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July 24, 2012


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I seen the youngest chick 3 times yesterday on nest calling out to be fed. Is there anyway Cam could be turned a bit so we can see Ospreys diving for fish?


I've been checking in a few times each day, hoping to catch sight of the Ospreys. I guess they are spending more time in the air or in the trees or maybe just out of range of the camera. But it certainly is a beautiful spot on the Yadkin at the edge of the Uwharries. Thanks for the chance to watch and get updates.


Thank you for the update on the vultures. So, they do not cause harm to the Ospreys ? Thank you :-)

Carolyn Groves

I, too, check in a few times each day. Caught sight of one chick in the nest yesterday. This morning the Vultures were hanging out in the nest, but I did get to see two of the Osprey fly nearby. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity to be able to peek-in at nature.


It is so wierd to be waking up with turkey vultures instead of the Osprey family!


Excuse me for being a little OCD - but these are not Turkey Vultures - but Black Vultures. Turkey Vultures have a red head - similar to a Wild Turkey. Check out birds of North America - http://www.birds-of-north-america.net/vultures.html

But thank you, Alcoa, for letting us get an up close look at these birds. I used to see them soaring high in the skies. This is really unusual to see one resting in a nest.


Just wanted to say 'Thank you' for the wonderful opportunity to observe something up close that we would not have otherwise been able to see were it not for you and Alcoa who has supported this effort. Enjoyed your commentaries.


I see two kinds of vultures: the black and the turkey. At 11:48a, today, a red-headed vulture was in the nest.


I haven't seen the vultures the last 2 days That I checked. Mom was there this morning for a short time.....

Rachel Gaines

I haven't seen any vultures lately either.
Right now there's an osprey quitely sitting on the edge of the nest.
I don't know if it's a chick or maybe Oscar.
The ospreys are beautiful birds!


Oh my goodness! A turkey vulture in the nest! Not a beautiful bird by any means!


I saw mom (I think) sitting in the nest today for a short time...a few vultures were flying around and sitting on the railing. It was nice to see the nest habitated again. Its been awhile!

Carolyn Groves

This is Friday the 3rd. Just checked in to see if birds were near, but the camera isn't working. What with the eaglecam out and now the ospreycam, what will we do? I am already having withdrawal--lol.


The Eaglecam was up briefly - I wasn't expecting it to be. Beautiful picture! But it seems to be out again.

I'm having withdrawal, too! So sad that I have to check in to see empty nests. Nesting season can't come too soon for me. Ha!


Thanks for getting this cam back online ...


WOW, what an amazing camera angle, can see them dive for fish, an even boaters on the lake fishing ...


I think Oliveea may have been in the nest just now. It's been so long since I've seen the young ones I don't know if they still have their camoflage plumage. Could it have been one of them. Whoever it was, it was calling. How beautiful to see an Osprey in the nest! Thanks!


Yeah! Both parents have been in and out of the nest today, for a few hours now. I have it on my counter while I'm cooking Haha! They must have to guard the territory, cause one or the other is staying watch constantly!!!

Carolyn Groves

Thank you soo much for the return of the cam shots!!! Beautiful view!


Hmmm, the Ospreys must watch the nest from a short distance, and then when they see the vultures, they hang at the nest. Not a sign of them or the vultures today..?


The camera has been turned so that we might look at the beautiful scenery and perhaps catch the Osprey diving for fish. Awesome!! As I am watching I would like to make a request for next nesting, raising and fledging season, would it be possible to move the Alcoa Logo to one of the top corners. I know that this has been requested before and may already be in the works. I appreciate all you do, and want you to know that your Eagle and Osprey cams are saved in my "favorites".

Carolyn Groves

Oliveea or Oscar is in the nest today. It looks like a wing feather is broken. Poor thing! Hope it is just maybe bent.


Thank you for moving the logo to the top so we can see the whole nest.


Love the new location for your logo! Makes viewing much better Thanks for your continuing views of the nest and surrounding areas. Great work!


For next year can you try to get sound. I can tell they are making sounds and I would love to hear it. Thank You!


I check in now and then but miss seeing the Yadkin ospreys, and have been watching the Estonia nest. Their mom has started her migration wearing a tracking device. Do the NC ospreys migrate, or is it warm enough for them to stay through the winter?


Thanks for moving the heading to the top.


Thank you so much for allowing the camera to remain after the Osprey left. Several of us have enjoyed watching the Turkey Vultures and the Black Vultures. It has allowed us to see the different stages Turkey Vultures go thru and compare them. We have also been able to compare the Turkey and Black vultures to each other. Several of us watched a pair of Turkey Vultures hatch a couple of eggs this year but didn't get to see anything outside the barn. This is perfect!

TBird4 (Ustream)

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Alcoa Osprey cam. I have just finished watching the Missouri turkey vultures fledge on Ustream. We turkey vulture lovers have come to this site to watch them (turkey vultures) perch on the nest and rails and follow their actions. However, I see that the cam does not have a live feed at this time. We would very much and kindly appreciate it if this cam was back at live feed so that we may continue to learn about them. Thank you.

Carolyn Groves

I keep checking back, but the camera is still not operating. Could we have some input as whether it will be running soon, or is it down till late winter?

TBird4 (Ustream)

Thank you for getting the cam back to live feed so that we may enjoy the turkey vultures and the scenic view! Love watching this cam!


I am thoroughly enjoying watching the turkey vultures soar throughout the day and spend time in the osprey nest. After watching the MO TV ustream cam fledge two juvies, it is wonderful to be able to observe TV interaction when the juvies real learning begins. Thanks for getting this cam working again.

Lin P

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I enjoy visiting the Yadkin Osprey Cam website. I check in almost every day to see the weather conditions in North Carolina and to view the lake. Even with the osprey family 'grown and flown' there is plenty to see--vultures, fishermen and wonderful sunshine! I am so glad you have kept the camera operational. Here in upstate NY it is cold and grey, so it's really nice to be able to see blue water and sun!

Carolyn Groves

Thank you for keeping the live feed on. Can't wait til the Osprey are back! Do enjoy the view. Seems as though the water level has dropped a bit the last month or so. May you all have a safe and happy Christmas.

Darlene Nichols

Am so glad you've kept this camera on.....thank you!.....QUESTION.. will the ospreys reclaim and rebuild the nest or will they abandon it to the vultures? If they reclaim it, when do they usually return and start restoration ? Thanks for any info.................

Darlene Nichols

Hello........hello!! Does anyone monitor this site?


I hope the camera is down because "you" are adding sound!! Great view, thanks for sharing.

Carolyn Groves

Thank you so much for getting the web cam operating again! Can't wait till the Ospreys return.

Lin P

What happened to the camera? Was perfect this morning, but now is so close up to the nest we can't see the lake or dam and the heads of the adults will be cut out of the picture! Hope this is just a temporary adjustment!


Now I see someone's shoe! I guess maintenance is going on in preparation of the return of the Ospreys. :)


The nest looks different...are they back?

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