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February 21, 2013


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Lin P

Thanks so much for the update. I watch this site all year long and love being able to see both the nest and a good part of the lake! Sound will only make it better!




glad your getting ready I looked on here the other day to see what was happening

Laurie Jensen

Cant wait. nest has been interestin with the Vultures in and out

Cindy Madison

Thanks for the update. Enjoyed watching the vultures.

Darlene Nichols

Thank you SO much for the update.........I've been checking regularly and am very anxious for their return. I love this camera ..........being able to watch the ospreys and see the beautiful scenery!

Carolyn Groves

Thank you for the update! Can't wait to see Olivea an Oscar again! With the possibility of hearing them, makes it even more exciting!


They're back!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is going to be an exciting year. I will get to see these beauties from the beginning to fledge this year!I came late to this camera last season and I don't want to miss a single moment of Oscar and Oliveea and their new family this season. Sound would make it even more exciting! Can hardly wait
Thank you for all your hard work, Alcoa, and thank you for your generosity in sharing the wonderful world of Ospreys with us!


Monday 8:44 PST there back, seen them on nest now


Thanks! I'm so glad you're posting about the return. I've been watching off and on hoping for news. Thanks so much!!

Carol Halsey

Sure wish we had sound. I've love to hear their call...


Dad just stopped by to mate and took off. Mom preening on nest 11:38 am EST

Linda in GA

The large sticks in the nest look too big for the Ospreys to move around.

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