Curtain Wall 2

Balancing Form and Function

09:03:08 AM on 06/22/2010

By the time you read this blog, Kawneer will have announced its new Clearwall™ curtain wall -  an innovative four-sided Toggle Glazed (TG) system (with multiple patents pending) with a breakthrough glass retaining mechanism. This exciting new addition to our range of high-performance curtain wall products provides the much admired monolithic glazing appearance while keeping the overall installed costs lower when compared to incumbent four-sided approaches. Now you are wondering, “how is this possible?”  It’s possible because of the design innovations created by Kawneer’s highly experienced product development team.  Kawneer’s Clearwall™ curtain wall achieves the sleek all-glass appearance through its aforementioned toggle system. The unique toggle assembly directly captures the inside lite of the insulating glass unit, which has a recessed spacer.  This standard glazing option eliminates any use of structural silicone to glaze the curtain wall. There are other glazing options in which you can use regular one-inch insulating glass attached with a metal interface, underscoring the flexibility inherent in the product.  With the response we have received within days of launching this product from both architects and customers, the marketplace has definitely embraced Clearwall’s approach of balancing form with function. Take a look at our new Clearwall™ curtain wall and let me know what you think about it.

Clearwall™ curtain wall product sample (shown at left) with toggle assembly. The toggle assembly directly captures the inside lite of the insulating glass unit, which has a recessed spacer.

<- Click image to enlarge

As a relative newcomer to this industry, it is very exciting to manage this product line for a company like Kawneer. At a certain level it is a daunting task, but our product engineers and designers are the best in the field, and with more than a thousand man-years of experience backing me up, it actually gets to be fun.  Despite the downturn in the market our resilience as a company is reflected in our continued commitment to product innovation and development. At our core, we are a solutions provider. We talk to our audience, look at the market needs and work internally to find solutions that not only meet, but also exceed those needs.

As Kawneer continues to bring additional new curtain wall products to the market – products that continue to address the demands of the market place and critical needs – we are always looking for feedback.


What are your needs?


What do you look for in a curtain wall?

There’s more to come. In other words, stay tuned.  And, I would like to hear from you.

Best Regards,


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