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July 05, 2012


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I wish that the sound were working. Would love to hear when they call to one another.


Is it possible that your graphic in the lower right hand corner of the picture can be reduced in size or relocated as to not take as much viewing space?


Is there any way to pan the cam so we can see more of the lake?

Elizabeth Rieder

Saw a chick on the nest screaming, its mouth was open and it was sort of straining so I think there was sound. It looked around and saw another osprey dive in the lake above the dam and fly off to the left of the screen. After a few minutes it took off in that direction. I believe the parents are feeding off the nest now for the ones who don't have their diving skill up to par. I think I had rather eat in the shade,instead of on top of that hot nest.LOL Just my observation.


Thank you for another beautiful experience, the eagles and now these babies. Having always lived in a large city, this is truly exciting!


miss seeing them everyday, cam down deel like children left home now hope u fix soon


I really wish you could hear them too. I really am missing them already!

Mark Walker

Does there come a time when the parents actively prevent their fledgelings from returning to the nest?


Thank you for getting Cam online, I truly missed watching, even when nest empty, "Cheers" ...


weather looks nasty. Thought i even saw them getting hailed on.. Poor guys

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