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July 03, 2014


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Carol C

Thanks Mr. John. Liberty sitting in her favorite spot!! The flood probably doesn't bother them. I wonder if it's easier or harder to fish?
Bobbie have a nice week end with family.
Bea thanks for the flood pictures. Joe & I & his daughter did a fly over in 1993. He used to live by lock & dam 14. So we saw his house surrounded by water.


Thanks, Mr. John. I was hoping you heard Rudy squealing...that sound is unmistakable .

Question: Does the flooding affect the availability of the fish at the lock and dams? I ask because I am not sure how those work and wonder what affect, if any, the flooding would have on them.

I kept thinking about the TV coverage the hurricane was/is getting...almost hourly updates when winds hit 70 mph. Whew...guess they (the media), don't know QC just had on of their usual storms with winds over 80 mph. Maybe someone should tell them about Iowa weather!

Hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July celebrations....

Carol C

Mavis I was wondering about them fishing too. But I don't think it matters. But like Tuesday & white caps I think it would be harder to fish but there are other things they can get, as you know. The flood doesn't affect the lock & dams.

LOL Mavis. Our local guys were on non stop but not the big guys.

Have a good 4th. Parade in East Moline & I'm going over to Alcoa & check on our family.

Coleen Perilloux Landry

When the Mississippi is high and overflowing its banks into the Bonnet Carre' Spillway in southeast Louisiana, the egrets, herons and eagles love it. It is like a buffet with curb service to their door.
Unfortunately, high water got here too late for nesting season this year.

Carol C

Good Morning. Going beautiful day. 80 & sunny.
Thanks Coleen for that info.



Happy Fourth of July everyone. Enjoy your Independence Day! It's a beauty here in the Q.C. !

Bea Griffore


Carol, it always amazes me how people manage to deal with getting flooded. I would be movin' on after 1 flood. But I have friends who deal with it year after year. I know most of those people who get flooded feel it's worth it to be able to enjoy their setting the rest of the year. Joe must have been one of those people. Did his house flood often? Can't wait for your report later!

Mavis, I've seen people fishing in ditches when it floods! I bet the eagles and others can do the same thing. Water in the ditches probably won't have white caps like the river.

LOL Carol and Mavis - Maybe the big weather guys can't tolerate Iowa winds so they stay where it's calmer at 70 mph. It's always the way it is though so Iowa (and the midwest) just deals with it and tomorrow is another day.

Coleen, I love the idea of curb service for those big birds!

Cristine, I agree.....beautiful day today!

Mr. John - thanks for checking on our eagle family and reporting. Fingers crossed for the cams to come back up.

Sandy Stricklin

Happy Independence Day everyone. I hope you all are enjoying the day. It is a super duper day here in Omaha and it sounds the same for the QC's. I hope no one is in the path of the hurricane. I do wonder about Carolyn Issem. I think she is in VA, but don't know if this might affect her. Hopefully not.

For you folks in Iowa, I read an interesting article in the Omaha World Herald. It talked about the storms that hit your area Monday. The storm is called a " derecho". It s a fast-moving, powerful storm. Derechos are known for sweeping out of the sky so fast that people have little time to react. The article also said the storm was traveling at about 50 mph and went from nothing to something in about 5 minutes. I'm so glad you all are okay and that includes our beloved L, J, and Rudy.

I enjoy reading everyone's comments. I'm sorry the cams are down, but I appreciate that Mr. John shares news with us. Cherrycarol, I love that you take time to check on the family and post pictures. I know Bea and several others do to. Thank you all so much.

Enjoy the rest of your day, don't eat too many hotdogs and please be safe.
Happy 4th everybody!!

Sandy Stricklin
Omaha, NE

Carol C

I went over to Alcoa this morning & now there are 2 trains right in the way. So I went to the other end & only saw L or J in it's favorite spot in the top of the tree. I even drove around looking for Rudy but no luck. :( I'll post a couple pic.

Bea Joe's house was built up so it didn't get wet. But had to take a boat to it. I found some pic & I'll put them on my fb page

I tried to look from IL but roads r all blocked. I'll keep trying.


Carol...couldn't wait to hear if you saw Rudy today and sad that you didn't. Cannot rest easy till someone reports a sighting. Thanks for taking the time to look for the three of them.

Hope everyone enjoyed the great weather today. Can't remember a nicer Fourth of July.


I am just so thankful yesterday was such a beautiful day weather wise, with sunshine, no humidity and no wind.. Woke up this morning to cool temps, clouds and more rain on the way for this afternoon. Possibly heavy, again. That's all everybody needs right now!

Missing Rudy, and Liberty and Justice. Sooooo quiet. My brain needs to adjust.

Have a great day to everybody who happens to check in!! Missing you all, too!

Judith Hart

Here I sit worried that Rudy may have been hit by lightning, and so far no sign of him.
Carol, I do have a few ideas for you to help find him.
Do you know anyone that has a cheap toy drone equipped with a camera? They transmit directly to your phone, that way we could all watch as you sent it up to do some aerial surveillance of the nest area.
You would have to work fast, I think they only stay up for 20 min. so you would have to get it back to you before Liberty attacked it or it landed in a tree.

The second idea is easier, buy some helium balloons, with a long string, attach a camera to it...send it up to take some pictures, then pull it back down.

Do you think I'm bored?

Bea Griffore

Good morning everyone.
I think we all come here with the same hope that the cams will magically be up and running. Sigh.....just a little more patience.

Carol, I checked out your pics of the flood way back. I forgot the year now but Joe must have loved his location. Isn't it interesting how many years it has flooded at this time of year? Usually you would think spring would be the heaviest flooding but that's not the case in the QCA.

Judith, I DO think you're bored! Me too even though I have tons of things I should be doing. Those things sound like work!

Cristine, I saw too that we have more rain in store. Could you figure out a way to send it to CA? Judith could help you with that since she's bored!

Ok, I better get ready for the day. Have a great one friends!


Well...I have an idea but I don't think Mr. John would be too happy with it...

I think Mr. John should get in a little john boat and row out to the tree and throw out an anchor. Just sit there and fish off the side until you hear or see Rudy and BOTH parents. You can sling shot any fish you catch up to the nest...turtles too, Take your sunscreen, and a few sandwiches....be prepared to stay until you have sightings.

Dang...would love for someone to HEAR or SEE Rudy, L and J!! This waiting and wondering if for the birds...not us! GIve us your credit card, Judy...we need to pay someone to find our eagles!

Bea Griffore

Wooooooooooooo Wooooooooo - train headed east towards the nest! Sorry, I haven't heard any eagle calls here to report.

Sandy, I forgot earlier to tell you about the derechos: we don't like them! But you probably figured that out. It's incredible how fast they come up and I'm so glad I have a basement for now to go to when wicked storms come up.

Time to do dishes...

Bea Griffore

Judith, did you get anything from Arthur?


Hey,...another thought...and this is a good one:

Cherrycarol, Wendy, Bobbie, Cristine, Bea, Glo, and all others that live in the area....call Davenport Police Dept...report one of their own as missing...our Rudy. As hard as they fought to win the naming game...they will probably go in full force...with search warrants if needed...to find our eagles. Now, y'all get to it...we can't just sit here and do nothing.

Bea Griffore

Oh Mavis - now that's funny! Can you imagine the scramble? Ok, now who is going to volunteer to make the call?

Judith Hart

Bea, We didn't get anything from Arthur, we did get some wonderful cool air and no rain from your direction. Nice cool breeze today 49⁰ last night. We were finally able to cut our hay, one month late. I hope there's some good undergrowth.

I really haven't been bored, I smoked a brisket of beef the other day, that took 10 hrs. it was absolutely delicious. For a while I thought I was making jerky.
Today I'm drying my herbs, so far I've dried the dill, oregano and mint, parsley is next.

Bea Griffore

.......Guess what.......


Bea Griffore

Judith seems you're always busy doing something! I never got around to trying an herb garden. Who knows, maybe I will yet one day.

Carol C

Hello The rain has stopped now. Sure don't need anymore. I will go back over there. The drone sounds like a good idea.Wish they'd move those trains. My cousin said they park them there because of the flood. Trains can't get through either.

Love all your ideas. Hopefully the river will start going down now.

Carol C

Good morning. Boy I slept in today 7:00 WOO HOO!! It's very humid out already & suppose to get to 88. Ugg. Don't like that.

I was invited to a friends pool today so maybe go there & to the river to see if it's gone down much & look for Rudy. HAGD ALL!

Carol C

I went over to Alcoa & I didn't see one eagle. It's hard to see with those trains there. I had one guy ask if I was looking for Rudy & another ask questions about eagles.

The river is still really high. The Captains Table is closed. River Driver is pretty much under water. It should start going down now.

Bea Griffore

Hi Carol, thanks for trying to see our eagle family for us. So far you are the only one to post here today. Isn't it interesting what conversations you can get into when out there looking? I had that experience in FL at the Ft Myers nest. We got another inch of rain yesterday! If that keeps up it will just take longer for the river to go down. It's too bad businesses have to suffer when the flooding happens. I sure hope your basement water is gone or at least going down.

I think I need a nap. Up too early and have had a busy day so far with family. Our 2 year old grandson can really poop us out! I don't know where he gets his energy! HAGDA


Carol...thanks so much for AGAIN taking time out of your holiday weekend to look for Rudy. Hopefully the cams are up soon and he's still hanging out in the area near the nest. Mr. John thought he'd be here for 4-6 weeks at least. Today was so hot and humid. Perfect pool weather. Hope you enjoyed yourself. I did NOT takes Mavis advice concerning Rudy and am thankfully at home today and not spending it in the "clink".

Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Carol C

I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BEA TODAY!! Sounds like you had a good one. The water is gone in the basement. It took 2 days. Glad there's nothing down there.


Wendy....you wouldn't land in the clink for reporting Rudy missing. If you did...I'd borrow Judy's credit card and bail you out!

I am getting concerned about Rudy. Carol has gone to look for him at least 3 times (I think) and has never spotted more than one parent. Both L and J used to love to sit on Deadwood at dusk. That lightning was so close to the nest...I just wish someone would see or hear him and report back.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEA!! WooHoo...and that's me tooting my horn...not the train!

Jackie Scott

I hope my birthday juvie, Liberty, and Justice are safe and sound. Had a good 4th weekend. And, doing good in Cape Coral, FL. It's a hot summer but we get short afternoon rainstorms almost everyday.


Bea...Your birthday is almost over, but there's still time for me to say Happy Birthday! Hope you had a fun-filled birthday weekend.

Judith Hart

Happy Birthday Bea!


I guess I am the first one on here this morning, for the first time EVER. Just wanted to say a belated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you, Bea! Sounds like you were able to celebrate with your family. How wonderful! Hope your day was extra-special.

The Mississippi is starting to go down. I think I heard yesterday by a foot a day. I am hoping the cams can get up and running again in the near future. I am missing our little eagle family. Even when they are not around I am comforted by the sights and sounds of the nest. Is that an addiction, or what?

I am volunteering this week at the John Deere Classic, but I will check in when I can. Have a good week everyone!

Judith Hart

I just heard that Cedar Rapids had tornados last night. Did any of the storms reach any of you?

Where is Rudy? No sightings or sounds yet? No sounds of the Blue Jays harassing him?

Bea Griffore

Good morning all!

Thanks for the b-day wishes everyone! It was a good day and I slept like a log last night.

Cristine - 1st to post - congratulations! And you are a volunteer. I love hearing that. I hope it's not too hot out there - stay hydrated.

Judith - No bad storms hit here last night and I hadn't heard about tornados in Cedar Rapids. I better check on that. It's northwest of me.

Let's hope the river really is going down by a foot a day and power can be restored to the nest cams and we get another look at Rudy and L & J! Talons crossed folks - is that too corny?


Happy Monday to all. I got back from Wisconsin late last night & just looked to see if the cameras were up. Shucks! Guess the water is still too high for anyone to get to them.
Did the report go out that Rudy is missing? I didn't see any amber alerts along the Interstates! That was a really funny idea, but the police might not have thought so.
Everyone have a good day, lots of chores to catch up on.


Happy belated b-day, Bea. Hope you had a great day!


Mr. John, you still don't know anything about Rudy? Have you seen both parents? Is the electric back on at the building below the nest?

Carol C

The water is still way out of it's banks. I'll go check it out tomorrow. Can't even get to the parking lot to look over at the tree.
We didn't even get any rain last night. Which is a good thing.
Nice to hear from u Jackie.
I got a massage this afternoon & boy did she ever work on me!! I needed that.



Glad Bea had a great B-Day.Our little 4th of July parade in Columbia was very family oriented and patriotic! Not too hot-- 93Deg. and my Red Hat Mommas were the "bomb". So wonderful to see everyone dressed in red, white, and blue.
Sure wish I could see Mr. Rudy and Mom and Pop. Hey, I could call the cops from California. Rudy Alert!

Carol C

Cristine You r lucky this year to be a volunteering at the John Deere Classic. One of the coolest they have ever had. Around 80 all week. That would be fun. We'll watch for on tv .


Whew! Finally cooled down a little...it is 84º right now...was in the mid 90s today. Just miserably hot.

Been catching a couple of the "Christmas in July" movies on Hallmark...it's not working...I am not in the Christmas spirit.

Bobbie...I don't think anyone has called the Davenport Police Dept...but I thought about it! Surely they wouldn't come all the way to FL to slap my wrist. Of course, I would absolutely tell them Rudy is our eaglet.

It is the not knowing that drives the worried thoughts. I know Mr. John has looked at the skies for sightings of L/J/R...if he had spotted them, I guess he would have said so. It has been 8 days now...June 30th, that we last saw Rudy in the nest when lightning struck and knocked out the electricity in the nest area.

Carol, you are so good to report to us when you go on your eagle hunts....maybe you will spot them soon. Hope so. I also hope the rain stays away for a couple of weeks so the flooding will go away. Of course, I heard on TV this afternoon that another storm is brewing for IA.

Goodnight everyone..

Carol C

GM It's really nice outside now. About 70.
I just turned on tv & it's on a church channel & the guy answering questions has 2 eagle statues next to him.
I've decided not to take charge or debit cards any more. It is too expensive. I loose a lot of $ every month for fees so I have to go in early & make a bunch of phone calls. I got charged $155. for last month. This is ridiculous!!
No luck selling my building. :( So tired of it!! Going to lower the price some more.
HAGD everybody! I hope Mr John goes out to look for us today!!

Judith Hart

I was trying to remember how many days it took to find all of the Decorah eaglets, maybe 3 or 4 days. Here we are now, 8 days out with the Alcoa Eagles and only 1 adult has been spotted. With all the employees at Alcoa, no one has seen or heard Rudy?
I have a Red Tailed Hawk with young near my home, I can hear their screeching more than ½ mile away, that's how I found their nest.

If we don't hear something soon, I'm thinking maybe Rudy and 1 parent didn't survive that lightning strike. I don't know what else to think at this point.

If I lived near the area, I would be sitting there all day until I heard or saw something. We need some news!

Carol, We all appreciate the time you spend trying to spot them.


Judy, I asked Mr. John if he spotted the eagles and if the power was back on at the building below the nest but no response. You made a good point...a lot of employees at Alcoa... and most probably enjoy the eagles too. They probably look at the sky when outside to see if they can spot them...if they are around, surely someone would have seen them. Guess we just need to hope they are ok and enjoying the hunting and fishing.

Carol, you woke up with the attitude of getting things done! Hope your building sells. Hope you enjoy your day.

Bea Griffore

Good morning everyone.

I think we all just need to be patient a while longer for sightings of L, J and Rudy. I'm in the NWZ and invite you all to join me. It is hard though not knowing for sure. This flood is just in the way of everything! And that screen turning white with the strike makes me have doubts at times too. If the trains can't move that tells me the flood is still too high for anyone to get close enough to see anything. The trains are going through my town just fine but we aren't close to the river and trains do get re-routed through here when they can't get through other places.

Judith - you might not be able to find a spot close enough to sit and wait until you see or hear our eagles. But you would sure be welcome to come and try. Even the barges aren't moving yet.

Carol, you are so right - it's beautiful out this morning! I had no idea how much a business owner would have to pay when customers use credit or debit cards! Yikes! I don't blame you for stopping that.

Mavis, I thought maybe the "Christmas in July" movies were to cool us all off. I have not had time to catch any of those movies.

I need to get busy - lots to do and I'm feeling overwhelmed. Here is my big news: WE SOLD OUR HOUSE LAST WEEK! Yesterday was the home inspection and that has me nervous with our house being built back in the 1880s. Once we hear back on that maybe I'll feel a little calmer about it all. But right now I'm very unsettled. sigh.....


Good morning eagle-friends. No news of Rudy. Maybe we will hear something today from Mr. John. I know we are all very anxious about the situation, especially those of you who were watching live when the lightning struck. Praying and trying to put myself in the NWZ with those of you who are already there, but it's not easy sometimes.

Bea and Carol...thank you for the kind words about volunteering for the JDC. I am headed back out to the course shortly. This is my 38th. year with the tournament. What a wonderful community event that gives back to so many charities. I am so proud of its growth over the years.

Glad you got your house sold, Bea. Yay!!

Good hearing from you Mavis and Judy..Glad to know you all are doing O.K.

Opened up the doors and windows this morning. So cool out, but nothing but blue skies. A great day for golf!


Bea...so glad you sold you house. Maybe you can help Carol sell her shop! She needs to get out from under that burden.

NWZ...sounds good. Carol spotted L or J twice since the flood...she was looking at the skies and treetops...not the flooded waters. Carol has not spotted both parents at the same time...and never Rudy. Apparently no one else has either...that's why we are getting concerned. The eagles tend to fly and stay in tree tops more than on the ground...and they have not been seen since June 30th....so make some punch and we'll join you in NWZ.

1880s...your house should qualify for the historical register! That is awesome! I bet the wood is beautiful and still solid. Wow!


Cristine...BONK TO ME! Geez...when you said John Deere Classic...I was thinking "the Farmer" and tractors. I thought it strange you were excited about being around farm equipment all week. I was kind of feeling sorry for you while every one else was happy for your week. Classic...tournament...GOLF! Dang...I never put that together. So the Farmer's wife golfs! I love it! Now...I am excited for you!

Judith Hart

---------NEW THREAD----------


Thanks, Judy

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