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11:45:37 AM on 06/30/2010

Nearly one year ago we launched 1600 SS Unitwall™, a unitized version of our popular 1600 SS™ Curtain Wall, a screw spline platform,  which was designed to provide architects and glaziers with a high quality solution that could address budget constraints and tighter construction schedules. Intended for low- to mid-rise projects, simplified fabrication and rapid installation makes 1600 SS Unitwall™ ideal for new or remodel projects.  A stack horizontal allows fully pre-glazed units to be stacked on top of one another for a true unitized curtain wall option. In addition, 1600 SS Unitwall™ is available in both a fully captured and vertical SSG version. The captured version is completely dry glazed, eliminating the use of silicone.

 1600SS_Unitwall_Exterior lower right_web

Picture of 1600 SS Unitwall™
with stack horizontal shown at left.

<-- click image to enlarge



In my earlier blog post, I shared one of the newest products Kawneer introduced to the market – Clearwall™ Curtain Wall. While Clearwall™ curtain wall epitomizes the balance between form and function, 1600 SS Unitwall™ is an all-out functional product, creatively enabling an existing screw spline system to go unitized. The benefits of going unitized need no introduction, but a system that can be both ladder built and unitized not only expands the options for glazing contractors, but also minimizes training challenges and reduces the learning curve. And, when we combine this uniqueness to cater to a low- to mid-rise segment, a unitized approach starts to make sense from the perspectives of both competency and finance (time, money).

When you are working on a project, what is your primary challenge? Is it budget? Is it the construction schedule? Or, is your biggest challenge finding the right solution that will give you a strong aesthetic while being all-out functional?

Kawneer launched the product as part of the 1600 SS platform and it was created to help meet your needs. More details can be found by following this link to our product page.

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