday into the evening....Heavy rain and winds.
Here is a link

Bea Griffore

Hi everyone. Well, both cams offline so nothing to report on Rudy and the nest. Hope the repairs are done soon and we'll see Rudy flapping her wings and getting stronger.

We had rain all yesterday afternoon and I think most of the night. It was still going at it a bit when I got up. 1.6" this time.

Judith, Glad you survived the heavy rains. I had read about that Jordan Lake nest and eaglets. And I was surprised and happy to learn that one eaglet did survive and is being treated. Thanks for the link.

Guess I might as well get some things done around the house if I can't watch Rudy. hagda

Judith Hart

_________NEW THREAD_______________



Has mama eagle abandoned Rudy? Been watching most of the day and I haven,t seen Mama

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