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June 28, 2012


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I was lucky enough to see Oliveea feeding the young one. I learn so much from the Alcoa sites. I had no idea that birds were so nurturing after the young had fledged but they seem to know when to back off and when to help. It's wonderful to see. Thanks so much!

Elizabeth Rieder

That idea of new nest boxes is great.
Since the area is used by humans a lot there will have to be some warning signs to let them know about the nest. Osprey can get down right nasty if some one stumbles on a nest of eggs or young. LOL Don't mess with mom that is for sure.
These birds are raptors,but their diet is mainly fish. On the other hand their young are prey to other raptors and other animals so they can't let their guard down for a minute.
If you have had the occasion to watch when the chicks were flat in the nest so that they blend in with the sticks of wood and mom or dad is screaming bloody murder. There is not sound on our cam,but you know she is getting ready for a fight with what ever that was flying around.once or twice you see one chick peek out,but most of the time they have their head buried in the nest. they don't come up until mom or dad give the all clear. They have a long ways to go to learn skills to survive. These three have a good head start with the care and skills that mom and dad have. It is a dangerous beautiful world out there and I hope these guys make it.

Diann Williams

Thank You for all you are doing and your plans for next year. This is my first year watching nests. I have really enjoyed watching both of Alcoa's nests. The comments everyday and the extra pictures are fabulous! Am looking forward to next year. Thanks again.


Have not seen the third chick in days, anyone see him/her lately?

Darlene Nichols


Elizabeth Rieder

Noticed that all three chick are on the nest tonight. They are calling but I don't see Oscar or Olivea around. Two of the chick are getting into the nest position,hunkering down on the nest so I believe they are all home for the night. The lights are on and that means night time for these guys. Be safe little ones, what am I saying, they are bigger then the parents now.LOL

Elizabeth Rieder

Ok I was wrong, by the time I wrote my entry and looked aback at the nest , It was empty! I guess they were looking for some chow and when it did not arrive, they took off for where every.

Pirkko Kuronen

It has been wonderful to follow this beautiful osprey family and, of course, the eagle family -- Spirit, Hope, Faith and their Mom and Dad -- made possible by Alcoa! Thank you! I check up on both families several times each day. There was a mention about setting up new nesting boxes for the birds -- I am all for it! Please! Also, I wonder if Alcoa is in any way "related" to Rio Tinto Alcan. The reason why I am asking is because I just discovered that their employees have lent their support to the Northern Lights Wildlife Society in British Columbia, Canada, which helps wildlife, such as bears, moose, foxes, etc.


From time to time I see her in the nest calling to them.The youngest usually comes right away.I don't think they sleep in the nest anymore? At least I haven't seen them there after dark.I do see them getting possesive of the food!!!LOL!


I am somewhat saddened by the empty nest I see more and more frequently, but am overjoyed that all three of the juvenile ospreys are learning all of the skills they will need to survive and perhaps to nest nearby for themselves. I am delighted to hear of the plans for more nest boxes. The caring concern for our wild bird resources will stand as example of what corporations as well as individuals can do to protect our wildlife for many generations to come. Thank You so much Alcoa! Looking forward to being with you next season and many more.

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