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July 20, 2012


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Thank you for the update.Hearing about what the young Ospreys are doing is almost as good as seeing them. I can imagine how beautiful it must be to see them perform aerial acrobatics above the dam and hear the water. The screenshots you posted are great! Thanks so much!

Rachel Gaines

I thought about the osprey family while we were having this bad storm in our area.
I wondered where they would be, that maybe they would go into the trees.
Right now, there's a chick alone on the nest with a couple of black birds sitting on the railings and some pigeons walking just below.
The chick doesn't look too happy with it's company. It's being very vocal.
Thanks for the pictures, they are great!


Turned the camera on this morning and much to my dismay there was a vulture sitting in the nest!!!!! The dam was lined with them. One of the Osprey parents kept attacking until it left the nest, but it just flew to the dam. Hope they aren't taking over :(


Wow! Counted 8 turkey vultures hangin out on the railing!!None of the family around...


Make that 10 turkey vultures.....


At 12:53p EST, a turkey vulture invaded the empty Osprey nest. Lo and behold, one of the parents swooped in to get rid of the intruder. The parent kept chasing it for about 3 minutes. GO OSPREY PARENTS!


Mom or dad tried to hold the fort for awhile, kept calling for back-up,and noone showed. but there were so many vultures!! one vulture swooped at it and it left.:( I think there are too many.


HAHA!! He/she is back on the nest and totally ticked off!!! Determined to keep the territory :)


Hello, I have been seeing a bunch of vultures hanging on the damn railings and this morning, monday 7/23, I saw one on the nest. Do they cause harm to the Ospreys? Thank you for your informative posts/pictures and also for this wonderful Osprey Nest Cam :-)


I just saw what must have been one of the turkey vulteres in the nest again, but the Osprey chased them out again. Yesterday I saw all of them on the railings and the walkway.

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