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June 20, 2012


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Still waiting for the third little guy to take wing. Yesterday was really exciting. I absolutely love the osprey on an owl picture!
Yesterday I commented that I have some video footage of some of the flights yesterday, this is the link to the video if you would like to share it. Thanks so much for this view into the Osprey world.

Elizabeth Rieder

8:39am CDT --
the one baby is still sitting there and the parents flew in,one with a fish. suddenly the female grabbed the fish and the both flew away. Strange, poor baby was looking around , like what happened?


I haven't see an empty nest yet either, but I know it's coming. Great day for them...sad for me.

Judie Lenson

Have you ever thought about adding sound to this osprey cam like the eagle cam at the Alcoa works in Davenport Iowa did?

 Beth in AZ

I shall fear No One!!!!! I just had to laugh when I saw that.


Preen, preen, preen, she has to look good for her debut.

rosemary Struben

I watch several times a day and always see the one osprey on the nest. How cute of the osprey on the owls head. also seen the osprey flying in and landing on the nest. neat!!!!!

 Beth in AZ

JUDIE.....Q: Why isn't the sound turned on so that we can hear the birds?

A: The nest is in an area where Alcoa frequently has people working. A microphone could potentially pick up conversations between these persons that could contain sensitive information that could be used to compromise our control systems or that could be used to breach other security measures. Given that this is an industrial work environment there is also the issue that there could be language used that might be inappropriate for “broadcast”.


That's are wonderful photo! Maybe the Osprey considers the fake owl a new found friend.

Thanks Carolyn for the flight video...I missed it yesterday. I love the view of this camera and the fact that you can see off into the distance and watch these guys fly...it's a little scary at first when you see them missing the first landing attempt but they seem to catch on quickly.

I'm glad the 3rd one is taking it's time and not just taking off because his siblings have...you have plenty of time sweetie...make sure you're strong and ready!


I love that photo on the fake owl! What attitude...(and altitude! LOL)

And I agree with Suzanne - the 3rd chick can take the time to be sure he is ready. We don't want to spoil a perfect record of flight so far.

Thanks so much for this, Alcoa!

Fred Collins

Maybe Momma is withholding food from the reluctant No. 3 to get him off the nest.
Or maybe she was just hungry and grabbed that fish from Pop.


It was very interesting yesterday watching all the flights except the last chick, even saw osprey from other broods. One notable moment was when Oscar brought a fish to the nest which was taken by one of the three chicks in the nest at the time. After a few seconds a second chick grabbed it with it's talons and a tug-of-war ensued. After a few seconds of this, one had managed to gain control of the fish only to be attacked by the loser upon which a volley of pecks to the head and neck was traded between the two for a few more seconds til one was victorious. There was soon another fish available for the loser :-)


I thought maybe yesterday I clicked in and saw an empty nest. I couldn't tell you what time it was though.

At least the ospreys are kind of restricted to their perch, unlike Faith, Hope, and Spirit in Davenport. Once they got bold enough to go "out on a limb", you just had to follow the day by day commentary.

Elizabeth Rieder

Notice something about the one who stayed on the nest. The two chicks that are fighting over some food now are bigger now and I think both have been flying around. The little guy that is still there seem to not want to go any where. He just sits on the nest and watches.Poor little guy, sorry there is no way to get out of that nest but to fly. Work up your nerve and just do it.


is there a possibility we will be able to have sound next season? I would love to hear them "talling" to each other. I think this is the most vocal Osprey next I have ever seen. I think yall are doing a remarkable job!


The youngest of the 3 Davenport eagles was slow in leaving the nest as well. But once he did, he was off with the others. Both sets of parents, Yadkin and Davenport, are wonderful!


Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing that wonderful video. They are absolutely amazing to watch.


Just saw one of the babies and either mom or dad not sure which one in the next. Then if you look past them you see about four (of those generators)doors down from them there is something sitting on the rail. Can't tell good if it is one of the babies or the other parent.

Elizabeth Rieder

5:54pm CDT --
Breezy and the chicks are using it to lift and hover. Mom is screaming about something need dad to bring more fish? Three in a row now and riding the swaying nest like pros now.
Take off and landing are getting better. Practice,practice and more practice.

Elizabeth Rieder

Oh boy something is wrong two chick flat on the nest and mom screaming at something. NOT happy at all.

Elizabeth Rieder

6:04pm CDT
There is something or some one on the rail of the dam by light 4. and mom and the chicks are looking around. don't know if it is the dad or some one who is not welcome.Everyone seem on alert. Not a happy crew right now.

Elizabeth Rieder

6:16pm CDT--
Mom left the nest and all three are flat in the nest in protective mode,so what ever that was that came too close has spooked them enough that they have taken the position they used when there was danger near.An owl or eagle? Don't know and can't see any thing in the camera view.
Mom just flew in with a fish so two have come up for air. food will get them every time.

John Kinsey

Dad arrived with fish from left side - Mom arrived simultaneously from right front and claimed fish. Mom began feeding - Dad departed and third young'un flew in for a bite.

Carol C

Love the picture on the owl. Thanks Carolyn for the video. I was watching the one on the left & then the one on the right took off.

Darlene Nichols

E Darlene Nicholsverybody is home....time to rest up for another day of flying. Thank you Alcoafor both cams and your dedication to wildlife preservation. Its been a wonderous experience to watch both sets of birds.


"I ain't a-skeered of no owl." LOL too funny.


Does the one left in the nest do any wing flapping at all? I haven't seen it when I check in.

Cheryl Scaccianoce

I have really enjoyed watching them. Of course, I have missed the 2 fledging but watching them come and go is fun. I think this last one is just scared to leave the nest. lol

Fred Collins

No.3 does flap his wings on occasion, and at least once I saw him about a foot above the nest. He doesn't seem as well coordinated as the others, even has more trouble walking around on the sticks in the nest.


After a lot of wing strengthening exercises, and breathtaking false starts, I think this little one is still gathering the confidence to take that first giant leap from the nest.
I absolutely loved the camera panning shots you gave us this morning. The owl on crane shot was great and the river below the dam is beautiful! Thanks. Fingers crossed for takeoff today.


feel bad for the little guy.. he wants to go play so bad,


Thank you for all the different camera shots this morning. What a breath taking view these guys have. I guess you get to see it when you go up and take pictures and the workers of course when they are on the dam doing their thing. Again thank you for all you do!

Fred Collins

My first reaction to the APGI response re microphones was negative, but considering the sensitive license renewal situation, it makes good sense. Hope the license is renewed.
Long retired Alcoa electrical engineer.

Rachel Gaines

This was cute!
One of the chicks almost landed on one of the grownups back coming into the nest.
Watch out, Mom and Dad, they're not operating their landing gear good enough yet.


Glad you were able to see that. Did you see the one on the tree? they have a perch they like to use.
We are considering having the camera move from spot to spot or "tour" some of their perching sites. We just have to be careful what we show.


We didn't want to delay getting the picture ready. We will be reviewing and testing microphone placement and sensitivity for next year. I beleive we can get this working well since the Osprey are very vocal, we should be able to turn down the volume and still hear them haha.


I see all 3 are back and moma too. I wish they would all get out of that HOT sun. Maybe the guys can build a shelter for next year.

Rachel Gaines

Bless their little hot hearts!
I know Mom will be glad when that third chick finally gets ready and the courage to take that first flight.
I did see that one on the tree, Adam. That was a great shot! What views they have!
Thanks for what you are considering with the camera.


The little one is acting sick - both parents are watching on the nest. The little one is crying and then nodding off. One parent then makes noise to awaken him. This has occurred repeatedly. When I first looked in, it was shaking badly.

Darlene Nichols

Boy its crowded when everyone is home for a dinner together

Jack Chao

@Carolyn how do you video capture?

Fred Collins

The picture only lasts about 1 minute, then goes back to the site. I have to exit and come back to your site, but the difficulty persists. It doesn't happen on the Davenport eagle site. Am I doing something wrong?

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