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June 19, 2012


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Thank you for the update...I'm sure alot of viewers will be relieved to hear the good news. So thrilled the chick is safe and happy!


Who is next?
Be safe everyone!


Thank you for the update. I am relieved to know that the fledgling actually fledged. Silly I know - but I worried that it had fallen somewhere. The Alcoa parents - eagles at Davenport and Osprey on the Yadkin - have done remarkably well raising three. Thanks!




Now there's only one in the nest!


(11:47 edt) Saw #2 taking short trips from one side of the nest to the other, hopping higher and flapping wings. Finally took off and flew towards the first light on the left, couldn't nail the landing and slipped off the right side. Turned right and flew down over the water flapping hard. Less than a minute later saw a shadow over the nest as it came in low, but kept flying off to the left side towards the trees.


Well, almost an empty nest. Only one chick left to fledge. I know it must be getting lonely. I checked this morning and two chicks were left now at almost 12 p.m. just one remains. Happy flying my friends. Enjoy your freedom and catch some fish!

 Beth in AZ

Tell us, what is the name of our esteemed updater? When I tuned in this AM there was just one on the nest. How wonderful to see these beautiful birds growing up. Thank you Alcoa for all you have done for us.


I think I saw the 2nd chick near the dam near the 5th light - counting left to right. It seemed to be trying to land on something but the view is obscured by one of the structures.


This morning I was able to observe a flight of one of the two chicks remaining on the nest that occurred @ 11:35 AM EST. I was not online prior to 10:00 AM,so I don't know if this was the only flight that was made today by this chick today. I was able to record the flight. With your permission I can upload it to youtube to be shared with other viewers. You may contact me at the email I provide when posting comments if you would allow me to publish the video footage. I so enjoy this sight and find these first flights so exciting. Thanks so much for the privilege of watching.

Charles Kinsey

TWO chicks are in nest and parent is feeding fish to them

John Kinsey

Second chick just departed nest - couldn't tell direction - got "paused" '

John Kinsey

OSPREY - maybe second chick that just departed - is making passes over nest then over dam to tree line then over water back over nest; Chick still in nest is tracking flight and wishing he could go also

John Kinsey

Just saw young Osprey flying around over dam and water and then circled around and made a not too perfect landing back into nest - but that's what practice is all about.

John Kinsey

Just tuned back in and now looks like all three chicks in nest

John Kinsey

One just departed nest-flew over dam and circled back and landed on top of fourth lightfrom nest end.
Second one just departed nest - flew around and then tried to land on top of same light that #1 was on but #1 held his position and #2 flew around and landed on railing.

#3 flapping hard thinking about taking the first big step

John Kinsey

#2 just took off from railing
#1 still on top of light
#3 still thinking

John Kinsey

#1 still on top of light
#2 not in sight now
#3 still thinking while preening to get those flight feathers ready

John Kinsey

#1 just flew off top of light and landed of top of grey shed ? to the right

#3 still preening in nest

John Kinsey

#2 possibly ? was flying around and just landed on railing behind #1

#1 still on top of shed

John Kinsey

Lost my stream on both the Alcoa Osprey and Eagle cams now

John Kinsey

Just got both streams back

#3 still in nest
#1 not on top of shed

# ? on top of third light from nest end

John Kinsey

Dad just landed with fish - Mom right behind him - Dad departed - Mom feeding #3 - # ? just returned to nest to eat and both being fed by Mom

One fledgling still on top of light - but just took off and landed in nest for food

Mom now feeding all 3


They are all three back in the nest and having a meal provided by Mom or Dad. Wonderful to see them all safe and healthy. Thanks Alcoa!!

John Kinsey

ALL three finished meal - Mom stayed around a while and just departed

Elizabeth Rieder

3:58pm CDT--
That larger one seem to be sleeping off his food before he tries to fly again. The other two are smaller in size than him. I know the people who were worried about the osprey are happy to see all three there and just fed.
Mom or dad just flew in then away again.Back with a new fish, all five in nest now. What a crowd! LOL

Carol C

All 3 in the nest now. One is flapping away!! Thanks for the update.

Charles Kinsey

Dad brought in a small wiggling fish - one chick claimed it and after it wiggled sway from it a couple of times - the chick swallowed it whole head first. Looks like Dad was standing by talking to chick telling him how to eat it.
Actually on rewind view- another chick took the small fish from first chick and after several attempts it managed to swallow it whole.

John Kinsey

re: prev post - that was Mom on nest - Dad just came in with a larger fish - He'a a better fisherman I guess. Mom claimed it and began feeding whoever wanted some. All 5 in nest briefly and then Dad left.

Fred Collins

I just saw a small watercraft make a couple of passes at the dam.
What's with the picture? Did it rain or did one of the birds poop on it?

John Kinsey

I've been seeing the blurred lens a while now - thought it was just the angle of the sun reflecting - don't think it rained - but maybe a good PS on it ?

John Kinsey

Parent just arrived with another fish for dinner

John Kinsey

Parent back in nest feeding fish again - all three chicks there

John Kinsey

Parent just departed - don't see any leftover fish - young'uns are rearranging the sticks in nest

John Kinsey

Parent just returned to nest - didn't see any food

John Kinsey

Dad just arrived with another fish and Mom is feeding Babies

Gus Gocella

What a great site together with the Eagles who just fledged their nest. I have seen them come back as M & D are still bring food to the nest. They will learn just like the Eagles have and soon they too will all be fledging and eating on their own. I wonder how long it will be for both youngins before they can provide their own food to sustain life. Anyone know from previous hatchings? SGT Gus from TN

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