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July 02, 2012


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 Beth in AZ

Please tell us who our esteemed poster's name. It is such an awesome site to see these birds in action. Thank you for the updates and the wonderful pictures.
Thank You Alcoa. I can't wait till nest year for a whole new lot.

Kelly in Mass.

These birds are sooo beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to watch them grow. They are majestic to watch, and your pictures are amazing!


Thanks so much for the updates and pictures. I love your commentary. It's almost as good as being there. :)


Adam it appears that from the beginning, the little ones (and the adults)have flown from the nest into the air below the dam. Does the dam create favorable air currents such as an airplane wings' shape provides lift?

Birds of prey are known to soar with the air currents - in Atlanta, hawks are always visible over the perimeter expressway taking advantage of the currents.


Thanks Alcoa for sharing such great pictures and narrative. You all really show that you care AND enjoy this project. Is the gentleman's name Adam? Thanks again.


I did not know a jet ski could come right up to the dam?



It looks like the chicks are starting to get the crest! So beautiful! :)

Carolyn Groves

What a fantastic shot! Thank you so much for your effort to capture that moment!

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