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August 01, 2014


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Annette Kryske

2:28 PDT. Thank you Mr. John for the beautiful pictures. I was looking at either Liberty or Justice to see if there was a black mark on her tail. No luck, but the pictures are just fine. We know you have had rain, snow and bad weather this past year in Alcoa Land.With it all the nest stood high and pretty well in tact.Nothing but trouble with the camera. Hopefully next year you will have it all under control.Thank you again for all you have tried to do to keep everyone happy.We all appreciated your efforts.


Oh my...the heat and humidity seems to never go away this summer. Just awful.

NV cam...look at the bottom of the tree on the right...you can see thru the bottom limbs to see how close the water comes. First time I have noticed that.

Linda, Paula, and everyone...when you check in...just say "hi" if nothing else so we will know you have been here. I always like it when people check in. If you have a good recipe or whatever...share that too!

I am glad BOTH L and J have been spotted at the same time. I think, Mr. John, you have been the first to spot and report seeing both and it was a big relief for me to hear this.

Joyce...your Lucy was lucky. That is like my Bostons...it has always been my "luck" for them to be out doing their thing when the big outside dogs would get into it over something stupid....and my little ones thought the 'fight' belonged to them! I don't know how they always managed to come out unscathed unless all the dogs were afraid to move once I started my screaming!!

WOW! Indianapolis...a 1,000 pounds of butter and whipped cream covered a road after an accident!

JUDITH!!! I wasn't lost...I was right behind YOU...remember???


Hi Mavis and all of you "Eaglets". Mr.John gave us a beautiful treat today. Love those pics. Any news Mr. John about the tee shirts yet? Can't wait to see the design. Maybe an Eagle with a policeman's hat. They were sure "Rootin' for Rudy".
Your truck with the whipped cream should have crashed with our truck load of bananas!
Sundaes all around. Yummo!
Just checking in.

Carol C

Love the pictures Mr John. No wonder it's so hard for us outsiders to see them with all those leaves. Happy you saw them. Rudy must be out on his own about now. Wonder where he will go??
A good easy way to make corn on the cob is put the whole thing in the microwave husk & all for 2 or 3 minutes & all the husk & silk comes right off & ready to eat!!YUMMY!!
Glad to see the cam back on!!


Carol a tip I have been using with the corn on the cob. After it is microwaved cut off the end of the cob and pick it up by the silk end and shake and let the clean ear come out ready to eat, no husking at all.

Thanks for the neat pictures Mr. John and letting us know the L and J are around. No one seems to have sighted any one on the nest for over 10 days now.


Mr. John...thanks for the update and candid photos. Like the new TTV view with more of the scenery.

Judith and Mavis on another adventure. Glad you're back and with a new pup! You have a good heart, Judith. I missed your wit the last couple weeks, but know you were busy doing something good.

Can see swarms of those pesky gnats and hope Rudy has found a place to get away form them now that he's able. I really miss his funny behaviors.


So nice to see photos of L and J. Guess I'll content myself with watching all the birds at my feeders. The hummingbirds have been really fun to watch them dive bombing intruders to chase them away. The gold finches have been hitting the thistle feeder, seems like I fill the feeder daily! I fill my two hummingbird feeders at least twice a day. I also have a lot of cardinals this year, think they had young in the fir tree in my neighbors yard.
Thanks for the photos Mr. John

Paula Kany

Thank you Mr. John, the pics are beautiful, you should take pics of wildlife as a side job. L & J look like royalty among the green leaves and the woodpecker pic is great. Good to have the river view again. Nest appears to have some fur in it so maybe some other birds are using it. Mr. turtle is still hanging onto that side waiting for a playmate, LOL I have a hawk frequenting my trees and it appears to have its sights on my cat, she never goes outside. I keep a watchful eye on her when she is near an open window, don't keep them open much tho for safety sake.

Paula Kany

Just switched back to NV and that woodpecker is really making a lot of noise. Must be really hard wood. Sounds like a carpenter building something.

Jo Ann

Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Those shots would look good on t-shirts, mugs, calendars, etc. They would be selling like hot cakes. These are just suggestions I've been thinking about. enjoy the rest of the summer fellow eagleholics.


Wonderful pictures, thanks so much for sharing!


Bobbie, I just made fresh hummingbird nectar (water and sugar) and cleaned my feeders yesterday before refilling them. I'm like you, I could watch for hours as the hummers feed. I don't have as many hummers as Judy does in NC...but I have enough to keep me entertained.

Paula, I don't hear the woodpecker now but I see waves splashing against the shore under that tree to the right. The wind seems calm so there must have been a barge that passed by to create the waves. Funny how the small things seem to grab my interest on th cam. No sight or sound from our eagles..

Does anyone have a clue as to the seasoning they use at Outback Steakhouse on their steamed broccoli? I know that is an off the cuff question but Judy and I ate there last Tuesday and it was fantastic.

Joyce, I'm with you on the eagle mugs. I love a nice, heavy mug for my morning coffee...one with the Alcoa eagles would be perfect. A calendar would be perfect too.

No Bea or Cristine today? I know Bea is finishing that horrible job of packing. Hmmm...today may be her punch day!!

Wendy, Judy does have a heart of gold when it comes to animals. The pup she brought home today was so abused. She had the 'works' done...microchip/shots/wormed/ ect. She fixed up a special room for him with his own couch, basketball, chew toys, bed and so forth. She wants to ease him into her family of other dogs, so for the next few days, he has his own room in the house. She sent pictures of him on the couch and I swear...you could see a big grin on his face. I bet he has never had a soft bed...now he will never go without one.


Some very loud eagle calls, can't see anyone, but must be very near the camera mics. Sound of wings flapping.


bbj, I missed it...I checked in too late. I think all I really hear now is a coyote barking. So glad you heard the eagle(s).

Carol C

GM Another nice day. I love to listen to the birds singing, but no eagles yet. Got my book work done already so I'm going to church. Then take a walk by the river. At least I won't get blown away today!! Have a good one.
Bea doesn't have to move til closer to the end of the month. I feel for her.
I did hair at our Silvis nursing home FridAY AFTERNOON & ONE LADY WAS 103 & GOING ON 104. Both my grandmas lived past 100.


The Finn ladies in my family lived into the late 90's. My Mom passed at 93. She lived by herself and loved her roses. She cared for 13 different varieties. I have her gardening passion, but living in the pines, my garden is very rustic. Too much shade for roses. Only 1 climber, 4th of July, on the front deck. Just natives and Rhodies, Hellebores, and coral bells.
I have lot's of birds splashing in my water feature. An old enamel roasting pan with a few rocks for them to perch on. We've lost a few birds, hitting our windows and I've buried them in a special place under the pines.

Linda Turgeon

I envy all those that can have bird feeders in the summer. We have BEARS (LOTS of bears here in NW Connecticut - they BRING them here from other places). They come all day long, any time of the day. Go right in the garage and drag out the bird seed containers. Had to take the feeder down really early this year and can't put it up until the ground freezes and the bears hibernate. Cardinals stick around, and hummingbirds too, but the colorful finches go where the bird seed is. Now, to add insult to injury, we have a BAT in our HOUSE. Don't know where it's hiding during the day, and haven't been able to catch it at night. I like birds, NOT bats.


Linda, I would be terrified of bears. I guess that leaves breakfast on the back porch out of the question. Heck, I think I might be afraid of cooking aromatic foods for fear of them coming in the back door! I can't imagine how to catch a bat! I do know that my bedroom would be thoroughly searched and the door kept shut at night!! Our bats come around the house when the big locusts start flying about in the late evenings. I love to stand outside and watch them as long as they don't come to close to me. Connecticut is a beautiful state, Linda.

Joyce, I just love the way you described your home. I love simple and rustic settings...especially your water feature. I live with acres and acres of pines that surround me. I have had to cut several close to the house that have been struck by lightning (which they seem to act as lightning rods) and I fear them when the wind blows strong. So far...I've been ok. Your description of your home, Joyce, just drips with peace and tranquility...I love it!!

I've been cooking so much okra lately. We have to cut it every other day if we want it to keep bearing until frost. I guess I need to start freezing some of it for my winter soups. Judy grows tomaotes...big, juicy, sweet, meaty tomatoes on her deck. She brought me a few when we met up in Charleston...they are so good. She brought some purple tomatoes...and even made and brought a tomato pie. If y'all have not eaten a tomato pie...y'all are missing out on something good...and Judy has the ticket to that recipe!! I can't believe the number of tomatoes she has gathered from her few deck plants. I think I will grow mine in containers next year...

I checked on the nest a few times today...lots of bird sounds..but no eagles.


Cherrycarol...I can't remember ever having the energy that you have. I love your "get up and go" and enjoying hearing your daily plans. Your days always sound exciting and different.

I thought Bea closed the first of Aug....glad she has a few more weeks.

Haven't heard from Cristine in a couple of days...I always enjoy her posts.

Linda Turgeon

Mavis - we tried closing all the bedroom doors and the bat didn't fly last night - so tonight, we try opening just 1 at a time to see if it flies. If it flies down the stairs, I plan to chase it back UP the stairs and into the bathroom, where (gulp) I will have to close myself in the room, open the window and usher it out. My husband seems to think I somehow let in in the house, so I should be the one to get it OUT of the house.

Bears aren't too unfriendly around here unless they have cubs, then you have to be really careful. Our little 13" beagle goes nose to nose with them, and so far, they seem amused by her efforts to scare them away. We live in the country, and they can be attracted by (say) cooking grills, garbage and bird feeders. Haven't had one attempt to come to dinner yet - maybe they don't like my cooking.

Carol C

My walk by the river was very nice. I saw those 2 birds on the cell phone tower again but can't tell if it's our eagles or not. I will have to wave next time. Maybe someone could see me if your watching. The way the cam is now u can see the bike path across the river.
Linda when I lived in the country we got bats in the house too. My husband would catch them with a sheet or towel. Thank goodness I didn't have to do it. Good Luck! I can't believe your dog & bears get along. How neat! I guess!!
Might hear music from the Captains Table tonight. I think it starts at 4. Carol


Cherrycarol, it's really nice of you to go to the nursing home to fix the ladies hair. We ladies never get too old to want to look nice! When I got a pedicure last week an elderly lady was getting her nails done also. She could hardly walk but the people in the salon were very helpful.
I hope you catch the bat,Linda. At least it should eat some of those pesky mosquitos while you guest!

Carol C

7:30 pm nest time I heard an eagle & thunder too. The sun is out here. It's been weird with the scattered storms. It's really windy at the nest to. That's where the thunder was coming from.
A lot of my customers end up at the nursing home so I will do there hair as long as I can. I have one now 95 passing away.

Judith Hart

Carol, Is the bike path on the TTV, that little opening half way down the screen on the right? You can see the river through the opening in the trees.
You think we can spot you across the river? You better shoot off some flares or fireworks so we can pinpoint your position.

Eagle just landed, Looked like Justice....took off.

Linda Turgeon

Bat problem is solved. Little Beagle Bailey caught it at 4 am. She is SO proud of herself.

Carol C

Judith It's across the river. Yea I might need flares for u to see me.LOL I could wave my arms.
Linda that was nice of your Beagle to help u out.
Errands today & lunch at Apple Bees.
Going to list my building this week. I need to get rid of that thing!!! Going to list is low in hopes that helps. HAGD!!!


Good luck, Carol. I hope you can sell it before the grandbaby comes so you will be free to travel.

I wish you had a video of Bailey and the bat...that would have been amazing! I don't know how she did it. 4 am....that was an early hour to be up bat hunting....but I wouldn't be sleeping much either if I had a bat flying around the house.

Just check in at the nest...nothing going on.


Linda, you need to get bailey to a vet to be checked. Even if she has had her rabies shots. The incident needs to be reported to your county health authorities. I hope you kept the bat for analysis. Better to be safe than sorry!


We don't need bats in our bellfry.(sp?) We have bats in our attic, but too hard to get rid of them. Noticed some saw dust on the floor and our Bug Man says they are just prancing around up there and it falls thru the cracks of our T & G. They can squeeze thru any opening, not matter how small. More than I can say for myself.
CheeryCarol, Are you retiring? I've been retired for more than 25 yrs. and my days are chock full.
Wish I could join you at the Captain's table Sip a bit of Pinot Greig!

Linda Turgeon

Bailey has been for a booster (her rabies was up to date) and she is now on house arrest - can't go outside loose for 45 days - no one can come here unless we put her in another room. First bat (a baby) got flushed, SECOND bat caught today is going to the Health Dept. for testing tomorrow. Husband didn't touch original bat, so he's in the clear. Arghhhhhhhhh!!!


Nothing better than being retired! Especially when you have grand children. We have 5 grandchildren, ages 15 to 3. None of whom live in the Q.C area, so I get to drive 3 hours to visit them.
Linda, glad your bat problem is solved & your puppy is ok.


Linda and Skedaddle...I thought if they were up on their rabies shots the dogs would be ok. Wow...I'm glad you said something so I will know what to do if I (or the pups) ever have a "close encounter". I still don't know how Bailey ever managed to catch one of those flying vampires.

It is hard to tell but it sounds like it is raining at the nest and looked like lightning a couple of times....no sound or sight of L or J.


9:15 Nest time... rain and lightning at the nest. Can't even see the lights across the river. The storm system is pushing it's way SE through the Quad Cities on it's way to our farm. We could use the rain!
Had dinner at the Captain's Table last night. How wonderful it was to sit along the river at sunset, sipping a Sangria and listening to Salsa music. Did anybody hear it? I felt like I was on vacation in the Caribbean! What a beautiful night. My friend pointed out the Alcoa nest tree on the other side of the river. Next time I will bring binoculars so maybe I could actually see something :)
Meet you at the nest tomorrow.

Judith Hart

Linda, I always thought the quarantine period for dogs was 10 days, now it's 45?
If the bats brain comes back negative for rabies, does your dog get released from the quarantine period?

Linda Turgeon

Skedaddle is the one that alerted me to the danger Bailey was in (thanks - I really hadn't thought about it). We live in the country - there have always been bats outside - they just never got INSIDE before.

It was a baby Bat and was hiding UNDER the baseboard heat - Bailey "dug" it out - it wasn't flying. As soon as I called the Vet, they reported it to the Health Dept. AND Canine Control. I had to sign an agreement to keep the dog in house quarantine for 45 days. We have invisible fence - NOT good enough - she cannot be let out in our own yard for 45 days unless she's on a leash. IF we had the bat tested, and it was negative for rabies, she'd be off the hook, but my husband flushed the bat. Mama bat flew out yesterday and I caught her with a net - she's being tested today and will get results on Thursday. No matter, Bailey's sentence remains 45 days.

SO, most important thing is DON'T get rid of the bat - it must be killed (they suggested drowning) and the brain preserved. Bat has to be refrigerated until you take it to be tested. I will bring it first thing this morning and they will UPS it to whoever does the testing and I should get results by Thursday - I'll keep you posted.

Carol C

Nice rain we got last night. I looked into to Alcoa osprey & the baby was squakking at mom saying I"M Hungry!! & she just looked at him. Then Miracle chased her off the nest. Go Get Me Breakfast!! LOL
Have to get ready for work. Got a busy day. Have a good one. Carol


Linda, I'm so relieved you took quick action! As a newspaper editor in a rural county of Texas I'm probably more aware than most of bat-dog-human encounter problems and wanted to be sure you knew. Being close to San Antonio and a Spurs fan, we were all made aware of the danger when Manu Ginobelli caught a bat that was flying in the arena during a game and all the testing he had to go through. The likelihood of rabies is very minimal but the risk is not something to take lightly. Bats are wonderful creatures - they consume many times their weight in mosquitoes and are vital to pollination of some crops - but they aren't wonderful if they don't stay in their own place! I'm sure Bailey will be just fine!

Linda Turgeon

Only 3% of the bat population in Connecticut is rabid, so the chances are pretty good that out bats are just fine. They keep the bug population down and they rarely bother us - we do see them flying around at night if we go outside. They live in the space between the chimney and the clapboards - not sure how these got inside. Bailey is a bit mournful this morning - can't go out and chase butterflies and such.

Judith Hart

I meant to thank Mr. John for the impressive photo of the Red-headed Woodpecker. I've never been fortunate enough to spot one in my yard. Several years ago I did have a Pileated Woodpecker living nearby, it looked like a huge chicken when it landed on the trunk of the tree.
I do have the Red-bellied, Downy, Northern Flicker and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

Wish Rudy would make a landing!


Checked in at the nest just before dark and an adult was on the Y branch .... Couldn't see if it was L or J or an interloper but when he/she flew away I could see that the nest was roughed up. Hmmm. This morning I got my answer. There were two adults and at least three juvie thrushes digging up something. They looked like robins. but they had speckled breasts.


9:00 a.m nest time. A lot cooler and and mostly cloudy today. The robins in the nest vicinity are being very vocal, just singing away. Two of them were just in the nest pecking around, for bugs I assume. Looks like we have some grass growing in the nest. It's starting to look a little green!


Just heard a mourning dove. Haunting. I have those in my yard also sometimes.

Paula Kany

Two blue jays walking around the nest pecking at things. The nest does look disturbed, sticks moved around. Could hear sparrows chirping away. I was in Dubuque on Monday and saw a lot of juvies and adults flying around the river up there, maybe that's Rudy's new hangout. Pray for rain we really need it.

Bea Griffore

Good morning everyone.

WOW lots of reading to catch up on and it was all so interesting. Thanks for everyone for posting so I can try to keep up. That's not working very well from day to day so this morning seemed like a good time for that.

The bat conversation brought back the memory of about 30 years ago and my 1st bat in the house experience. I was home alone with the 3 kids while my husband was on a fishing campout. Midnight I thought I had a bird in the house. I did everything I could think of to get it out - opened an outside door with the porch light on to try to attract it to go the light. It seemed to keep chasing me around the main floor while the 3 kids were sound asleep in their beds upstairs. So I chased back with a blanket over my head and a broom in hand. The darn thing flew up the open staircase and that turned me into a fierce momma protecting her kids! When I got upstairs, I closed the kids' doors and I finally saw the BAT hanging from a curtain in MY bedroom! Then I was creeped out with my heart just a pounding away. Closed that door and stuffed a towel at the bottom so there was no way for it get out of my bedroom. We all slept great but in the morning I felt like I had to figure out what to do and I knew my husband was going to get home very late that night. So, I called a volunteer fireman friend for advice. He laughed at me!!! But did say he would come over and try to help. He brought the whole family AND all his fireman gear - gloves up to his elbows, boots, jacket, hat with protective face and neck netting and a big net on a pole and was ready to hunt the bat. It was my turn to laugh because of all his protection making him not seem so brave after all. In he went while the rest of us scooted outside in case he let it get loose in the house. He caught that bat in the big net and disposed of it. I didn't ask how; was just happy it was gone. I never want that experience again!

Well, time to get back at it. My house closing will be done by Aug. 22 and we need to be competely out that day. It's definitely crunch time and Mavis is probably right about the punch too! Maybe tonight I'll hit the "punch bowl" before bed.

I love all the pics in this thread but especially the redheaded woodpecker! I rarely see those anymore and they are just beautiful.

Take care all......bbl, maybe. :)

Account Deleted

Was watching nest Tuesday evening about 8pm CT and saw L&J at nest. Thought for sure someone would comment; but, since not thought I would sign on and give my first report. Knew inquiring minds would want to know :-)When I tuned in, one adult was on Y branch and the other was in nest poking around. Both upright and scanning most of the time. After about 15 minutes one on nest flew off to left and after a while returned from right..repeating action a few times before finally leaving. After a bit of preening itself, one on Y branch also left.


Hi shi! Thanks for the report! It's great to know someone spotted L and J on the nest together. Feel free to jump right in and comment more often :)


Light rain moving into the Q.C. area according to the radar. Should be starting soon at the nest.

Carol C

Bea loved your story!!
shi 7 skedddle thanks for the report of J & L. Maybe that's a good time to check in. I know they do like to come to the nest about dusk. Rudy must on his own now. Maybe he is in Dubuque.
Got 10 drops of rain & that is all.
I've never seen grass or weeds growing in the nest before.


Howdy all, just thought I'd check in and I saw the pictures Mr John posted! They're Great! And even though I would have loved to see the juvie, Liberty and Justice are as gorgeous as ever...and oh my that headed woodpecker is beautiful!! Good job of catching one in flight, what a gorgeous shot!

I hope all are doing well? Been popping in and out lately checking the nest in hopes to actually catch one of them there but no dice...all I see are bugs, bugs and more bugs.

MNB's cam has shut down for the season. Was great watching Arky and Dakota grow into gorgeous juvies, too. Would have loved watching Rudy, too, but I'm a one nest woman and when I'd check in to see Rudy it was usually too dark to see much.

I've been blessed to be able to meet one of the "International" chatters at MNB today. She and her family are from Ireland! She's a lovely lady and her boys are really good kids. Ok, that updates y'all on me ;) Hope to see you all next season.


BTW GREAT story Bea! LOL Never had a bat loose in my house before but have had birds several times. Thanks for sharing the story!


Hi, everyone!
I am a newcomer; but have been watching and reading all season - not just Rudy & family, also Miracle's family. And I feel I know all of you. I am now looking forward to next Year.
I have learned so much about eagles and ospreys that I never knew. These cams are the best education and Alcoa is doing a terrific job.


1:22 cst
Adult on nest, first time in awhile I've seen anyone there. I know others have caught sight of adults off & on. Still nice to see for myself!


Now both cameras are offline! Glad I saw the adult before cameras went down. Hope the cameras are back up soon,

Linda Turgeon

Bat update: Bat we took to the Health Dept. tested negative for rabies. We have now concluded this was the mother bat - Bailey got the baby bat. Mom must have flown in the house and gotten trapped and given birth to baby (the baby couldn't fly - it was about the size of a moth). I now know more about bats than I EVER wanted to know. None of which get the dog off the hook - she's still quarantined for a total of 45 days!

Carol C

Nice to meet u elf. I watch the Alcoa osprey nest too. Miracle still hanging around the nest. Not the same here tho. :( Now I can't wait for winter & all the eagles that come here.
Sorry to hear about your dog Linda. But glad everything is ok.
Man we have so many things going on this weekend. Tug fest in Le Claire & Hampton. They tug a rope on each side of the river & awesome fire works. We used to take the boat out to watch. A race in East Moline now. Air show. Barge Fest for Chad P. The guy that cleans up rivers. I do his moms hair. Awesome guy!! & More & nice weather too!!


My hubby and I are riding over the Sonora Pass for a biker weekend. Can't believe we are still up on 2 wheels at our age,but you've got to stay alive by doing what you enjoy. We will probably have a few summer sprinkles during the weekend.
Last year we rode to Virginia City and the "Pink Pony" (ladies of the night) House. very interesting. It was rated adults only, but very tasteful, if that's possible. We enjoy company with our Harley Owners Groups(HOGS). Another girl who rides, also watches the Alcoa nest. So we don't all walk of the wild side. VROOMMM! VROOMMM!

Judith Hart

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