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June 18, 2012


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Fred Collins

Where did the first chick fly to?


We as parents also know that although we want our little ones to grow up and venture out into the world and be successful. We will and do miss them very much and are thankful for little visits here and there. I for one hope that all these chicks are successful in their new lives, they sure have some beautiful country to overlook! I will look forward to next years chicks with Oliver & Oliveea.


WOW WEE...what a surprise to see only two! Have fun lil' youngin!


Wondering if you've been to the site to make sure the one who fledged is okay... Maybe you can give us an update soon?


The chicks in the nest look like they're following something in the air? Wonder what or who??


Are you sure shed fledged and did not fall? Nervous wreck here...

Rachel Gaines

Up, up, and away, beautiful Osprey chicks; and gracefully you glide on the wind.

I would love to see them learn to dive and catch fish in the river. Exciting!


Even caught one of the Davenport eaglets back in the nest....these are beautiful birds...and (as the eagles) well taken care of....says a lot about Alcoa parents.

Elizabeth Rieder

3:24pm CDT----- Up up and away almost.

Hope everyone that want to see a Osprey fly is watching. these two are really working on it.

Kathryn Mellecker

I'm impressed, they were doing syncronized preening!

Carol C

Great pictures. Only 2 there now.

 Beth in AZ

That's GREAT news. Will the camera stay up awhile longer? I can't wait till next year.


Wow, wow, wow! I watched the fledgling take off this morning and do a circle three times and come back to the nest. Then mom came and they took off together. Double wow! The others are watching and want to go too! How exciting, Alcoa. Thanks!! Foggy there this morning I see. I really miss living in NC. Are you going to do t-shirts like (maybe) the Alcoa eagles?

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