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July 15, 2014


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Thanks for another update and some pictures in the area. Last year our last view from the camera was some herons in and around the nest the evening before the storm.


Thank you for the update, John


Again TY Mr.John!


We are in a heat wave for the Sierra Nevada Mtn. range. Lightning strikes.We have Hot Shots in the ready. 3 sm. fires , so far. It's 95 at 5,220 ft. Some sprinkles yesterday and more this afternoon. Some flash flooding, but not like the mighty Mississippi.
Saying Adios to our Grand Eagle family. So enjoyed watching you. May you fly high and soar over our beloved country. And to all of my Eagleholics. Keep the faith. See you at the nest next season. Joyce/Pinecrest, Ca.

John L.

This has certainly been a season strewn with plenty of excitement. From the everlasting winter storms to the pesky sub adults to the increased music bleed through, it's been fun. Even with the glitches with the cameras and ever predictable trains blaring their horns in the background, Alcoa Eagle Camera is my pick above all else. It was my first and still rides in the #1 position above some 15 various sites I watch. Mr. John, you are a saint! You put up with this bunch of old farts with our gripes and concerns (needy bunch we are) and go about your business with a deaf ear and a caring nod. For all intent and reason, this season was successful and now over. I'll sign off here till next season but will keep in touch on the OT. Have a great summer my friends!

Carol C

Thank u Mr. John I hope this will be easy for u & didn't hurt the cams. I still like to check in every day cause u never know what u might see. I was in IL & didn't see our family either. Out having fun I hope. Carol

Sandy Stricklin

Thank you Mr. John and Alcoa for the pictures and update on the nest. I sincerely hope the weather conditions continue to improve for the area. In addition, I hope all is well with the cam. I sure would hate to think you had to add that to your never ending to do list. I feel Rudy and family have most likely left for this season, but I know you will have everything up and running by next season. I'm afraid I am one of those old farts that John L. spoke about. I admit that I get too involved with some of these nests and then get anxious when there is no word of how the family is doing. I truly apologize if I got out of line. Alcoa has provided us with a wonderful site to watch. Liberty, Justice and Rudy have a permanent place in our hearts and gave us a season to remember. I truly appreciate all that Alcoa has done for their viewers. I will be front row center next year for the continuing saga of Liberty and Justice. Until then, I thank you for for everything you have done. Mr. John and Alcoa you are the best. I wish you all the best for the rest of the year.

Sandy Stricklin
Omaha, NE


Tee shirts this year?


Oh, this is making me sad and melancholy with everyone saying their goodbyes 'til next season.


Cristine...I'm hanging around. Rudy has not left yet and I'm anxious to see if the cams will come up. I watch year round, anyway. I think many of us do.


I agree, Cristine about the goodbyes. Is this what happens? I'm still hoping to see Rudy before he goes off on his own.

Annette Kryske

Why is everybody leaving? I am sure it isn't over "Until the Fat Lady sings". Who would like to be that??The summer is about to start in Alcoa Land. Many of us will hang on until next year for sure. We have had our good and bad days, but this was keeping us going and also keeping many of us together.Mr. John has worked his butt off I am sure. Hopefully he will be around to make sure all goes off well. Thanks and SED

Carol C

GM Another cool day. We broke a record of 52 this morning.

The photos Mr John took reminds me of swamps . COOL!

I'm pretty sure L & J stay here all year round. I don't think they go north like some. Rudy will take off soon.

Mr. John do u no if they stay here year round? They go other places around here. Humm just seems they don't leave as we see them in the nest once in awhile eating.
HAGD Carol


Love the pictures ! So many critters to see, thanks for sharing😄😄

Carol C

Just got back from the river & saw Lor J in the top of the tree!! I knew they were around. Got a pic I'll post it on OT.


Carol, what is OT? How do I get to it? Guess I'm out of the computer lingo loop!

Carol C

Bobbie. R u on facebook? It's a group some of us are in.

Carol C

Bobbie you can go see for yourself. Go to Ben Butterworth & park next to the boat ramp, next to where IH used to be. The tree is directly across the river. I could show u sometime if u want. let me know.


Carol, thanks for the info. I'm not on face book. I have been to the old IH site to look for the nest, but couldn't see anything. I plan on going again Friday with my binoculars to look for them. Hope I catch a glimpse of them.

Bea Griffore

Good morning everyone!

It sure is another beautiful day in the QCA. Just right for making me feel like getting things accomplished.

Mr. John, thanks for yet another update and more pictures. I love the one of the Great Blue Herons and wonder if they have been in the eagle's nest this season. I'm so glad you included a pic of the nest so people can now rest easy that the nest looks fine inspite of what some of us saw that fateful night when that storm hit.

Carol, I agree that L & J stay in the area year round. The river is right there and what better place could there be for them to teach Rudy how to fish! I'm so glad you saw either L or J and let us know.

Cristine, you're funny! All packed? NO WAY! But I have gotten rid of stuff that hasn't been used in years and I'm tired of dealing with it. Time for it to have new owners or to just be thrown out. You would be amazed what people will take when it's out there for free! Better in their house than my packing boxes.

I'm not saying good bye because I'm not leaving either. I'm like a lot of you who check in no matter what time of year just to see if I can see anything going on or at least see the river and hear the sounds. So, for those who have said good bye, I hope to see you all back for the next chapter in the life of Liberty and Justice and their young with all of the trials they face and come out on top. This is my #1 eagle cam and the only one I check out regularly! Thanks Alcoa!!!
bbl - break time is over.


Just checking in to say hello to all of my eagle-friends! Being patient waiting to hear news of the camera situation. I am here year round, too!

Coleen Perilloux Landry

Another successful year with Liberty and Justice although we were very saddened that only one egg hatched. Rudy must be soaring and enjoying the skies.
Today in New Orleans our low temperature was 69 degrees, unheard of in the middle of July. Another nesting season is over for the egrets, herons, roseate spoonbills and all the little herons so my photographic journeys are in another direction. Am looking forward to the end of September when, hopefully, my two pairs of eagles return to their nests in the Louisiana swamp.

Carol C

Bobbie I hope u see one of our eagle family anyway. the nest tree is the tallest one over there. Stand next to the boat ramp & it's straight across. Good Luck! Carol


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