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July 17, 2014


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Mr. John...thanks for keeping us in the loop. Hoping for a dry spell for you and everyone impacted by the floods.


Not the news we were hoping for, but Thanks for sharing.


Carol, thanks for telling me what to look for at the IH site. I'll let you know what I see. Hopefully the ground will dry up enough soon that the power company can restring the lines to the cameras. Don't want any workers to get hurt by the nest. I also check the site all year, from Florida durning the winter months!

Carol C

Thanks Mr John. We are going to stay dry so that will help. Can't wait!
Good Luck Bobbie


I wonder how power companies fix others who have lines down after storms cause I can't imagine the ground wouldn't be "soggy" after a hurricane or servere wind/rain storm. But perhaps the difference here is flood as opposed to a wind/rain event. ???

Sandy Stricklin

Alcoa and Mr. John,
Many, many thanks for the recent nest updates. Also appreciate the pictures. The herons and woodstork (think) are impressive. Love the one with the heron in the tree. I sincerely hope your weather continues to improve so that you all can get back to business as usual. I know the flooding conditions have been hard on a great many people. I admit that I was one of the folks quite anxious because we had not heard much about Liberty, Justice and Rudy. I let my heart take over my brain. I truly appreciate Mr. John and everything Alcoa has done to make this a premier nest to view. I have enjoyed watching this season and will be back next year. Thank you for everything you do and continue to do to make this a "must see" nest destination.

Sandy Stricklin
Omaha, NE

Bea Griffore

No, this isn't what we were hoping but it's understandable under circumstances. More patience and a little more time.

Roger, I think your theory may be correct. That ground has to be really saturated being under water so many days.

Bobby, oh I hope you have luck one of these times when you go to look! The first time I went and saw either L or J in the tree top was awesome and I didn't even want to go home. I watch from FL in the winter too.

Sandy, the GB heron in the tree is my favorite pic! I honestly had no idea until a couple years ago we even had GBs in Iowa. I must have been blind because now I see a lot of them here. Did you see them last year in the eagle nest? That was really special!

Carol, I think you would make a great tour guide - especially in finding and watching our nest! You give the best directions and you wouldn't even have to go along but I bet you would because you want to see too.

Back to trying to pack. :(


The NV is up...I hear Rudy close by...


7:14 PM EDT

You just can't mistaken Rudy's call...he is so close..probably on the TTV limb. He sounds so good.

Where is everyone?


7:17 PM EDT

Never thought I would say this...but I hear the music faintly in the background and even it sounds good!!!

Ok..I can talk to myself all night and listen to this.

Annette Kryske

4:16 PM PDT. Mavis, I was soooooo glad to read your message on OT. I see the nest, and am waiting anxiously to hear Rudy, like you did. Whew, it was a long time before we have heard some good news about Alcoa's nest. Looks beautiful doesn't it???



Annette...the nest looks B E A U T I F U L !!!

THANK YOU MR. JOHN...and yes...I was shouting!!



Rudy was on the nest...briefly!!

Annette Kryske

4:32 PM PDT I heard Rudy, just for 2 seconds and then the train. We are going out for dinner. No beer for me tonight, I will have a glass of wine. Leon is waiting. will get back about 6 or so, I can't wait to get back already.....Thanks Mr. John. I would give you a big kiss if you were nearby. XXXXXX

Judith Hart

HURRAY! I saw Rudy land in the nest and take off.
Thanks Mr. John.

Bea Griffore


This wasn't expected today but I just heard Rudy! And the train, the breeze, car horns and other birds chirping - music to my ears! And the nest looks perfect.

Mavis, I hear it too but somehow it just seems right, doesn't it?

Oh, I hear one of those darn blue jays too.

Bea Griffore

Oh my loud screeching so close by! Love it!!!


I never thought the sight of an empty nest could be so beautiful especially accompanied by sound of Rudy screaming from a nearby tree!

Annette Kryske

6;27 PM PDT. I was so happy during dinner. I had my wine as planned, enjoyed my dinner of a Cobb Salad, and garlic cheese bread. "I can't believe I at the whole thing"! It must have been Rudy being on my mind after hearing his sound.
I guess our prayers were answered.SED


Wow! What a wonderful surprise to see the nest! Just checking in before I go to sleep. I am so happy to be able to hear the beautiful night sounds again. I can also hear the train and the faint music in the background. Glad you all got to see and hear Rudy before dark. I am looking forward to tomorrow and maybe catching a glimpse of him too. See you in the A.M. :)


How lovely to see the nest this morning, and most entertaining to see it temporarily taken over by juvenile robins! There were at least four busily digging, scratching, scavenging and squabbling.

Bea Griffore

Sweet good morning everyone!

Cristine, you were up really late! The morning sounds are pretty awesome too.

Hoping for a glimpse of Rudy today but right now only a small bird (robin?) is picking around in the nest.

Coffee time.....bbl

Bea Griffore

Annie, so glad you saw those robins! I wasn't positive but now I am.


Good morning! I can hear those robins very close to the microphone, but can't see them. It's amazing to me how other birds utilize the nest when the eagles aren't using it, like the herons and the sparrows. Didn't we even see a little blue bird one time? Now I am hearing something really squawking, and some tapping. Must be that woodpecker!

Lovely, lovely morning here in Alcoaland. Temps are starting to climb back up where they are supposed to be in July, but not too hot yet. And no wind today!

The music is coming through loud and clear, and do you know what?.... I love it. It's like listening to an old friend you haven't visited with in a while. Have a great day everyone!

Bea Griffore

I just saw one of the parents AND Rudy in the nest My day has been made!!! I think there was a food delivery but Rudy is blocking my view.


I heard Rudy squealing, then L or J flew into the nest, followed by Rudy. Now he's in the nest by himself. My, he looks so big!!!


Oh Bea! You got to see it too!


12:35 EDT

That was exciting...I only got a glimpse of Rudy yesterday, This was a nice visit. Can't wait to see both parents...maybe they will visit together today.

Bea Griffore

Mavis and Cristine, so glad you saw Rudy too! I got called away and didn't see him leave but he sure was there for a while. What a nice thing for us to see! Fingers crossed for a family get-together soon. ;)


---------------------New Thread----------------

Bea Griffore

12:40 or so.......NOT RUDY in the nest! This juvie/subadult has an almost white head! And there is turtle too.

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