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July 16, 2012


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I really love to check in on the nest and see what's going on the area - in terms of the variety of birds visiting the dam. I guess these Osprey will eventually migrate south as far as South America. Is that right? But I had no idea until I became addicted to Alcoa webcams about the other birds that visit the dam as well. Whatever your decision about keeping it "live", thank you very much for giving us this opportunity. This is wonderful!


Thanks for having the camera up. I've realy enjoyed watching these past few weeks

Rachel Gaines

I have really enjoyed watching Oscar, Oliveea, and the chicks. I will certainly miss this special family when they go south.
I have also enjoyed seeing beautiful views of the river and forests, and the other birds who have been visiting the dam.

Thanks for considering leaving the camera live, and for all of the wonderful times that you have given us through this great project.

Sydney Pittman

Thank you so much for this wonderful website. May I suggest that you find another corner for your Osprey logo because it is in the way of seeing the whole nest.


If you turned the cam a little more to the lake we can watch the birds fishing it's a beautiful site, hope you keep it online.


I know I would still check it from time to time :)


I too thank you sooooo very much for having the live cam watching over these beautiful birds I so enjoy them. People walk by my desk and ask how my birds are doing. Thanks again!


I just wanted to thank you for the privilege of watching Oliveea and Oscar with their three beautiful family! this season.i would also like to say thanks for the opportunity to capture many pictures and videos. If you leave the camera going live in this off season, I know I will enjoy catching glimpses of these beautiful birds, as well as the others who fly by or stop for a visit. I must say I am envious of those who work at this facility. It is such a gorgeous area! I can just imagine the sense of well being that must descend on everyone when they arrive at work everyday. Thanks again Alcoa for the caring concern for the environment and the wildlife,you demonstrate to all of us everyday.

Bernard Veltze

Has any body seen vultures in the nest?
There were two on 7/22/12 about 13:00 Hrs.

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