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June 07, 2012


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John Walls

How do we get sound?

C Van Domelen

Ospreys--no apostrophe needed for a regular plural.
Signed, a retired English teacher(of course!)

Elizabeth Rieder

That one Osprey chick has something hung up on his left claw. Hope he is able to remove it. I guess it is hard to get use to those long claws.
Even with the adults,it seem to be a problem at times. They have so much force in those thing and sink them so deep,it is a problem to back off from something.


Would love to hear what they sound like. Have enjoyed watching them since they been on and have been following the B
ald Eagles as well in Iowa. Thank You Aloca!


4:10 cst
John, I don't think we get sound with this camera because of the location & because workmen are sometimes on the dam.


John, see the FAQs... the lack of sound is an Alcoa decision based on the location of the nest.


Thank those of you who have followed over from the Alcoa eagle site for not bringing over the negative attributes. Your positive attributes are most appreciated. I deeply thank you for your contributions to this site.

doug powers

Don't mean to sound dumb, but where is Yadkin dam located?

olivia braniger

my name is olivieea too!!!!!

diann williams

That big stick is too funny!


You can hear what an osprey sounds like on the "All about Birds" webpage for the Cornell Lab:

Though it's not these Osprey you can still learn what they sound like.

Susan W.

Loved watching the fam keeping keen eyes on the workers on the dam yesterday


11:40 cst
The babies are almost as big as the parent thats sitting on the edge of the nest. It won't be long until these guys leave the nest.

Nancy Hogan

Thanks for the live feed and all the photos. It's wonderful to have nature and information so readily available.

Tammy Nichols

I can not get sound or camera to provide the stream for days now

Charles Kinsey

Tammy Nichols - sound is not available on this site (see FAQ'S) on main page.At the present time I am not able to receive video stream either.Try regoogling "Alcoa Osprey Cam" and start over to see if that helps. Don't know if anyone else is having problems.


No video stream here either :(


But I do have to say thank you for the pictures of the family and id's on Oscar & Oliveea or is it Olivia? Not that I would be able to tell them apart later :)


Sorry no sound on the camera this year.


@ 5:40, cannot connect to video either.

Carol C

Love the pictures. That stick is funny. There isn't any room for more!!

Carol C

video on now


I notice the birds are panting, are they too hot? Need an umbrella to shade the nest? The osprey apparently build their nests in the open. Never thought about their nest construction, interesting.Thanks again Alcoa.

Charles Kinsey

Shari - the Ospreys pant much like dogs do with their mouths open to regulate their body temperature - it is normal for them and Eagles also.

Isabel Ceballos

I just love what Alcoa is doing with the Osprey and the Eaglets!! Ty so much for giving us the oportunity to be so close to nature and TY for caring for the animals that inhabit our world!!


I just saw the photos of the parents...the one with Oscar and that BIG stick made me laugh out loud!

I've also been watching the Great Blue Herons at Cornell Lab and the male Heron is always moving sticks and bringing new ones...I think I read that it's also a part of his mating ritual to bring/rearrange sticks. Is this true for the Osprey too that the male does this...or does Oliveea bring/move sticks too?


Someone asked about the location (sorry I forgot to write down your name) It is Yadkin, NC

J. Greene

Can't wait to get home everyday to see what the ospreys are doing. What a great since of peace after such a busy day. Thanks for sharing this great miracle with us.


Anyone else having problems connecting to the cam & seeing the nest?

I've tried several times thruout the day/nite and it won't connect..

Just keep getting the "connecting circle" going round & round but never a pic of the nest...

Help anyone???...THX in advance..

Charles Kinsey

Sher - Ive been having that same problem off and on today and yesterday. Must be a glitch somewhere in the system - don't know if we can do anything but wait for a fix.
Anyone else having problems connecting to video?

Carolyn Groves

Sunday morning and there still isn't any video. Hope this can be fixed soon.


THX for the replies..

Glad to know it's not my PC..

Same thing this morning for me too...miss viewing this beautiful family..

Hope the cam is back up & running soon..

Happy Sunday Everyone..

Tonya Dupree Beechem

is the camera down or is it my computer??

Noel Reynolds

Is the camera down, or just the link? I have not been able to get a picture for the last couple of days. I hope the Ospreys are ok.

Cheryl Scaccianoce

I just started watching the birds last week, its a shame the camera doesn't work most of the time. Have enjoyed it, when it was working.


I still cannot get the cam to open :(


Ahhhh...the cam now seems to be working :)

Of course it's dark now & you can't see much but at least there is a picture..

THX to whomever fixed the problem..


Oops...guess I spoke too soon..

Cam is still NOT working :(

Carol C

It was on then froze. Sure is windy there & they r growing fast.

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