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12:04:18 PM on 06/14/2010

Following up on my previous blog post, I have to ask, “What’s keeping large volume retail chains from building green?”

Here are my “Top Four Arguments” for Chain Retailers to consider Sustainable Building Design:

 The Building builds the brand (or, weakens it) – Let’s face it.  The first image we have of a brand’s products or services is most often projected by the structure they provide for their employees and clients.  Green companies offering green products and services are expected to build green buildings.

• Increased Revenue – A no-brainer here.  Independent studies show that customers shopping in stores carrying out sustainable building design SPEND MORE MONEY. (Click here  to see summary of study from Heschong Mahone Group.) While online sales continue to grow, consumers often make their purchases on the sales floor.

• Improved Customer Experience – Natural daylighting, views, natural ventilation, and thermal comfort are just some of the attributes of sustainable design that enhance the customer experience.  And, obviously, glazed storefronts have been providing an effective means to showcase products and get consumers in stores for a long time.

• The Power of Volume Of all the businesses out there, Retail Chains should be able to recognize the value of efficient repetition.  While geography and weather can skew results, if one prototypical store (restaurant, bank, hotel, etc.) is designed effectively, many of the attributes can be repeated in other locations reasonably.

So, what do you think?  Are retailers building stores consistent with their sustainable messaging?  If not, why?

Best regards,

Eddie Bugg


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