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June 22, 2012


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Believe I was able to capture the fledge of the last chick earlier. It was an awesome sight. Thanks Alcoa for these wonderful birds.


Or you can look at the spider webs as thou they are billowy clouds adding to the ambiance of the nest and their surroundings :)


3:20 cst
One little chick wondering where everyone's gone to!

Paul Thomasset

A lot of fun to watch. Good work Alcoa


Wow! That is some storm brewing! There are white caps on the left side of the dam and the nest is really moving. Mom is huddled down to present little wind resistance. I worry about the new fledglings trying to hold on somewhere.


All three babies home comparing notes :) And taking a break from the brutal winds.


I hope everyone saw the chicks showing the Osprey Helicopter pilots how it's really done!

Warren Dale

I love watching the Osprays and the Eagl`s but wish logo was at the top of page. thanks


Here is the link to my late afternoon video of vertical takeoffs. I think everyone might enjoy it. Today has been full of exciting new adventures for our trio.


Charles Kinsey

THANKS Carolyn for your videos. As a former helicopter pilot I really appreciate the vertical take offs and high hovers. The Ospreys make it look so easy- (but it's not).


That video is funny...thanks Carolyn. They do sort of look like helicopters!

I'm so glad they're all safe...everytime they leave the nest you kind of worry a bit...but look how great all three are doing!!

`?  /

Forgive me if I'm repeating something already said, but have you ever seen such a collection of twigs and sticks? Do you think there is a loose one they've overlooked anywhere in the vicinity?....such a contrast to the eagle's nest. The osprey's need the "merry maids" from Davenport

Charles Kinsey

All three ospreylets in the nest now - maybe waiting on dinner ?

Charles Kinsey

Parent just brought in a fish - all three scrambled for it but winner is mantling it now. Parent took it back and now there is a tug of war between parent and chick.
Parent won and is now feeding others

John Kinsey

MOM fed fish to others for a while then one 'let took it from her(Mom let him) and began trying to feed himself - Dad arrived with another fish and second 'let claimed it and began trying to eat - two 'let's now have their own fish for a minute then Mom took fish(looks like catfish) back to show how to tear it apart to eat and began feeding the two without a fish.
Dad went fishing again.Third 'let still eating his own personal fish.

John Kinsey

I find it interesting that the Ospreys tend to "twist and pull" the meat off the fish whereas the Eagles just seem to pull the meat off - maybe because of size and weight difference while holding on ?

John Kinsey

Dad just arrived with another fish and he held on while one of the 'lets tried to pull it away from him for a while - then released it and departed. Mom still working on that catfish trying to pull it apart - they are tough if you've ever tried to skin one.

John Kinsey

MOM's been strugling with catfish for an hour trying to feed babies - hasn't really made a dent in it yet - tiny piece at a time - Really tough.
She told Dad last time he was in nest "Don't you dare bring another catfish for me to feed the babies " !
Meanwhile third 'let is enjoying his own fish that Dad brought.

John Kinsey

Looks like Mom is still struggling with that catfish - twisting off a small bite at a time.At one point she had a piece of skin in her beak and two babies grabbed hold of it and were pulling in opposite directions trying to tear it apart.Mom's not too happy with Dad now. I think he had an ulterior motive when bringing that catfish - he wanted some "alone " time and knew that Mom would be busy for a while ! Been going on for over two hours now
Looks like she's finally had enough of that catfish - she just flew off (9:07 PM EDT) - leaving the remnants in the nest for the 3 babies to chew on.Probably going to fuss at Dad. Now 1 of the babies just flew off for about a minute and then returned - guess it was same one - too dark to see now.
There are 3 shadows in the nest now. A fourth one just made a low pass over the nest,circled around and landed in nest. It probably was Mom - Dad's hiding. There are now four in the nest along with some leftover catfish for a midnight snack.

Elizabeth Rieder

8:20am CDT--
Looks like all the chicks are out honing their flying and fishing skills this morning. That was an interesting tour with the camera. The area is just drop death beautiful. Anyone worrying about "all the cement" before,should have been watching earlier when they were adjusting the camera. The lake, blue sky, and all that green lush forest right next to the dam. That is a paradise for these Osprey. You can see down into the water,clean and clear. Remember these Osprey have very good eye sight,so fishing there is a snap. Just ask the man I could see on a little boat close to the shore and buoy line. Hope he has a good day fishing,I know the Osprey will.LOL I think it is funny about that cobweb. Those poor little spiders don't live long, but they sure leave their mark on the world before they go. Just accept their presence and be glad you can enjoy the Osprey family in such a grand place.

Rachel Gaines

Thanks, Alcoa, for the panning shots just now, showing the river and forests.
It is so beautiful there; and I thought I saw one of the Ospreys swoop over the water.
It's so relaxing seeing the water and people enjoying themselves.
We hope to visit soon.

Isabel Ceballos

I just feel the same sadness as when my oldest went away to school.. I know it is part of life but we feel so responsible and want to protect the kids that it is hard to let life go on with its normal process. But we must let go and just pray that they will return someday to share with us their offsprings as the Ospreys will..:D

Thank You Alcoa for this memorable experience. You have enriched my life!!

Elizabeth Rieder

5:17pm CDT All three in the nest with mom feeding, that nest is really rocking in the breeze. Almost makes you dizzy to watch it. Like been on a boat in rough sea. They seem to have their sea legs though. Since they are flying around,I would think they get hunger real quick. The mom and dad seem to keep the fish coming pretty steady, since that is their main diet. I don't think they eat land animals like the bald eagle does.

Elizabeth Rieder

5:37pm CDT--
In the last 10 minute mom has brought two large sticks back to the nest after one of the chicks kicked a big one off the back of the nest. The trio was looking for fish and she come hauling in this giant stick and almost knocked them all out of the nest trying to fit it just so.LOL that will teach them not to mess up the nest so much.


Have seen several members of this lovely Osprey Family in the nest today..what a nice treat :)

If anyone is interested there is an Osprey Nest in Montana with 3 "newborns" that I'm also watching...here's the link:


Rocky  Rhodes

Looks like a beautiful area. It would be nice to see more of the down river scenery,
like the picture with the generating plant.

Great Job, Thank You

Charles Kinsey

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