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June 15, 2012


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Carolyn Groves

It is exciting! Watching the chicks grow, testing their wings and preparing to one day fly amazing to watch. They grow so fast.


They are so elegant. I'm facinated to see them fly. Unlike the eagles they will be fit to fly out of the nest and back first time?


The anticipation is almost too much for me. I love watching the parents and how gently they feed the chicks. I've also been keeping tabs on the Alcoa Eagle cam.

Rachel Gaines

I am also excited to maybe see one or all of these beautiful chicks fly for the first time.
Can you imagine how awesome it would be to glide gracefully over the river and treetops, and to feel the air under their wings as it pushes them upward?
You're doing a fine job, Alcoa, bringing this experience to us.
Oliveea and Oscar, you're also doing a fine job raising your chicks.
Such devotion!


Yes, you do hold your breath when the start flapping those huge wings and the air gets beneath them and you wonder if they'll make it back on the nest or fall...


I have learned so much from watching these Osprey parents and chicks. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see this. I am amazed by the gentleness and cooperation of the parents. And the way the chicks wait their turn. Thanks again!


I know there's alot more nature on the other side of the nest from the photos you keep posting but the cement still worries me now that they're so close to fledging...please tell me you'll keep an eye out for any of them who might need some help. Maybe it won't be necessary...these guys look so stong and healthy...but it's hard to be just an observer and not worry.

Wishing a safe and successful fledging for all these beautiful guys!

Cheryl Scaccianoce

Hello, was wondering....are u watching this cam from Badin? By the wasy if u are, I'm Lynwood's girlfriend. I only started watching them, i think last week, have really enjoyed it and got mad at Lynwood for not telling me. Someone else told me about it. I'm noticing it keeps freezing up, not buffering. It also times out, have to re-enter the site. Is it like this for u? I know I will miss the big event and was wondering if the camera records, to where u could later post them fledging. Thanks, Cheryl


I like the new view. You can see all around the nest! Might be better for when they fledge. Thanks again for all you do, I love watching these beautiful birds.


Nope! You are not the only one. I am checking often. I even check the eagles to see if they came home to get a snack. I will be excited to watch the osprey chicks fledge. Mom is sooooooo beautiful!

Elsie Curtis

It is so wonderful watching these beautiful birds But I am gonna miss them when they are going


This is a beautiful family and have enjoyed watching them..

Will surely miss them when they're gone..just like the Eagle Family..

Rather than be "sad" when both nests are always "empty"...I'm trying to remain "excited" for their future..


Susie Hampton

That nest sure doesn't look comfortable with all those sticks!

Elizabeth Rieder

These guys are getting close to the big day. I get a kick out of the way they look over the side of the nest,down the spillway of the dam. It is like "mom do I get to fly way down there too". When you realize the nest is about 40-50 feet(?) above the dam top and the spillway is way below that, maybe a drop of a 3-4 story building? That will be a real heart stopping adventure for a first time outing.
When you consider the osprey in Florida nest in a old TV dish on top of a pole,not tree limbs, these guy are really up scale in the living world of Osprey. There are trees nearby,a special nest base of wood(not as hot as plastic or metal)clean water to fish in and 100's of eyes and hearts that wish them God speed.
This all comes together as a great place to raise Osprey babies.


If your nerves are as frayed as mine, Nervous doesn't begin to cover it! At the same time, I don't want to miss a moment so I just sit on the edge of my seat and try to remember to breathe. Thanks for the view.


Ohhhh...beautiful pic right now..

The lights are showing off a "hue" just like Sunset...


High Rock Lake Marina and Campground

Thank you Alcoa for providing the webcam. We leave the "feed" up all during our business hours and many, many people stand by and watch it!

High Rock Lake Marina and Campground

barbara scura

I am nervous too... I have raised from the egg some sparrows.. and have been with them for 13 yrs....so I know the feeling of being a bird mom


Standing guard, while babies sleep, it is truly awesome! When you are considering a second camera for next year, perhaps an infared so that we can see the babies at night, both the Eagles and the Osprey. This has been the most wonderful experience for me, thank you for taking the time to share this, I am most grateful.

Karen Flynn-Silverman

I'm so grateful to be able to watch these beautiful creatures. Even at night, you get beautiful silhouettes of them with the lights in the background. First the eaglets left the nest, now we're losing our baby ospreys. Bittersweet. :(

Virran Crump

Just watched Oscar bring home the "bream" for the family breakfast. What a faithful mate.

Carol C

Do I only see 1 baby in the nest? Will they be gone for good or come back once inawhile like the eagles? Carol

Karen Schmidt

Is something wrong with the feed? I watch from 2 computers, and after about 1 minute, the picture freezes, and it won't start unless I close out of the web page. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.


Are you haveing camera problems or is it my computer? I have no problem with your eagle cam or the Cornell cams, but here I get about 20 seconds of live action then a still frame. Refreshing does not help. These are such awesome birds. Hope I don't miss the fledge. Thanks.


I'm having the same problems as Karen & Judi so I'm guessing it's not our PC's..

Notice only 2 in the nest this AM..so one must be out "testing it's wings"..:)


Where is the third chick????


Where is the 3rd osprey? Did it fledge or fall from the nest?


The other 2 seem to be watching intently in the same direction. Is anyone there to rescue the 3rd chick?


I am wondering where the 3rd chick might be. Is there a safe landing area other than the dam? I'm concerned the wind might carry into water. Worry, worry. 8:56 PDT

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