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June 21, 2012


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That is great news! I was beginning to wonder if the last was capable of flight. I enjoy watching the parents feeding the youngsters even though two of them have fledged. Thanks so much!


His kin keep coming back,, come on bro its eaSy.. everyone is doing it lol..


Beautiful!!! Last with parents bringing in sticks. Luv the view here.
Thank you!

Elizabeth Rieder

6:59am CDT
Last chick in nest with mom who arrived with a stick and they rearranged them.
The little did a lot of wing flapping and hovering so maybe it will be today.
Each in his own time. We forget sometimes that they don't always do things on our time, but on Osprey time.


Watching that little one is making me want to take a nap too :) Can't say that I blame it. Listening to the water and having the breeze blow over you, no place better to take a little snooze.

Carolyn Groves

Poor little lonely chick. Read the post this Friday morning. Watching the last chick sleeping. Sooo cute! Also been watching the spider and web over lens.


The last baby just took its first flight and came back!


I just saw the 3rd chick fledge! At 10am EST!!! It took a short flight off the nest toward the lower right, and then flew back!


10:00edt, little guy grabbed all his courage, took flight towards the dam, then appeared low and heading out of sight towards the right side of view. Hope he's enjoying flight!

thanks to whoever posted that youtube vid of #2's first flight.


Third chick is Off! Video soon!


Yeah!!! The baby did it... finally found the courage to take that jump. Good for the little one. Momma will be soooo proud :)


I feel like a proud parent. At 10:30, the 3rd chick took flight again, all the way to the end of the dam and back!


I have just uploaded the video of the third youngster taking that great leap off the nest. here's the link:


Such a wonder beginning for this family, congratulations to Alcoa AGPI, and to Oliveea and Oscar!


Carolyn, thank you soooo much for sharing the video. I was really thankful that I actually was able to watch it happen but it is nice to go back and look at it again because it really is something specail to see a little ones first flight!

Elizabeth Rieder

Oh how brave and beautiful!! Thank you Carolyn for the video. Like I said, they will fly on Osprey time not ours. Something just gave me the feeling today was the day. He/she is sitting in the nest preeming and so proud of him/her self. Not once but twice across the dam and back. Smiles all around. Ok now mom where is that fish.

Elizabeth Rieder

A little poem that is by one of the people on the Alcoa Eagle cam is so right for this little guys first flight.

To Be with them,soaring
Air in their ears roaring
At Last. by G.Nash


Did I just happen to witness the last one fledging? If I did Yayyyyy!


just saw youngest fledge!!!!


Saw the last chick practicing flying across the nest earlier this morning. Just checked the website cam 11:15 a.m. EST and was watching the last chick and he flew off the nest. He has fledged! Congratulations little guy. Best of luck!


Elizabeth, Thanks for sharing that poem. It was wonderful & sums up my feelings also!

todd enger

awwwww ,,,and then there were none


The last one finally flew - what a relief!


Yipee you guys...Happy Flying Day for #3.
Thanks for the video Carolyn.

I'm so happy the Alcoa birds (Osprey and the Eagles) have been so successful...what a relief and a joy to watch!


Oliveea is experiencing empty nest syndrome. But they'll return for a meal and bedtime. :)


The last baby just left!


So awesome to see the last chick take the plunge. I kept thinking, Mom just push the little guy off. So glad to see the courage. It has been such an experience watching the osprey and the eagles grow and finally fledge. Thanks Alcoa.


I am kinda sad about the empty nest :( I miss watching the wingersizing and plain miss seeing them all.

Charles Kinsey

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continued on EMPTY NEST >>>>>>>>

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