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July 08, 2014


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That is all we were waiting for. A report that Rudy has been spotted. Deadwood was/is a favorite place for them to perch...I bet he has been there many times...especially in late afternoons.

Sure glad you responded, Mr. John. It was hard to imagine that he had not been spotted in the 8 days since the storm...but since he was not reported as being seen...we had no way of knowing. I am glad you saw him and told us. It does look like you were a good distance from his perch...but you were still able to see him! Whoopee!! THANK YOU. Whew!!

Judith Hart

Mr. John, Thank you for the picture of Rudy. We can now all come out of the NWZ, we were all thinking the same thing.
I knew that by posting what I did someone would spot him. Thank you, as usual, for taking the time for us and finding him.
Did you use your John boat?


Thanks for the update! Happy the water is receding, we get a lot of rain here in Oregon but not as much as you people. Where I live the water table is so high our house would be under water if we had that much rain.


Mr. John...thanks for posting your Rudy sighting. Those of us that saw that awful white screen capture of Rudy when the lightening struck and the cams went out were so worried.

Bea...congratulations on your house. I hope it is all smooth sailing from now on. You need to pass some of your luck on to Carol.

Cristine...I am so envious of you. Some big names at the classic this year. Could you do me a favor and have one of those jerks tossed out that yells "get in the hole"?


Thanks for the pix! Now I can relax. It was kinda like when your kids are new drivers. You know they are all right but you can't rest until they are home! Thanks again for that extra effort to put us eagleholics' collective mind at ease!


I'm just so glad Rudy has been spotted. What a nice report.

Mr. John...is this the first time you have spotted Rudy...or heard of anyone else that has spotted or heard him squealing since the storm? Amazing he was there on Deadwood...best news!!

Linda Turgeon

A BIG thanks from the northwest corner of CONNECTICUT. I've been following the eagles for years, and my 2 grandchildren now follow them too. We're ALL so relieved to hear that Rudy is ok. I was watching when the lightening hit and haven't taken a whole breath since. Thanks Mr. John from a voice from afar.

Annette Kryske

10:42 AM PDT. Thanks Mr. John for the picture of our Rudy. We all were upset during the storm. Though I don't have the video,as it was destroyed by lightening, I can still see that horrible picture in my mind. I was on the phone with JoAnn, and that picture shocked us. How sad we were. Now we are relieved by your picture.

Jackie Scott

Glad to hear that my birthday juvie is safe and sound :) Thank you!


Mavis, Do you live near water in Florida? I winter in Lake Placid, Fl near a lake & we have both eagles & osprey that catch fish. It's quite the site to see a wiggling fish in the talons of these birds!
Glad to hear that Rudy has been spotted, cancel the amber alert!!

Carol C

Thanks Mr. Jon. I knew he was ok. I did see L J in the tree last week. I went to the river & boy what a mess. Logs all over the place. It's going to be job cleaning up. I didn't see any eagle when I was there at 4. I took a few pics of the flood & I'll post them on OT. Carol

Bea Griffore

Thanks so much Mr. John. As you can tell a lot of people are now relieved to hear your news of seeing Rudy! WHEW!

Carol, I don't think I have any helpful hints about selling your building. We just had to be patient and wait for the right person to come along. We had one serious offer earlier that was like a slap in the face - it was so low it wasn't even funny. Had an unofficial offer from a person who has tons of rental property and buys very low. He knew we wouldn't take him seriously. I do wish you a lot of luck. The second time we listed we lowered our price too and now got an offer for our asking price. Hang in there!

Mavis, I guess those of us who live here just assume everyone knows about the John Deere Classic golf tournament. We should have said something sooner about what Cristine is really up to out there!

Time to get packing.....ug.


THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! So glad to see our Mr. Rudy, proud guy that he is. Please all take the time to see the Movie, America. Such an eye opener. It will make your chest puff out and say God Bless America! Love this country.
Here I thought I could stay away. It's a daily fix to tune in to this site. The California Kid.


Bobbie...I live in N. FL and not near water. I had a resident Bald Eagle on the farm winter before last...but he has not been back. We did spot one last winter about 1/4 mile down the road. I saw my first close-up last month when I visited the Raptor Center in Charlotte. They really are amazing birds. So glad Rudy is ok...I really was concerned since no one had reported spotting him for 8 days.

I wonder how Cristine did with her golf today. The farmer's wife plays golf...I love it!

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Thanks for the update on Rudy.
The River is rising here at the Bonnet Carre' Spillway in Louisiana. I am sure we will get much more as it begins to make its way from the tributaries into the Mighty Mississippi.

Judith Hart

There's some sad news about one of the Decorah eaglets, D18, the first to fledge.


I read it, Judy. I don't even want to talk about it...just upsetting. Thanks for the link.

Carol C

o no!! I didn't need that this morning. :(

I have a busy day. Doing one lady before bible study. Then Cirac 21 to see Fiddler on the Roof again. It's awesome.
A beautiful day for our eagle family. Only 62 now!!
Bea I feel for u packing. What a job. If I have to do that at the salon O I dread it. I've been throwing out stuff now
Mavis Chistine isn't playing golf. Have to ask her what she volunteers for. Well maybe she does but not for this. It will be on tv Sat & Sunday. One year there was an eagle that flew by & the camera guy followed it. This is by the Rock River.


Ok...I am leaving the golf thing alone. I sure tried to get it right!

Cristine...do whatever you are doing and have a good time! I think I got it covered that time! I kind of figure everyone knows by now that golf is not my thing!! I am seriously, just a country bumpkin.


Question about DECORAH EAGLE: was this caused by a tracking device on the eagle that came in contact with the wire or could this happen to any bird? It is so sad that the baby survived all kinds of adversity to reach this point and it's death is caused by a man-made object.


Thanks for the update, John, and also for the pictures. And also for putting up with all of our insistence and worry!


Wendy, two years ago 2 of the Decorah eaglets were electrocuted. The 1st one found in the Decorah area was not wearing a tracking device.The one wearing the tracking device was found later somewhere several miles away after they stopped seeing any movement from it. This was after it was out on its own. Check out Judith's post above to get this morning's report from Decorah.


So sad about the Decorah eaglet. I read how they put the transmitter on the birds to track them. Very interesting how they do it & how much info they hope to gather as they grow & leave the parents.
I wouldn't think the transmitter would hurt the bird, but it could have gotten caught on an electric wire. That kind of knowledge is above my pay grade!

Judith Hart

Not positive, but I think the Decorah eaglet that passed, D18, did not have a transmitter. D19 has one. They both were hanging out together on the mulch heap.

Carol C

Judy they did catch the other eaglet & put a transmitter on it too. o both had one on it. Now I'm starting to wonder about those. Only the first one so far is doing ok. She is 4 now & is starting to turn white.
Good question Wendy.

Judith Hart

You're right Carol, researched, didn't know they trapped D18 on the 4th and outfitted with a transmitter. So both 18 and 19 had them. Thanks Carol


When I followed Judith's link, there is another link to the RRP blog that talks about their investigation and how they decided that the transmitter did not cause the electrocution and that the eagle may have flown into the wires, completing a circuit with it's wing and foot. Sorry that I don't know how to attach the link like Judith.

Judith Hart

Wendy, Thanks for informing us about the link, it wasn't up earlier. There's a lot of information there, interesting.
Here's the link...Raptor Resource Project

Judith Hart

Before the day is over....Happy Birthday Rudy, 14 weeks old today!

Carol C

o YES iT WAS. Another beautiful day only 60 now. The water is going down I'll check it out after work. It should be getting out of the parking lot at Alcoa soon.
That makes since he flew into the wires because they aren't that good at landings yet. SAD!
HAGD everyone!!


Another touching story on the Raptor Research Project this morning at the same link Judith attached.


Just got in from working in my gardens, flowers & veggies. With all the rain we had 2 weeks ago, you'd think the ground would still be moist. Not so! If you dig deep enough its moist, but not the top layers. Had to really work to get the weeds out.
I hope the cameras get back up soon. Maybe Rudy is still around the nest at night.
Carol, hope you can get closer to the nest today.

Sandy Stricklin

Hi everybody! It's a fabulous day here in Omaha and I imagine the same for the Quad Cities. I hope everyone here is having a good day. I see there are no more postings about Rudy. I will trust he, L & J are all flying the thermals and eating lots of fish. I have been busy the last 2 says and am now trying to get caught up on all my reading.

Judith, thanks for the latest link from RRP. It breaks my heart to read about D18. We all had such hope for this little guy. With the transmitter, I know RRP was expecting to learn more about our majestic bald eagles. I'm no eagle expert, but I have read a number of stories about the transmitters. It doesn't seem to me that they have anything to do with electrocution. The BE, Ospreys, etc land on bare wires. That is why there is such a push to have power companies retrofit the power poles. The poles in the vicinity of the Decorah nest had been covered. However, mulch mountain is not near the nest and, tragically, they had not been covered. Maybe they will be now. I watch the SWF nest during the winter. Those eagles are never banded or fitted with transmitters. However,they have worked with the power company and all the poles in and around the nest have been retrofitted. That's really the only thing that's going to help. With any luck, I hope all poles will be covered someday.

Have a good day everyone. With the weekend coming up, maybe we'll hear some news about Rudy. I hope the flood conditions are getting better for all of you in the area. Bea and Carol, don't wear yourselves out with packing. You all take care and positive thoughts for our Alcoa family.

Sandy Stricklin
Omaha, NE

Carol C

Where I go in IL> is still flooded. The road getting to the parking lot. Went to one back farther but I didn't see any of them. There r so many trees so it's hard to see. I'll keep trying. Hopefully next week the cams will get back on. But we might not see Rudy. :(

Bea Griffore

Hi everyone. Just checking in to see if the cams are up. Just need a little more patience.....

It's a cool day today which is unusual for Iowa in July. In fact the past week has been cooler than July normally is.

Maybe Cristine will check in today and tell us more about the John Deere Classic and volunteering. :)

It is sad about the Decorah young eagle D18. I didn't know either that they had put a transmitter on him as I knew him to also be called EWOT - Eaglet With Out Transmitter. I'm sure they will get the company that owns that pole to fix it, or at least I sure hope so. It's just so sad after all that those 3 had to endure this year for it to end the way it did for D18.

Bobbie, I know just what you mean about hard, dry dirt! Not easy to get those darn weeds out and I must have a ton of them. I watered some pots yesterday and thought I uncovered a rock in one pot. But when I watered that spot again that gray thing I saw flew out of the pot and went "plop" on the sidewalk. It was a toad! He had been buried in the dirt and I'm not even sure how he got in there - didn't know they could jump that high.

Good to see so many still posting here and hoping for another glimpse of the nest even if it is too late to see Rudy. I just suspect we will see him if the cams come up in the next week. Fingers crossed..... :)

Time for more packing.

Sandy Stricklin

Good Morning! Not much chatter this morning. I was hoping to see some news of the family. Cherrycarol, I appreciate you checking on our favorite 3 eagles. Maybe there will be some activity this weekend. I think there is rain in your area, but it's suppose to move out later today. I don't know the forecast for Saturday/Sunday. I do know you don't need any more water! Take care everyone.

Sandy Stricklin
Omaha, NE


Bea, I had more weeds than flowers in some spots. Seems like the weeds sprout up overnight! We have been in our home 45 years & I dread the thought of selling. Our kids tell us that if they have to take care of selling, everything in it goes with the house!
Have a good week-end everyone. Hopefully the cameras will be up next week.

Judith Hart

Check your weather everyone....The Polar Vortex is returning starting around July 14th. Starts around the Great Lakes then moves to the NE....We better start gathering some kindling.

Bea Griffore

Polar vortex??? In the summer? Well, now what's going on with the weather? Not global warming, that's for sure! I did read that in my area we will be about 20° below normal temps for next week.

Bobbie, I know! More weeds than flowers and my flower gardens are way too ambitious for what I'm up to taking care of at this point. We have only been in this house 22 years but I had papers saved way back to 1970, the year we got married! Why? Because it would be cool to look back and compare to what ever current time we would be looking at them. HA! Now I don't care anymore but the stuff is still here and I have to get rid of it. Oh boy.

Time to get back at it. Have a great weekend everyone!

Carol C

GM Boy we r getting a pretty good thunder storm now. But it's not suppose to last long. Hope not so the golfers can play. U can watch the John Deere Classic on TV today & tomorrow. Then more storms later too. Have to get ready for work. HAGD Carol


Good morning, Carol. Getting lots of rain here near Chicago. The river needs to recede so the cams can get back up and I'm sure everyone, including you doesn't need anymore floods. Thanks for the reminder about the Classic being televised. Will be watching whenever I can. Have a good day too.


Hi everyone! Just checking in before I head back out to TPC at Deere Run for the John Deere Classic. Play is starting late today and ending early because of the weather. We are expecting possible severe storms later this afternoon here in the Q.C. Yikes. And we all know what a doozy of a storm that last one was that hit the nest :(
It's been a beautiful week so far, so I guess we have been very lucky. Record cold temps are forecast for the first half of next week!

Been reading the comments and trying to catch up. We are all trying to be very patient waiting for the river to go down. I saw the river last night and it was still over River Drive in Moline. I doubt if any of this upcoming rain is going to help the matter. So anxious to see and hear the nest again, and pray that fixing the cameras is a simple matter.
Take care everyone. I'll be back soon!

Bea Griffore

Good morning everyone.

I found this link to the river clean-up going on in downtown Davenport, IA.

I emptied 8/10" of rain out of my gauge this morning. I'm hoping it softens the ground so the weeds come out eaier!

Cristine, you have probably already left for your volunteer job but please be careful out there on the golf course! If you see a TV camera aimed at you wave in case we are all watching you! ;)

Guess I've had enough of a break and should get back at the old grind. HAGDA :)

Sandy Stricklin

Happy Saturday Everybody! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I'm so disappointed to tune in and see there is no news on Rudy and L & J. Alcoa has to know how anxious we all are. I understand this may not be a priority for them. But, Alcoa did install this cam and I feel they have a certain obligation to us viewers. I don't know the logistics around the plant or the nest. However, Carol is kind enough to go out there and share her pictures with us. I think Alcoa could do the same. It's not our fault the cam is down. I try to stay positive, but would sure like a word about our family. I'm hoping the weekend might lend itself to folks checking out the nest and maybe get some pictures.

I read about the polar vortex in the paper today. The National Weather Service decided that wasn't a very good term to use after so many people got upset. The cool temps are coming down from Canada rather than the Arctic. Those of us in the Midwest, as well as, OK and AR will be in the70's next week. Sounds good to me.

I'm off to the grocery store. You all take care and have a good rest of your Saturday.

Sandy Stricklin
Omaha, NE


Sandy, the area around the nest has been under water from the flooding Mississippi River. I believe that the only way to get to the nest was by boat & the Corps of Engineers has asked people to stay out of the flooded river. The river is dropping but the clean-up will take awhile. I don't know how long it'll be before Mr. John will be able to get close to the nest or the workers can get to the cameras. We all need to be patient. I think we all want the camera back up but for the workers to stay safe also.

Bea Griffore

Good Sunday morning everyone.

It's already getting steamy out there! We got another 1.6" of rain over night. Sure hope that doesn't slow down the receding flood water too much. Maybe it helped rinse off the streets a bit. Now I have to wonder what does all that mud do to the storm sewers?

Sandy, I have to agree that temps in the 70s sounds good!


Bea Griffore

Two ostrich eggs are currently hatching!


Hope Dash had better luck this year than last year.

Carol C

good afternoon. I got to the parking in Moline, still muddy & my car is too now. Didn't see any eagles. Went to Alcoa & no luck either. Those darn trains r still there.I think the water should be out of there parking lot by now.

I hope Dash has better luck this year. It was awful what happened last year.

Carol C

Good Morning. Nice & cool out now & pretty much the rest of the week. Only 71 tomorrow. A new cool high. Fine with me..

I hope this week the cam gets back on & it's an easy job for Mr. John

Cristine the JD Classic was fun to watch. A young kid won I have never seen him before. $864,000. NICE!! His fiancé was sure happy & he gets to go to the UK tournament next. I learned a lot about golf from my dad. He would come here on Sunday for dinner & we would watch golf or football. Boy I miss that.
Have to check the ostrich eggs. HAGD


How about it Mr.John....believe if nothing else how about a status update on both camera's? According to KWQC we're at "minor" flood stage. Thanks! Realize you must be one very busy fella, perhaps you could appoint a "second" to help you.


9:15 AM EDT

Carol, there are two ostrich hatches...Aries and Leo. Cute little fellas.

Roger, good to know the flood waters are at the 'minor' stage now. So many of us live in other parts of the United States and we love it when local viewers comment with much wanted updates. Heck, Bea even lets us know when the train runs and Carol makes frequent trips to try to spot the eagles for us.

I am starting with a hot, muggy day...typical for my area. The grass loves it...I don't.

Good morning everyone....

Bea Griffore

Good Monday morning everyone.

Ok, cams are not up yet. Practicing patience is so hard, isn't it? Hang in there folks. We know Rudy fledged just fine and I firmly believe he is learning to fish and doing just awesome.



The tournament is over. It's a time of sadness and complete exhaustion, after months of planning and working for eight straight days at the course. But it's also fulfilling to be a part of something that has evolved into something so big and gives back so much to the community. Last year alone we raised $6.32 million for local organizations. I am proud to have been volunteering for 38 years.
Thank all of you for your kind words and thoughts this past week. Carol, interesting... My father too, was the one who got me interested in golf, and as you all know he passed the same morning that Rudy hatched, which will be 15 weeks this Wednesday. This past week has been emotional in that way also, as reminders of my father were everywhere.

So, the water is receding and maybe sometime this week we will know more about if...or when the cameras can be fixed. I am trying not to get my hopes up too much. Mr. John we fully understand the situation with this. We also know your job entails a million other responsibilities besides the nest and the cameras. We appreciate all you do.

Bea Griffore

Cristine - a BIG shout out to you for your years as a voluteer! WTG! You have every right to be proud of being associated with such a huge event. Even though the week was emotional for you, I imagine it also made you feel closer to you Dad.

I just watched this amazing video of an eagle nest being moved for safety reasons.
This happened in the great state of TEXAS!

Bea Griffore

Just to show that flood/high waters are still causing a problem, here is a link telling about a barge that is stuck near Lock & Dam 14 near LeClaire, IA.


Just because the water is down doesn't mean all is fixed and there are no more prolems. Hang in there Mr. John and Alcoa - you'll get the cams working again! I have faith in you.


Cristine, belated sympathy for the loss of your Dad. My Dad was a golfer also, although he didn't pass it along to me! He passed away 21 years ago & when my sons play golf I think of him.
Hope Alcoa will get to the cameras this week. But I'll bet they have a lot of mud & debris to clean up.

Paula Kany

NEW THREAD-----There is hope for the cams, thank you Mr. John and Alcoa, we have missed our eagle family a lot.

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