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February 26, 2013


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Gamecock Girl

I believe I have spotted an Osprey on the railing. It is Tuesday, Feb. 26th at 11:50 AM. He/She was sitting on the railing that juts out over the water, closest to the nest in 'full' view mode bottom of screen.
Thank you for all you do to bring this experience to us! I cannot imagine how much hard work it is to maintain.
Take Care and have a great day.


I saw an osprey yesterday, Monday Feb. 25th sitting on the railing. Sounds like the same railing that Gamecock Girl is talking about. I'm very excited to be able to experience this from "day 1" as the babies were pretty grown when I started watching last year. I watch Liberty and Justice also! I love this time of year!!!


There was an osprey on the nest yesterday morning at 8:35 just looking around. He/she didn't stay too long.


I posted yesterday morning that one was in the nest . I see what looks like a flock of ducks floating a ways from the dam, but they seem to say in same place, are they ducks or something else?


There was an Osprey sitting on the edge of the nest yesterday (3/25) afternoon.


I saw an Osprey sitting in the nest Sunday morning about 7:20a CST.

Jane Purslow

I saw the Osprey yesterday (022613) at 8;30am - WOW!!!!


Opsrey on the nest at 10:15 AM eastern

Osprey Spotter

Osprey roosting on nesting platform - Wednesday, Feb 27 - 9:15 am CST

Jane Purslow

Just saw the male Osprey on the nest at 10:16a est, soooo cool, can't wait for audio to be installed - I love their call!! Think Spring - I'm in Milford MI - we just got 6" of wet snow!!



Osprey on the nest at 10:15am est 2/27


Two BEAUTIFUL Ospreys in the nest 4:15p CST.


Is that Oliveea and Oscar? Have they returned home? :)


the two ospreys look so beautiful in the sunlight. 4:38 CST


I saw 2 on the nest box today(Thursday, February 27th at 4:45pm. How exciting, they are back:)


I'm thinkin we'll be seeing babies soon! I just popped in for a minute and Oliveea (I think) was on the nest and Oscar (I think) flew up, landed on top of her and well, need I say more? I can't believe I saw that! Wow, that's nature, lol!!!


I just checked in on the nest and there is an Osprey sitting on one of the large limbs on the nest. It is 6:05 p.m. on Tuesday,February 26. The Osprey appears to be grooming its feathers. Love checking on the nest every day. Can't wait for eggs. Enjoyed it so much last year!

Jane Purslow

Spotted female Osprey at 6:22p,preened & flew away 6:22p.

Maryann Thorp

I saw an osprey on the nest box about 10 minutes ago, it is 28 Feb 10:10 am Eastern Australian day light savings time.


Male and female osprey on nest 2/27/13 6 p.m...briefly mated two times

Darlene Nichols


Darlene Nichols

Sorry about the last comment being in caps....I should have proof read before posting


It's Friday March 1 at 7:00 am and 2 Ospreys are in the nest!!


Osprey in the nest!


Both Ospreys are in the nest & ducks or something are swimming!It's a beautiful morn!

Carol Halsey

They are building their nest today, March 1st!

Betty Ann Cortelyou

Friday, March 1, at 3:57 PM (CST), spotted osprey in tht nesting box.


Friday, March 1st, 3:30 pm Mountain Time, there's one sitting on the sticks right now just looking around!!


3-1-13, 9:10a

Both Ospreys on nest, male brought in a stick.
By 9:22 both flew away.

3-1-13, 5:r40p

Female on nest, can't wait until audio is a reality, can see she's calling.

Linda Taylor

There is an osprey on the nest. 15:59 MST


on feb 28th about 3:Pm pacfic time saw them mateing. looks like babies on the way


I saw them mating also. Haven't seen them since. This is exciting. I also tuned in late last year, just before their babies took flight, so am happy to watch from the beginning. I also watch the Eagles.

Bonnie Sims

Saw two Ospray land on the nest about 6:20 a.m. on March 2, 2013. Both stayed on the nest for about 10 minutes then one left and the other worked on the nest a bit I left the cam about 6:30 a.m. and one was still there.


We had a mating at 7:45 AM today Saturday March 2nd.

Bill Prince

2 ospreys on nest at 1130am cst 3/2/13


Sat March 2-around 2:30 2 ospreys were in the nesting box

Jannice Mull

I watch alot of Osprey nest but have never seen the big logs like there are here, can someone please tell me about them? Did one of the Osprey bring them in(looks awefully big even for an Osprey to carry) won't the eggs get lost in between them? Sorry for so many questions but I was just told about the nest and I watch the Eagles now this nest I'll never get anything done at home LOL

Rachel Gaines

I haven't seen any around the site; but it will be so good to follow Oscar and Oliveea as they rebuild their nest and raise a new family.
Thanks, Alcoa, for this great opportunity to share in the excitement of these very special birds.


8:30 AM Eastern - Saw the pair on the nest mating. Female hung out a while preening then took off.

9:55 AM Eastern - The pair landed within a minute of each other and mated again. Male took off; female preening.

Darlene Nichols

Attn.: Jannice..........if you scroll over to the right right and up the list of "Recent Posts"..........click on the one titled "arriving soon" and you will get answers for the questions you asked earlier

Rachel Gaines

I'm seeing Oscar and Oliveea on the nest at this time. They are looking great.
I'm also seeing a third flying overhead, whatever that one may be.
It looks like they've got a lot of housecleaning to do.
Welcome back home, Oscar and Oliveea

Carolyne Foley

Osprey on nest 3:57 PM 3/3/2013


One Osprey was on the nest (female?). Another flew in with a big fish and gave it to the nest Osprey, which accepted the fish and flew off with it leaving the present-bearer in the nest box.


I havent seen the osprey yet, but there are definitely more small sticks there then there were last time I checked a couple of days ago. Cant wait to see them come back.


Two Ospreys came into the dam a few minutes ago and are perching. They are hard to see, but one is perched on the 3rd gray box down from the nest. The other is currently perched atop the light pole afixed to the 4th gray box down from the nest.

Rachel Gaines

It looks like Oscar sitting on the nest this morning at 7:02.
He's calling for Oliveea.
By any chance, could any of the young ones from last year still be around this area?

Randy H

Osprey flew from nest at 6:24 this morning

Lin P

One of the osprey parents was sitting on the nest this morning (9am 3/4/13) just looking around.


9:02 a.m. the nest is occupied this morning. Good to see that!

Darlene  Nichols

Has anyone actually seen either of the ospreys bringing in nesting materials? I can't decide if it is looking different or not. Those logs that the workers put in haven't changed in any way and I think there should be more activity in the nest since several of you have seen them mating. Maybe I'm too impatient........?




Ospray on the nest!

It is 11:43, Monday, March 4. It's preening.


Turkey Vulture on the nest!


I have just tuned in and lo and behold Osprey on the nest @3:18 pm EST! I'm not sure which one. this is so exciting I am getting some video footage!

jennifer googins

4:03pm est - osprey on the nest - preening and generally looking around. what a beautiful sight!


Osprey still on nest sunning and preening at 4.05pm EST


2 Ospreys on the nest right now.


THEY ARE BOTH ON THE NEST!!!!!3/04/13 AT 16:19PM


The second bird (smaller one -- male?) just flew off.


There is an Osprey in the nest now 3/4/2013 at 5:41 pm


Turkey vultures (2) on nest briefly. Replaced by 1 osprey who then departed 6:44 pm EST

Betty Ann Cortelyou

Today is Monday, March 4th. I spotted one osprey in the nesting box around 4:15 PM (CST). Hoping they take up residence soon!


Here is the first of two videos I did of the Opreys' visit to the nest this afternoon! Beginning at 3:18 pm and continuing until nearly 6:00 pm!



Here is the second video of the afternoon. It has nest work as well mating. We are in for an exciting season.



04 March
The nest was occupied early in the a.m. and again around 5 pm EST.... At that time, sticks were being moved around in the nest. Looks like we're in luck for another nesting.


osprey rearranging branches 3/5/13 at approx 8:89 am


Female just landed on the nest.


Male is on the nest arranging twigs and branches.

B Lane

Just watching the nest and there is an Osprey in then nest now moving sticks around like it is preparing the nest. It is Saturday March 9, 2013 at 8:55 am eastern time. I am in NJ.

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