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March 19, 2013


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Don't thinks they were mating this morning.


wish the camera was at a different angle so we can see in the nest better


Haven't seen an egg, but they sure are acting like there's one in the nest.

Rachel Gaines

Oliveea was still laying on the nest this morning, but I haven't seen any eggs.
Oscar flew in for a few minutes; and it was so cute when he took his left foot and touched Oliveea, sort of rubbing her side.
Oliveea stood up, and Oscar flew off again and returned with a stick and landed on her back. Careful Oscar, she's in a delicate condition!
Perhaps if there's not any eggs yet, maybe Oliveea is getting ready to start laying them.


Have yet to see an egg, but she certainly is behaving as if there is one. I did get this video of a mating at 9:00 am. Judging by the description of successful mating that I have learned by watching raptor cams, this mating was a resounding success! I hope no one will find it offensive, that was not my intent. I tend to look at these things from a purely biological standpoint.


Michele Freiman

Finally.....wish we knew how many to expect! will keep a lookout

Nancy Abouhanna

Good morning! This morning I logged onto the cam and at 6:48am est, still dark, I saw whom I believe to be Oliveea come to the nest and went directly in the nest bowl laying down. She was there for about 15 minutes. Then I had to sign off and go to work. I was excited to think that hopefully she was laying an egg! Thank you again for this wonderful web cam you have and all the dedication and love you give these Ospreys!! Nancy in Dunedin,FL


10:45 a.m. EST both birds standing, moving sticks around. Nest is definitely a little deeper thankfully, but I don't see any eggs. Then Oliveea sat in the bowl. I think she is trying it on for size. Egg soon maybe. Very soon. If there is one there, cannot see it.

Darlene Nichols

Just witnessed a strange episode......Oliveea was standing on the nest wall and Oscar was in the bowl digging like crazy........after about two minutes of this, Oscar flew off and Oliveea settled down, wiggled to get comfortable and is still there. I agree that if there isn't an egg yet (and I couldn't see one) there will be soon

Mary Pat

How do you take a snap shot?

Mary Pat

Carol Issem

I don't think they have any eggs yet. The female was fixing up the nest bowl this am, never really stayed in it. Then the male came and after a few minutes, they were mating. I have a picture of it but it's a little blurry since the male was moving so much!!!

Kath Roberts

I think I have seen an egg and I have a screenshot but am unsure what to do with it.

Olivia Braniger

My name is Olivieea too!!!!


Oliveea was in the nest over night so I think that there must be eggs or tht she's really close to laying.


I saw her in the nest at 12 30 AM nest time last night or this morning.


According to Cornell University's "Birds of North America" website, Osprey clutch size ranges from 1–4 eggs, with 3 the mode in most populations. This was true of this pair last year. Eggs are often laid in early morning, with 1 egg laid every 2-3 days. I read in another article that it takes an egg about 7 days from fertilization to when it's laid.


Last time I was on they were getting the nest ready. This is the first time I have been on in a few days. Looks like she is setting on eggs.

Jane Purslow

I think she's laid her eggs too, will keep watch.

Thanx for the much improved audio, will help if wind is decreased.

Thanx, Jane

Darlene Nichols

Those big black birds (which I think are vultures) keep flying around the nest and Oliveea and Oscar are very watchful....both in the nest at 6:40 pm



If I may ask...are you still having problems with the buffering & streaming of the cam?

I still have the same issues I've had for weeks now and it never gets any better :(

Thanks for your reply...

Sandra Morefield

Where is this dam located? Is it the Badin Dam or High Rock Dam? I am a fourth grade Teacher's Assistant at Morgan Elementary School on Liberty Road. We are watching the birds daily. Thank you for such a great teaching experience.

California JC

Not unless the these are big eggs, don't think we will be able to see them. Just my opinion.

Romane Pentek

Did not see an egg in the nest and no incubating going on. Oscar has been doing alot of nest work. He is in there digging and moving sticks and material around.

Lee Brockmann

Are those turkey vultures hoping Oliveea will leave the eggs unattended so that they can take them? She is not a happy bird.


I think they are interested in the leftover food they might get from the nest. Unlike other birds, vultures have the ability to smell carrion.


No eggs yet. A lot of nest organizing and mating going on.

Darlene Nichols

SHER.......I guess the short answer is -yes- I'm still having buffering and streaming problems. I'm such a computer beginner that I often don't even recognize a problem but I have this same problem with the Roy and Dale owls that I didn't think it was unusual.

.........on another note, I briefly checked in this afternoon about 3:00 and saw 5 (five) vultures roosting on the railingand they are causing Oscar and Oliveea all kinds of grief..........hope they don't become a serious threat



Thanks for the reply...I'm no computer expert either but I watch several eagle/osprey nests and this is the only one with which I'm having issues..

As you know this has been going on for a few weeks now so I'm guessing we're "out of luck" with it working correctly for us...

I've also "updated" all my flash players, etc. so everything should be working fine for me as it does at all the other "live cam" nests..

Anyways...as I've stated several times..would love to continue to watch O&O but the re-buffering & re-streaming every 5-7 seconds is just getting way too frustrating..

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