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March 05, 2013


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Rachel Gaines

Right now, around 9:57 am EST. I saw maybe Oliveea sitting on the nest with a black bird sitting on the first light behind her.
It will be great to have audio this year to hear them calling to one another, and especially the babies.
Thanks, Alcoa, for all you do to bring us this remarkable look into nature.


Are they able to move those big sticks to clear an area to nest?

Fred Collins

Oscar came by and mounted her briefly. She keeps calling for him to return


Thanx, anxiously waiting!!!


Arnt those big sticks to much for them to move around?


Osprey on the nest this morning. It's 8:24 EST.

Darlene  Nichols

I don't have the confidence that many of you have about the nest being used by O and O this year..........those "logs" are not helpful to nest building....too large and poorly placed......I sure hope I'm wrong but...........?

Fred Collins

I have seen them carry fish much heavier than those "logs". I think O and O will dump them over the side.


Very windy today saw both Oscar and Oliveea tried to move the big sticks in the nest without success.They have been mating as well.What a wonderful site to observe the Osprey. The sound will be wonderful to hear them communicate with each other.

Rachel Gaines

This morning around 7:00am EST I saw Oliveea and Oscar on the nest, their feathers getting blown about by the wind.
Oscar was moving some of the smaller sticks.


Hello, great news all around. Without going back to read all comments, I had heard from someone at another web cam site that she/he saw them mate. If it is posted I apologize! But, I imagine it was at the nest site. Also,
It will be great to hear them. Thank you all for sharing.


Anyone else having problems with the Stream re-buffering & re-connecting all the time??

Been doing that for me all this week..

Looking forward to O&O's adventure :)

Darlene  Nichols

Just checking at 11:15 EST and am having same problems that you describe, Sher...haven't been aeare of them all week but if nest is empty I don't stay long.

Jonnie Brull

I don't see how the ospreys will prepare this nest with these huge logs in there. I don't believe they can move them around very easily. I hope this doesn't discourage them from nesting here.


Female just brought a fish back to the nest and is calling her mate. He just arrived with his own fish. A third Osprey just buzzed them. Exciting times!!!!


If you look at the nest last year there were any "logs" in the nest. Is there an osprey expert who can reassure us that it's just fine that there are obstructions in the middle of the nesting area? Thanks!

Jonnie Jean Henson Brull

I thought I posted this but will try again. I am concerned about the large logs in the next and wondering if the Ospreys will be able to nest there as they seem to be too heavy for the birds to move. Please respond.


I am also worried about those large logs also. Could they be removed if the Ospreys do not move them soon.


This was posted by Finn on LG news from other nests.

Amy Jarratt

I would like to also ask you to remove the big logs in the nest before the eggs are laid. I've never seen a nest with such big logs. Osprey don't do that. They use twigs & branches.It will be very difficult for the young osprey to have those big logs in the nest with them. Thanking you in advance


I hope someone can get up there and remove the large "logs". This does not seem natural. I've watched a lot of Osprey nests and have never seen anything like this. I'm concerned that O & O will not be able to incubate the eggs properly with these in the nest. And if they did, this could pose a danger to young weak chicks. Please please remove them!


It is dusk and one Osprey is on the nest. I have a totally unfounded suspicion that the Osprey pair are building a nest elsewhere. Based on what I've read, I'd expect Oscar to be bringing sticks to this nest more frequently than we've seen to date. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. The pair were seen mating last week, which means Oliveea should be producing an egg this weekend??? Can someone confirm?


So glad they are back. Looking forward to new babies.


Really enjoy watching O & O but the non-stop re-buffering & re-streaming is so frustrating..

Never had this problem last year so don't know what's going on...

Perhaps those in charge could check out this problem???

Thanks in advance...

Rachel Gaines

It's a beautiful morning on the water, and with the sunrise shining upon Oscar and Oliveea, it is a very pretty sight!
Oliveea has been preening and moving some of the small sticks.
Oscar was sitting with her, but just flew off, maybe to go get breakfast.


I agree with comments I have never seen an Osprey nest with logs. Yes as some have said before sticks and branches. To be honest it looks more like a bonfire than a nest. Would it now be too late to move the logs.


Is that grass I see down under the bigger sticks? Is that new?


Please get up there and remove the logs and maybe too late as the Ospreys have not had a chance to build a nest. I watched Olvia trying to move the logs. get up there now and not holding back. do it not before too late and maybe it is. the ospreys trying to move the logs and they cannot so they need moving and now not later. get advice but this is probably too late now. they have not got time to build a nest.

Tammy Swanson

Have been watching both Osprey bringing in sticks building the nest since 4:05 pm IL. time!


so glad to see the osprey are back and busy with their nest.Everywhere you look you see spring coming love it


Thank you soooo much for the sound!!


This site is wonderful; a huge thank you to all responsible for the hard work and dedication to making this site possible for all of us to enjoy. Is there a chance that the camera angle will be returned to where it was previously? It was such a beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing setting with the water in the background while watching the nest. Thanks to all again.

Lin P

I have to agree with Colleen. I love being able to watch the nest and also thank you for all your efforts. But I also miss the view of the lake that we had a couple of days ago. I know, I know, there is just no pleasing some people! lol.

Darlene Nichols

Thank you so mmuch for the audio tthis year....how lovely it is to hear the sweet little chirps and calls.......and bless their sweet little osprey hearts they're trying to make a safe and comfortable home for their babies in spite of the obstacles


you have a wonderful site! enjoying these two


Beautiful osprey on the nest @ 12:03 pm EST! I'm still trying to learn who's who, so I'm not sure whether this is Oscar or Oliveea!

Thank you so much Aloca, for the opportunity to view this for another season, and kudos for the audio! Sound will make this an even more exciting season!


Apologize for asking again..but am I the only one having problems with the connection???

The stream only goes half-way..then backtracks..restreams/reconnects/etc..non-stop..

I've updated all my flash players, etc. but still having this problem..

Any suggestions how to correct this??

Thx in advance for any help..

PS..Great to have sound now :)

Becky Stauffer (Utah)

Just happened to check the web cam about fifteen minutes ago and witnessed the pair mating. I was astonished at my timing. I thought you would might like to know this. It was about 1:15 p.m. MST.


both Osprey are on the nest (Sat 3-9)3:30pm but looks like those couple of bigger branches are in the way. wish I could move them for them LOL

Darlene Nichols

Sunday morning...........the stream continues to stop/start.........does anyone monitor this site? Since there are occasional updates I assume someone checks in but it would be helpful to have someone occasionally address our questions/concerns. You provide us with this lovely nest cam but then abandon us....

T.L. Cissell

Hello...the sound is not in sync with the osprey's calls & video stream is not very stable.

Barbara Roman

Just saw the pair mating on the nest. About 1:45 pm. Hope they have the nest ready soon.

Carol C

They r both there now. Sunday @ 2 pm central time. Don't see them working on the nest tho.

Marcella Rich

Don't think ya'll are wrong about those "logs" in the nest. Don't know who put them there, but please don't do anything else to "help" them...and that was meant to be sarcastic. It's Sunday 3/10, and been watching them all day trying to figure out what to do with the "logs". Oliveea trying to fit into a small space with her body.


I agree about thos big logs.. Wrong place for them !!!

Fred Collins

Looks as if Oliveea is trying to build a nest with new branches on top of the logs. Oscar is just standing around looking.
Looking puzzled I think. Me too.


Since early this morning, they have peeled the bark off of those logs and seem to have pushed them closer together, and apparently used the bark in the middle where they are placing grass. These birds are very intelligent and know what they are doing. They'll be ok. They have definitely taken possession of their nest now. Love them! Thanks Alcoa. Been keeping up with Liberty and Justice too. Amazing with all that snow!


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