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June 14, 2012


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Boy...these guys need a bigger nest. Someone is always getting stepped on.


I have enjoyed watching Oliveea and the chicks and Oscar's occasional fly-in. I will miss them when they fledge. I hope I'll be lucky enough to be watching when they take their first flights. Thanks so much for making it possible for us to be able to witness these amazing sights!

Elizabeth Rieder

Enjoyed the video cam. These guys are busy all the time. Noticed some feeding habits that are interesting. They seem to want their beaks very clean and will rub a stick until it is cleared on all food matter. I wondered about getting those long nails in the way when setting on the nest. They sort of have a heel that they sit on and the claws hang loose.One of them took a PS with his bottom aimed at the camera,almost got us.LOL
They are beautiful birds and have a fierce look, but the feather patterns are something else.
They seem to love to flap their wings a lot now and someone gets smacked a few times.

Bridget Huckabee

One of the chicks has been flapping so hard he has gone airborne several times. I can hardly bear to watch.

Carol C

Dinner time. Some r feeding themselves. Wow they sure r getting big!! Cuties!!


These beautiful Ospreys have captured my heart. The have a cuteness about their faces and have beautiful colors. I love the fact that the adults have green eyes; so different in the bird world. I will be watching the rest of this nesting season and look forward to next nesting season.


Carol C

Is that a baby sitting on the edge? They sure blend into the nest can't ev en see them.

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