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March 11, 2013


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Rachel Gaines

The audio is working great.
I am enjoying hearing Oscar's and Oliveea's distinct chirps. They are amazing as well as beautiful!
Thanks, Alcoa

Carolyn Groves

Yes, thanks Alcoa! We've squawked and you listened! Although I must say, I like the sound of Oliveea and Oscar more! It really is exciting to finally hear them! Ooh, just can't wait to hear the chicks!

Linda in GA

Beautiful area and enjoying the sound. Looks like more than one pair of Ospreys around or Eagles. Thank you for providing video and audio for your Ospreys!

Rachel Gaines

Right now, Oliveea is taking a wild ride on the nest with the wind gusting around her.
She can hardly stand still, and having to stretch her wings to keep her balance.
Hang on, Oliveea!

Michele Freiman

Thank you for maintaining this webcam. I have totally enjoyed watching this pair today even though I got a little seasick watching the wind blowing the nest. Keep up the good work with these 2 osprey....


Yeah audio even if it is delayed and does not match their mouths!


Am thankful for the "Audio"..

Am still hoping something will be done with the problems of the constant re-streaming & re-buffering...

Takes away from the enjoyment of watching the Osprey couple...


Today has really been a wild day on the nest!

I have a very short video of the delivery of a fish gift from Oscar to Oliveea! Thank you Alcoa for a great picture with good sound! We are going to have a great season.



I also have wonderful video link for you that was done by a good friend of mine earlier today of a very comical mating by Oscar & Harriet in that really strong wind.


Susan Dickey

Where are they located?


Susan D...The osprey nest in on the Narrows Dam on the Yadkin River in NW North Carolina.


14.24 uk time just watched an amazing sight the
osprey's mating

Darlene Nichols

Stop, buffer, start......stop, buffer, start.....stop, buffer, start. Ive watched this nest for two years now but never hade this problem. Sher, I know you are experiencing the same or similar problems.....is any one else? Is it my computer or some difficulty with the camera? Is there ANYONE on this site who can respond to this?

Adam Taylor

Re: Romane - Thank you for the comment. Yes we are still working on perfecting the audio and aim to get this resolved before the chicks hatch.

Adam Taylor

Thank you for the feedback on the stream buffering issues. We are working to resolve this and the audio crakling issue.

Please be patient as we endeavor to resolve these issues.


Thanks to all who are working to resolve the stream buffering issues..

Appreciate your help..

Lin Lawson

Did you move the "logs"? They are further apart now. If you did, we thank you so much!!!


Does anyone else see something in the nest that does not belong, or is it my imagination? Looks like some kind of flat wire, electrical maybe. It doesn't look harmful..hopefully. At the Missoula nest last season, they had to go up and remove baling wire from a chick that got tangled. I notice these birds have now whittled down these big logs to fit their nest perfectly. Amazing creatures!

TL Cissell

Strange - but I just saw a repeat of the same large stick being tossed over by Oliveea - very obvious that maybe there is a loop on the video???

Fred Collins

Perhaps Oscar brought it back. They obviously don't always agree about where a stick should be placed. I don't think they have whittled down the logs. They are just covering them up as best they can.

Jonnie Brull

Thanks so much for moving the nest logs. I feel much better now that Oscar and Oliveea have the space for their eggs. You are good people!!


Here is a video I made this morning as Oscar brought in a large unwieldy branch. It was quite a job for them to get it into place! I especially loved the little ball hanging on the branch blowing in the wind. I thought it could be a mobile for the babies, but (sigh) when I checked later it was either buried or had fallen off!

I can hardly wait for the eggs to be layed!


Darlene Nichols

Thank you Yadkin Alcoa group for your response to my e-mail and for your effort to keep us informed about what you are doing to address the problems we've been encountering. It is much easier to be patient knowing that you are aware of and working to correct these problems......it's a wonderful nest......a charming pair of osprey........and a lovely setting. Here's to a successful season !


Still waiting PATIENTLY...

While the stream stops..starts..stops..starts and the video is like "Snap-Crackle & Pop"..

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